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Commentary on Mark 8 vs 36: How to make heaven

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  • For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? – Mark 8 vs 36

    By Babatope Babalobi

  1. What does it profit a man, to have mansions in Dubai, Caribbean Islands, Cape town, New York, London etc and end up not having a mansion in heaven, but in hell?
  2. What does it profit a man to be most powerful man like the President of the United States living in a white house, but end up living in burning furnace for eternity.
  3. What does it profit a man to spend his years in illicit sexual pleasures with a harem of women, and lose the everlasting pleasure of paradise?
  4. What does it profit the famed King Solomom to have have a thousand wives and concubines, and miss the marriage supper of the lamb?mark 8 vs 36
  5. What does it profit a man to be the richest man in his village, country, continent, or in the world, and not have riches in heaven?
  6. What does it profit a man to be an Emeritus Professor and a Nobel Prize winner, and yet end up in hell like other people the Bible describes a fools?
  7. What does it profit a man to be celebrated as the most prized footballer in the world, and end up being tossed up and down like a ball in hell?
  8. What does it profit a man to be celebrated as the King or Queen of Pop or Reggae, to be described as an International superstar, winning several Oscars and Hollywood awards, but miss the prize of spending eternity with God in heaven.
  9. What does it profit a man to travel the whole world on tourism, and end up travelling to hell at death?
  10. What does it profit a man to live and die in sin and unbelief,  not guaranteeing a place for himself in eternity with Jesus!
  11. Repent now and be saved


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Easter messages: Bible verses on second coming of Jesus Christ

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What does the Bible say about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Below is a commentary of Mathew 24 vs 8 that talks about signs to look out for the second coming of the Lord Jesuseaster sermons

1. Sorrows, tribulations, natural disasters, and false religions are signs of the beginning of the end of the world.
2. As clearly stated in the Bible, these occurrences does not mean the end will come now.
3. The major sign that the world will soon end is the spread of the gospel to all nations as stated in Mathew 24 vs 14.
4. Since there are several nations that are yet to hear of the gospel now, it is assumed that the end may not come now.
5. As soon as Christians take up the work of Evangelism and spread the gospel to all nations using all tools, then Christ will come
6. But no man or angel knows the exact time, as Jesus will come like a thief in the night.
7. What are you doing to spread the gospel to all nations?
8. Do the work of an evangelist today


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Jesus Christ: signs of second coming

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Mathew 24 vs 27-30 clearly states some signs about the second coming of Jesus Christ.secondcoming of jesus

1.  Jesus Christ is not going to come secretly unannounced in a secret place.
2. There will be tribulations but these are just to herald the second coming of Jesus Christ.
3. The following will happen just before the second appearance of Jesus:
• Total eclipse of the sun-The sun shall be darkened
• Total eclipse of the moon- The moon shall not give light
• Stars shall fall from heaven
• Powers in the heaven shall be shaken- evil powers shall fail
• Glory of the Lord shall appear in the sky and heavens
• Jesus shall appear in the clouds in great glory and power
• A trumpet shall be blown.
• Angels shall gather the elect in heaven and earth

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