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Holy Spirit as a person: Is the Holy ghost real?

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How to recover your lost glory by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Daniel 2:47-The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings, and a revealer of mysteries,

  1. I misplaced my eye glasses a week ago. Exactly on the morning of November 7, 2015, I woke up without seeing my glasses, and could not remember where I kept it. The last two places I visited was my office and a restaurant. I conducted searches and asked the personnel there, but no one found it.
  2. For three days, I searched and searched, but could not find it, but did not give up. After three days of fruitless search, I returned to the Holy Spirit. By His grace I have never lost any possession in life. I use to say, none of my properties could be stolen because I did not steal money to buy them.
  3. So I returned to the Holy Spirit after three days of using my wisdom to locate my lost possessions, and asked him to fish out my glasses for him. Every day I engaged the Holy Spirit in a discussion. I petitioned him, and ‘queried’ I was not even praying to him, but at a point was really querying him why He allowed my glasses to be missing. I was not praying for a new glasses, as I believed the one I had, should not be missing in the first instance.
  4. I asked the Holy Spirit: ‘Holy Spirit, please where is my glasses?’; ‘Holy Spirit, fish out my glasses wherever it is’; ‘Holy Spirit why did you allow my glasses to be lost or missing, at least you were there when I misplaced it.? Why didn’t remind me to pick it?’ ‘Holy Spirit would you please bring back my glasses?’.
  5. To the glory of God, Holy Spirit brought my glasses yesterday. I went to that same restaurant when I suspected it was misplaced. As I sat down one of the workers walked in, and I told him am still looking for my glasses. He quickly went to a drawer and brought it out, saying it has been lying there for the past one week. I was pleasantly surprised because they have earlier searched and couldn’t find it in the restaurant.
  6. I returned to my hotel room and gave thanks to the Holy Spirit for bringing back my glasses. My testimony remains my possessions cannot be lost, and the power of God recovered my blessings for me in Jesus name. Also, the Holy Spirit confirmed once more to me that He is real.
  7. There is somebody that needs to relate to the Holy Spirit as a friend and companion. There is somebody that needs to earnestly and repeatedly ask the Holy Spirit questions, by faith. There is someone that needs to claim his covenant rights from the Holy Spirit. There is somebody that needs to be determined to only take ‘Yes’ for an answer from the Holy Spirit. There is somebody that should not allow the Holy Spirit to rest, until he is settled. There is somebody that needs to ask his friend, the Holy Spirit simple questions: Holy Spirit where is my job? Holy Spirit give me a job? Holy Spirit where is my baby? Holy Spirit give me a baby? Holy Spirit where is my husband/wife? Holy Spirit, bring my husband/wife to me? Holy spirit, where did you allow me to remain jobless, unmarried, sick, poor etc
  8. I pray as you do so in faith and righteousness, your testimonies shall manifest in Jesus name.



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Taking good decisions? Ask Holy Spirit

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Several people have difficulties in taking good decisions. The Holy Spirit is always to assist us take good decisions. Next time you wish to take a good decision, make sure you first ask the Holy Spirit. He knows all things.

Genesis 3 vs. 12– And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

  • This is one of the most popular stories in the Bible. God asked Adam why he disobeyed Him by eating the forbidden food, Adam put the blame on the woman.good decisions
  • There are two lessons from this passage. First, making people take wrong decisions, shift blames for their mistake and refuse to take responsibilities for their errors. Second, many people rely on friends and love ones to take vital decisions instead of seeking the counsel of the Holy Spirit.
  • Adam refused to take responsibility, rather he blamed his wife. In the same vein, many of us are still involved in the blame game. We blame others for our problems instead of solving the problems. We blame our parents for not giving us giving good education instead of making effort to improve our education.
  • We must learn to take responsibility for our past failures and take decisions that will make our future a success.
  • Another lessons from this passage is that whereas, a good leader should listen to advice, yet, he should be able to shift the good from the bad. As you lead your children, your family, your ministry, and in whatever positions you find yourselves in the office, learn how to take responsibility, listen to advise, but take leadership decisions. And the best way to take good decisions is by seeking the counsel of the Holy Spirit.
  • God created Man to lead the woman, but Adam allowed the woman to lead him. Many people are still being misled daily through peer pressure and by following the mob to do evil.
  • In whatever situations you find yourselves, don’t allow the crowd to mislead you. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you.
  • The whole world is suffering for a wrong decision taken by Adam on the spur of the moment.
  • For all bad decisions you have taken in the past, take responsibility, stop blaming others for your failures, and act now to chart a course of success.
  • Before you take the next decision, ask the Holy Spirit, and He shall lead you right in Jesus name.


  • Holy Spirit, give me the heart to think right in Jesus name.