What are idols of the heart and what is idolatry?

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Idolatry goes beyond worshiping man made God, and idols goes beyond gods of wood and stone. There are so many idols of the heart and several activities are akin to the practice of idolatry. What are these idols of the heart?


       By Babatope Babalobi  babalobi@yahoo.com    +2348035897435


Exodus 20 vs. 3“You shall have no other gods before Me.


  1. Idols goes beyond adopting gods, and idolatry goes beyond worshipping those adopted gods.
  2. Anything that you love more than God, consumes your passion, and draws you away from serving God are idols.
  3. You are guilty of idolatry if you are involved excessively to the detriment of service to God in any of these things:




  1. Football: too much indulgence in watching football games and following stars, teams and matches could become idolatry. Don’t turn any football star to your idol.
  2. Mobile phones: Craze to acquire least phones and spending too much times on phone apps could become idolatry. Don’t become too much attached to your phone, that affects your relationship with God and man.
  3. Television: TV can become your idol when you waste productive time watching programmes. Is there any TV programme you cannot do without watching? Spend more time praying, reading or sleeping rather than watching TV programmes that never ends.
  4. Wine and Beer: If you are hooked to drinks then it has become your idol. If you can’t do without drinking bottles at set times, that the Bacchus spirit has overcome you.
  5. Drugs and cigarette: Many people are addicted drugs and cigarettes and its advercely affecting incomes, causing depression, breaking marriages and ill health.
  6. Women/sex: Are you a sex addict or woman rapper? Two much sex even with in marriage becomes an addicted as it drains your energy and waste time you could have rather spend productively. It becomes worse if you are involved in any form of sexual perversion, fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography etc.
  7. Money: Money anwereth all things but the love of all things breeds evil. Love of money creates greed and an insatiable appetite for money makes you define every relationship in monetary terms. The love of money has caused many people to commit evils and worship money as god.
  8. Fashion: Do you lay too much emphasis on your looks, the cloths you wear, jewelries, rings, and attires? Are you fashion conscious always chasing the latest styles and trends? Then, you may be guilty of idolatry of wordliness
  9. Car: You can be addicted to your car. Some people value their car more than human life. Even if a housefly perches on the car, they may use a sledge hammer to kill it.
  10. Dogs and pets: In most parts of Europe, the dog is the heir apparent, crown prince and best friend of its owner. There is a story of a dog owner marrying her dog. This is insane. Do you spend more money and time on your dog more than for God? Then the dog has become your idol.
  11. Jobs: You can be addicted to your job and overwork yourself to exhaustion in the process. For some, fear of job loss has led them to eye service at office. Its better to trust in God than  to trust in man to keep your jobs
  12. God fathers: Several godfathers in our midst which are diverting attention, trust, faith, devotion, and loyalty from God to man. Do you have a mentor or godfather without whom you believe your life will be meaningless? The Bible says vain is the help of man and its better you trust in God while relating well with all men. Don’t turn any man into your god no matter the help they have rendered to you in the past.
  13. Novels, Magazine, Books: The Bible warns against much learning. The Bible, a compilation of stories of life, proverbs of wisdom, moral virtues and God’s plan for mankind. Some have read all series of popular Handlay Chase, Mills and Booms, whereas, they have not read the Bible thoroughly. Some cannot do without reading newspapers daily, but reading a chapter of the Bible a month becomes a big problem.
  14. Movies, Films and Cinema: Do you stay all night to watch movies? Do you have movie stars that have become your idols? Do you have videos of action, crime, adventure and romance films/CDs in your house and watching these consume all your time? Then you are practicing holy word idolatry
  15. Food: Do you find difficult to fast even till 12 noon once a week? Are you a glutton or cannot take your eyes off from food? Do you eat 24 times a day? Then food has become your god. Unless you kill your flesh and abstain from food and drinks from time to time, your spirit man will not receive the fire of God.
  16. Music: Some Christians know all kinds of latest worldly songs and sing them all day. The Bible warns about evil communication corrupting good morals. Are there music stars that you have turned into idols? Do you sing worldly songs rather than praising God? You may be practicing idolatry.
  17. Unfriendly friends: You can turn your best friend into an idol if you allow him or her take decisions for you and influence you negatively. Do you even as a married discuss every bit of your family affairs with your best friend? And you harken to his/her instruction more than that of your spouse? Then that friend has become your idol.



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