Easter messages: Jesus is risen

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Memorise: “And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD” (Ps 40:3)

Read: Psalm 40:1-3

There are vital lessons from the devotion of the women to the Lord Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew 28:1-7. First, it is possible to love supremely by remaining faithful to the one you love even after death. Also, the Lord always helps those who are determined to do His will. A look at the first verse says a new day was beginning. The first message from Easter is that it is going to be a new beginning.In the life of every child of God, Easter morning represents a new beginning. It ushers in a new song. In today’s reading, Psalmist David said he waited on God in his unpleasant and troubled situation and He heard him, changed his status and put a new song in his mouth. This Easter, the Lord will put a new song into your mouth in Jesus’ Name. Those who have been saying, ‘Our God is dead’ can now sing ‘He is alive’. The weak can now say, ‘I am strong’, the poor can now say ‘I am rich’, the defeated can now say ‘ I am more than a conqueror’.

God is giving you a new song. God is giving you a new beginning this period.

Jesus rose on Easter Sunday so that we can have a new name. Because He rose, we can be called the children of God. Of all religions of the world, it is only in Christianity that people claim to be children of God. Some religionists call themselves God’s slaves. Thank God you are more than a slave! You are a child of the King of Glory. Because He rose, we now have new hopes, goals, aspirations, etc.

Every negative name you have borne shall be changed this season because He arose. Your worth is established. You are worth more than slaves. You are now of great value to God the Father because Jesus rose. Similarly, there was an earthquake. Why an earthquake on Easter morning? To get the attention of those around. Nobody can ignore an earthquake. In the same way, nobody can ignore Jesus Christ. You may hate or disagree with Him but you cannot ignore Him. From today, because He arose, nobody will ignore you.EASTER MESSAGES

Nobody will despise your youth. In any case, has Jesus risen in your life? Until He does, Easter is meaningless. Receive Him into your heart today. Ask for forgiveness of sins and ask Him to empower you to live as His child. It shall be well with you.

Thank God for the new beginning the Lord makes available to you this Easter.

                       By Pastor Enoch Adeboye



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