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Genesis 21 vs 12 contains a story of Jacob’s dream in the house of God, and Angels anscending and desceding: He had a dream in which he saw a stairway [a] resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.By the grace of God, this blog is a sanctary of God..which implies that His presence is here all time. I believe God has assigned Angels to this blog to receive Prayers of Saints and also to bring back responses to such prayers.

This page is for receiving prayer requests.

The Save the World team will intercede for these requests, but even if we fail to intercede for any reasons, considered your prayers answered once you type them in the comment box below.

This is because, I am persuaded and believe that there the presence of God is on this blog. You should post your prayer request with the faith that you are writing a letter to God, and the Angels of God on this blog will surely deliver your letter and bring back answers to them in Jesus name

Post your prayer requests in faith in the comments below. The Holy Spirit is recording them as type in, and God through His invisible power will attend to and answer your  prayer requests in Jesus name.

Kindly post our prayer requests in the comments box below or email or phone +2348035897435:

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  1. 1.Prayer for a Husband
    2.Prayer for a good Job
    3.Prayer for God’s protection upon my life and family
    4.Divine favour and wisdom

  2. I want you to pray for me,since my late father died a year ago,he keeps harrasing me in dreams with curses.some days ago he came and said i will die in 7 days time,I fought him in prayers in that dream while speaking in tongues but he asked me to bet with him that i will join him in 7 days time.
    I also want you to pray for my assessment with RACGP to come out positive and for my censors to write that I am eligible to sit the next RACGP EXAM and the medical board to register me.
    Thirdly,I want you to pray that my husband’s assessment comes out positive and he will not be asked to take any exam but to do one more year of training.

  3. For God’s protection

  4. I need a job urgently

  5. hi im a nice boy of 19. i love God soooooooooo much. Im among the prayer warriors at church i want to do everything to please God i even want to be an evangelist when i grow up. When i was about 15 years old something happened that changed my life. I was introduced by some friends to pornography. from that day ive been so hooked on it i cant stop. It went on from that to masturbation. Please take a long time to consider this. Im so desperate you cant imagine the torture im going through please help im really begging you.As i even write im in AGONY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  6. Please pray for ML. He recently proposed to a girl after dating her for two months. I believe that this girl is dabbling with witchcraft for she has a weird hold on him. I pray that if she is not his God ordained wife that God will reveal it to Ml. What ever is hidden is revealed. In Jesus name


    1. Pray for me that every spiritual
    obstacles(bondages) will be removed(broken) in my spiritual life
    and have good intimacy with Jesus.

    2 Pray for me that Jesus will anoint me
    with His holy spirit “fire baptism”

    3. Pray for me that He will use me in many
    places in the coming days for His glory

    4. Pray for my ”HEALTH” and especially for my “TEATH GUM INFECTION” TO BE HEALED.


  8. Please pray for the full recovery of my daughter from her illness please pray that she will not have permanent damage from the lump in her brain that the lump will disappear and all her sickness will leave her body and she will be restored to full health from the top of her head to the tip of her toes in the name of Jesus
    Thank you

  9. 1.Pray that God will providem me with college fees for my children to study in UK.
    2. Pray that God will provide me with resources to build a family house.
    3. Pray that God will provide me with a God fearing husband from UK.
    4. Pray that Khumbo Nyemba will be a God fearing girl.
    5. Pray that God will provide me with a God fearing husband from UK.

  10. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Please join me to pray for the following:

    1. Pregnancy: i have been married for close to 3 years now and i really wish to have a child, if it be Jesus will. I suffer from Polycistic Ovary Disease which is probably the reason why i havent conceived yet. But i believe that Jesus can cure me.
    2. Job: I want that interesting, well paid and fulfilling job that will accomodate all my needs and those of being a Mother- I know that after praying for me, am gonna get pregant, isn’t it?
    3.Love of Jesus: pray that i might know Jesus more than ever, love him, praise him and let him known to others. In Jesus name, Amen.

  11. Please pray for our new business to be a success…. We have had many struggles the last few months and really need some help! We don’t want to lose the business, but feel that times are tough. We ask people to pray for us and help us through our difficult time.

    Thank you!

  12. 1. Pray for my mother-in-law who is suffering from multiple complications. 2. Pray for our home such that, in Jesus name, any satanic spell that somebody might have placed herein or aimed at it together with us herein be overpowered, broken and fired back to whoever did so. 3. In the name of Jesus, pray for a quick but fair settlement of the case between Paul and myself. 4. Pray for the Lord, at His own time and pace will find and send a buyer for our houses. 5. Pray that the Almighty Lord will reactivate my faith in Himself and also in His Son Jesus Christ. 6. Pray for me so as to discern the Lord’s call for my service. 7. Pray for my dear wife who is having problem with her leg. 8. Pray for my trip to Ksm tomorrow to be guided by the will of the Lord.

  13. Please pray for this Haitian priest Santos Alexis and woman priestest Marie Alexandra Abellard Eveillard who needs prayer severely to enter the kingdom of God and to repent to find the goodly road of Christ for righteousness sake. Please pray for me who’s asking for prayer also so God can protect me so nothing happen to me. In the name of Jesus Amen.

  14. My husband and I have been married for less than 6 months and he wants a divorce. I love him with all of my heart but his heart his hard and very cold. He is very closed minded. I want to save our marriage and I don’t know what to do. We need all the prayers we can get.

  15. Please pray for me. I am being hit with one thing after another. Singing is my ministry and when it’s time to sing something goes wrong. Right now I injured my back. Thnk you for you’re prayers.

  16. Please pray for my son Alex .He is going through a lot in his marriage. His wife Mish does not serve the Lord, she has other beliefs & old family traditions which do not align with God’s word. They have several children which are my son’s main concern. Thank you for helping me to pray.

  17. Please pray that my husband and I conceive naturally. We have a daughter that it took 10 years to conceive through 3 ivfs. We did a 4th ivf cycle about a month ago in an attempt to give my daughter a sibling, but it failed. We cannot do ivf again due to finances, so we really need this to happen naturally. Please pray that we get pregnant with boy/girl twins soon so that my daughter could have siblings close in age to her. Thanks

  18. Pray for my brother C.A who critcially ill and needs a miracle, he is currently in the hospital, it a terminal illness but we believe our God is about to do something about his healing, do join us. Do ask God for mercy that may have cause this situation.

  19. (a) Growth in spirit
    (b) My husband be fully saved end his affair with a young girl
    (c) I want a miracle baby to be fufiled which God promised me
    (d) Total healing of my husband A ‘s brain
    (e) My niece Sungeni to give birth
    (f) My fellow Christian Mrs Mulanje to conceive and give birth
    (g) My sis Jean be completely delivered

  20. She was diagnosed with cancer on Aug 12th, please pray for deliverance and healing.
    She is saved. Her name is Marva James

    Thank you
    God bless



  23. please pray for me. i have been tormented by the spirit of dealth since my father died in april2008. i keep on dreaming death dreams but the Lord has preserved me. Untill now I keep having those dreams and nightmares about death. please pray for me.i keep on cancelling the dreams.

  24. pray for my son dexter roberts taking his exam on the 19th August that he will rember what he read and the holy spirit will guide him with wisdom and favor

  25. Dear God,,

    Please help me. If Alan is indeed my God-ordained future husband from when I asked St. Anthony for a husband 7 1/2 years ago, please let him and I be reconciled and happily married to each other soon. If not, please give me strength to move on.
    Please send the Holy Spirit to protect, guide, fortify and prosper us, that any and all curses may be removed and God’s plan for us revealed.

    Please supply all our material needs, bless our cats and us with good health, help me find a good job and help him keep his house. Amen.

  26. Dear sister Fabienne ,
    Jesus is the only one who can give you a husband that will love you and remain with you till the end of time ….St Anthony did not make man in his own image….God did
    when you seek him first he will give you the desires of your heart .Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
    Come to Jesus now he will give you the desires of your heart.. Father I thank you for your salvation is coming to this your child today in Jesus name… Let your will be done in her heart in Jesus name . Bless her , with good health help her find a good job and keep her cats for her in Jesus name.

  27. FOR EVELYN****Lord I thank you for you have set us free and we are free indeed by the power in our blood …Gal5:1Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.I command that demon of alcohol addiction to be bound and cast to the pit in Jesus name. Lose your grip from the life of Eves husband in Jesus name.Lord let your salvation spring forth from his heart in Jesus name.Amen he is free in Jesus name.

  28. *******FOR ****By: ANONYMOUS on July 25, 2008
    at 5:08 am
    Lord I thank you for the entrance of your word brings light… darkness must flee in Jesus name. your word brings healing , deliverance and peace I speak deliverance from the spirit of pornograpy in the life of this young man in Jesus name….Christ died and made him free he is free in deed by the power in the name of Jesus in the blood of Jesus washed him clean .
    I pray restoration to your mind in Jesus name… Any demon that entered into you as a resuit of that porno I bind it and command it to come out and go to the pit and be comfounded in Jesus name.
    +++++ Whatever you still have of the porno destroy it be it pictures or films … take authorithy over your thoughts in J esus name whenever you hear the devil tell you to go and watch again say a loud no I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind soul body . I will advise you to speak to your parents or a good christain friend you can trust ,….when you cover a sin you give the devil a strong hold . enjoy your freedom by his blood . study the word pray always, resist the devil and he will flee from you… and have faith in God .IF you like you can write to me my email is klnmly be blessed.

  29. *****for you +++By: Alaye Gesi-ebibo on July 23, 2008
    at 5:01 am
    Lord I thank you for your word says we should seek you and we wil find that when we knock the door shall be opened … Lord open doors of opportuinty for your child nothing is too dificult for you. Lord help her to walk in the wisdom you have already made for he for christ has been made wisdom unto us . Thank you father for favour,protection and provision upon her life and family . thank you for you are giving her the desires of her heart concerning the right man ….order their steps to meet in Jesus name : Most importantly help her to put you first above all and help her to in all her way acknowledge you***PROVERBS 3:6
    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.Be Blessed.

  30. If thou seek him, he will be found of thee. (1 Chronicles 28:9) – If thou seek him, he will be found of thee. (1 Chronicles 28:9) We need our God; He is to be had for the seeking, and He will not deny Himself to any one of us if we personally seek His face. It is not if thou deserve Him, or purchase His favor, but merely if thou “seek” Him. Those who already know the Lord must go on seeking His face by prayer, by diligent service, and by holy gratitude: to such He will not refuse His favor and fellowship. Those who, as yet, have not known Him to their souls’ rest should at once commence seeking and never cease till they find Him as their Savior, their Friend, their Father, and their God. What strong assurance this promise gives to the seeker! “He that seeketh findeth.” You, yes you, if you seek your God shall find Him. When you find Him you have found life, pardon, sanctification, preservation, and glory. Will you not seek, and seek on, since you shall not seek in vain’ Dear friend, seek the Lord at once. Here is the place, and now is the time. Bend that stiff knee; yes, bend that stiffer neck, and cry out for God, for the living God. In the name of Jesus, seek cleansing and justification. You shall not be refused. Here is David’s testimony to his son Solomon, and it is the writer’s personal witness to the reader. Believe it and act upon it, for Christ’s sake.

  31. **** FOR ****By: Taheira McCall on August 11, 2008
    at 6:33 pm
    TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART : ISAIAH 22:22::::22 And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. 23 And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house. 24 And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father’s house, the offspring and the issue, all vessels of small quantity, from the vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of flagons. 25 In that day, says the LORD of hosts, the nail that is now fastened in a secure place shall be removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off: for the LORD has spoken it.***** Isaiah 43:18-19….Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Be encouraged be blessed.


  33. For NG Dear sister ,I want you to know that God holds the key to dealth and hell and IF You are on his side (born again )then be assured that the gate of hell shall not prevail against you, If you are not then run to Jesus the christ… simply put get born again if you want to be born again I can lead you right away to christ or Pastor Tobi can .
    I pray fro you Lord honor this your word today in the life of this your daughter because of the blood in the name of Jesus the christ amen “And your covenant with death shall be dis-annulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it” (Isaiah 28:18)

  34. Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now.This is all i think about every waking moment,for 13 years…TORMENT

  35. For Phil*******

    MEMORIZE: “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way” (Matthew 13:25)

    READ: Matthew 13:24-30

    Satanic yokes, loads, marks and curses also constitute tares. Isaiah 10:27 says one way of uprooting such tares is by the anointing. The anointing to remove such tares, is available. Unfortunately, many cannot pay the price. Why do you require an outsider or your pastor to break some yokes? It is because you have failed to pay the price that Heaven requires. Do you know that if you can meet the requirements, the anointing will be made available where you are and the yokes will be destroyed? A man gave his life to Christ after several years of intercession by his younger brothers who had been saved. He began to spend much time alone with God, just fellowshipping and praying. One day, during one of such personal fellowships, the presence of the Lord was so strong, he got baptized in the Holy Ghost and began to speak in tongues. He thought something had snapped but later, the experience he got was explained to him. Sometimes, God’s presence comes so strong that he falls under the anointing while praying and worshipping alone. In the process, long standing yokes were destroyed from his life. At other times, while engaged in personal Bible study late at night, the Holy Spirit would pay him a visit, or send an angel to expound scriptures to him.

    God is not partial. If He could do these with this brother, He can do more for you. However, are you ready to pay the price? All God’s blessings have a price tag attached. Until you meet Heaven’s requirement for each blessing, it may never come. Satanic yokes and burdens are tares. The Lord will uproot every tare from your life today in Jesus’ Name. Whatever spiritual load you have been carrying is removed now. Every mark of disfavor, disappointment, retrogression and hatred is destroyed in Jesus’ Name. Any tare you allow to remain in your life will hinder your progress. It will be a log on your wheel of progress. Reject, resist and fight against them today. It is what you allow that Heaven allows. No tare must be allowed to grow in your life. The presence of tares suggests spiritual slumber, sleep and slothfulness. It also suggests carelessness. Tares are sown while people sleep. Arise O sleeper. It is time to fight for your Kingdom rights. Ask God’s fire to fill you up. As long as you are on fire, no tare can grow in your life.

    ACTIONPOINT: How you watch over your field (heart) determines if it will accommodate tares or not. Presence of tares in your life indicates carelessness.

  36. please pray for me on the following:
    1. to meet my God ordained husband- one who fears God.
    2.healing of my sicknesses
    3.divine favour,protecion and spiritual growth and God to use me. nephew to be healed of chronic skin fungal disease brother to get complete healing of recurring mental problems

  37. The word of God says no good things will he withold from his children… Continue to trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.Father Thank you Lord for your thoughts towards Cammy are Good and not evil to bring her to an expected end . Lord your word says you will set the lonely up in their own home thank you father for you will provide the right partner for Cammy a man that will be the priesthood of their home and man after your own heart in Jesus name…
    Lord you wish above all that she will be in health even as her soul prospers in Jesus name.By Jesus’ stripes she is healed. (1Peter 2:24)
    It is God’s will that you prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3John 2)
    The Lord is your healer: (Ex. 15:26) , Confess these daily standing on the blood of Jesus with a righteous heart for yourself, nephewand your brother .
    If you all are not born again pls do so .Shalom

  38. For Cammy******The word of God says no good things will he withold from his children… Continue to trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.Father Thank you Lord for your thoughts towards Cammy are Good and not evil to bring her to an expected end . Lord your word says you will set the lonely up in their own home thank you father for you will provide the right partner for Cammy a man that will be the priesthood of their home and man after your own heart in Jesus name…
    Lord you wish above all that she will be in health even as her soul prospers in Jesus name.By Jesus’ stripes she is healed. (1Peter 2:24)
    It is God’s will that you prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3John 2)
    The Lord is your healer: (Ex. 15:26) , Confess these daily standing on the blood of Jesus with a righteous heart for yourself, nephewand your brother .
    If you all are not born again pls do so .Shalom

  39. My boyfriend is being attacked strongly by evil spirits. He has changed, he isn’t that happy person. he talks down to me,something that never before. He talks violently and full of rage and has even said about committing suicide. He was open and loving and now that has changed. I pray for the Lord to liberate him and to redeem him. I also pray that if we aren’t meant for each other for Jesus to separate our paths but even then I will still intercede in prayer for him. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM AND FOR OUR RELATIONSHIP. THANK YOU ALL MIGHTY POWERFUL GOD BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE BREAKING THE CHAINS THAT HAVE HIM BOUND TO ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T COME FROM YOU. AND YOU ARE COVERING US WITH YOUR HOLY BLOOD. I PRAISE YOU LORD, I LOVE YOU LORD. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  40. My husband is no longer in touch. Our children see him a few days a year. He has no feelings for a wife anymore. He has been filled with the Holy Spirit before a number of times. God told me he is now facing destruction. Help me pray for a miracle thanks.

  41. Dear saints here is a link for the deliverance form for you to download fill and resend. ttp://

  42. please pray for my son william my bf david for their salvation drug and alcohol addiction and that my relationship with them can strenghten

  43. God is the deliverer. Come to him all that have yokes that are not from HIm and he will give you rest…IF YOUR CHILD AND YOUR BOYFRIEND ARE NOT BORN AGIN WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THEIR SALVATION EMAIL OR PHONE PASTOR FOR CONSELLING. Fill the name in the bracket and believe God waining for your testimony. be blessed ****************Addiction is idolatry. The addict is an idolater who has made an idol, not with his hands, but with his heart (Ezekiel 14:3). Addiction is in reality a lordship problem. The addict has surrendered himself or herself to something or someone other than God. The reason for this surrender is to meet some need or to fulfill some desire. The person turns to something or someone rather than God to meet the need or the desire.Yet, you must realize that there are no helpless cases where Jesus Christ is concerned. The power of Jesus Christ can set the addict free. Through Him, the addict can receive hope and deliverance. This is not just a religious cliché. These are not fancy words that are empty of power and meaning. Jesus Christ is real and His power to change lives stands as an unchanging truth. You can see this power flow into a person’s life through prayer. You can receive this power through prayer. Your loved one can be set free! You can be set free through the power of Jesus Christ!The following is a prayer guide that you can use for those who are addicted. You can use these Scripture prayers to intercede for others. You could also use them for yourself if you are addicted.Father, I plead that You would draw ________________ into a personal relationship to Jesus Christ. Let the transforming power of Jesus Christ flow into his/her life (John 3:3, 15-17).Lord, I pray that You would grant repentance to ______________. Cause ___________ to turn from this addiction to Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:25-26).I pray that ____________ would see and understand that Jesus Christ is sufficient for him/her. Let ___________ understand that Jesus Christ can meet his/her greatest needs and that He is the only hope that he/she has (Colossians 1:15-23).I ask that ____________ would see the dangers involved with his/her addiction. Open _____________’s eyes to the damage and destruction that his/her addiction will bring into his/her life. Take away _____________’s blindness concerning the danger and destruction of his/her addiction (Proverbs 14:12).Father, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that You would break the demonic strongholds in ________________’s life. Through the blood of Jesus and the authority of His name, I plead that You would remove the demonic powers away from _____________ and send these evil spirits to the pits of hell. I ask in the name of Jesus that You would remove any influence that Satan or his demons have in ______________’s life (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).Father, I ask You to annihilate any pleasure, satisfaction, or comfort that _____________’s addictive behavior provides him/her. Let ___________ find no benefit or help in the addictive behavior. Cause this addiction to be bitter in his/her sight (Hosea 2:6-7; Ezekiel 37:23).Holy Spirit, I pray that You would destroy the grip that this addiction has on ____________’s life. You have the power to break the desire for and the slavery to this addiction. Release this power into ______________’s life. Let the power that created the world and raised Jesus from the dead flow into ______________’s life, breaking this addiction and turning _____________ to the Lord Jesus Christ (Genesis 1:2; Acts 2:32; John 16:7-8).Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that You would enable _______________ to cope with the physical and emotional pain in his/her life. Do not allow Satan to use these things to keep ________________ dependent on his/her addictive behavior. Cause _____________ to turn to You for the strength to cope with these things. Rescue _____________ from turning to the addictive behavior for relief from the pain. Let Your grace and power flow into ____________’s life. Teach _____________ to depend on You rather than the addiction (2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Psalm 86:17; Isaiah 12:1, 49:10, 51:3, 12, 52:9; 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17).I plead that You would empower __________________ face and deal with the pressures of life. Instead of turning to the addictive behavior for the strength to cope, teach ______________ to turn to You. Reveal Yourself to him/her as the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. Let Your mercy and comfort flow into ______________’s life (2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 8-9).Lord, I ask You to strengthen ________________’s family. Grant them hope, peace, and grace. Give them the wisdom that they need to minister to _______________. Pour out on them a spirit of persevering prayer for _______________. Do not allow them to faint under the pain, misery, or hopelessness that _____________’s addiction produces (Proverbs 17:17; Ecclesiastes 4:10).Father, I ask You to cut _________________ off from anyone that would enable or encourage _______________ to continue in his/her addiction. Remove from his/her life any relationship that will influence ______________ to continue in his/her addictive behavior. I plead that You would send believers into _____________’s life who will love and minister to ______________. Give to them a burden to help _______________ (Psalm 1:1; Proverbs 1:10-18).I pray that ______________ will know and understand that there is hope and deliverance for him/her. Deliver _______________ from hopelessness and despair concerning this. Protect ______________ from Satan’s lies that he/she is a hopeless case. Cause _____________ to realize that there is deliverance through Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Mark 10:51-52).Father, I plead that as the deer pants after the streams of water, so ______________ would long for and desire You. I ask You to grant him/her a deep and abiding hunger for Yourself. I plead that ______________ will desire You more than life itself. Enable ______________ to get rid of his/her addictive behavior because he/she desires and hungers for You above anything or anybody (Psalm 42:1, 73:25-26).Father, Your Word says that You heal the brokenhearted and that You bind up their wounds. I ask You to heal what is hurting _______________ so much that he/she turns to this addictive behavior for help and relief. I plead that Your healing power will flow into ______________’s life bringing healing to his/her damaged emotions. Set _____________ free of any past wounds that drive him/her to this addictive behavior (Psalm 147:3).Father, I pray that ______________ will turn to the Word of God for help and for hope. Let _____________ be exposed to sound teaching and preaching of God’s Word. Grant _____________ a hunger for God’s Word; cause him/her to search for Your truth and to seek for that truth in God’s Word (Psalm 19; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; John 8:32).Father, I ask that _____________ will realize that he/she has a problem. Holy Spirit, work into ______________’s heart a deep and abiding conviction concerning his/her addictive behavior. Cause him/her to recognize that Jesus Christ is his/her only hope. Deliver him/her from any excuses or rationalizations that he/she uses to continue in the addictive behavior (John 16:7-8). O God, You are the Healer. Your name is Jehovah our Healer. You are a God who can heal. I pray that You will touch and heal ________________’s body. Set him/her free from this addiction. Work in his/her body so that he/she no longer needs the addiction (Exodus 15:26).

  44. FOR Lilian***** I could not reply your mail I had to reply here so that others can be encouraged as you share your testimony becauses I know God will answer our prayers in Jesus name,I am sure pastor sent you the deliverance form , try and fill and send it back to pastor
    Father I thank you for your child …who has come to you . Lord the earth is yours and the fullness therein…Ps 24:1::The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.Lord God fear him and serve him in spirit and truth he will give you the desires of your heart… Isaiah 40:31 KJV 31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Galatians 6:9 9And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Hallelujah

  45. Dear all,

    There has been several requests for prayers to streghten relationships between boyfriends and girlfriends.

    Much as we believe that young adults should go into relationships with the hope of getting engaged for marriage, such relationships must be based on absolute spiritual holiness and both sexes must refrain from premarital sex and other pleasures of sin before marriage.

    We will not be able to treat requests for prayers to strenghten relationships between a girl and a boy, unless we are sure both parties are truly born again chrisitan and not indulging in fornication and other immoralities

    This is is a christian blog, and not a dating or match making site. We will not be interested in saying useless and infact satanic prayers for boyfriends and girlfriends.

    However, if you wish to be engaged or is already engaged with someone and you wish to seek God’s face concerning the relationship, then you are welcome to post your prayer requests or comments

  46. I write to request your assistance in prayer because iam in dire financial need.
    I have been offered a Place to pursue Masters Degree in Development studies at University of East Anglia in England. I have also been offered a partial scholarship of 1000 pound.
    The studies commerces on 22 septembers. Iam supposed to be in England by 17 September for orientation at the University.I do not have money to pay for my studies. The tatal costs including the living expenses are 16500 pounds.The university is requesting me to pay a deposit of 1000 pounds before departure to secure accomodation.
    I do not even have money for Airticket and Visa application fee.
    Please pray for me I want to make it to England to study this year.
    Yours in Christ
    Nwaka Mwambene

  47. Pls Pastor, help me pray to get a job. I have had so many wonderful chances of getting job, most times i was called for interviews,i will do very well, but i will not be called again. That will be the end. I don`t know where the problem is coming from. pls help pray for me.

  48. My husband and I recently separated and he is not sure if he wants to save our marriage. We are to speak tonight to see where our marriage its going. Please pray for us, pray that our marriage is not over, let him see that there is still hope and that I still love him. Pray for us, that we are able to get through this hard time and pray that our marriage survives. Pray for our reconciliation.


  50. For+++kintunde Akingbaso++I rebuke the spirit of stagnation and bakwardness in Jesus name.. I command every curse to be broken from off your life in Jesus name.. The word of God says we should seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you… email and or phone pastor you will need to answer some question so that you can have a deliverance IF need be ,be blessed


  52. I need prayer for me and my family against household enemy. I want God financial breakthrough and prosperity, longlife and blessing. i have attended so many company interviews without being successfull, pray with me so that anything blocking my part to success can be removed.

  53. Please pray for my wife of 13 years, and 3 girls, to return home to me. She left 12/27/2006 and has not talked to me since, and filed for divorce. The divorce was 6/5/2008, but has not been signed yet, as I see this delay as God using time to heal us. Please pray for our marital restoration, her return, and our eyes to always be on Jesus, with gratitude and praise. Eternal praise. All the praise, honor, worship and glory to our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, uncreated God, who is Love. With thanks you will know, when we are in heaven saying hello and glory to God, your brother in Chist our risen, redeeming, a s restoring Lord.

  54. Prayer for Victory concerning a court case on the 9th of october, 2008. Pray for favour from the Judge and wisdom, knowledge for my Lawyer. That I will walk away victorious & thankful giving ALL the glory to my saviour, Jesus Christ.

  55. i Please, pray for me that God should save me from the doldrum of stagnancy, confusion and relegation.

    ii God should intervene in my getting a good job and bless me with rewarding job. I’ve had some interviews with high hope of getting the job, but somehow, the job won’t show, please I need your prayer for divine intervention.

  56. I thank u lord for my pregnency up to this stage and my husband behaviour towards me and our unborn baby, the love he’s showing me.
    Lord I pray for my husband health and I ask for heavenly strength upon him.
    I rebuke every spirit of weakness and sickness in the name of Jesus. I over come every enemy attack in his place of work, I blind every spirit of death in my family in the name of jesus.

    I cover my pregnancy in the name of jesus, father as I go in to delivery let me deliver as the hebrew women in the name of jesus.

    I cover my unborn child in the blood of jesus and as she come into this world, let me be a good mother and my husband a good father in the name of jesus.

    Father bless my marriage and family , brothers and sisters mum, dad I over come premature death in my family in the name of jesus christ. Amen

    Heavenly I pray that my elder sister life partner should locate her this year in the mighty name of jesus christ and father hide my families from the eyes of the enemies.All this I ask in jesus name I pray Amen Amen Anem

  57. I have prayed and prayed but ve failed to get deliverance. I have followed all the instructions that I have been given but I am still stuck. These things started when I was misled by somebody and then it all got worse i started having bad dreams and poison was intoduced in my body, from thsat day i have been sick, my body is not ok. and my hands pain. What can I do I even have some deliverance prayers at home and I pray stongly sometimes but when will I see deliverance?

  58. please pray for me on the following:
    1.the contractual job i am in at present to be renewed for another term.
    2.deliverance from spirit of rejection

  59. Obadiah 1 vs 17: Says on Mount Zion there is deliverance…Jesus came to set the captives free and christianity will become a lie if there is something too hard for God to DO

    Say this prayer:

    My case shall not defy prayers in Jesus name.

    My case shall not be too hard for God in Jesus name

    My head shll not reject prayers in Jesus name

    Pls contact me thro my private email

    Also download our deliverance/membership form at this link:

  60. hello, i am new to this site. i actually couldn’t sleep and was directed by God I feel. I have read your prayers and have said them. I am a Christian, was brought up Christian but turned away. I have made many mistakes and have now repented, however, need a complete break through as I know the devil has tired to attack me and destroy me. I need your prayers from deliverance in every area. Can you help me??

  61. Would you please send up a prayer for our family members and those associated with them? Satan’s workers are doing everything they can to destroy their lives. Some of the people involved are not even aware of it. Please pray for deliverance and salvation of those that need it, and that everyone becomes the God-fearing vessels that He can use. God bless all of you!

  62. Please agree with me in prayer to receive healing from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. God has healed us and made us whole. Also, please agree for a financial blessing now. Praying for a godly wife. Thank you for agreeing with me.

  63. Eddy, Mary and Wil,

    I have sent a private mail to you, pls check your box

    Its well with your soul, spirit and body in Jesus name

  64. Thank you babalobi. I emailed you back my form, did you receive it? I have a big meeting tomorrow, I need my financial break through. Please send angles to be around me and for my business to prosper.

  65. Pastor,

    My position is really too bad pastor. I spoilled my career completely now i am in a position to what to do and when i will do. No jobs at all i tried and i want to apply jobs. But no where i found.

    Without the job i have no chance for my marriage. If you ask like this why did you behave not in proper line of career. I can’t say anything. But i accept everything what i did in my life. But i was alone in that time even today also no help and no one with me. So please pastor please remember all the time while you to God.

    I wanted to tell you my personal problems through mobile. But i dnt know your mobile no. Anyway please pray for me and prayer change my life pastor.

    Vijay kumar.

  66. There is no situation too bad before God. There is no cursed head that the blood of Jesus has not redeemed.

    No matter how rough your hair is, if you go to a barbing saloon or hair dresser, you come out looking beautiful with new hairstyles.

    You have brought your head to God, and He will change your shame to Glory in Jesus name.

    All you need to do is to re dedicate your life to Christ, flee from sin, read the Bible, develop faith for a new beginning and pray to your breakthroughs.

    You can get my phone munbers thro this link:

  67. I need immediate prayer. I need a miracle now. I have given my life back to christ, and have been living by faith. i work in commerical investmetns and have been working extremely hard. right now i have 10 dollars and that’s it. i have deals/offers that i hope close. however, my sister is leaving to NY on monday to start school and i was going to take her. i have been trusting god that things would close and money would come in. nothing closed so i asked some relatives and my partner for advance or a small loan. all doors have closed and i don’t know what to do. i need a miracle now. i have no monye, still trust in god but itn’s not manifesting. plese, please i ask that you ask for a miracle and something to happen now. i can’t tell my sisiter we can’t go becaue of me not getting money. what can i do? please pray or contact me at 818-482-1364 i really want to speak to you and have you pray. i feel the enenm always attacks me and i need a big financial break through. i have no money for even gas. thank you

  68. Pastor, i did receivce your text – i am not sure if you received mine. i need you to please help me pray…. i need a big mircle now

  69. pray in agreement for Mark Evan Davis to be delivered from infirmities and any evil or demonic spirit of anger, humanism, esotertic knowledge, alcholism, pornography, cursing saints, anger, complusive lying and anything satan has tried to hand down to him from his father as a generational curse such as esotertic knowledge, blaspheming Jesus, atheism, laviousness, etc. that satan may try to place over his destiny and life. Jesus died on the cross and on that basis, pray Marks released, set free and to receive deliverance forever and Mark recives Jesus as his Lord & Saviour

  70. Good day pastor, Glory to God for the great work He is using your ministry to do in this end time . I will like you to throw some light on what evil alters are ,Types of evil alters and prayers to demolish evil alters .

  71. prayer for my work
    prayer for my marriage
    prayer for my children a son and a daughter
    prayer for my house
    prayer for my husband



  74. please pray for me and my family my wife filed for a divorce and is moving out in 2 wks pray that god softens her heart shes very bitter and thinks there is something better for her out there

  75. I need God to restore my relationship with my ex boyfriend as we are both trying to get back together but not at the same pace, he is not ready but I seem to be the one pushing harder, and I am hurting in the process as I truly love and want to be with him but he seems to be unsure and that is really causing a lot of heartache and stress on my part, I am fasting today as well , because I need God to unburden me, i have been unhappy ever since the break up & now I am trying to fix things and it is proving to be harder than I expected. Please pray for God to intervene in this situation. I would like us to be better than we were and get married ultimately. Please saints Help me , i am in such a state at the moment and i am writing exams on Monday, if you could please pray for that too. thanks in advance.

  76. For God to restore my marriage and my husband. And for both of us to be able to forgive wrongs committed by family against us. I want to forgive as God wants us to.
    Thank you in advance!

  77. please pray for me am looking for a job and it is very hard to find one. thank you

  78. please pray for my family. i know that there is nothing too hard for my God, in the name of Jesus . i plead the blood of Jesus over every department of my life, and my family. let every word of curse spoken against us be made nul and void by the blood of Jesus.

  79. ******For George***Every idol, shrine, evil altar in the air, land, sea, road junction, or tree, where enemies are scheming against you and your family shall receive divine judgment this period. A new page begins in the story of your life today. Your end shall be great.I ask God to judge your enemies and their gods. An end has come to stagnancy in your life. Keep God’s Word and follow it with all your heart. As you go out today, thank God for the provisions He has made for you through the blood of Jesus in Jesus name Amen.

  80. Vision 2008 Zach 4:6; 3 John 2; Hab 2:3; Isa 43:16-20; Ps 112
    1) Divine Direction/Strategy/Breakthrough in my ministry.
    2) Spiritual cleansing from all unrighteousness/Sanctification/Sexual & Moral Purity.
    3) Vision Helpers
    4) Spiritual Growth – 7 Spirits of God residing in my spirit .i.e. Spirit Of Holiness; Spirit Of Adoption; Spirit Of The Fear Of The Lord; Spirit Of Grace; Spirit Of Supplication & Grace etc in my life and family. Activation of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.
    5) For the counsel of the Lord to stand in my life and family in 2008.
    6) Forgiveness by spouse.
    7) For God to heal and remove all bitterness; unforgiveness; anger and malice from our hearts.
    8) Divine healing from all afflictions caused by witchcraft .i.e. highblood pressure etc.
    9) Spiritual sensitivity – for our spiritual ears to hear clearly what you’re saying in 2008.
    10) Alround peace – Rest
    11) Divine obedience/faithfulness.
    12) Victory over vision/destiny stoppers.
    13) Divine focus
    14) Divine favour

  81. Please pray for me and my love Manish.We love and respect too.Am elder to him.Our parents don’t know about ,we having an affair.Please do pray for us,we really want to be together,because we love truly.But his parents don’t like this.And am sure my parents won’t allow either.But we truly love and respect each other.It’s not for fun or pleasure as such…we do love!Please pray for us.To GOD’s hand we commit.JESUS CHRIST our Heavenly Father,show us your way and hold us always.I can’t think of anyone else,in my life ,other than him.Please pray for us.GOD bless all others too and answer all thier prayer requests too.Amen.Praise the LORD!

  82. I have been a bright student and my parents had very high expectations from me. But till date ( I am 33 years at present) I have not been able to settle in a good job. When I finished my Master’s degree in Computer Applications I failed to get a suitable job. After four years of trying, I had to join a Call Center to support my family.

    Last year I completed a course in Quality Assurance and got the highest grade but failed to get a suitable job. After four months I got a job, but my manager was very disorganised and was very rude to me. After six months (July) I left the job as I could not withstand her.

    Currently I am jobless, I have applied in many companies but have not got a call for interview. I am in tears and feel very hurt. I was almost assured of a job on Sep 25 but on Oct ! I was told that I have lost the opportunity due to the financial crisis in America. I request you to please pray for me that I should be delivered from all obstacles in the path of my career.


    1 Samuel 7v7-11

    “And as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines
    drew near to battle against Israel; but the LORD thundered with
    a great thunder on that day upon the Philistines, and discomfited
    them; and they were smitten against Israel.” v10 Above is a proof of the potency of blood. Before the incident
    above, the Philistines had constituted themselves as
    tormentors of Israel. Several times before then, they used
    their highly skilled army to attack, capture and hold Israel in
    bondage. So, when they learnt that the children of Israel were
    gathered at Mizpeh, they saw another opportunity to subdue and
    disgrace them. They did not however reckon with the potency of
    the blood. However, to their dismay, as soon as Samuel poured the
    blood of suckling lamb unto Him, the LORD arose on behalf of
    Israel and discomfited them (Philistines). Child of God, what is it
    that you are up against? Who is it that is making you afraid? Are
    there some powers that have constituted themselves into Philistines
    in your life?
    Today, I tell you salvation is coming your way because the thunder
    of God is released upon your enemies in Jesus name. Oh yes, the
    fact that you have given your life to Christ has put you under the
    protective umbrella of the most high God. So, anyone that is
    attacking your life right now is risking the wrath of God. And based
    on the power in the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross,
    I release the thunder of heaven upon them in Jesus name.



    I invoke the thunder of heaven upon every enemy of my life in Jesus name. Henceforth, my enemies are discomfited in Jesus name.

  84. Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    I am a struggling christian and when I say struggling; I mean STRUGGLING. I love the Lord and he is very real in my life but I am so weak. I can say in almost every area of my life I am extremely weak. I have problems with alcoholism, sex, lust, fears, obsession and self esteem. Complacency is probably one of my biggest problems. I need God to intervene in a miraculous way because I can’t seem to break free of this bondage. Sometimes I doubt if the Holy Spirit in me is really the Holy Spirit of God because of how weak I am. I pray in tongues and it is the most wonderful gift from God but I am so powerless to the cravings of sin. Please pray for me. I really need help.

  85. With thanksgiving and with HIS word that says Ask for anything in the Name of JESUS and it shall be granted onto you.

    In the Name of JESUS, I pray for

    * That GOD will perform His wonders in my life and confirm my marriage and my sisters this year.
    *I pray that GOD will erase every evil marks upon us and grant us HIS favours.
    * financial breakthroughs for my whole family
    *To pass my exams and secure a new and better job before the end of the year.
    * Long life, Peace, Protection and the zeal to worship HIM in spirit and in truth.


    God bless.

  86. Please pray with me regarding my covenant husband. He forced a divorce in 2003, but had been making strides home to me and our children. The strange woman has been relentless in persuing him and he “married” her in 2005. However, shortly after the marriage, he confessed to me that he had made a mistake, and we began to reformulate a plan to reunite. He left her twice and always seems happy to be away from her, but then went back recently. I believe there is a spirit of witchcraft operating here as typically does with the strange woman. Will you please pray for his deliverance and that he be set free from this strange woman. I realize that she is not the enemy, but is being used by the devil to execute his evil plan. She recently verbally assaulted me and then said some nasty things about me. He seems to be believing her and acting like her these days. The devil is aliar. All that has been stolen from me and my children will be returned 7 fold in Jesus name. Thank you for your prayers. We desperately need a breakthrough in this matter.

  87. I want God to take away every spirit of death which the enemy has poured drink and command to my house to go back to the sended by fire by force in JESUS NAME, AMEN


  89. Scott Nelson has fallen and has brain damage. He is in ICU and his family feels like there is no hope. Las Vegas Nevada is where he is and he needs salvation. He is not awake but in a coma. Please God awake Scott, give Him another chance to receive Jesus your precious gift to him. Let Him receive your mercy which endures forever, In Jesus name Amen

  90. Dear Prayer worrier,

    I am seriously in need of serious prayer from serious prayer worriers. My spouse is seriously introducing the idea of keeping girlfriends. He goes out to sleep with various ones at various times. He meets them on line. He is now in the process of Bring into my life a woman from whom he has already been divorced. Now he has decided that he can not throw her away. Now he is trying to bring her to the United States from France. He has said that he will pay rent for two houses and live in the house with me sometimes and with her sometimes. It is driving me crazy. I am not the promiscuous type. I am born of the spirit of God. I do not know what to do. I have prayed but he seems to get worst. Please help me to storm heaven with prayers.



  91. Will you please pray for the relationship of Jim M. and Jennifer L. Please, will you pray that Jim open his heart back up to loving Jennifer like he did in the beginning of their relationship. Please pray that God erase our past failures and let us forgive one anther. Please pray that God lets this happen before the holidays. In Jesus Name I ask. thank you.

  92. please will u pray for
    – my spritual growth
    – my husband to be saved
    – a peaceful christmas for my family

  93. **** mereoni on ***The word of says in Heb 4:12 12For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.Speak it sister it works!dig deep into the word…run to God in your quite time and talk with him meaning you must wait for him to speak back to you.Isaiah 45:8 says++++++++++++8 “You heavens above, rain down righteousness;
    let the clouds shower it down.
    Let the earth open wide,
    let salvation spring up,
    let righteousness grow with it;
    I, the LORD, have created it.
    And 17 says +++++++17 But Israel will be saved by the LORD
    with an everlasting salvation;
    you will never be put to shame or disgraced,
    to ages everlasting.
    +++ God can not lie so put your husbands name like thi17 But mereoni will be saved by the LORD
    with an everlasting salvation;
    you will never be put to shame or disgraced,
    to ages everlasting. s and pray it DAILY WINNING YOUR HUSBAND TO GOD WITH YOUR CHARTER.
    Take days off to seperate yourself to God in Fasting and prayer, praises wnd worship do it daily …you will amazed @ your growth . i will pray for you now in Jesus name.

  94. Prayer for financial breakthrough for my new business venture. Prayer of protection over my homes and family. Prayer of deliverance from evil oppressions.

  95. please pray for me and my family for Gods protection also for my job iam due for promotion.thanks and God bless you amen.ike.

  96. Please pray for my brother Jose Manuel.My mother did not raise him and he holds a resentment and anger for her.My mother was always mentally ill but he refuses to see the facts because his father told him a different story.She is 85 in a nursing home & cannot speak because of a strock.she also has spiritual issues because of spiritual practices & works in the past.She was abused as a child and an adult. Pray with me that he will forgive and pay her a visit before she dies.Thank you and God bless you.

  97. please pray for my baby… i am going through a divorce from her father. I am so scared he is going to abuse her. Please pray for a hedge of protetion over her and that the courts will only grant supervised visitation. he has a mental illness and she is a special needs baby. I am so scared. I love her more than i have ever loved another human being. please God keep her safe, please please please Lord. thank you for your prayers.

  98. Olivia Pendergrass,

    Acts 10 vs 38. I rub the balm of Gilead on your baby and her father..and I decre healing from every afflction in Jesus name. I rebuke the spirit of insanity in the father..and bind and cast out the evil spirit sponsoring this in Jesus name….Moses grew up a normal child…your baby shal be a grown up a normal child in Jesus name

    Genesis 1 vs 1. God the creator, will recreate and replace any organ of your baby that is not performing well in Jesus name. There are spare parts in heaven for every human cell, organ, vein or tissues. Call on the God of spare parts now and experiece a miracle

  99. Hi Please pray for my husband Shanil’s back pain .
    Peace and protection over our family .
    Especially our finances .In Jesus precious name

    Babalobi wrote:
    Jeremiah 1 vs 10, 2 Samuel 22 vs 45
    Lo, I have set thee this day over the nations, and over the kingdoms, to root up , and to pull down, and to waste, and to destroy, and to build, and to plant
    I cursed the spirit of back pains and destroy it in Jesus name. I identify it as a strnager in you body, I bind it and cast if off in Jesus name. The spirit of God will heal you. Kindly get an ebook GET HEALED! from this link

  100. Hi Pastor,

    Thank you for your website. Ever since I discovered it I feel blessed.

    I have today ventured in to business on the internet and have submitted 7 articles to be sold. I pray that I will find buyers and may God give me wisdom on how to run this business.

    I thank God for giving me this opportunity to write this request to you.

    Florence Atieno

    God bless you and your family.

    BABALOBI wrote:
    I decree a blessing and success on the work of your hands according to the word of God in Jesus name. Amen

  101. Attacks are coming in through my wife. Whoever I contact, are being attacked with deadly accidents, even the ministers that I see on websites, their marriage is being attacked. One friend is paralyzed since 2006 due to 2 crushed vertebrae in India. One lady I spoke to is having a cancerous growth now, 3 years ago she was in a bad accident. I have a terrible allergy if I eat any meat since 2002. Even medication sometimes does not work. My wife has become so negative, it is hard to be in the house. In the midst of people she panics easily, always criticizes everyone that I know including all of my family, pastors, their wives and friends. She is being attacked and harassed in the workplace. She asks me to take her shopping and she is full of fear when she sits in the car, thinking everybody is waiting to hit her. I am unable to do any ministry at all. Whenever I discuss godly things on the phone the other person is attacked. Till last year, doves used to cry near my house and fly around all the time. Please help me with prayer to break this stronghold at the moment. We have no children, as My wife lost all her reproductive organs through surgery and I am rendered impotent. Please pray for God’s intervention in my life. I posted this request in another area of the website by mistake.
    Thank you. God bless your ministry.

    Babalobi wrote:

    Kindly visit and get a copy of my ebook on titled WARFARE SERMONS and POWER OVER THE SERPENT.
    Also fill membership/x-ray form: and send to me by email


  103. Dear God,
    It’s been a long and you could say, harsh 6 years – I hope you know what I mean. My relationship. I have struggled so much God; cried, begged, lost hope and faith, all down on my knees to You and towards my relationship. The relationship hasn’t really changed much – or more like, his emotions has not changed much. Recently, I have decided to slowly try and move on, let go. All these finally base on my heart being tired of being broken….anyway, things have turned a little in an odd direction. Lately, he’s done two major things that I use to beg him to do but he would never do. I didn’t say or tell him to do them, but he decided he wanted to do it himself. I don’t know if thats a sign or not, but God!! Of the slow change in these two weeks, I don’t know why I was so stupid….I did something so stupid that I know he won’t forgive me…I PRAY in Jesus name God, that you will save me from his anger and wrath. Save me from him not forgiving me..Save me from him leaving…please God. I am so scared of what he will say and do when he discovers what I tried to do…I know it’s none of my business, but I just couldn’t trust him…I was thinking about checking it out..and now that I messed it up, for sure he wil find out. Please, God, I am afraid out of my minds. He recently did something nice and out of the ordinary for me, but I am so afraid he will use that against me because of what I did. I am so stupid! Why do I always mess things up!!! I hate myself for being so dumb….I really need You to answer my prayers this time God….I know the whole world will see my request – and I hope that it will save me from being kicked out, beaten, or worst, humiliated by him…*sigh* I’m really scared right now because its the holidays and I really wanted to enjoy it…but now, all I’m feeling is fear and anxiety…why is this happening to me God? Why do You always make these things happen or why does it always happen to me like this? I really am afraid that he will really leave…….but what I fear most is his anger..and me, being so dumb, not knowing what to say or do to defend myself… *sigh* Honestly, I know that I had no business in what I did, but of all the things I went through, I just had to know…I hate it! Please God….I know my prayer is small compared to all the big things going on in this world, but I just wish you would answer this one prayer for once and save me. I have gone through this and his anger over and over for 6 years – this time, I really really need a miracle. I don’t know what to do anymore……..Please save me from his wrath and hatred and anger….and save our relationship from this stupid thing I did..*sigh* in Jesus name, Amen.

  104. My ever loving and merciful God, u I thank you for all the things u do in my life, I ask for pardon for all the sins i commit knowingly or unknowningly, today I come into ur presence to beg you to 1: Deliver my family from lack, my brothers and my sisters from lack, prosper my family 2:Help me to overcome the spirit of anger and rudeness in my life 3:Help me to find a job that is fulfilling and gives room for growth and a better paying job, in the meantime, pls make my work environment comfortable and for any promotion to not pass me by 3: Father I need a God fearing man, who is successful, caring, non-violent and who will love me very much to marry me. 4: I need money to take care of personal things like hse and car or to even pay for my masters degree, pls raise up people that will help me to achieve this dream of mine. 5: I need you to please cure me of the spirit of laziness and make me more hardworking. Thank you lord for answered prayers

  105. Dear God, since I was in my teens i’ve been battling with weight, am now an over weight adult and that really hurts my self esteem. Please help me fight this battle, battle of the bulge. Because of this weight issue, i’ve developed a complex and found myself in the hands of men that abuse me, my mates make fun of me and i’m generally depressed over it, give me the strength to overcome this problem this year and help me drain out the fat miraculously. I also pray for good health for my family and friends especially for my loving mother. Thank you father, I pray for all this with much love and thanksgiving through Jesus Christ your Son

  106. Thanks giving is the entrance to divine miracles..keep ne thanking him..and He will surely intervene in your case in Jesus name

  107. please pray for me thta God changes the man have dated for 10years to commit to my life, i ve unable to conceive and im trusting god to help me conceive naturally probably twin a boy and Girl so that the glory of God will be seen in my life.

    Alice W. K.

  108. In our quest to become new and different people by the power of the Spirit, it sometimes helps to have the assistance of a little Christian music…

    Anyone can download the FREE MP3 of my song “Today I Choose” by visiting

    Chris Blanton

  109. Kindly pray for me and my family, witchcraft forces have been send to my family and its been really taking us back in everything like jobs, finacial problems, misunderstanding each other, relationship problems and recently we lost my brother in law with his family thru a road accident in august last year and they were all born again people, it was a very painfull experience to everyone of us.I know God is faithfull and nothing is impossible to Him. These witchcraft forces are still fighting us and i kindly request you to pray for us,my husband has been loosing jobs in a weird manners but God has been faithfull and gracious because he’s been getting another over, i request u pray he settles and prosper well in his career and mine too, pray for my job too because there is retrenchment going on in my company, pray so that my whole family maybe delivered from any current witchcraft spirits forces and the future ones in the precious blood of Jesus. God dont let anymore death in our family to happen due to those evil spirit of witchcraft but let me a natural death, a call from u to join u in heaven in Jesus precioua name Amen.

  110. Could you please agree with me for the following:

    1. A financial breakthrough so I can remain in Australia to finish my degree this year.
    2. A God-chosen spouse this year.
    3.Complete deliverance from all forms of bondage.

    I thank you, and it’s in Jesus’ name that I pray,

  111. 1. Salvation of my husband, Chukwudi Chukwueke
    2. Good Health for me and my children
    3. Finacial breakthrough
    4. For God to restore my business back
    5. For my daughter, Erica Onwuegbuchu to have a successful surgery
    6. For my children to excel in their academics
    7. For God to use me

  112. I also want God’s healing


  114. my lord plz help me i found my anwser but i have to have to first pass the comiment. father lord plz be with me help as im doing this not just for u or every one tht die in the powers heros that fight evil but also doing this to the girl with the blue eyes

  115. my lord for the first time im scared i feel weak as if im half died im afraid i will fail but as long as i feel her, u, my brother, guidens, and for the heros that fighted on ur side i will suceed

  116. Hallo, please pray for me. I am a commodity broker and for the past 16 months I have been working on commodity deals without any one of those deals being successful.For 2 years I haven`t had any income.I had so many miracles, blessings and signed contracts that failed at the edge of breakthroughs. Please pray with me that God will break through for me, in a powerful way and restore to me all the years that the enemy has stolen. I need a miracle.

  117. please pray for me and my family,financial breakthrough,marriage, and against spirit of rejection and abuse mainly to my kids Sarah and Jeremy.My family experiance nightmare and very evil dreams eg,my husband Johannes dreamed holding human heads dripping blood and he said in the dream his mouth was dripping blood of which it somehow means in spirit he drank it.pliz pray for me (grace) i cant sleep at night and i talk too much ,i want to be very quite and obidient to God ‘s voice.and also need a good paying permanent job and i love singing for God and believe God will smoothen and beautify my voice to worship him.After i’m blessed with a permanent job i ‘ll also donate since it is more blessed to give than to receive.


  119. I am passing through difficult financial crisis ever since I became married and got committed to Christ. I left for studies in UK hoping to graduate in one year, it is over three years now, I am still struggling to pay the balance of my tuition fees and we are trusting God for our Visa renewal in March. While I keep praying and trusting on the Lord, things are getting tighter. Please pray with me and my wife because I believe we will have our breakthroughs this month of February in Jesus name.

  120. Please pray for my brother sam aged 30 who has been bed ridden for 2 years due to satanic attacks. His dad died last year. My mother is also getting old and its becoming very difficult for u as, we have been put away by our family and friends. None in our church are willing to pray for us. We definetely know the lord is still good, and is able to heal my brother completely but i just want as many people as there could be to pray for my brother. Please uphold us in your prayers, and help us

  121. I have been waiting for housing for 4 years since I live in a very crowded studio with hardly any heat and I just had knee surgery.I also have an anxiety disorder which came upon me 8yrs ago thru an abusive marriage.I went for the appt.but it seems that I cannot get the area that I wanted so I’m disqualified.I also have another application in a different place and I am asking that this one will go thru.Please agree with me in prayer that this time I will be successful thru the grace of God.Thank You & God Bless You. E

  122. May the Lord be with you and protect you from harm in Jesus name.I understand what you are going thru because I went thru it. The only difference was I got sick and had to leave to preserve my sanity and my life. This type of relationship tends to escalate and can be dangerous.There are shelters for women who are going thru this and you can find out’re church or police.I do not believe that God would want us to remain in this type of relationship.I lost everything but God helped me to set my life in order again even though there were consequences.I am free from the fear and the abuse Praise God.You can do it too.Seek help before it gets worse.God Bless You & keep you covered by His blood.

  123. Lyn, The response I wrote above was for you I made a mistake and put you’re name instead.Be Blessed

  124. Dear pastor, pls pray for me to find the resources to pay off all my debts that started since 2005. I’ve been trying to pay it off and praying for it too. I tried finding ways but now it has gotten worst to the point that i cant sleep and eat properly. My work is also being affected and i feel so guilty coz of these. Honestly, i found your site while waking up for a midnight prayer.i believe i need the help of prayer warriors like you to help my prayer be heard. Pls pastor, pls help me and include me in your prayers. Thank you Jesus for this site and the person behind it.

  125. Dear Prayer-Warriors, Please pray for Robert who is a diabetic and on Dialysis.About 3weeks ago he called a brother in church to say he was on his way to the hospital to get a kidney transplant. We haven’t heard from him since and we don’t know where he is because he lives out of our area. I’ve called his house and no answer. Please pray that he will be well and that we will hear from him soon.Thank you and God Bless

  126. Dear prayer warriors please pray for Mr Odunayo who is currently hospitalised for tumor on the head and also stroke.Please pray for divine intervention ,destruction of the works of the enemy and healing for him
    Thanks and God bless

  127. Dear pastor, please pray for I, ebere and my sister ngozi against the evil of our stepmother christiana that is preventing our success in becoming pharmacists and marrying a husband and also acheiving our goals in life. Please pray that we are reinstated as a pharmacy student at university, to win a battle with the university and that we become pharmacist and achieve our goals soon. Amen
    Thankyou and God bless

  128. Dear Pastor
    Please pray for me and my family that we will have perfect peace.Also pray for me that i will become more effective in the lords ministry as well as with my studies.

    Thank you and may the lord continue to use you for his ministry.
    Tan,Tan Jamaica

  129. I would like you brethen to join pray for my wife who has suffered witchcraft attack since last year June 2008 till today. She is continually under attack and we have been believing God for a total healing as at times she even thinks it is better for her to be dead than to suffer under the attach she has under gone for too long. Her name is Maria. Please remember us in your prayers and our three children who just confused and don’t understand as to what is happening.

    Thank you and the grace of God shine upon You, In Jesus name


  130. pray for my son(Boris),my fiance'(Mickey),and myself(sadie) to be delivered from witchcraft and evil obstacles.

  131. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage to Hachi

  132. may you please pray for me to get a curse removed. i can not get married coz of that.

  133. Please pray for Kerm to be delivered and set free from occult forces that are keeping him bound to a woman he cannot stand. Every time he tries to leave her, he either loses his job, or loses the apartment, or his finances are attacked, and he is forced to be dependant on her for his needs. He is a father and a husband, and his wife has been praying for his deliverance. She and the children have been spiritually attacked many times, but she is a warrior and the devil cannot conquer them. He has told his wife that he wants to come home and realizes that he made a mistake in getting involved with this woman. She practices island rituals and even bragged about binding him to her. Please pray against this situation that this ungodly union will crumble in the name of Jesus and he will return to his wife and children swiftly and these demonic attacks will stop. Loose him and let him go free in the name of Jesus.Please pray pray pray pray!!!! This is very serious.

  134. Good day sir,my name is simeon, i need your prayer for good job,right now i am trusting God for breakthrough.thanks God bless you

  135. Hi, everyone, I just want to share my testimony. I wrote a prayer request for a God given spouse, a financial break through in order to finish my studies and freedom from all bondages. This was several weeks ago and is in this thread (see above).
    I have met a wonderful man who is so similar to me in every way: we like the same things, believe in the same things and we even look alike! There’s been talk of marriage and children by him already.
    As for my studies, the university that I attend has received a payment for my first semester school fees mysteriously! We don’t know where the money came from.
    In terms of my bondages, I haven’t drunk alcohol or smoked since the end of January and have not desire to either.
    I just want to thank the unchangeable Changer, the Lord of Hosts, the King of Glory, the Wonderful One, the Ever Present God, the Almighty, the I Am That I Am, the Rock of Ages, the Mighty One of Jacob for His mercy, kindness, faithfulness and redeeming grace. Praise the Lord!
    I say all these things in the mighty Name of Jesus, amen!

  136. Prayer request

    1. Gods will to be done in my life and family
    2. Peace to reign btw self and my husband
    3. End of financial hardship
    4. Victory over attacks in dreams
    5. God to baptise me with his holy spirit and power. fill me with his fire and make me a dangerous weapon to the enemies.

    Nb can somebody explain the meaning of a dream I had where somebody forcefully gave me a snail and said it is called obatala’s snail. though I have prayed against this dream but I want to make sure i have effectively prayed about it. thank you

  137. Please pray for my family and i, my husband is unemployed and i think it`s because of all` `his wrong choices he made in the past. He took things for granted and did`nt know what working hard for your money was all about. He used to hurt people alot in the past………. I dont really want to go into how and what, and somehow someway i think his being punished. I ask that you help me pray for him and us, because we have a beautiful little princess and it`s affecting her and i dont want her having a hard life because of wrong decisions and actions, that was taken because of her parent/s.

    Please my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ please pray for us.

  138. Good day man of God i am a cameroonian and a former student , i am really desperate for your help as concern me and my family in the area of success. we are really in financial difficulties and we dought if they are some strong men or curses blocking our way of prosperity . please the person writing is nyanjoh soyang hans , i am doing so because i have just droped out of school due to financial lake . the interet i am persuing now is to be very close to the lord and i really need your prayers to help me grow as a child of God.please reply if there are any needed information.Thanks in the name of JESUS.


  140. I ask for prayer for a job. i want to say thanks be to God i am now working. Please pray that i get abetter job as this one I have to work very late and on weekends. Making me very tired and i fail to pray. I also need prayer for my accommodation, my landlady is a believer who knows what i have been going through, but she has almost doubled my rentals and I feel so defeated and I keep asking why would all this happen to me.

  141. I ask for a prayer for the fruit of the womb. My husband and I are desperate for our second child. Our first child is almost 4 years old, but I do not want to leave a big age gap. My daughter came very quickly. However, I took some herbal treatment for fibroids six week before I conceived. This meant giving up meat and dairy products to help with the fibroids. With Gods help I conceived just after I had finished the treatment. My question is this: I have developed my faith through my spiritual life, but if I resort to the herbal treatment again, am I saying that I do not believe that God can help me naturally? I know that God will never fail me, but I want to see His power manifest into my life through my active faith. Is active faith resorting to a herbal treatment?
    Please pray that my finances start to open up. I have recently started tithing the correct way, and have yet to see Gods power in my financial life.

  142. Brethen, join me in prayer of thanksgiving

  143. Herbal medicines in themselves are okay…but the things attached to its use may be Idolatry. Where did you get the Herbal medicine? If its from a Herbalist..He might have made some satanic invocations on it. If you want to use herbal medicines be sure of its source

  144. A friend of mine asked me to read this book unbroken curses since terrible things were happening to me that i could not explain,eg. drinnking heavilly i have tried but failed please pray for me …I need help out of this dark life i want my life to change and return to God as before…….am in Kisumu ..Kenya

  145. Pastor, as i type this words i can feel the presence of the lord in this blog and i have faith that my prayers are already answered , at 28 years , my life has no direction, please pray so that the evil forces holding me down to one spot will be broken , i want my prosperity and my sense of purpose to me given to me

  146. Jesus is the way…follow him with all your heart and he will give your life a direction

  147. I want to move to America with my daughter Annemarie and had applied for the 2010 Diversity Immigrant Visa and the selected entrants should be receiving their letters between May to July 2009. I have prayed that my application for picked for this program and I am expecting the letter by the grace of God. Could you Pastor also join me in prayer for success and going to America through this program. Thank you in Jesus name.

  148. please pray for call back on the ship in cruise where i was working before i am from goa, sanvorcotto, india. iam waiting for my joing date on the ship fast

  149. Pastor this first week of june is very important to me starting from tuesday june 2 please pra for for me for financial improvements

  150. I am in need of money to cover my debts amounting to over $150,000. I feel I am being called into fulltime ministry, but I am need of money to support myself, take care of these bills. I am in need of money to cover living expenses and a car. Please pray that I will find employment soon. Please pray that God will help me as I prepare to study his word. I have made financial mistakes and have confessed them to God. I am need of financial miracle manifestation

  151. Please pray with me for the restoration of my marriage. I have sinned against my husband and he seeks a divorce. This is not he first time and he continues to seek divorce.

  152. Please i need you to pray for my husband, brothers and myself for financial breakthrough, we have been working like elephants but feeding like ants. Going thru some prayer section it was reveal that My husband’s sister used a spiritual padlock against him that whatever way he struggles that he will not succeed in life. Please we really need your prayer of deliverance from this bondage. Thanks.

  153. Calvary greetings in Jesus Name….Amen.

    Am a young lady in my 3os, stills single. and most times is the wrong men that approches me for marriage. Is not pastor that am choosey. bt because of my family background don’t jt want to get married out of frustration and end up been mocked.

    And men wil approach me, bt nt too serious too propose, ad some will propose and at a long run, things wil jt fall apart. as i speak am approachin the age of 40.

    pastor please, i need some prayer points ad even scriptures to back up my prayer.cos this is nt fuuny anymore.

    at the same time……pls keep me in ur prayers, cos my mum had stroke for the past 5yrs now still under my care. pls help is like the world has crumble over me.

    thanx and God bless ad empower you more in ur faith with him.Amen


  154. Please pray for me that God will send me a suitable life partner, I feel that the enemy has attacked me in this area as I sometimes dream that someone is trying to be intimate with me in my dreams.
    Last night I dreamt that it was my wedding day and we were all waiting for my husband to arrive but he was delaying.

    God Bless you.

  155. I need a prayer for financier break through,protection and a prayer to distroy those who are draging what i labor for to die by fire in Jesus Name.

  156. hi
    i am Agnetta from kenya, africa in nairobi. my husband is due for cervical compression fusion surgery on 30/6/2009 and and i need your prayers that everything goes on well and successful. i believe the blood of jesus is sufficient to heal him and see him through this surgey. thank you for your prayers. his name is jonathan o nyonje. pray hat the doctor who ill operate be full of isdom and knowledge that comes from God.

  157. Hellow

    Please bless our faimly bussiness, that it may stand forever, bless our finances & our homes, take every evil, that is trying to bring us down be cast out in your name. I ask that you show us favor on this day so that we may take care of our love ones always. Pray for our finacial breakthrough as we are in a real strugle to stand. I thank you for all your prayers & look forward to all the up coming blessing.

  158. my son has alot of issues, he cuts himself, burns himself, and theatens to do harm. we have sent him away for help. the doctors say he is scitzofrenia, and also has bipolar. i am his mother and my heart is broken, because, no matter what i do, it is not helping. i know what the power of prayer can do. please pray for him.

    thank you,

  159. hello thanks for thinking to start this prayer wedsite. God bless
    my request is that you pray for me that the fear of GOD BE IN MY
    I have also a need to be established financially, the main reason so that i can find more time ti seek God, i would love to know & do his will for my life continually. thanks again,

  160. hi my name is Prema, i am from Malaysia. please support me in prayers for financial, spiritual, physical, emotional breakthrough. i have been falling sick very frequently lately, i am spending more money on medical than on anything else. i work hard and yet no savings……i am feeling lethargic and sloppy all the time gaining unnecessary weight. i am feeling so stuck within myself and feel i cant get out, something is holding me down, i need to be set free, i used to be a very healthy, vibrant, energetic person. please also pray for my well-being as my office colleagues have gone against me and lots of problems have arised. My boss recognizes my work contributions but is in a difficult position to support me. i pray God will set everything right for me and bring me to greater heights. thank you

  161. my testimony…..yesterday my general manager sent an email from our project site in another state that everything at the project site is stagnant, not moving, if the client were to visit the site they’d be dissappointed to see no progress from the last visit.

    i needed a prayer to break the stubborn spirits at the project site and the contractors involved, so i browsed through the internet and found your prayer site. i found a prayer exactly suitable to our situation. i made it my own, personalized it to to suit our project and emailed the same to my general manager believing god almight is in control. minutes later to my pleasant surprise i received an email from my general manager that the contractor had agreed to purchase the items required to complete the project and work has begun. i am so thankful to god for taking time to hear my prayer. i learnt that prayer works when it is intended for good reasons with a clean heart. at this moment i choose to give all glory and honour to our lord jesus christ, gracious heavenly father for answering prayers in such an instant moment. thank u father god!

  162. I recently graduated from university and am looking for a job in my field of study. PLease pray for me tht God our provider will provide that job in my area of study to allow me to be a blessing to my family.
    I also pray for my boyfriend. For God to restore him and take depression and feelings of worthlessness away from him. I really want to get married and I love and respect him.

  163. please pray for me to get a husband very soon and to get delivered from lying. my relationship with my dad is not good and needs an urgent repair. i have a brother suffering from schizophrenia and strongly believe he can be healed through grace and mercy. i also need prayers to go to my mom who has visited witch doctors on several ocassions. plese plead to God to have mercy for our family and open doors for us. i also need a good secured job. also pray for my sister who is not yet married to get married. pastor i have a low self esteem and it hinders me to do things that perhaps God want me to. i feel shy confessing i an a born again believer i also can speak very good english but often feel afraid. please pastor i need deliverance. i am tired of staying alone. i want to get married soon please please

  164. Please stand with me in prayer for my husbands salvation; for God to open financial door for our family; for a beautiful house; for my son to get a good job; for my children to get good grades at campus and senior. for spiritual uplifting; and for divine protection for the whole family.

  165. -Pastor, I don’t know why whenever I treat someone well, they always repay me with ridicule, mockery and some even plan evil for me. When I talk or gist with my friends, they always take up what I say and make a big case out of it. Even when I don’t say anything, they still misunderstand my silence. Pray for me.
    -Why do I always struggle to get things in life? When I’m praying at times, it seems I’m fighting. Can I ever experience peace? pray for me.
    – I’ve a marriage proposal from a family friend whom I’m not sure of his relationship with God, please pray for me.
    -Also pray for my uk student visa application to be a success.

    dear pastor
    PLEASE PRAY FOR MR THAT I AM blessed with a baby boy.
    i am 9 months pregnant.
    please i have strong desire for baby boy

  167. I was a born again christian but it’s about the 8 months i started going with friends out and drinking, i pray and try to stop drink but its not easy.
    Please help me pray so that i will stop taking this

  168. my prayer request?

    i want God to do something concerning my marital life before ending of this year

    i want u to pray for me that God should surprise me with a husband, the man that we love me, the born of my born.

  169. Please pray for my son, that he may learn to love his wife and give her the respect, consideration, affection that she deserves as a wife. Pray that he will not consume alcoholic beverages everyday, which contributes to the breakdown of the marriage.

    Also pray that my husband’s colon will strengthen and become stable, since his surgery this has been a problem.

    Also pray that God will heal me completely from anxiety. In Jesus Name I pray and ask these blessings.

  170. hullo,praise the lord sweethearts.Would like you to pray for peace in my marriage.As i speak me and my husband are not communication in a proper way as a married pray coz my husband isnot born again and is also a drunkard and a quarrelsome man.pray that the lord may overcome all the demonic and desert spirits attacking my marriage.

  171. please pray for me. iam feeling ill. i feel as if iam losing my memory, imy mind does not seem clear and i feel wek and tired and stessed. one day i heard as i went to sleep i am going to kill you. i raised up out of the bed to declare the word of God against that threat. i do feel that i am in need of help.

  172. To Maureen, a similar thing used to happen to me. I know how terrifying it is! What I found worked is just right when the attack starts, begin to praise the Lord. Tell God how wonderful He is, that He is the Alpha and the Omega, that He is a mighty man in battle, you know all those names of God. Call the name of Jesus as well, He has the name above every other name and His name is power and so is His blood. Are you born again? If not, become born again and then you can try the above strategy. Don’t let the devil deceive you into the prison of fear. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7).
    And what’s more, keep writing on this website and we’ll keep encouraging and praying with you. The devil was defeated on the Cross. That’s why I said don’t be deceived into bondage by him coz he’s already lost. The only power he has over us is when we are not born again; when we are ignorant of who we are in Christ; when we let fear control us. Jesus is Lord; there’s is no power greater than His love for us. Amen.

  173. Please agree with me to the Lord God that he may urgently issue and grant me 10 years multiple Visa to USA as my passport is already in Embassy and verbally my Visa is approved without telling any limit.
    Please pray that I serve Lord in the days to come in USA and also get religious education from US seminary.
    Please also pray for my Mother, Father and Sisters who are in great problem by living here that they must also migrate to USA by the miracle from Lord God. In Jesus Name we agree and ask Lord. Amen.

  174. Please pray for my son Tyrone Munsamy.He is 1st year tertiary education and as failed the 1st semester and changed institutions.He does not study and I am concerned.He is arrogant and stubborn and only wants to spend his time at the game shop hanging around with his firends that do not work.He is rebellious when I ask him to study.Please pray that he will not squander this opportunity to study as I am a single mother with no support from his dad.Please pray that he changes his attitude towrds his studies and he spends time studying so that he will pass.

  175. pray for my husband to stop witchcraft and also stop being an alcoholic.
    also i always have dreams so far for 3 times abt touching her private parts of some lady who is my neighbour at my place of work and sometimes reaching at an extent of using her but when am using her, her parts dont get in contact with mine. but reach orgasm sleeping on her but when we are all clothed.really when i see that lady i think badlt about her due to those a married lady with just 2 young and pray for me that the lady may not be used by the devil to spoil my marriage and let her scatter if she is not a good person towards me and my marriage.

    And pray for me that i may get a peace of mind.that lady is the root of my lack of peace especially when am at work. i pray that may the lord lead me to a situation that will lead to restoration of my peace and joy plus comfort when am at work and at home.

    Thanks be to God.

  176. – agree with me for a breakthrough,in securing a beautiful,job,God ordained sister and open doors towards my masters degree in USA.
    – Gods provision for my family members – ben,grace,steve,evelyne,christine,christine,kevin.

  177. I have been diagnosed with many conditions. I am 58 years old and have always been somewhat sick, but now I am disgnosed with high blood pressure, high chloresterol, diabetes, hypothyroidism, reflux of esopagus, glaucoma, neck and low back pain, and obesity. In addition, I am helping my husband Stanford, who has cancer (Multiple Myeloma) and is currently in treatment.

    I am seeking a miiacle of deliverance from these conditions that leaves me sick, tired, depressed and frustrated. I trust in God, but my faith in his deliverance for me is not as strong as my belief in Him for others.

    Will you please pray with and for me? Thank you,

  178. Daily in the mornings and day time I suffer from a terrible heaviness that I cannot do any work, I want to be set free from this heaviness

  179. DEAR Pawstor,please HELP me in prayer to get an apartment quickly.Because I have been leaving in HIRED apartment for along time so My getting an apartment will confirmed my stay permit which I have been praying about for along time.Thank you

  180. I need humbly ask and submit my prayer requests for me and my family’s deliverance from ancestral evil linkages,generational curses,Spirit Wife/Husband,satanic delay of promised Godly prophecies to manifest,witchcraft/marine witchcraft powers,chronic cycles of poverty,failure/bad luck in every department of our lives,mental, emotional,psychological deliverance and healing etc.. I am currently doing the 70 day prayer/fast. This week I have had an onslaught by the enemy. I have gotten sidetracked and I solicit your prayers. Please keep me,my 2 children, mother and 3 brothers and our church in prayer, Thank you and God Bless.

  181. money and a job,free from sickness in the lower stomach which ive had since childhood,healing of left knee and foot,deliverence from spirit of anxiety,and the deliverence of witchcraft against me and my family

  182. Please help me to war in the spirit for my marriage and husbands’ deliverances. Lust, adultery, betrayal, sneaky, clingy to family, love of money, rejection towards me, ciggaretts-marijuana, pride, abusive

  183. Sir, i’m a young graduate that nid a profitable employment. Two weeks b/4 my NYSC passing out, i had an okada accident that almost took my life but thk God that sent me back.After my 2nd surgery @ LUTH, i”ve being searching 4a good job although i’m doing an IT on 6weeks computer program i learnt from MFM Ajunleka branch ijesha. Neverdless, i want to work with my own certificate so that it won’t look as if my certificate is cursed. i nid prayers!

  184. Few hours ago i called one formal Lagos state gubernatorial aspirant and he told me that the party state chairman his working on CV in order to secure a job for me for the past 3month. infact, i don’t know what is happening to me. i know alot of politicians even i was given 8 letters to differents company by a member of Lagos State House of Assembly yet, nothing!kindly help me…

  185. Pray that those customers owing my Bank will pay back

  186. Pray for my family proctection and my son who is sick and having some problems

  187. pray for my total delivrance of spirit husband since i was young .

  188. 1. I want you to pray for me so that God’s purpose for me will come to pass; things like be able to preach his word to others, healing powers, knowledge in his word, wisdom and understanding etc. 2. I want God to help me to secure my stay(i.e legal permanent documents that permit me to live in UK ) so that I can take his word to people on street. 3. I want God to protect my wife and children and let my kids to be obedience to his word and submissive to us the parents. 4 I want God to help my siblings to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and take him as their personal saviour. Thank you and God bless you.

  189. Please, please, please pray for my teenage son Rafael right now. He just left the house & we don’t know where he went. The other day when I prayed for him, I saw a demonic spirit in him that looked like he was content inside my son & the demon looked old. When I finished praying for him, his eyes stayed fixated on the word “Rebel”. I strongly believe that is the demon that’s attached to him. Please pray that he stays out of trouble & comes back home immediately.

  190. enemies have passed a verdict that my marriage shall never be restored.but the lord says who’s report do you believe?i need a prayer of restoration,victory and dominion over evil doers and witchcrafts.And for God to take over my battle against the perpetrators.Amen

  191. Dear Bishop,
    Help me I am going insane with fear that has been plaguing me since young till now.I am an indaian 42 years of age with two children and I am constantly scared.My mind is onstantly at work attacking me with ideas and plots on how god is going to abandon me.New way where i will be hung and my life would be screwed beyond repair.I beleive I am a mistake and GOD will never help me or protect me.I have a cat and mouse relationship with him.Always going 10 steps towards him 20 steps back.So hard to get a break thru .There are so many doubts and fear and questions of disbeleif that all the bible’s world that everyone one of us has our names written on the palm of his hands is for everyone BUT ME.Anna is useless and a mistake and no good.Please help me.There is something very wrong in me that makes me doubt and fear.pray for me.I live in malaysia.pray for me

  192. I believe I am being harassed by the enemy on my job. I have been making simple mistakes but and my bosses have been calling me up in meetings about them. I am asking you to pray that the favour of the Lord be upon my job as I try to stand in obedience to him. Pray that as I seek the Lord that He will show himself strong in my job and marriage.

  193. I ask you to pray also that every attack of the enemy through my supervisor will be broken. He has used her to put me down. He uses her to try to use her authority as my supervisor to drive fear, and inadequacy in me. I have declared that the spirits of fear, inferiority be broken over my life in Jesus name. She returns to work from leave, so pray for me that every plan of the enemy is broken now in Jesus’ name. Pray that salvation will come to them at that office because there are lots of strongholds in there.

  194. hi.iam ayoung zambian lady aged 23.a christian and in need of a job i completed college some 3 years ago but i have not been able to get a job .pls pray with me that God should interven and also that God should by givng me a God fearing man who will love me cause i have gone through alot of rejection pain and shame buti know that God can restore back what i have lost in Jesus name.

  195. i am in a transition as is all of my family and ministry.I ask for the power of agreement as to the Father ordering my and mine steps.there is an air of excitment as a season of santification has imparted great peace unto my spirit.Habitation is a 24 hour prayer praise and intercession as well as teaching ,missionary ministry.Keep us in your prayers,as time is in the masters hand and we want not to waste this presious gift.Thank you for your prayers.I pray Command The Morning every morning and my life is blessed.

    In Jesus Service,

  196. Please pray for my son Rafael. He took my car early this morning & his father & I have been searching for him every since. He’s stolen another car. Please pray for the spirit of The Most High to surround him like never before. Please pray for The Most High to remove the stronghold that satan has on him right now as we speak. Please pray that The Most High deliver him to safety and that no one gets hurt. Please pray that he returns the car & ask the people to forgive him for his sin. Please pray that my son repent before The Most High right now & turn his life around. Amen!!

  197. Dear Soldiers in Christ,
    I am a deliverance minister. The enemy hit my marriage and my health and tried to kill me. Would you please pray:
    1. That God will send His Warring Angels to battle in the heavenlies for me; especially against satanic forces assigned to block or hinder the answers to prayer for me or my prayers for others.
    2. Spiritual Warfare if you do it
    3. That God continue the miracle of healing He has done in my kidneys and body and that I continue to gain strength and be able to do daily errands, such as shopping
    4. That God give my husband a desire to reconcile and open doors to reconciliation between us. And that God set my husband free from END DAY MIND CONTROL and WITCHCRAFT MIND CONTROL

    Thank you for interceeding for me. May God bless you.

  198. Please agree with me and my husband for the money to buy a new home of our own. We are currently living in a rented 1980 trailer that’s in very poor condition but, yet we are very thankful for a roof over our head,

    Also pray for me because I have a dark discoloration above my lip that looks like a mustache but it not. I am a women and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

    Thank you for doing the will of God keep doing God’s will.

  199. Please pray for me that i will be able to meet all my financial debts, and that i will be strong in the Lord, and my children will continue to serve the Lord despite all the distractions that they face every day at school and in the community in which we live, as i write this request i am fasting and praying for a deliverance, but i am weak in the spirit, please pray for me as i pray for myself in Jesus name Amen.

  200. Prayer request:
    For my family to come back to the Lord,
    For my Fiancee and I to have a date set to stand before God an commit ourselves to Him and to each other,
    For His people who are living in poverty in my area of Manitoba, Canada
    For His people in Israel,
    Prayer request for my life in education, to succeed in wisdom and knowledge, so that I will send Jesus’ message through me,
    Prayer request for help before, during and after I do each assignment. Thank You Jesus for all the wondering things you are doing in my life! Amen

  201. There are some witches who have worked some type of witch craft or voo-doo against my mind.They are reading my thoughts and making accusations against myself and family members which I know can NOT change God’s plans according to God’s word because That I stand on and believe. I am praying for the hand of the Lord to move. His word says…you shall not suffer a witch to live. And he said that vengeance is mine I shall repay…God says he watches over his word to perform it and I an thanking him in advance for what he gonna do and I am asking you to join me in prayer. Thank you.

  202. -Please pray for me that curses in my life be broken.

    -Break my marriage to a spirit husband and uncage my husband from God to marry me by the end of 2009.

    -To go to university, studying in United States of America and to be redeemed of my intelligence (i used to be so bright in my childhood and was robbed of it)

    -For growth in my relationship with God. To do more for His kingdom( i have a dream of opening a Home for the opharns in my country, Zimbabwe)

    -For spiritual gifts to be manifested in my life.

    -For a business i would like to start concerning wedding planning.


  203. LORD JESUS CHRIST has crucify my sinfull nature on the cross so that i having died to sin might live for rightiousness and he has crucify my flesh its lust and strong desire but my life is full of faiures that what LORD had already done it is not real in my life yet. addiction to tv , lust ,masturabation and incest thoughts ,pron.
    kindly pray for me to live by spirit
    thq sir

  204. Can you, please, fervently pray
    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.
    Kaca from Belgrade in Serbia

  205. Hi my name is Juanita Williams and I want prayer for me and my Husband Everett Williams and my kids Kiara, Treyanna And Jessica and I want prayer because me and my husband Everett just gotten married on november 7th, 2009 and someone had been working witchcraft trying destroy and break up our marriage and I don’t want no one inthis world trying to destroy or break up my marriage I want my marriage to last forver for me and my husband to be together forever no divorce, no separation and no committing adultery on each other not now or ever so yes i am a newly wed and I want me, husband and my kids to be delivered from witchcraft forever, and I want prayer against the attack of the devil and the devil assignment against us be cancel, and I want prayer that god gives me a good marriage that there will be unity and harmony in the marriage and in the family, and that me and my husband finances will get a lot better and that god keep us safe and that all of our needs will be met.And that god keeps us together forever as a family me, my husband Everett and my kids Kiara, Treyanna And Jessica together forever as a family Thank you very much for your prayer and god bless you all Jesus loves you and so do I keep walking by faith.

  206. Dear prayer partners in crist,
    Iam very much glad to have the oppotunity to write you,Iam a minister @ the dominoim christian fellowship center here in gbarnga.
    But for the past four months now I have been in many kings of trial.
    the battle that IAm now face with is the battle of getting some thing to do.I first started with a little besuness but tyhe person I intereted with the business ate all the money and lift.since that time I have not been able to get any money,please pray for me,
    yours in christ.

  207. me and my wife are not in the same house as of the past 3 days
    and it is tearing me apart to be in this house without her and my
    2 daughters right now. we have been together since i was 16 and she was
    14 and now i’m 31 and she’s 29. i was questioning her about her past
    and it cost me to see her leave and go to her mom. i have since entered
    marriage counseling to help myself and to prove that i want to change and that i have changed. i love her so much and it hurts each day shes
    away. she said she wants to come back but not so soon, the kids want to come back now,and her mom said she should come back but her heart is
    So please pray for me and my family that we can put it back together
    as a family again.

  208. am asking for a prayer request for reconcilation and restoration in my marriage to Todd Moore. I also would like for God to touch Todds heart and soften it and show him the love I his wife has for him. ANd also that God help Todd fight the devil. Todd cant do this alone, he needs help. I love my husband and I have been forgiven of past sins. I want to save our marriage and make a Godly difference in Todds life.

  209. Please pray for my marriage, my husband left our home 3 weeks ago, I later found out that his ex-wife had been e-mailing him and calling him to discourage him from getting close to God and to our church. She practices “santeria” which is the equivalent of witchcraft. He is now with her, yesterday when I finally got to speak to him he seems like a totally different person, he told me his mind was cloudy and he was not thinking straight. Please pray for my marriage to be saved. I’ve been a Christian for 3 years and my husband converted prior to us getting married, we have only been married for 4 months. Christianism is new to him and he was just beginning to study the bible. I want my marriage restored. Please pray for us and that our marriage is restored in Jesus name and that all the work of the devil to try to destroy my marriage be destroyed and that my husband can come back to god’s righteous path. I’m so desperate, please help…

  210. praise the lord every body i ask that lord bless my womb to have a child i lost babe this year misscarriage i ask for prayer that god do it for me again he have mercy on me i want a son so bad i promise to love it with my heart an i continue in prayer an praise thank you so much for your prayers sherri

  211. Please pray for my family. Salvation for my husband who has failed to be a committed spouse. Has committed adultery. He has been out there somewhere involved in worldly things. Has many friends that are not uplifting. We live together but are estranged. Pray that he has Godly repentance. Special prayers for my 3 kids now teenagers for them to be saved and get married to Godly mates. I am believing for a promotion on my job. Stubborn witchcraft attack to be broken/destroyed in my life. Financial stability, for me to be debt free in Jesus name.

  212. please pray for a breakthrough in my job and finance and also for my fiance that he stays focused in our relationship and for God’s anointing to be great in his ministry.i also need you to pray for my family to be united and loving at all times and for every member to be saved and protected.please also pray for salvation of all mankind,for nothing is too difficult for the Lord.thank you so much and know that your labour in the Lord will never be in vain.

    Dear Lord, please help me I feel I am under some sort of a bad spell.
    I feel darknes all around me. Please be kind to shed some light on my life. Please pray for me and my fiance’ Raymond to marry soon and have a family, pray for my job and his job to be safe. We found ourselves
    in troubles all the times. I moved jobs about 1 years ago’ & my boss doesn’t like me and treats me very bad, she has recently told me to look for another job! I am feeling in a low mood and I am often ill: from infections to endeless colds and then swine flu. Please pray for me so that I can be freed by these evil spirits! They make sure I can hear them so I know things will go bad. My Lord don’t let them win.
    Thank you to you all.
    Maria Cristina

  214. Saints i have a burden which has held my true joy and happiness,i was possesed by a foul spirit when i was 18 and now am 25,i happened to get delivered when i was 19,but it so happened that i backslid in 2007,and it revisted me with violence in june 2008,it really troubles my heart and mind makes work hard am sad and have become nervous.It goes and comes back i want this prison to be broken.Let jesus christ of Nazareth lift this burden

  215. pl pray for me [,geeta], my son, sunny, My old parents, protection from evil attacks & cmplete peace & protection & health for us all. pray me & my family be divinely & permanently delivered by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. gbu all.

  216. Thank you All very much.

    I received an e-mail with the link below:
    asking for more information about myself so that the prayers can be adressed in a more personalaized way. Unfortunately the link seems not working. Please again pray for my soul, mind and body. Pray for my job to be safe. Pray for me and my fiance so that we became husband and way
    and we can be a family. Pray for my/our protection from evil spirit.
    Please dear Lord make me free and bess me with marriage and children.
    Bless all the rest of my family as well as all the people whom needs
    peace and harmony. Lord don’t let the devil have the best of life.
    God bless us all giving us a wonderful Christimas to everyone who


  218. Hi, I need prayer for god to deliver me from all types of whictchcraft and any negativity. I’ve been married 8 yrs and we’ve been seperated 3yrs just back togather. Hes finished his delivernce . I need help and prayer against soul ties very strong ones. And just prayer for god to show us the path to take and a ear to hear his voices. Plse pray for us on this marriage

  219. I need serious prayer for infirmitys in my body. I’ve had dream andsomeone came to me and laughted and said now you have this sickness . The next dream there was a prophet who told me god will never heal me etc. Plse i cant continue praising god and not be healed from my self destruction or ancestrial curse etc

  220. please pray for me, it has been 5 years now without a permanent job since i graduated in 2004. opportunites jest paasing me by in a way that cant be explained, i wan to have my breakthrough pliz watever holds let it be broken in Jesus name. Also pray for my fiance, he is a very good man and a father, the problem is he has a spirit of unfaithfulness, he alwais make promises but he cant go out of it, its so touching and i have never stopped praying for him. plz pray for his deliverance.

  221. Please pray for the healing of my mother who had astroke and her left side got paralysed now its 2yrs since that happened.Also pray for me to be set free from debts and financial instability and pray for my child who will be 3yrs by Jan 28 and he doesn’t talk fluently.I believe in the power of prayer and I shall mail you back after the results.God bless you

  222. Please pray for my family. My husband has a drug addiction and needs deliverance. Our entire family have been affected. Please pray for our safety especially for me and the children. We are in danger at the moment. Thank you for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer.

  223. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I thank the Lord for people like who are devoted to pray for us by uplifting our faith in Jesus name.I and my husband are in our 60s, living with our daughter,she got married almost a year ago.We are greatful to that and a bouncing grandson three months ago.HALLELUJAH!We are looking for a flat to rent because we would like our grandson to have a room for himself.The rent is so high and my husband’s salary is low which is $1,400 a month and I do not work because of health problems.We saw a small flat for $800 a month and we are waiting for an answer from the renting company for approval. We want money miracles and please pray for us to have a business of our own with a good income by having a ministrial christian bookstore.We worked for other people for all our lives and we do not have what we should have by now.We want to be free from financial bondages help us get out from this dry pit that we are in by praying for us.Thank you, I love you in the Lord and God bless you.Thank you and I you Lord for your ears are opened to our prayers and your eyes are upon us day in and day out.

  224. Pastor please pray for for good jobs in UK and that l want God to give me british passport in year 2010.


    Keji (UK)

  225. Please prayer for my husband salvation… and for marriage reconciliation…. Pray for my relationship will the lord will grow closer and closer in the name of Jesus

  226. This guy(Joel Bruce)fell in love with me. At first i did not accept. i told him about God s will and all for which he said he also knows God has a plan for everyone s life. Later i accepted him ONLY DUE TO SYMPATHY coz a girl had already cheated him. After i accepted he was very happy but after some days he broke up with me telling me that he is not suitable for me. Recently i came to know that he is severely addicted to drugs and alcohol. Please pray that he should be delivered from such evil practices, change his ways and come to an intimate relationship with Jesus. He must be completely transformed by the love of God and he must get born again. He has been dismissed from college so pls pray that he should succeed in studies and job as well.

  227. My husband and i and 2 of our son are christians yet none of us is walking in our calling and the children have become rebellious. I am asking for prayers for my husband and I and our three sons, ages 15,10 and 6 months. the problem is this, i keep on dreaming about my dead father and he has been dead from 2002. When i was pregnant i use to see him sometimes i would feed him with some wierd looking food but we dont speak. Now i keep seeing him and my mother together, she is also a christian and alive and in the dream she always knows where he is and she keeps sending me to him. we dont speak or anything but he is always there. When he died i made sure to break all soul ties with him and to do all he asked before he died, i did most but some of them i could not get to do. now i am dreaming about a lot of dead people some only acquaintances. i have been praying your prayers. i always dream that i am bearfooted cant find my shoes and eating in my dreams, when i wake i would consecrate the olive oil and cancel anything i may have eaten in my dreams. sometimes i feel something sitting on my bed and i would plea the blood, but most recently something keep coming to my bedside and touching me and there is a familiar deeling about the touch. i was pregnant with twin boys and i went into premature labor and i lost one, he actually died in the womb and they had to do emergency c- section to save me and andrew mark, he was 2 months premature. i still owe the hospital bill, my son i had to go into intensive care nursery. we are not going to church right now because there is a big difference of opinion and we are giving up meembership, i need to do what God has called me to do and everytime Jesus asked what have i done with all that he has given me i have some lame excuse about Pastor and Prophet not allowing me to do it and he tells me that is no excuse. please pray and reply to me very soon i know you are busy but please i am 41 and 2010 i will be 42. The Lord continue to bless you.

  228. Dear bretheren,
    I am making this prayer request with all determination that the Lord will honour your intercession for me. I was foolish to write a petition against some one in my wifes place of work. There was a lot of maltreatment i presume was going on in the place against my wife. Instead of leaving it for God to Judge, i stupidly wrote this petition which led to some people losing their jobs. I have been unhappy since the incident happened. I wish i never took such an action. My petition was written anonymously. Even though no one knows the writer, but btw me and God, I have been broken down. I want you all to join me in a serious intercessory prayers for God to forgive and deliver me from all the consequence that may be pending from this action.

  229. Please pray for my husband,witchcraft attack him.He married Muslim woman I am very down I don’t want to loose him.Pray God will bring him back.Thank you

  230. My husband has been having an affair with a woman for last 8 months and lying to me the woman is only doing business with him. He’s been a born again christian but he no longer go to church any more.Pls pray with me to destroy this relationship which I believe will happen in Jesus The woman’s name is Janet Njeri Waiganjo

    God bless u

  231. I prayer that im completely delivered in all areas of my life… So their is no blockage in my prayer life…I prayer for a renew mind, spirit daily… i prayer for revelation from the lord…I prayer for marriage restoration… I thank God for what he has done in my life… thank you lord… i thank you lord for 2010 that the enemy has to return everything he has taken off me last year and more…Thank you lord for the shed of your blood that covers my shame and sins… I thank you lord for your counsel, and given me the authourity over Satans army for he is defeated,,, I thank you lord for your love, and compassion on us all… lord one more request i ask you to bless me so i can bless others in the name of Jesus AMEN

  232. i need healing and deliverance in my life,6years ago aherbalist in amarket told me that someone, a female member of my family bathed me in water used to wash died bodies and also took my hair so that i should never marry and the men i meet should give me a disease that will kill me. i never took it seriously because he told me this against my will. i have been in a number of relationships which only last too weeks and then the man leaves.i evaluated my self but could not find myself with a problem and all my ex have tried to get back to me but when i ask why they left they all dnt have answers. when i got born again i started praying for a husband and one day a pastor who stays in a city 350km away called me and told me about a man whom GOD said is my husband. when i was told the name i was happy because i also had a dream about a man with the same name marrying me. we started the relationship just to be shocked to know that he has been lying to me about everything he said from home, education, religion, relations etc. lastly i took him to vct for hiv testing he turned out postive and he scratched me deeply with his nails so that alot of blood came out of me. the moment i mention police he flee right away. i found out later that he had tricked alot of people the same way and his main target is the church. please pray that he should be delivered,i also need deliverance and God’s favour in this area. i am still waiting on the Lord. i want to save God with everything in me. i need his forgiveness for every evil thing i have done. i also want to be considered for amasters schoolarship which i have applyed for. God bless you all.


    Pray for me that every spiritual obstacles (bondages) will be removed (broken) in my spiritual life and have good intimacy with Jesus.

    Pray for me that Jesus will anoint me with His holy spirit.

    Pray for me that He will use me in many places in the coming days for His glory

    Pray for my ”HEALTH” and especially the headache and the abdomen pain I constantly have and the doctors cant detect the cause.

    Pray for my mom and dad who are living but had continuous illness in their bodies.

    I pray for my son that this year he stops using the relatine pills for ADHD disorder.

    I pray for my brother who is not working that he find a job and that this year he leaves a normal and free life he doesn’t go outside because of being afraid of the enemies he has created.

    I pray for my fiancé that we get married and we love and respect each other and that I will know my place in the house.

    I pray that in my marriage we leave by the Gods grace that we lead by the holy spirit for ever.

    That I will love my in-laws and not get tired even how hard it might be…

    That I will learn to listen more, talk less and get angry less as you said in your book of James 1 verse 19 with every one my fiancé, his family with my family and my friends and colleagues.

    That I will love my enemies and drink with them in the same glass..

    That God me give me honour, righteousness, and the power to always leave in your word and grow in your name..



  234. I want you all to pray for me over my Spiritual life. I want to glorify God and show the world that power belongs to Him. I want to be empowered of the Holy Spirit and thjat all my words will become His decree.
    Again, In His Presence Drama Ministry is a drama Ministry aimed at advertising Jesus through Drama Ministration to the whole world. We want your prayers that God will uphold us and empower us, and make us a real vessel unto honuor for the glorification of His Holy Name. And that He will open doors of Financial and material breakthrough to all of His members.

  235. 1.Pray for my mothers healing she has a heart problem she buried her younger brother on 7th jan 2010 morning of 8th she was very ill and the doctor said that a valve in the heart is not functioning propery.
    2.please pray for my miracle job i was last promoted in 1994.
    december last year i was given duties meant for 5 staff in the past to do it alone with one support saff meaning iam resouceful but no one wants to increase my salary.iam feeling mis- used,wornout.

  236. My husband and I have been married almost 17 years, we have two beautiful God sent children, ages 3 and 5. My husband is in the military and has been gone for too long, and too many times to the war zone. His mind is not well, with all the things he has been through and seen over there. It damaged our marriage the last time he was over there, because he came back distraught, evil, and mean. He was a monster, someone I didn’t know. He asked for a divorce and we even lived separately for several months after his return from the war zone. He eventually went for help, he knew there was something wrong. He had surviver guilt and other depressions while being over there so many times and too long. After he got some help, and was put on anti-depressants he and I were getting along without yelling or being at each others throats. (No, there was no physical abuse.) He and I were finally together again, and went to marital counseling, and were getting along so well. You would have thought we were newlyweds.
    My husband left last April 2009 to go back overseas to the war zone again for another year. After being there a few months, he stopped taking his anti-depressants, and I noticed that in his voice and e-mails that he seemed different. He wasn’t being himself and he had a lot of bad days. I didn’t pay much attention to it since he was in a stressful place. I asked if he had been taking his medications, he got angry and said I didn’t want to tell you, but I quit taking them. He said I don’t want to be on them for the rest of my life. I told him that he wouldn’t be on them for the rest of his life, that he shouldn’t stop taking them while being over there where is is so stressful.
    2 months ago in November 2009, my husband asked me for a divorce again. He will be home in about a month and wants to file for a divorce and throw away almost 17 years and 2 beautiful God sent children. He says he loves me, but doesn’t want to be married to me anymore. He has taken over our finances, and took almost everything out of our savings account, but he did say why and what he was doing with that money.
    He calls and I really don’t want to talk to him, because I am so tired of the things he wants to talk about. All he talks about is getting on with his life, getting a divorce, finishing up on his degree.
    No one will listen to me when I tell him that he isn’t well, my husband is no himself. He said he is not going back to counseling, not going to see a psychiatrist, nor taking any anti-depressants again. He said that he knows when he is angry, sad, happy, or mad, and that he will deal with it.
    I do not want a divorce, it is wrong. I love my husband very much, and I know he loves me, and he will tell you that he loves me. And we both love our 2 beautiful children God sent to us. I made a promise to God in his house to stay married till death do us part. I do not want to break a promise to God. I know God answers prayers, he has answered many for me. I know God heals the sick, he can mend a broken heart, and he can heal and save a marriage. I pray that God will open my husbands eyes, heart, and mind to see before it’s too late. God has heard my many cries. I know I have cast many cares and worries upon him. God is an awesome God. I love you God, thank you for the healing of our marriage, and strong bond and love from you God in our marriage. Amen.

  237. with god every thing is possible .he is a rewarder for those who diligently seek him hebrews 11;6 says so . can you please pray for me .l want the gift of prophesy,the gift of the holy spirit ,yes to pray in tongues. l need the i need the healing in my body, pray for me to pass in my education . l want god to use me in soul winning , i just feel i have the gift of preaching , i want to be a pastor . can you pray for my family to be united in jesus name , also m all the pastors in jesus migthy name . yes i believe in jesus because he never fails . with god everything is possible.amen iiiii.

  238. I pray that this 2010 God will connect me to my life partner with divine speed and make us get married as soon as possible.I have had so many dissapointment at the edge of my breakthroughs (marriage dissapointments).This year Pls God help me to overtake and recover all i have lost.In Jesus name Amen.May he also preserve my Job for me In Jesus name.

  239. prayer for a new beginning with the Lord and stability in the relationship with the Lord. prayer new openings e.g, opening for a new job. and breakthrough in finances.

    may the Lord bless relationship that leads to marraige. may the lord bless my partner and anoint him with knowledge to known christ.

  240. my father inlaw has a prostate cancer , hes in the philoppines, name is roger m.
    allso my wife is in the philoppines and im having difficulty getting her a spose visa to australia as of finance issues,im hoping to return to sort this out, but i need good paying job to do this on long term basis to save up.$$$$$
    i allso have 3 kids 12,14,16 im raising myself as previouse wife died, , i need my new wife in australia to help suport the family ,and be united as one ,and bring ballance in life .
    im getting a lot of trial and seem to be getting robbed of my assets and money.. im looking for revelation , repentance of things needed to so as to enter into promised land , im hoping one day allso to spead the word in philoppines and to live there, BUT, this requires income buisness , housing,, should this be the lords will , i need my car fixed as well, the rest the lord will lead .
    im thanking the lord as hes on the job , as he says if 2 or more agree on things it shall be done ,just ask believing in prayer

  241. I want Jesus to help me now as he helped me earlier and as he have helped many others in the matter of housing.I wish to sell my house [house/property] quickly, easily, and profitably and I implore Him to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer, one who is eager, compliant, and honest,and by letting nothing impede the
    rapid conclusion of the sale.I am in debts and my house is under private finance and i am unable to pay my dues which is leading me to loose my one and only house. No one is coming forward to buy my house.I have no time now. The financer will occupy my house. I want Jesus to do miracle in my life and sell my property as much as soon as possible. I have no ways.Please pray for me.

  242. Dear Pastors,I need you to join me in prayers because I believe enough is enough.I am a single mother of two.My family is under the attack of the spirit of divorce,poverty,debt,lack and stagnancy.I need God to deliver us once and for all.No matter what any of us does,there is never progress.All of us are owing here and there.
    I have a lovely salon but it is either i dont find the right workers or when the workers are there,there are no customers.I am owing many months of rent.It is critical but I believe God is able to break whatever yoke it is in my family.
    I and my senior sister are divorced,and since then it has been difficult settling down.I have a fiance but there has been delay to our getting married.I have insisted on abstinence because I don’t want any sin to block God’s movement in my life.

  243. Thank you for your prayers!May God Almighty continue to bless you

  244. please pray for my mother who is amidst a long -standing court -case since over 22 yrs. evry time the date for the hearing appears on board .it gets cancelled n the case goes against her . she is alone in this ordeal .my father hs died 41/2 yrs ago n the property case is in her name . please help finish the case and help her get back her house .

    please also pray for my friend dr ashok reddy who is also amidst work-related case . help him to come out of it soon .

    please also pray for my friend Priya that her marital life be peaceful with happiess . help her get her a job soon and also a child ,she is married now for 4 years.

    kindly pray for my personal intention that it may come true filled with happiness and joy for everyone/.

  245. I am in prayer for God to give me direction in my life and my childrens lives.I am in prayer
    that God be with me and take care of where I am going to live.I pray that the owners of the
    condos keep us here for few years until God has us ready to purchase a home.I am praying
    that God give me favor that I am able to recieve a raise and he provide for allthings that
    we need.I also stand in prayer for Daniel Viera that he recieve the job that he needs to be
    able to provide for his children.Lord that you work with us and all the homless people.Do for us as you are our Johova jira (provider)and our ElRoy)The God who sees the past,present,and future.My God in whom I trust in all areas.You are the Almighty(El Shadday)The one that does all things.He is my husband (ish)the one who has chosen me.You
    pay my bills,provide me with a place to live and food and clothing,you blessed me with
    two wonderful children.Iam yours.I know Iwill never lack nor go with out.My cup will
    over flow.Ipraise you when all goes well and when all goes wrong.I dont see what is going on the spiritaual relm but I know angels fight for all of us daily.We must stand in the gap.
    And today is no different.I ask now that he provide us a place to live and and car that is needed.I found one and pray that I dont pay to much and payments are perfect.286.00 total
    My rent continue to be 750.00 and that my children continue to go to the schools in the North side.That God continue to show his hand as he guides us through.We ask for GODS continude protection.To see my dad through all that he has gone through and to provide as
    he has. I want to beable to give my mom 300.00 for her teeth.As the lord says we must provide for our parents since they always do for us in all ways they pray daily for us children
    and help us with our children and still take care of us when we are sick.I pray that God give them peace and joy, Hope in all areas of thier lives.The God that gives and the God that heals in all ares.thier cup over flowing.Lord i ask you do your will on my life and my children
    that they will go and finish school,go to your university and serve God and marry good Christian women.Have humble hearts.I pray for Joshua and Serenity. For our church
    That we may reach our youth here in laredo texas.I want to see children off of drugs and clean.I pray for my students I pray that they gradguate and provide for the children that thhey already have.Also,I pray for Jesus to put my boss under his feet and all teachers that
    try to do wrong to us that bring the kids in.God continue to bring children in to learn.Thank you for all the wonderful teaching you are great.The divorce and hard changes and guidance in all areas of my life.Continue to change me and continue to do for my children in school Taks and all areas of their lives.Little Cesar,Cesar and Yvonne bless them in all areas.My brother Victor and Sandy and Victoria ,Kayla BLESS their home and lives also Cindy , Joe Liah may you Bless them in all areas.Bring them to salvation.That you show me where you want me.Remove Danny if that is what you have chosen do your will in my life cause i do want to be in you will.I love Jesus and I want to do what ever you say.Amen

  246. I pray that the Blood of Jesus cleanses me of every evil pollution that is limiting and retarding my Destiny as i keep dreaming of excreta all around me or even being partially naked some times.
    Please also pray for deliverance from every evil stronghold and evil foundation in my life.

    Thank you.

  247. I would like you to pray for me and my family because I am up for a PROMOTION this month and I wanting GOD to please let me get it this time. I’ve been passed over for this promotion for several years and I have no reason why and I’m asking GOD to show me FAVOR this time. please send me a response and let me know

  248. I request a prayer for my brother, who is currently not working and afraid to work the streets because he defrauded money from people who since promised that if they see him they will kill him because of the money he took from them. This has been happening for a while some of the monies my mom, where he can afford paid them back. I request a prayer that he finds a job I know he is not applying any job now but with your prayers and God’s miracles let him find a job and let him find a woman he can build a family with. He is 44 year old and this courses my mom a lot of strain because he always worries about him. Even my dad now has this pain that even doctors cannot detect I suspect it is stress. I also pray that the people he has wronged can find it in their hearts to forgive him. In Jesus name. Amen.

  249. l need to be married this year with a godly fearing husband

  250. I am a woman who desires to please God and to carry out His commands and desires. My husband considers himself a child of God, but is adamant he wants and divorce and according to him, God has said it is okay for him to get divorced. He is absolutely totally unwilling to go for scriptural counselling. To cut a long story short, he left us last at the end of February 2009, that being the 4th time in 20 months then. He had done a lot of thinking and in December decided we should do “whatever it takes” to make the marriage and family work, and we were scheduled to go for our first session of counselling on 11 January 2010. On Friday 8 January 2010, he changed his mind again and the divorce is proceeding. I desperately want to work at the marriage and would appreciate deliverance prayer for my husband – he clearly is not in line with God’s word and I cannot see how he justifies disobedience to God and His Word. God has also NOT approved this divorce as He clearly states in His Word that he HATES divorce! I am really struggling trying to cope with this all and he also got all our hopes up again in December, only to have crushed those hopes yet again – for the 5th time in less than 3 years (since this all started). We have 3 children and they are all equally bruised and battered from the mental and emotional abuse. Am I the one that is wrong here? He says he is going to church again and that God does love him (I know that God loves him), and that God has said he is justified in divorcing me?

  251. Dear Brother/Sister,

    My name is Paul D’Costa, I am 47 years old, A Roman Catholic by faith, I live in Mumbai, India, I have been a victim of Witchcraft/Sorcery/Curse/Spell/Divination for the past 8 years & I am struggling in vain to get deliverance from it. My health, wealth,happiness,peace & mind has all been lost due to this. I humbly plead, request, beg & ask you to please pray for me & my family.

    Its wont be long before I gone to the dust from this world, so please, please please PRAY for me.

    Praise the Lord

    Paul DCosta

  252. may you please pray that the Lord will permanently remove the people from my past from my life. I have deep pain and truama from the people and situations of my past the Lord helped me to remove them from my life. The thing is is that the people from my past want to reenter my life and from my heart i earnestly don’t want them back in my life. I have forgiven and I have dealt with this with the help of the Lord and with what was done but I don’t want them in my life in no capacity. If you need their names their names are Phil and John. May you please pray for me in this matter and that they will move on in their life and go their separate way. Please. I really do appreciate it.

    And may you please pray that the Lord will show favor to my older brother. My brother needs Divine Intervention because he is starting to become depressed with the situation he is in. Please lift us up in prayer. i truly do appreciate it.

  253. Please pray that God will bless me with a good husband. I need a family of my own. I need help. Please God help me.

  254. I Pray for financial breakthrough and Success in my business – in Zambia. Pray that I have abandunt wealth to be a blessing to churches and my family. Pray that I have Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Pray that I have a GOD fearing wife (Two of my marriages have failed already). Pray that I have custody of my three children and raise them to be GOD fearing that they be a blessing to the church, the family and the people around them. Pray that I receive devine favour and devine connnection this year.

    I pray for the intercessors – that they my have abundant life and GODs blessings.

  255. I have requested prayers a lot over the past year and have been blessed by this website. I thank you for your prayers with me concerning my family. My husband is addicted to drugs and I feel that there is some form of sorcery associated with this addiction. Please continue to pray for complete deliverance for all addictions. I have been praying for breakthrough and sense that it is just on the horizon. Hallelujah! Praise God for his awesome power over all the works of the devil.

  256. To Gin

    Hi Gin, I have a very similar story. I just want to encourage you to walk with God and keep your hope in Him. He alone is your strength. My husband and I were overseas for a long time (19 years). We started having problems in our marriage at around the 17 year mark as well. My husband told me he wanted a divorce as well. Just know that this is evil and not of God. We are still married and it has been a very difficult 10 years since then but God has been my fortress! When your husband calls don’t talk to him listen and pray silently. Pray for wisdom. I started praying straight from the Word of God, especially Isaiah and Ezekiel 37. Get as many prayer warriors around you as possible. Don’t give up. God will be with you. He wants you to focus on Him. I will be praying. In Jesus Name

  257. would you please pray that every spirit of witchcraft and voodoo spells be destroyed off my life that’s been hindering me for a long time. i am born again

  258. Hi, I requesting prayer for my son Alex he has 3 children and his wife is not a believer. She & her family have a family tradition of witchcraft but they say they are Catholics. His wife treats
    him like dirt, curses at him ,gambles her money & bill monies and blames him for not making enough money.She wants a divorce but he keeps losing his job and when he has money she
    take it from him.He cleans cooks repairs the house,bathes children & feeds them,watches them.She plays mind games on him all the time & makes him feel guilty about everything.Her 24 yr. old beat up his 14 yr old boy and has an anger problem.This young man is planning to buy a gun but his mother doesn’t reprimand him at all.He says he hates my son.Please pray that a tradgedy will not occur and that my son will get a job that witchcraft can’t take away from him so he can escape this torment and take his children with him. That God will grant him favor from this point on in Jesus Name. Thank you & God Bless You

  259. Hello, I would like to be prayed upon for delivarence from illness that im experiencing and also for divine favour as im believing God from a suitable job. May the lord’s power be upon the praying team in Jesus Name. Amen.

  260. I would really like prayer to get my job back without having to be re-interviewed and without losing my benefits. I would like this to happen very soon. Thank you.

  261. i am a female from SA Limpopo but resinding in a city Johannesburg because of work. i am a born again christian and i have been praying for a husband. i am also praying for my father, he is a changed mand and the change is horrible. he doesnt talk to my mom and does very funny things. i havean elder brother and sister, they both in their mid 30’s but not married, i am also in my early 30’s and nothing seems to attract marriage on we have spiritual husbans and wives. please pray with us to be released and be disarmed from this tormenting spirits. my uncles and aunts from my mother’s side are also not married. my cousins as well there is nothing. please pra with us

  262. I ask for healing for my father’s prostate cancer and for my mother’s palsy condition. I also pray that I will be married soon to the right husband. Thank you Lord for answering. Amen.

  263. Pray for my children. Pray for my health. Pray for the healing of my family.


  265. In the name of our Lord and saver Jesus Christ I great you all. I write to request a joint prayer with you that you pray for my brother who is in need of a new life competently. I will just give you a summary of teh challenges he went through in life. My brother started working in a local office were they use to assist the community with acquiring a reasonable electronic bill rates, allocating stand in different location around the area. Then there will be those desperate souls who will call in for favours and in return pay him a certain amount of money, that’s were everything started. He saw an opportunity of quick scheme to being rich; he started to request money for the services he was suppose to give to the community for free. Then some promises he made, he could not materialise them, then he lost the job and a case was opened for where he received a suspended sentence. He then work in the banking institution where he was a in a home loan department, he did the same thing that he did in the local office and he was fired. He then moved to IEC the same happened, he went to 4 or 5 jobs were he was fired for the same crime. He was appointed in the government institution and he just absconded from work due to the fact the he expected a promotion which was given to a lady due to affirmative action. Again he got another job where he had an access and influence in Government Tender and this time he took a very obscene amount of money from different people, this time guns were involved. He ran away from home for a while which made my mom to have a weak heart condition. He is now back but he doesn’t go outside he only comes to the house to make food since he came back he has never touched the gates of the house. He is afraid of what the people will do to him. This worries my mom as well, he is almost 50years old he has never been married. Despite every thing he blames everything on his name which means “deliberate, or purposeful, or intentional” I request your prayers that God will have mercy on him and give him a second chance of living. I pray that may all the people he has wronged, find it in their hearts to forgive him and stop thinking about that vengeful feeling they had. I pray that they will also forget what he did to them, so that he can move on with his life. His current state of living kills my mom. I pray that he will find a job and marry his current girlfriend who stood by him even though he is not working. I ask this in the name of the son, the father and holly sprit. “God you have mentioned in your holy words that what man cannot do God will. I ask in this hour that the miracle’s happened to job, mark. Isaiah, happen in this hour to my brother, let him receive salvation and repent in his ways and receive the power of the holly spirit to follow your words as scripted in the holly book” Lets’ all shout….AMEN!

  266. Please pray for me. I am overwhelmed by debts. I am a widow and working at a place where I am not gettting a high salary. I was working with a Parastatal before but during that time, I was busy paying school fees for my siblings and was retrenched. I was given a package but I had too many debts and I did not have the wisdom that I now have. I feel so discouraged and cry every day and time I feel like the prodigal son. I did not spent the money on luxuries but somehow, I dont have the money. My dad really scolded me.

    I am the first born and they say that I am a disgrace and embarrassment to them though I used all my strength and little salary that time to asisst in their upbringing. Now that they are doing well, they have started looking down on me. Okay, they are right. I should have invested but I regret. Without vision people perish. I did not have knowledge at that time. I have cried to God day and night that he will give me another chance and that I will educate my daughter to the highest level of education and that he will provide for me. I also want to go to University in May 2010. I feel this is my time. I have been sacrificing so much for others forgetting myself.

    My job is frustrating since I am often told off all the time. My boss told me that I am a hindrance to her going to heaven and that I make her to cry. Sometimes she can say that she gave you sensitive documents which is not true. I just keep quiet and she gets them in her office. It is becoming quite difficult since she reports everything to her husband. It is a family business. I would like to start an eatery but have no money. She keeps asking me to resign..

    My sis Rose living with someone who beats her very seriously. He left to rent a house and my sister rushes there late at night to take him food which she cooks for almost 4 hours. It is like she is a slave. The man wants a variety of dishes and it is like a King is around. Such respect should be given to God our father. This man has become like a god to her. She has taken a loan of Shs.600,000/= from the Bank for him and borrowed from women associations money to give to the man who does not pay. He hates all her family members and calls us beggars. He only likes my sister and her child. She will come again at 5.00a.m and shout at her kid to prepare for school. Now she is not talking to anybody in the family and looks very disturbed. It is like she is in a trance, hypnotized or confused. Her life is centering on the man alone. It is like she is bewitched. I feel so sad. He even hid her University degree certificate. It is like someone who has taken drugs.

    She has developed an explosive temper and uses very strange language unlike before. She mistreats housegirls and one housegirl called me and told me to tell her that she will make sure she does an action for which we will never recognise our sister. Pray that God forgives my sister for acting arrogantly and beating that housegirl. Most of my relatives hate us and practise witchcraft.

    My family needs urgent prayers. My two brothers Philip and Simon are in depression. Pray that they will get healed. Philip is 34 and not married. Simon stopped college. Oh my God.

    My brother Patrick married to a lady who is more learned and earning more than him. She abuses him and one day she chased us away from hospital where we had gone to see her son.
    She used obscenities and said we are witches. She is so proud and says that without her, our brother would suffer. She can reduce you to nothing. My brother cannot even talk when she is around and is so scared. He does the cooking in the house all the time.

    My sister Anne seems to be followed by accidents. She had a motor accident which almost killed her then recently, she fell on the other leg. I think the spirit of accidents and death is following her. Pray that God delivers her.

    My daughter Vero will be sitting for her end of year exams. Pray that the Lord will fight for her and that she will excel in studies and that God will provide. That I will stop staying in the slums and move to a house I am building this March even if it is to occupy one room as I work hard to get money to finish the house.

    Brother Mike also has so many debts like myself. Lift him to the Lord.

    My father in law has diabates which has made him blind. Admitted in hospital and anytime from today is going for surgery. Pray that God will touch him even when it seems impossible.

    All my siblings and dad dont have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They all look very sad, withdrawn, unhappy. I feel so sorry for my family. My late mother and myself really used to stand in the gap and pray for our family. We used to be so united but not any more. I look at our family and cry. They also look down on me. I wish they could not show me contempt even if I am struggling and just leave me alone. I really sacrificed for them and they should just leave me alone instead of banging the fact that I am a failure into my spirit. I am already so remorseful for being a failure to God, the family and my child and have been crying to God for forgiveness. I am willing to be held by God and shown what to do. Indeed, I need to invest for my daughter. at least that the Lord will forgive me on behalf of my daughter and provide the way he did with Hagar when God provided a brook for her and her child.

    It worked because God heard our prayers. Now, since God has been gracious to us, the only thing we can offer him is sacrifice of praise and service.

    Please really intercede for my family. As you can see, very strange things are happening. Speak to the Lord since I have no strength but I will not give up. In fact, I have purposed that I will seek the Lord until we break forth as a family.

    God bless you so much and may he lift your Ministry.


  267. Thank you for this beautiful encouraging website. Please unite in pray for my daughters and myself, we are in an abusive household, in a basement. We lost our home and I as the sole provider, am out of work for a long time. Please pray for the return of my childrens father, Yasha is his name. It was prophesied to me 4 months ago that he would be in contact and that he would pay me the child support he owes me. I have been and am still going to church,reading Gods Word and praying, but I feel so alone and ashamed. My children have lost their faith in Jesus, please pray for it to be restored. I do believe in miracles. I have to steal deodorant, shampoo,food and such because I have no money. Please help me by uniting in prayer for my financial deliverance, a car, a new home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME< feel free to email me, sincerely, colleen

  268. pls i want to get married before july this year.i need to locate my life patner soon to enable me get married


  270. I need to get my job back NOW! I don’t want to wait any longer. Please Jesus answer my prayer.

  271. Please i want you people to put hands in prayers for my following prayers request.

    1.) For God to take away any hinderance or blockage preventing my marriage approval papers to be approved by the registry office to enable me get married.

    2.) Divine intervention for my resident permit to be approved before 3 months as soon as my application is submitted.

    3.) For God to give me wisdom,motivation ,knowledge and understanding to enable me study and complete my career training quickly to enable me to start working.

    4.) For God to grant me a total deliverance from all evil attracks and from the poison and diabolic evil projections that i have been suffering for longtime now.( moving,breathing and vibrating painful object in my body)

    5.) For God to grant i and my man a healthy child when the time is right without no miscarriage like before or complications but a full term ,9 months pregnancy and safe delivery.

    6.) For God protection in I and my man´s life and more love in our relationship to make us stronger.

    7.) To stop all evil attacks in my dreams and sleep and also my man´s life.

    8.) For any curse of starting things but not completing it should be taken away completely from me.

    9.) Any curse of not getting married ,staying in a husbands house and also having my own children should be taken away completely.

    10.) Any bad luck,hatred,evil mark or garment on me spiritaully should be taken way.

    11.) Any evil eyes,monitoring mirror or spirit monitoring my life and progress should be completely destroyed.

    Thank you all and God bless you.

  272. Can you please pray for me against many false accusations, witchcraft powers and every evil network fashioned against me and my family. Please pray for a new anointing of Fire upon my life. Thank you for this site! God Bless!

  273. I need prayer for an increase in faith. I really want to believe God for my miracle.

  274. l want God to blesse with a God job

  275. May you pray for me,l want God to bless me with A God Job.

  276. pray for my daughter andrea rodriguez for a safe labor and dellivery when its time for her baby to be born.we love you and GOD bless you…

  277. Thank you for this website. God is truely using you. I have been praying for 3 miracles for 3 years. 1. The return of my prodigal husband, 2. to have my own children, 3. The restoration of body parts. Many people saw the heavenly storehouse of body parts, I believe God want that for me, so I am standing in faith. I believe in the God of the impossible. Praise His name. AMEN God bless you all!!

  278. Please, I want you people to join me in prayer, i have been going through a serious set back in my finance. It looks as if nothing is working. I need deleverance in finance and business breakthrough.

  279. pls, pray that GOD WILL restore peace in my brothers marriage

  280. Please Pray for me and my family. I am going through a very difficult time in my life. I am sick my family physicians have sent me to specialists and they still can’t find out what is wrong with me.I am in need of a finacial blessing. I Pray to God every night and day. I have faith he will hear my cry. My only son is changing right before my eyes, so please Pray for him as well. Thank You & God Bless You All.

  281. please pray for my friend daniel who is currently in prison ,he got saved and he has changed .pray that God will give him favour to be released in three months time.
    Thank you

  282. Blessed be God forever! Thank YouGod for this day! Thank You for sacrificing Your only Son for the sins of humankind! Please forgive me for my sins. Father God, April 7th,2010 is a court date that concerns a divorce between my husband, Tim, and myself. Father God, I do not want this divorce, nor do our two sons, Timothy and Chris. I do want our family to be restored. I do want our home not to go into foreclosure. In the Name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus, please do not allow this divorce to happen, according to Thy holy will. Bless our health, especially our eldest son, Timothy. Allow us to keep our home, and allow it to be consecrated unto You. Let there be a deep forgivness and healing. Help me to find a good job, so that I canhelp with our finances. Bless our finances. Descend the Holy Spirit upon each of us, our families, friends, and associates. Surround each of us with Your angels. Protect us from the devil, all his demons, and please do not allow one evil act come into fruition against our marriage and our family.Please soften my husbnad’s heart. Please soften the hearts of my in-laws. Let us experience Your joy and Your peace! Increase our faith. Have mercy upon the world. In the Nmae and by the Blood of Jesus, I pray! Amen!!! Thank You God for hearing and answering and blessing this prayer! You are Almighty and All Glorious!

  283. Please pray for me, Cause I am a victim of Witchcraft I am suffering from this spell for the last 8 years, Please pray for me that the Lord may deliver me from this curse,spell,divination,magic,sorcery or witchcraft. Thank you and Praise the LORD.

  284. Please pray for me for a miraculous financial breakthrough. I am currently destitute and don’t have my own place of residence. My desire is to have a home of my own in New York City where my mother lives. Sometimes I can feel a spirit attacking me in my sleep at night. I’m not sure if its witchcraft or not, but I would like forf it to stop completely happening to me. Please pray that the Lord will move expediently on my behalf.

    God Bless You,

    M. White

  285. pray for my marriage to be restored i really need my husband back.we gotdivorced in novembr 2008


    Pastor Maximo de Leon
    Maranatha Grace Church

  287. My 2 year old grand daughter is having trouble breathing. She is in the hospital.

    I believe our Father,Yahweh in heaven hears our prayers and in the spiritual realm they have been answered,We have to use our faith as we wait on the manifestaion. Thank you Jesus Bless Your Holy Name

  288. Greetings,

    Currently i feel as if my life has stop and i will never get anywhere in my career. I need to meet God like Moses and i want my relationship with God to grow.

    Father God i have faith in you and i’m ready to receive.All in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

    Nchadi Ntsimane

  289. Please pray with me over the following:

    1. God’s favour in the servicing of huge debts with banks
    2. Funding to complete a project that has been stagnant for 3 years
    3. I need the gift of knowledge to help my church and lead my family

    I thank God knowing that he has already answered these prayers.

  290. Dear Pastor, please i want you to join me pray for me about the following,
    1.I want to marry by for my birthday
    2.i want to travel to us. my sister played the 2008/2009 american visa lotto for me and my brother, pastor i believe in miracle,i want our names to be in this very list coming out this june 2010.
    3, I want the following people to pay me my money,Ijoma, Emeka, Eghosa.
    4.I want the following pple to call me, Luke ogbevoen, fred, monday Akpoloyowa.Efosa okoro.
    Abies. Thank you pastors.

  291. Dad made advances at me which obviously,I declined.So now,either he curses and swears at me or ignores me completely.He just doesn’t seem to see his own faults and flaws yet magnifies mine.Please help pray for me and my parents.Thanks.

    And also for a certain personal miracle.Thanks.

  292. Praise God,
    I thank God for these ministries, I can’t tell you how much the prayer points have help and blessed me and my family.

    I prayed a prayer pont about a Godly spouse, and I met i wonderful christain young man about 15 month ago, he proposed to me, and we are set to marry, however he’s still lacking finances for the bride price, In my culture as a Ugandan, a lot is expected when a girl is given out in marriage, and my fiancee is not financially good currently, but I believe that Greater is he that is in him than he that is in the world. so My prayer rrquest for Financail miracle. I also want a well paying Job. to be able to support our family. and blessings of the fruits of my womb.
    God bless you.

    Sister Rhoda Alonyo from Uganda

  293. I am believing Jesus that I will be back at work before the end of this month. Hallelujah!!!!!

  294. I wish to make a prayer request for restoration of my mind, soul and body.

    I have experienced severe attacks by a farmiliar spirit/demon that has taken my erections and sperm away. I have been married but seperated with a daughter and I am hoping that I will be restored back.

    The demon had initially shut an arrow of insanity and has followed with one of impotence and lack of sperm production. I have gone through severla deliverances with MOuntain of Fire and MIracle ministires and I am getting frustrated.

    My unclean spirit is very active in my dream life and often presents me in my dreams in oppressive situations. Now it continually threatens me with homophobic content.

    I am also praying for good job . One I can have my confidence grooomed in. As my confidence has been destroyed over time by this spirit.

    Please help!


  296. please prayer yhat God will release me from financial embarrassment and homelessness in Jesus name thankyou

  297. Pastor Sir, In Jesus Name! I am requesting you to help me pray for the peace of GOD in my entire family. Pray for my son MADUGU ABACHI OBADIAH who has just score over 200 marks on the just concluded JAMB exams. His first choice of University is Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and his course of study would be MICRO-BIOLOGY. Although he is about to sit for his NECO and WAEC, Sir pray that the Good Lord will guide and see him through the subsequent exams in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Thank you Sir.

  298. join me to thank God for the safe delivery of my first child and for giving me a job in january in lagos.
    i currently squat witha friend in lagos nigeria where i work,my salary can hardly afford me a decent accommoodation,pls join me to believe God for accommodation in the likes of a 3 bedroom or 2bedroom flat or at least a 3 room boys quarter in lagos to enable me reunite with my wife who is currentlt living with her parents in kogi statesince she gave birth to our first son on 1st may 2010,i need my wife around me hence the need for the accommodation,

  299. please pray for me on my exams WAEC,NECO and POST JAMB that i should pass in flying colours and God should remove the spirit of dishonesty from my life and divine blessing upon my parents in this year and electricity for my environment

  300. My husband Ricardo was operated on to remove a cancerous tumor from his brain he has received treatment and we know he has received
    a healing from the lord.please pray for continued healing

  301. Dear man of God please pray for my life it makes me unhappy.I that the Lord will bless me with a good man
    and a job.Please it looks like my ife is going down hill and that nothing is giong right.Am sitting with heart ack.Pray for my children and parents,sister who is pregant and the father do not support her.I need someone to talk to.Please return this mail.

  302. Please pray for me I met a good man at the beginning he was very good to me I trusted him we had fun together we had plans to be together , when he told his family about me they saw how he felt it all changed they told him things about me and they gave him words of doubt to our relationship finally he moved ,quit his job and left to go stay with these very same people I know witch-craft was involved cause he left so fast all of a sudden , I think this is a spiritual husband behind the scenes also please help me destroy this battle of wasting time with weak men who let others control their love for me ,men that I’m not attracted to tell me thy love me it sickens me what is this mess the men I’m interested in they won’t do right by me what is this mess? PLEASE HELP!!! Destroy this spiritual husband Prayer Points please don’t deny my request I’m in a A PUZZLED WORLD OF WHY? Please Help me Please hear my cry, I want love I deserve love I have repented day in day out ask GOD to forgive me begging for a help-mate every man I met that I’m interested in he is married or has a girl-friend


  303. greetings I have just finished reading your prayer request and found them to be interesting.
    I will be having exams on the 19-21 of this month and I am asking you to pray for a break through for me and others that will be sitting it as well. I am not fast in learning I am having problem remembering anything that was taught to me. no matter how much I study.

    Also please pray for my financial break through.

  304. greetings I have just finished reading your prayer request and found them to be interesting.
    my son is answering his college exams please pray that he gets through and is more focussed on study for the final year. Also please pray for my elder son to find the right God fearing match.

    Also please pray for my financial break through.

    Please pray for:
    *Explosion of the Glory and Open Heavens
    *Breakthrough in the Praise and Worship
    *Healings, Miracles, Signs & Wonders to confirm the message
    *Bind up false religions and religious spirits
    *Revelation of the Word of God Released
    *Release a spirit of Faith for salvation and miracles
    *SOULS, SOULS SOULS! (Many souls to be invited, word of mouth to spread)
    *Great Blessings and Favor
    *Divine Appointments
    *Financial needs & All Ministry Requirements

  306. To make my long story short:Please pray for financial favour from God almighty for my further studies abroad which i need to arrange before end of this month.If i fail in this my visas will be also in danger. This is impossible with humans, but with God nothing is impossible.
    Praise the Lord

  307. greetings, please pray for me that i be promoted as i have acted for a long time right now the Judge and supervisor likes my performance but they dont promot me and i have the necessary papers,we have built a house but we have run out of finances to do the final touches, to pray for my daughter is struggling to pay for her school fees in Australia and she is in her final year

  308. pls i need prayer over spiritual marriage

  309. i need a prayer to get a husband the bone o my bone.


  310. deliverance from spirit husband and spirit wife for my husband, deliverance from bad dreams,deliverace from witchcraft activities, financial braekthrought for my husband, healing of thqse holes in my womb or every unnatural growth,healing from tyfurs fever,deliverance from every attacks from home,blessing of the friut of womb,God flushing away every conterminations from me and my husband and God’s devine protections for me and my husband always Let God cancel every evil word pronouse aganist or evil decreed and also let God fill me with Holy Spirit and power to overcome

  311. deliverance from marine queen and spirit husband,marine activities,witchcraft activities,total healing in my womb, deliverance from bad dreams God devine protections for me and my husband financial favors for my husband,deliverance from all the attack of these wicked men and women, let God fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome and cancel all evil plans aganist me and my husband and evil word or decrees

  312. I would like you to pray for my cousin who has been accused of murder. Pray for favour and fair trial. Pray for his release. Pray that any evil person on the case be removed. Pray fo his lawyer that she will continue to represent and that she would do her best for him. Pray that god would help the Lawyer. Pray for his protection. In the name of Jesus I claim victory on his behalf. Pray for favour in my life, and financial breakthrough.

  313. Hi My name is Maritza, I have been married for almost 9yrs, but together for 18. My husband had an affair about 3yrs ago. But we got thru and got back together. We have both recently recieved Jesus christ in our lives about 3rys ago also, the same women is which he had an affair with is trying to win him back, she has always used withcraft on me and my husband. Ever since our marriage seems to be crumbling, he has become so cold towards me, he has even become abusive to me verbally and sometimes physical, I have been trying to keep the faith, but it keeps getting harder and harder each day, my faith seems to get lower each day, I am asking for prayer for me and my husband. Also is affecting my two children who are getting in troble in school. Please pray for me and my family, we used to pray everynight and go to church on sundays, now no one does. I feel so lost and lonely.

  314. Please pray for me my partner of 6 years has sudenly kicked me out of home. I am so much heart broken and lost PLEASE pray for me so that I get my boyfriend back. I need him and I believe he needs me too. I do believe he loves me. This is the work of the devil. Please I need help. God help me.
    Thank you

  315. deliverance from every manipulations over my friut of womb healing from acute pains and tyfurs fever,total healing in my womb and body deliverance from bad dreams let God attack those wicked men and women attacking us ,let grant my husband financial favors, devine protections for me and my husband always and let God fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome

  316. Prayer requests:
    deliverance from witchcraft
    job as an english teacher

  317. deliverance from marine activities and marine children,deliverance from bad dream with dead persons,deliverance from every arrors the wicked has sent into my body,total healing for my womb and body,devine protections for me and my husband always, financial favors for my husand,let God attack those women and men attacking us and let God fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome

  318. Please pray for my relationship, I and my fiance love ourselves so much and wants to get married, but we are both AS. please pray for me because i want to spend my life with him.

  319. deliverance from marine activitie and witchcraft activities,total healing for my womb and body,deliverance from bad dream and any where they are invoking my spirit let God deliver me,let God destroy every monitoring demons and altars they are using to monitor us, let God destroy every ungoly delays to my husband’s business and my dorcuments and grant us devine protections always and also fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome. please pray for Joesphime that God should heal her and the intented husband thier blood group to the glory of his name,

  320. deliverance from arrors the enemy has sent into my body deliverance from attack aganist my friut of womb and let God attack those wicked men and women attacking us

  321. I want God to grant me retentive memory and grant me divine success.

  322. I’ve e.xams to write dis weekend, Ineed d Favours of God in all my papers

  323. -Also i pray God elevates me beyond my contempoaries,
    -to meet my God ordained husband- one who fears God

  324. I am asking for prayer for a young woman Suzzie who’s boyfriend has taken there 7mth baby claiming she ran away with baby. He has been abusive even punched her stomach when she was pregnant. She has lost her job,can barely function and wants her baby back. Today there is a court hearing to present her case and unveil the truth about her boyfriend please pray that God will grant her favor and that truth will prevail. Thank You & God bless you.

  325. deliverance from untimly dealth sentence,let God destroy every evil altars the are calling my name,let God remove totally firbrod or unnatural growth from my womb,flush out every arrors the enemy has sent into my body,let God heal my womb and system,deliver me from every encounter with the spirit from the dead and dreams maniplulations,let God destroy every ungodly delay in my husband’s business and my dorcument, grant us devine protections always, let God attack those evil men and women attacking us and destroy thier altars let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome

  326. i will be getting married in august but when i went for a test according to church demand i was told i am HIV positive, i no it is only God that can change the situation , my brethren in christ i am sending this request for God that makes all impossibilities possible to change the report to negative, i believe God is hearing me and according to this page that whatever request that is submitted is already answered,also my fiace said that he is not going back that he must wed me ,let god look also at his faith and restore our joy back,
    because his word said that his thougth for us is of good and not of evil to give us an expected end and that he wish above all that we prosper and be in health even as our soul prospereth that god should remember his promise and restore my health back

  327. Prayer request. Let God destroy every evil altars the projecting me and my husband for evil let God destroy the mystries they are doing aganist us,let god fight those evil women and men fighting us,let God deliver us from bad dreams,heal ny womb and body destroy every unnatural growth firbrod out of ny womb,remove setback from my husband’s business and ungodly delay,even in my dorcument,let God grant us devine protections always,deliverance from spiritsand thier activities,let God flush away every conterminations in our systens and fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome.

  328. prayer request,Let God heal us from tyfurs fever, let God remove every pullutions in our blood, and grant us devine health,destroy the evil altars the are monitoring us,destroy thier gargetsand their monitoring demons and attacking those men and women monitoring us.

  329. deliverance from every untimely daelth decreed aganist me,let God purge every pollutions in our bodies,heal us from all infamities,remove firbrod from my womb completly and heal my womb,deliver me from witchcraft activities,desroy all the evil altars the are monitoring us,let God attack those evil men and women monitoring and attacking us,destroy every comspiracy aganist us and grant us devine protections always ,let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome and let the favors of God rest on my husband and myself always

  330. 1.God pls bring me out of debt

    2.fill me with your blessing

    3.bring my family out of lack and want.

    4.favour me with a better job,and give me success in my academic dreams.

    5.break every bondege in my family.

    6.give me an acomodation of my own.all this i ask in Jesus Name.

  331. deliverance from all conspiracy aganist my husband and myself,deliverance from tyfurs fever,stress,and conterminations from us devine protections always,favors,let God attack those occult men and women attacking us destroy their altars and instruments the are using to attack and let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome

  332. Let God heal those holes in my womb remove firbrod or every arrors the enemy hes sent into my womb, heal me from tyfurs fever,purge away every conterminations in us,deliver us from these occultic men and women that are purshing us and let God destroy thier instrument and altars the are using to attack us deliverance from marine activities devine protections always and let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome them and favors for me and my husband

  333. prayer request,Let God fight those occult men and women attacking us,let God destroy every evil hand oppressing my husband’s business,destroy all altars the are monitoring my husband ‘s business,let God destroy the forces of darkness attacking my husband’s business, destroy every unngodly delays in his business and grant him favors,carcel every evil plans aganist me and my husband and every untimely death sentence, let God destroy those forces of darkness attacking my friut of womb,let God heal my womb,and settle my blessing of the friut of womb,God’s devine protections for me and my husband always,let God carcel every death aganist my mother and my mother’s children and my whole family,let God fill me with Holy Spirit and power to overcome

  334. PRAYER REQUEST, Let God heal me from all infirmities in my womb and body, deliver me my mother and my mother’s children from every spirit of death, let destroy those forces of darkness attacking my friut of womb, let destroy those evil hand oppressing my husband’s favors in business,and destroy those monitoring demons,instrument and evil men monitoring my husband’s business,let God remove every ungodly delays in my husband’s business,let God attack those occult men and women attacking us and monitoring us destroy their altars and instrument let God grant us devine protections always and fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome, let God carcel all evil plan aganist me and my husband.

  335. Let God destroy those altars the are involing us, let God destroy the forces of darkness and instrument the are using to attack us our health, let God fight those occult women and men attacking us and monitiring us, let God grant us favors financialy and grant us devine protections always and fill us with His power to overcome.

  336. Dear heavenly Father, (Repeat.) I lift my heart to You right now. I worship You. Oh, I love You. You are my Father. You don’t judge me. You don’t condemn me. I belong to You. You called me to be Your child. You separated me from this world. You took me out of the kingdom of darkness and placed me into the kingdom of Your Son. I worship You right now. Thank You, Father, that I am free. I bless You! I am free from the bondage that was mine in these areas of my life that I have brought before You this day. Praise you, Jesus! I thank You that within my being I sense as never before the flow of Your Spirit, the freedom to go out into the world and face those former sources of temptation and not be drawn to them because I am free. Your Spirit has made me free. Bless Your wonderful name. Draw near to my life, now. Make me to be the child You want me to be. I pray and ask for your prayers for EUGENE KOENA SELEPE who is battling from HATE and ANGER, I ask in the name of the lord to help him repent so he can abandon the thoughts of hate, revenge, anger, and resentment. I pray that one day he will be free of himself because he will be in the spirit of the lord Jesus Christ. I pray all of this in the name of Your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus and for Your glory. Amen.

  337. I need how to pray about my mother inlaw words that she cursed me and my husband. By standing in front of her family and my Mom, than at my house saying she didn’t want grandchildren by me.
    Pray to get pregnant have a child.
    Pray for a job.

  338. God please give me strength from this tragedy me and my daughter have
    faced. Please have your angels protect us and guide us in the right paths. God please heal me from a broken heart and when you feel its right please send my fiancee back to me,i miss him and love him and so does our daughter. Please give me the strength to graduate and also for help with this financial burden. Please watch over my friends and family. I love u. Amen

  339. Please pray for our business. Our business took a wrong turn and the devil stole every single thing from us. We are left with nothing and we are surviving for the last 12 months. I believe that nothing is impossible for God. I pray over us leaving this country and I ask that God delivers us and take us to where he wants us to be. I pray for strength to get throguh each day and I pray for wisdom and safety over my 2 sons and my husband that where ever they go, The Lord, will set his angels around them and keep them safe. I pray and ask all of this in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


  341. please istill need prayers on my health, for total devine healing especialy in my womb, and blessing of the friut of womb,devine protections for me and my husband always, let God cancel al evil plans aganist me and my husband, Let God destroy those evil altars the are invoking me and my husband, let God attack those occultic men and women attacking us grant financail favors, let God fill us with his power to overcome

  342. praise the lord,
    1,lm trusting God for a husband, through lve made some mistake i want God mercy on me. i pray for my bone of my bone, and after that a bouncing baby, i dnt want to suffer miscarriage.
    2, lm trusting God to extend my resident permit where i live abroad
    3, Good job and Financial breathrough
    4, my spiritual life God help.

  343. Please pray for me for the following:
    *My health and that I stick to my vow of eating better and lose weight I have an underactive thyroid and causing much difficulty taking medication for it.
    *My spiritual growth to be stronger in the Lord and my service to Him.
    *To rid my life of some problem thoughts dealing with a relationship with much hurt and decit its in the past and I NEED to let go completly.
    Over the next few months I really need to concentrate on these things and my finances PLEASE pray for me.
    God Bless

  344. Let God grant me total healing, blessing of the friut of womb,let God cancel aii evil plans aganist me and my husband, grant him financail favors in his business, let God remove delay to the renewal of my dorcuments, let God attack those occoultic men and women monitoring us destroy the whole altars the have raise aganist us and grant us devine protections always

  345. my name is phindile

    may u kindly pray for me to get a better paid job i have been applying with no response. my finacial life its a shame

  346. Dear God,

    I know you are there taking care of your people. and everything we need in life is you’re there to help. I am so depressed! i don’t know what to do. Please God, help me financially and give us a good health and wealth so that my family won’t feel hard in their life anymore.

    LORD GOD, i need you in my life. please help me to settle all my depth. Help us for our daily needs. show me how to be close to you. for give me with all my sins. Help me and my kids to be come more closer to each other. I love you so much GOD. Thanks.

  347. Let God destroy every program and attack of the enemy aganist my sister Thelma UK and grant her victory always,let God destroy every spiritual networking aganist my husband’s life and business and me too, remove every ungodly delays in his business, destroy all evil altars the are manipulating us grant me total healing,and let God attack those attacking us and grant us devine protections always and let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome and let God cancel aii evil plans aganist us.

  348. lET GOD fill me and my husband with Holy Spirit and power to over come grant us devine protections always and cancel all evil plans aganist us

  349. My husband and I are separated. He has said he wants a divorce. I know God’s heart and will is for reconciliation. He has been having an affair for the past year with a girl from our church. It came it out into the open about 2 weeks ago. They are claiming to have no contact but I have seen evidence that they have continued to contact each other, although the girl appears outwardly to be trying to make things work with her husband. I have shown love, compassion and forgiveness to my husband. He called yesterday asking for money, and I agreed to make payments, but not to him, directly to the companies. He made several threats in regards to our future and finances, and was extremely angry to the point of being cruel. He is attempting to put us in a severe financial bind. I need a miracle! Please pray that God will change his heart, and he would repent and submit to God’s will, and return to the marriage. Please pray that God would protect me and our child and give me wisdom and grace to deal with the situation.

  350. my pray goes to god i have a spiritual husband since i was young my father aganist me end try to kiil me end do wichcrafet to aganist me.he block my progres end my marriage. god destroy the wichcraft in my family end the spirit of single end god restore my mariage with my husband vicente alexandre end the destroy the spirit of problem end destroy the work of santan im my life end protect me end my doughter. iend last think i have apoitment with imigration on july 7 god itervene in my case you are the juge of the juge open their heat amem..

  351. About a month ago there was verification/course attended in my organization but to my surprise i could not find any of my document relating to my course certificate to show i have attended any course since i join the organization 20yrs now. as a result of this i have been projected to be transfered to aremote location. i want God to show where my document are and change thing to work in my favour as i dont want to go on taht posting it will really affect my family. I make this prayer request knowing theres nothing the lord can not do. Amen

  352. PLEASE I need prayers, healimg from tyfus fever and pains, deliverance from marine spirit husband, let God frustrate those marine spirit agents manipulating me destroy all the instrument and altars the are using to attack me, cancel all evil plans aganist me and my husband, Let God destroy every spiritual networking aganist my husband and his business ,let God grant us devine protections always and cancel aii evil plans aganist my mother and all my mother’s children and let God fill me and my husband with Holy Spirit and power to overcome spiritualy and physically

  353. Please agree with me in prayer for a job for my husband. He has cerebral palsy and I am really worried that because of his disability he won’t be able to find anything. Please also pray for financial stability during the of unemployment.

  354. Deliverance from spirit husband, Let God cancel aii evil plans aganist me and my husband, scatter all gangup,and destroy the powers of those evil women and men attacking us,let GOD contiunually protect us,grant my husband financail favors in his business, heal me from firbrod ,tyfurs fever,and pains and let God fill me and my husband with Holy Ghost and power to overcome

  355. Salvation prayer for Chike O. let God cancel all evil plans aganist him, Salvation prayer for Gordon A.O. and devine protections for him and his family devine protections for Thelma UK, my mother and my father’s house, Let God destroy every spiritual networking aganist my husband’ business,devine favors for his business,devine conections, let God withered every evil hands oppressing his business our lifes,
    Let God break the powers of those evil women and men attacking destroy the forces they are using to invoke us scatter their altars,and instruments they are using to attack our health,cancel all their evil plans, let God devinely protect us every day,
    Let God deliver me from marine queen and onishe,deliver me from marine spirit husband and ngane,Let God destroy the queen os coast or marine wife attacking my husband Let God break every strong hold of this marine spirits over our lifes,let God break all their convenants holding us,cancel all their agreements,and inicaitions holding us and set us free competely to server him better and let God fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome them and bless me with the friut of womb

  356. I need prayers concerning my mother in law who lives with us but is causing a great deal of problems between my husband and i.He has turned to a complete stranger.He always call me nasty names and treats me bad whenever we have a fight concerning his mother.He might not even talk to me for days up to a week.

  357. Dear Risi,

    As much as it must not be easy right now in your life, all I can say to you is be strong. Also remember that our ennemies are not only those that we see but also those we don’t see as well ( spirits, demons, devil…). According to our lord’s word, marriage itself is bless, therefore consider your marriage to be bless. No matter how hard your mother in law tries to break you up, in Christ she can trie but she will NEVER get what she wants.
    Pray, pray and pray also ask for the holy spirit guidance in your life and in your marriages.
    Most importantly treat her as God treat us, do not hate her, but pray for her, whatever she complains tell her she is right, never complain about her with your husband because you are not helping the situation but making it worst. Your husband can’t chose between his mother and his wife( most african men) , but what you can do is pray for God to open his eyes so he can see the real her and know who she really is but please keep treating her as your own mother: with love.
    The only answers to our prayers is via praying and fasting
    God Bless you my dear sister and be strong, this test shall pass as well in Jesus name

  358. pray for my father Hilario to stop wichcraft to aganist me,end marriage. end god opem his eyes to sees your glory.end delivre me from ancestral evil linkages generotional curse,spirit husband,satanic delay of promised porverty, spiritual obstacle ,bondage bad luck in every area of my life.end god restore my relationship with my husband as we are both trying to get back together .end god give us the vitory those for my family member end thoseas sociated with satan.end i have apoitment wict imigration on july 7 2010 god intervene in my case. to god be all the glory amem.

  359. Deliverance from marine spirit husband attack and queen of the coast attack aganist me and my husband, let God break the powers of those marine agents personalties attacking me and my husband, Let God destroy their insrument and altars they are using to attack us, let God cancel aii evil plans aganist us, let God cancel every evil decree aganist my friut of womb and evry thing delaying my friut of womb,Let God remove them, so that my joy maybe full Let God contunily grant us devine protections and financail favors for my husband and devine contact or connections

  360. Genesis 21vs 12 contains a story of Jacob’s dream in the house of God, and Angels anscending and desceding: He had a dream in which he saw a stairway [a] resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

    By the grace of God, this blog is a sanctary of God..which implies that His presence is here all time. I believe God has assigned Angels to this blog to receive Prayers of Saints and also to bring back responses to such prayers.

    Please pray for my fiance’ NOT to loose his job. Please pray for our relationship to be blessed by marriage & children. Please prey for the evil not to succeed ever! Please pray for Maria Cristina & Raymond
    we need help. God Thank you so much for looking after us.

  361. Prayer of salvation for my mother and healing, GOD’s devine protections for her and all her children always, Let God remove the firbrod and unnatural growth in my womb heal the little injury in my womb,purge every conterminations that makes me to have bad dreams, deliver me from stronghold of marine spirit husband and marine queen and Let God purge out all conterminations in my husband’s life and bless us with the friut of womb,let God paralize the powers of those evil women and men monitoring us and attacking us destroy the altars and instrument they are using to attack us, let God cancel all evil plans aganist us, grant us devine protections always, Let God destroy every thing hindering our finances, Let GOD uproot everything he has not planted in us, fill us with Holy Spirit and power to serve him better Let God remove all obstacle in our trip to africa and Let God break the powers of those forces of darkness and witchcraft the are using to fight us

  362. Dear Brother,

    Pray for restoration of our marriage as it seems as hopeless case. My husband filed a case for divorce and I pray for restore our marriage with full of love

    My husband name is Francis

  363. Salvation prayer for maurein, paul, c.o n.d and let God’s mercy be on me and my husband, let God remove every hindrances and obstacles in my life and my husband’s life spiritual and physical, grant us favors, cancel aii evil plans aganist us, let God’s devine protections be on us contunily , let GOD destroy those forces of darkness attacking us, break the powers of those agent of the devil monitoring us and manipulating us, let God destroy their witchcraft activities aganist us, let God fill us with HOLY GHOST AND POWER to overcome, let God break every stronghold of marine spirit husband and marine queen attacking me

  364. Let GOD scatter every gangup aganist my husband and myself in the area where we are living, frostrate the effort of those evil women and men monitoring us in that area, let God destroy the powers of witchcraft activities they are using and the forces of darkness the are using to oppress us, let God destroy all the hindrance from our father’s house hindering me and my husband, let God destroy the ancestrar altars raise in families and set me and my husband free from them, let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power overcome

  365. Salvation prayer for Celina and U.O, Let God remove everything in me and my husband hindering his fullness in our lifes and let God reveal his will and purpose for my life and give me direction, let God grant me total healing, LET God’s devine protections be on me and my husband always, let God remove everything hindering my husband’s finances and business, grant in favors in his business, let God bless me with the friut of womb, let God break those powers and forces of darkness attack us and paralize the effort of those evil men and women monitoring us and attacking us, Let God fill us with Holy GHost and power to overcome and cancel all evil plans aganist us

  366. Can you please agree with me in prayer about the following points:
    1. To finish school this year and have my fail grade changed to a pass.
    2. A God sent husband of my own soon.
    3. Complete deliverance for me and my family because we never seem to prosper at anything we try.
    4. A good international job.
    5. For God to continue using me for His glory.

    Thanks, brothers and sisters. I pray that He will meet us all at our point of need. It’s in Jesus’ mighty name that I pray, Amen.

  367. Healing from fibroid and accte pains,deliverance marine witchcraft activities let God remove every hinderances and obstacles spiritual and physicalcal from my life and my husband’s life, and heal my womb from injury,cancel all evil plans aganist us destroy everthing they are using to cause bad dreams for us, grant us devine protections always, scatter aii gangup and conspiracy aganist us break the powers and forces of darkness they are using to attack us, blind every evil eye monitoring us and destroy every thing they are usong to monitor me and my husband and his business, bless us with that devine child he has promise us and full us with HOLY GHOST AND POWER TO OVERCOME and grant us victory in our dreams, let God remove setback from our lifes and grant my husband financial favors, devine protevtions for Thelma UK, my mother and aii her children and my father’s house, Salvation prayer for Gabriel,Mecheal, Antony, maria Nos, N,e

  368. Please pray for me (Rohan) and my 2 little children (Ciel aged 8 and Ryan aged 5) so that we do not get destroyed and stay safe and happy in the legal battle that my wife is pursuing against me in the divorce courts of Ontario with false accusations and lies…

  369. Salvation prayers for IFY,OBUM AND OGO. let God grant me total healing from fibroid, pains and tyfurs fever, let God destroy every spirit from tne dead they are using to attack us spiritual and physical and the instrument they are using to invoke it aganist me and my husband, let God breaking the powers and forces of darkness those evil women and men are using to oppress us, let God return the arrors they are sending to us back to them, let God grant us devine protections always, let God remove setback from my life and my husband’s life remove every oppressions of the enemy aganist his business, let God grant us favors, let God cancel aii evil plans and decrees aganist me and my husband and fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcomr, let God deliver us from the attacks of the marine spirits husband and queen the coast and their strongholds

  370. Healing for my mother and devine protections for her and all her children, gran children and my father’s house


  372. Please pray for God to bless my business and that of my fiance,to remove evil eyes from us as we prepare to get married soon.That God should help deliver me and my sisters from marital failures.Thank you and I thank God for answered prayers.

  373. please pray for my daughter who is studying in Australia right now she is facing financial difficulties and i have no money she has been told that if she wont pay in the next week she will be sent back to Zambia i have been praying to God for his mercy pardon and forgiveness that my daughter will not be sent back home without finishing her course. i dont even know where to start from I am so confused. are there any prayer points you can send me concerning this situation? Please help me. i have nowhere to run to apart from God Almight. My daughters name is Mercy. May God give you more annointing and wisdom in the word of God.

  374. LET God’s devine protections be on me and my husband always, let God cancel all evil plans aganist me and my husband, let God scatter all conspiracy aganist us and gangup, let God destroy the evil altars the are using in monitoring me and my husband, let God break the forces and powers of darkness they are using to attack and reinforce aganist us, let God grant us victory always, let God contend with those evil men and women that contend with us and let God fight aganist them, let God destroy the evil spirits they are using to manipulate us and let God fill us with Holy Ghost and power to overcome

  375. Let God scatter every gangup and conspiracy aganist me and my husband, put those conspirators to shame and disgrace, let God put enemity between them, let God cancel aii their evil plans aganist me and my husband, let God break the powers and forces they are using to operate , let God’s eye of mercy and protections be on me and my husband always

  376. Dear Pastor I am unmarried 28 years old I had an illicit relationship with a woman for more than one year and I tried several times to leave her but I could not. Finally a month back I committed adultery with her at her force. I realized what I did is a deadly sin and it has terribly affected me psychologically and I am in depression and I lost my peace and happiness. I understood my mistake and I told totally NO to this kind of relationship and that day onwards I kept complete distance with her.
    Pastor please pray for me and ask Lord to forgive my sins and help me to overcome. I want to become a new creation, I want to start a new beginning, a new life and totally committed to Lord Jesus Christ. I want to come closer to Lord Jesus Christ I need the Love of GOD and I want to be faithful to him.

    Once again thank you very much Pastor, PRAISE THE LORD

  377. Please pray with me for the financial miracle, its been 6 months out of the job and I have 2 gals that I need to responsible for. Please pray that I get a job as long will be able to cover my expenses. Also pray that God show me my God fearing and respecting man.

  378. my husband job should be released and come to pass in the physical

  379. Please pray for me i need deliverance from anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. Someone really hurt me and its really hard to forget what he did to me coz he never apologised and never admitted that he was wrong. I am boiling inside and i am afraid it is blocking my breakthrough.

  380. praise God, i need a breakthrough.i am flat broke and the bills are just flowing in,i have a child in school too and her fees is always a struggle.the place i work is like hell, work load is very much and has strict deadlines and even though i ask for an assistant, the management has turned deaf ears to i have to work late to clear the huge loads of work, in this cold cold office with no ceiling , i have no time for my family and rarely have enough rest..i pray not to get sick. i am now searching for new job, financial breakthrough and closer relationship with my daughter, sisters and family. i pray to be set free from this bondage ! please pastor help me in prayers. thank you all and God bless you beyond measure.

  381. Pray for my husband James to be delivered from lust sins and addictions and for our long marriage to be protected and healed.

  382. Total healing for me, deliverance from the stronghold of marine spirit, deliverance from witchcraft activities, let God return the arrors they are sending to me and my husband, back to sender, remove setback from our lifes, cancel all evil plans aganist us, grant us divine protections always, fight aganist those that fight aganist us and contend with them and fill us HOLY GHOST AND POWER TO OVERCOME

  383. I have been suffering from constant headache ,spine and neck pain .no amount of treatment can heal me .please pray for me to be delivered i have been suffering from this for the last 10 over years


  384. Above every other request from God i want GOD to forgive me and my family our sins and to grant us heaven at the end of our time on earth and i also pray GOD for devine favour in my family …….

  385. Please pray for me am full of frustration demonioc of failure, poverties, misfortune, rejection, uncomfortable life, loneliness, hatred, bitterness, no progress, wishing but not achieve, job of little earning ( below poverty line), bishops talking my little money in the name we will refund soon we need to use in the ministry ( three bishops), accult prayers against me. Souls ties

    please pray for me the devil to flee me i need to enjoy my living instead of thinking better death than living

  386. Please pray for our family thats goin throught very hard times. My father is sick with cancer, my brother is about to loose hsi home & has kids and i’m dealing with bill & responcibiities I can not pay. My faith is being tested every day & I have no one to talk to as when i do every one thinks i’m being mean & nasty. I pray every day just hoping GOD will take this stress off me & the family. Thanks all for the prayers

  387. Please pray for the demonic attacks and dream attacks as people have been having bad dreams about me regarding the spirit of death. i need total healing as i have not been well since may 2010 and the doctors are not diagnosing anything. please help me as i have no peace i am always worried and stressed and i have my family here but my husband has not been around for the past 5 years. please pray for the devil to flee away from me as i need my peace i used to have.

  388. Dear Pastor,
    Please pray for my professional and financial life. I have 6 years of work experience and till date have not found success in the work i do. all my employers have only misused my honesty and talent to extract work with no growth whatsoever. I feel totally led down and demoralized. I’m the bread earner for my family and have no other alternative but to stick with this company and take their non sense. I pray for complete deliverance in my financial and my professional life. I need a breakthrough very badly. and i believe that only my lord can take me out of the state iam in for he has promised that he will make us the head and not the tail, he will keep us above only and not beneath and we will lend unto many nations and we will not borrow.
    Please pray that the lord answers my prayer.

    Your’s faithfully.

  389. Please pray for me to have great love life and health and financially stable. Please include in prayers my loved Ones. Thank you.

  390. Dear God. Please hear this prayer in the name of your son Jesus who died on the cross shedding his blood for my sins. I fear my son is dying of his drug addiction Lord. I fear if something doesn’t happen soon to save him he will be completely lost to us. Please Lord I ask that you protect him and the rest of us. I pray you bring him to your deliverance. I pray Lord you deliver me from my own sins and mistakes. That you heal my resentment toward my family for my childhood. That you heal me and help me to become a person my son and others can count on. That you bless each person in our lives that have helped us and even bless our enemies Lord. For they need your love and gift of forgiveness too. I ask that you spread your peace and protection around my family making a hedge that anything, anyone, or any temptation can not penetrate. That we may have time to heal Lord. For this has effected this family as a whole and we are all sick from it. Heal me of my depression Lord. So that I may live more normally within society. So that I can function as a mother, friend, daughter, sister and grandmother should. Free us from this bondage Lord and forgive me for placing myself and others in danger by straying from your path and guidance. Bless my mother and grandmother Lord for all they have done to help. Keep us safe and I pray that this ends soon. We remain faithful Lord, trusting in your promises. Believing that life will change and your will be done.

    Come holy spirit, come heavenly dove, stay right here with us, filling us with your love. And for each blessing, we’ll lift our heart in praise. Without a doubt we’ll know that we have been redeemed, when we shall leave this place.
    In Jesus name I ask your will be done Lord.

  391. Praise the Lord, prayer warriors, God bless u for the work of the Lord, He will bless u abundantly exceedingly above. Please help me in prayer for God’s favour,protection,guidance,total deliverance from evil n witchcrat attacks, spirit of hatred towards me n curses insault, spirit of rejection from my in-laws, pray also for my husband to get a better job and our children God to protect them and teach them His Ways. i also need the anointing of God to do the work of God. Be blessed.

  392. MY comment to J. M. the lord will answer you ,for with God nothing shall be impossible.

  393. i am mohan, who longs to receive the gifts of the spirit and to serve the lord fully, please pray for me for the showering of the spirit

  394. 1.Prayer for a Husband
    2.Prayer for a good Job
    3.Prayer for God’s protection upon my life and family
    4.Divine favour and wisdom

  395. 1.Prayer for a Husband
    2.Prayer for Divine elevation
    3.Prayer for God’s protection upon my life and family
    4.Divine favour and wisdom

  396. Dear God

    I come before you to please pray for me for my baby, my finances, I’ve been bewitched by Satanic spirit to give me bad luck, My baby’s father left me for another woman, I want to buy a house, so i can have a home for my child.

    Lord please protect me from the evil spirits that are folowing me. Lord please help me get a new job, so that i can have financial freedom.
    Lord please fight my enemies on my behalf and bring the divine intervention in my life. Lord i pray for sense of direction in my life and have a good man to create a home with.

    Thank you Lord.

  397. Please pray that God will remove evil spirits from around me that makes people hate me for no reason. I am hated no matter where I go. I try to be friendly and speak in a calm manner yet people become angry and hostile towards me for no reason. I noticed this happening about 5 years ago. Men and women treat me badly. I am single, never married, 49 years old woman of God. God bless

  398. i have drifted away from God,i cannot remember the last time i went to church or tithed, i drink alcohol alot.i am always facing financial crisis..i was once a strict christian but fell ..i need to start a new and closer walk with God. I am now 35 years and have no hope of ever getting married.Will i ever get married?is it a curse or evil spirit in my love life ? please pray for me. thank you all and be blest

  399. please pray for my daughters dad (leon) for salvation.

    pray against pride, guilt, shame, and for God to give him a revelation of Gods love.

  400. Please pray for me & my husband Dante that GOD restore our marriage we have been married 13 yrs with 4 kids and he wants a DIVORCE. He say’s he is not in love with me anymore please god hear my prayer and heal our marriage father god!! Also pray for his SALVATION! In the name of JESUS!! AMEN

  401. Please pray for me that me andmy fiance get back together and be happier then ever, we been separated for 3 years. please pray I get this Government job and my finance will not be a problem again, I pray for me and my family to be happy and secure and we big a Happy family and we stay in good health in Jesus name AMEN

  402. I need prayer for a divine elevation in my career. i have stagnated for a long time in my career. may the good Lord intervene when people are being placed in new positions next week from Monday

  403. Please pray for total deliverance for my daughter Natasha, she is bound of alcohol and so many other things, she has not received Jesus and she is not progessing in her education. she cannot keep a job she has been fired twice

  404. Please help me pray against the spirit of Santeria, a form of witchcraft prevalent in Miami, Fl USA. We are trying to open a church, and the building we are trying to rent, lucifer has moved in to try to work against the Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth through Santeria. Animal sacrifices are right now taking place with black rabbits, goats and pigeons on the very grounds where we are trying to open the Church. Jesus said: “Upon this Rock shall I build my church and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against It”. We bind spirits of witchcraft, we bind you spirit of Santeria and we cast you out destroying your works against the church and the Saints of Christ, in JESUS’ mighty name!!!!!

  405. I need a whole lot of prayer concerning my family background. I need total deliverance from the evil oppression of the enemy over my family(from friends from family).I need strong prayers concerning self diiscilpline
    I need deliverance on every evil spirit monitoring my destiny and disturbing my dream. I need God to take perfect control of my life,spiritually,morally,financially,socially.I pray every dead bone in my familly shall rise again.
    My love life is lacking am 27yrs old lady and I can’t boast of a relationship needless say a marriage I need God to take a strong hold on my love life.I pray God that answereth by fire will answer me.AMEN

  406. Please pray for me for a good and permanent job and my husband

  407. Please pray that God send His warrior angels to fight for diane, anna, and vicki to fight against all the attacks of the enemy. Psalm 91. We deliver people out of witchcraft, new age, hinduism, etc. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you. All the glory to God.

  408. Thank you dear God for saving me from the grip of witchcraft. Thank you for showing me that it is only a ploy of Satan to pull your children away from your grace. No matter how powerful and fluffy it may appear. It is a lie. I asked for discernment and you granted it and my eyes were open wide. Thank you for this. Thank you for my family and loved ones who never turned their back on me.

    Now I pray for my family Lord. My son needs special care and I pray you will bring him back into your will. I pray he will find a good job that he will be happy with very soon. I pray for his wife and his unborn children that you protect them and keep them within your grace. My mom is so burdened with money problems and I pray you will bless her to relieve this pressure. My grandmother who helps so many. I pray you will cover her with blessings for all she does for others. My beautiful daughter and grandson and son-in law. I pray you will draw them closer to you with your love and grace. My brother who has lost his ability to praise you with his voice from an accident. I pray you will heal him that his talent will be restored for your glory Lord. I pray you will place a hedge of protection around them and me that no witch, demon, spirit or anything else outside of your grace can cause us stress or harm or manipulate us in any way.

    For myself Lord I pray that you will continue to draw me closer to you. That you will use me to do your will Lord. That you will make me to the person you wish me to be. I pray for the money I need and ask that you provide me with the tools I need to survive and make money on my own Lord. I also pray for protection from the people in my past life of witchcraft. That they leave me alone and go far from me never uttering my name again. But for their souls I also do pray Lord. For they are lost in darkness as I once was. Open their eyes Lord as you opened mine.

    I praise and thank you for sending your son to die on the cross for my sins. And ask you forgive my sins and cleanse me of any left over ideas, lies or temptations to draw me away from you. I ask the same for my children. In Christ name and by his blood I ask these things of you God in Heaven. Amen.

    Come Holy Spirit. Come Heavenly Dove.
    Stay right here with us, filling us with your love.
    And for each blessing, we lift our hearts in praise.
    Without a doubt we’ll know, that we have been redeemed.
    When we shall leave this place.

  409. prayer requests:

    1.Prayer for breakthroughs in my marriage.
    2.I am in debts please pray with me for financial breakthrough.
    3.I have been married for 2years without a child, please pray with for the fruit ofv the womb(child). I’m believing God for twins(boy and girl).With God all things are possible.Nothing is hard before God.
    4. I am struggling with masurbation,please pray for me God’s deliverance.
    God bless!

  410. Let GOD heal me from every hidden infirmty, heal me from fibroid, heal the holes in the right part of my womb, purge away every pollutions from me and my husband spiritual and pysical and fill us with Holy Spirit and power to overcome, let God destroy those powers and forces of occultic women and men attacking us, destroy the powers of those witches and wizard attacking us destroy every witchcraft activities aganist us in the area we are living, country and home, scatter all gangup and conspiracy aganist us, cancel all evil plans aganist me and my husband, let God’s divine protections be on me and my husband let God destroy every charms, instruments and altars the are using to attack us, let God awesome presence be with us, His mercy and favors, let God set us free completely from marine spirits and their agents.

  411. Dear Pastor Chris,
    please keep me in prayers.I need prayer for financial breakthrought, spiritual growth and a wife. I have gifts and I believe that God wants to use me. I want God to touch and mould my heart for Him.
    Its William

  412. please pray with my daughter and i for a miracle breakthru, we are in need of 395.00 for our rent, we have no more resoureces this month. we are believeing for a miracle. we are praying for the holyspirt to come fill us to over flowing, and help us.

  413. Please pray for me , so that I can get married.I am now 31yrs old lady single.Pray for me so that I can meet my Godly Spouse as the word of God said” that woman was made from the rib which was taken from man.” Therefore I want God to give me the man whom I was created for – a true steward of God.

    God Bless you

  414. Hello,
    God bless you more for what He is doing through you. I have finished my M.Sc in the UK for 2 years now and I don’t have a job yet. Please pray for me. I want a job this month September, 2010.

    I want it to be in an Oil and Gas Company in the UK worth 35,000 Pounds. I BELIEVE that God can do it.

    Thank You.

  415. Please pray for my 17 year old brother Christopher Jones, he is suffering with Lymphblastic lymphoma.
    The doctors have given up and say he has weeks, maybe months to live. I am believing God for his healing from the tumors in his body!

  416. Iam Joy, 46 years of age got married @ the late stage i.e two years back. I have no children but I haven’t gone for any check-up as of some bondages. Presently, Iam working in a gulf country where there is no job security, no good pay, no growth and facing so much obstacles. As I want to try some other gulf countries where I can accompany my wife but Iam worried about the recession period. Also I don’t have own house to stay so pray for me, my wife saline, my mother sussana , my brother & sister, in-laws and their children and my bad health.

  417. Please pray for my niece name Chris, 25 years of age. Looking for good marriage proposal as well as job but nothing is clicking as facing obstacles. So pray for her to get settled and lead a good spiritual life.



  420. HELLO SIR/madam
    I Read the article about Gods will in marriage. its really very easy to understand it opened my eyes……… now im going throught toughest way in life. I dnt know how to keep the next step in life… Sir im in love with girl who is from hindu backround but she is willing. and truly belives in Jesus Christ… when I waz reading Gods will in marriage.. I came to kno where I waz wrong that is self control yes I lost my control I was in contact with her before marriage not fully but to some extend . I also use to watch pronograhy.. speak abt it very time,… but now I realy want to give up..and want to repent…so plz pray for it… she suitable for me in very aspect expect few…. their parents are opposing it. they got her engaged to with whom she didnt like… even she should agree for marriage right. both man and girl should agree reight …she not intrested in that marriage they are forcing her …. we both want to rectify our mistakes and want to live a life pleaseing to God… even I have medical problems SO PLZ PRAY FOR ME…I hope You understand my problem… even I have given her pain very much knowingly and unknowingly… still three month time is there for marriage…. she realy want to b a christian and loves me much….. I ll be deeply hurted without her so please pray for us….. I hope God can helps us to get togather….. Can I take her with me if she is willing to come with me please pray for me… and give me some suggestions..\
    Than you please reply me as soon as posible

  421. God I pray for my boyfriend, Justice,the father of my my child(ren). Please help him not to compromise his ethics for money.Also that money can not fulfill him 100% but without your knowledge and relationship with you make him the slave of deciept, corruption and lies. Please Lord release him from his unethical behaviours and let him realise that he should seek YOU first and the rest will follow. Help him not to be controlled by the spirit of the devil but YOUR spirit Lord.

    Help my relationship with him…let it be filled with YOUR spirit God,YOUR guidance and blessings LORD so that we can make the right decisions on whether we should get married or not.

    Thank you GOD in anticipation for your answers and guidance.

  422. Please agree with me in prayer for my son Alex.His wife has acquired a gambling habit that is bringing them close to loosing everything.They have 3 children who are innocent victims. She is not saved & has character issues of control & manipulation,etc.My sister-in-Christ Lirsaj is giving birth end of this mth. to baby with spinal-bifida. We are believing God for a miracle of healing. My cousin Lyz is having an affair with a married man whom she loves dearly she is blind & doesn’t care that he is married. She is also unemployed.May the Lord deliver her & open her eyes that she may see.My aunt Marina who is 84 is very depressed & hoping for death,she also has resentments & bitterness in her heart please pray that she will be free before she meets Jesus.May the Lord grant me favor to exercise the gift of song that He has given me. May I love the Lord more with each passing day. Thank you & God bless you all.

  423. Prey for me as i go to an interview tomorrow at UNIFEM as a HIV and AIDS Gender Advisor.Let me claim this job through the will of my lord Jesus Christ. And may I love the Lord all the time I also ask the Lord to guide me on my ways and stop my bad habits of drinking alcohol and the Lord bless me into a steady relationship, a good wife and a saving culture . Bless you and may the grace of the Lord be with you

  424. Please pray for me that I will have a bold spirit. I doubt my ability to talk to my superiors due to recent illness and due to insults and method of intimidation that one CFO subjected me to. My superiors have always dumped more and more work on me and never acknowledge my hard work. I don’t want to be in that place anymore. I want to walk in victory for God’s word assure us that we are more than conquerors. Thank you and God bless.

  425. Please pray for my marriage. My husband has moved out of our home. Please pray for God’s healing. Please pray for true repentance and for reconcilation in our marriage.

  426. Please, pray for me so than i may have a child and may i be heeled from HIV/Aids disease

  427. I humble myself before you all to intercede for me in my prayer for a good Job (attended interviews and waiting for response from an NGO- USAID funded organization called ZISSP in Zambia), Success in my registered business. Kindly also pray for me to live my testimony and succeed in my calling from GOD. Pray for an increase in my life and for me to have custody af all my children (3) under one roof so that I can clothe, shelter and educate them and impart the word of GOD on them so that they can be a blessing to the church, the family and the nation. Please pray for financial favour and health over my life. I CLAIM MY HEALTH AND WEALTH FROM THE DEVIL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. AMEN.


  429. I need God to help me get this Admission in Abia State University Uturu the closing date is on 8th october 2010-friday.

  430. today i just resived news that i am not successful in my interview at unifem i do believe its god’s will. He gave me ajob at marie stopes, i believe am bieng processed for greater blessing i do thank god through jesus christ for this breakthrough. Pray for me to be stronger in faith for the blessings that he has given me

  431. God Almighty,i come in the name of Jesus,i really need Your help,i need You to arise oh God and fight for me.Destroy my enemies for ever.Let them drown in the red sea like the Egyptians never to be seen again.
    God Almighty in Jesus’ name i pray cut off the head of the evil serpent that has been pursuing me,Evil family serpent must die in Jesus’ name,let it be cut in pieces by the sword of the Lord and its body burnt to ashes by the fire of the Holy Ghost.Let its offspring all die today in Jesus’ name.
    Let the judgement of instant death fall upon every evil spirit husband that has held me bondage and let all evidence and materials used in marital rites and procession be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name.
    By the blood of Jesus let me be set free from all slavery and bondage.
    God Almighty let me be married to the man i love,set us bith free from every evil manipulation.
    Oh God open the way financially and in every other way for me to go to further studies in U.K or USA this very year by Your power in Jesus’ name.

    Thank You God for it is done in Jesus’ name.As Hannah met Eli and her request was granted so i have met Your sanctuary and it is done.

  432. I just want someone else to pray and agree with me that today is the start of the best days of the rest of my life. That this is my ephesians 3:20 decade. I have recieved a new position as a head executive of a thriving business and I am 27yrs old. I just need prayer that I will be the best executuive that has ever held that position, that I will retain and understand all required job duties and fulfill them to the best of my ability and that I may show my employess that the God that I serve is the way to go. Thank you for your prayers.

  433. Please pray for my fiance. He graduated medical school more than 10 years ago. He has not been able to use his degree. Now he is trying to do nursing and they do not want to accept him in the program. I ordered the book prayer rain and he has been using it. He wakes up middle of the night to pray as well. His father married a second women into the family and since then there has been no peace in the house. The father stopped loving his mother and would not even sleep in the room with her anymore. He told the mother if she wants she could leave, but she stayed because she does not have family. She was an orphan. His other siblings are not having any luck with finding a job, marriage. They are all struggling. He has friends that are doctors and they do not even want to talk to him. He does not believe in witch craft but now he is starting to believe it. Community colleges do not even want to accept a man who graduated from medical school. He is very down. He wants to make his mother happy because her whole life was a sad story. He wants his mother to be happy before she passes away. It seems as if he cannot move too far in anything he tries to do. It’s really sad. His name is Forster Kwafo. Please pray for him.

  434. please pray for my husband Pravin that he gets a good job within a week.

  435. PLEASE pray for Raymond so that he gets a new job soon as hi is unemployed at the moment and going for a job interview tomorrow.
    Pray for me Maria Cristina for God to bless me with children and a god husband. Dear Lord thank you to have made me find this holy website.
    God bless us all.
    Thank you to all of you for your prayers.
    Maria Cristina

  436. Dear Saints,

    I am in trouble myself and my wife. this also includes my wife’s colleague. My wife is working for the financial institution and we’ve been stealing the money and now we have been caught and the company is still busy with investigations. we have prayed to God, we have acknolegdes that we have sinned against Him, we have asked for the forgiveness and we believe that we have forgiven. All of us we still have young children and we are afraid of loosing them due to the outcomes of the verdict.
    We ask you Saints to also pray for us so that God can deliver us from this dark cloud that is on top of our heads. We stronlgy believe that God can do it for us and no one else.
    Yours in Chrsit Jesus

  437. I want you to pray for my husband he is been victimize at his place of work. His boss is an indian man and he has use his juju powers to blindfold evry managers in dat company. He has been a thorn in my husband upliftment like he is due for promotion but denied, he was transfered from his job function to an irrelevant post. His boss is supressing him wanting him to resign without having another job through frustration .Pls pray for us dat as God delivered Paul & Silas He should come and deliver him and destroy the giant of his life.

  438. Father Lord i submit my relationship with my boyfriend to you. We are currently having some problems and do not even talk to each other. I pray that you may heal all the wounds in our relationship, help us forget the past and let us focus on the future. I pray that you may guide us to marriage, make us right for each other and help us learn to communicate better, love each other better and care about each other better. In God’s name, AMEN.

  439. Thank you for praying for my family. Still trusting God to finish what He started.

  440. Please agree with me in prayer for complete success in my university studies this semester. Thanks and stay blessed.

  441. Please pray for me as i am a woman in her 40s and is praying for a husband and children. I am also praying that my mother who died 13 or more years ago stop tormenting me in my dreams. I pray for financial blessing over my business, pray for God’s guidance over my life, pray for my job and my business.

    May God bless you as you choose to pray for others and may your ministry flourish in Jesus’s name. Amen

  442. are there any prayers for people who covetness against your goods?

  443. I want God to help me in my marital affairs and also promote me and my talents.

  444. Please pray that God will heal my body. I have a relapse from Bronchitis & now I have stomach pains & have to be running to the bathroom at all times. All this at the time when my son needs my support for something he’s going through in his abusive marriage.Please pray that God will give him strength as he goes through this. He is worried about his children.Thank you & may God bless your ministry.

  445. Hello, I thank you all for your prayers. I had an interview on Friday with an oil company today.

    Please, agree with me in prayer that this job interview goes excellently and that I get the job. I have been applying for jobs for a very, very long time now.

    I pray I get it because it is a MUCH-needed life line.. And it is my birth day today and I pray that I get this job as a BIRTHDAY Present…

    Thank You.

    God Bless You and May God Answer your prayers too. Amen.. IJMN..

  446. Pray for family consisting of me, son, daughter and mother to be delivered permanently from satanic bondage and witchcraft.
    My nearest neighbours use the cover of night (between 11 – 12 midnight) to throw all kinds of stuff in my yard and also to destroy my plants. He even sent boys to take away my puppy who always bark at him whenever he was up to his evil deeds at nights.
    This man and his wife are like the biblical Ahab and Zezebel and does their evil deeds together as a team. My son has not worked for 4 years
    and is very negative.


  448. Dear Brethren,

    Please pray for Revival in our church in Philippines and Dubai U. A. E. Salvation for the thounsands of Lost. That they will receive Freedom, Fire and Focus.
    I’m here in Dubai with my wife and my son and two daughters were left in the Philippines, pray for God’s protection in their lives. (Jecamiah, Kevin and Abigail).
    Thanks in advance for your Prayers.
    May the Lord bless you more and more…

  449. Helo I’ve been on your website and have been reading evrything.I dnt know where to start with what im goin thru ive just lost hope and feel so broken,it wasnt by accident that i came across ur websyt i was just about to give up but something pushed me into researching certain things that have been affecting my life.

    As a child my dad was an alcoholic and abused my mother and i.I also witnessed him trying to comit suicide twice.My mother with then take out her frustrations onto me very badly.I was 11 when i first tried to kill myself aftr my mother upset me which was the norm.My big brother Ashveer and I were so close and i always had him watching over me and protecting me.I was a hindu but would often dream about Jesus as a young child over and over again and would have visions of him.My dad eventually quit drinking and became the best dad evr but my mum continued with her behaviour towards me my second attempt was when i was in grade 12,i had a nervus breakdown and spent a few days in hospital.Later that year i was molested by a christian policeman just before my birthday and my final exams.I was broken.I had to write my papers but had to rewrite 2 that i had failed and passed in jan that year only after asking Jesus for help.I was also plaqued by visions of witchcraft done to my family over and over again.To add to that i used to see things at night al the time like a black dog at the foot of my bed or a black hand or this black shadow that would be standing nearby or a short man that had a monkeys body but human head,when it grabed my throat i had to have an op becoz my tonsils shattered in my throat and doctors had to scrape it out which they couldnt understand how it hapened.

    The folowing year i started university i was studing law,the day before my papers my childhood best friend died,i couldnt handle that i had to request to rewrite my exams in jan.We then moved due to all the the things that had hapened and al the things that were troubling me at night,my mum was being suportive,my dad however had started drinking again.Before leavin to our new house whatevr was troublin me told me i am going to follow you to ur new house and 3 days after moving into our new house i saw it hovring above me.When it came time for me to rewrite my papers my beautifl big brother whom i loved and adored died 21st jan 96 til this day we dnt know what hapened to him i was shattered and so were my parents my dad had to identify his body.I rem that night thinkin why is Ashveer so late but nevr mind Jesus wil save him i dnt no why i said those words i was stil hindu and didnt no what the concept saved meant.My parents were devastated i had to wake my youger brother up and tell him that Ashveer was gone,i also had to find a suit for my late brother to wear for the funeral.i had to look after my parents and younger brother make sure there was something to eat for him as my mother was locked in her room for almost a year and i was still studying and mourning myself,it was so dificult.From that day on my mother kept us like prisoners in the house we wernt allowed to go anywhere and we couldnt do much,and there were so many things i wanted to do with my life but my mother always held us back,its been like that for 14 years i dont evn know what its like to be independant.Before my brother died i was also raped i didnt tel anybody because i had another tragedy to deal with,my boyfriend forced himself on me i told him to stop but he didnt.Aftr my brother died both my granddfathers died also a day before exams and then my two fav uncles before my finals,i had to keep repeating but i got distinctions in my last year and evntually gt my degree.My dad stopped drinking but was getting very ill,i was a real dadys girl,he died soon aftr on 9th june 2002 i was devastated i went mad with grief but i had 3 major visions Of Jesus including the last suppr and i was fully awake when it happened i decided to give my heart to the Lord which was very dificult due to all my family members being hindi so i was like an outcast.I attended bibl college and joined the choir.Those things that used to trouble me at night and would sometyms take the form of my brother all stoped the day i gt baptised.Aftr that we lost our home and were homeles for 2 mths my relative let us live wit him in his bachelor flat,i rem living out of a suitcase and my brother and i shared 1 room and my mum slept on the floor.We lost most of our possesions whatevr we had left we kept in storage.We evntually found a smal flat.I had met a christian guy whom i thawt was nice he seemed so nice in the beginin but turned out to be an abuser he tried to kidnap me would folow me and eventualy tried to run me of the road.Took awhile to get over that.I sufered frm slight tremors the day my dad died but it turned into seizures aftr what this guy did to me.Finding a job was always so hard i was always abused by my boses when i did take jus bout anything just to get a job.I eventualy decided to go into teaching and got a job in a christian school.They abused me so much I had to make lunch for the whole school and so the washing up and stil go back and teach but i nevr complained,im a quiet persn by nature thats y i get taken advantage of.The principls daughter was jealous of me i dnt know why and took my clases tests and erased their answers and adjusted them and i caught her and asked what she was doin she told me to go away.I then told the principle who took her daughters side and said the answers looked to good my friend also decided to betray me and steal my job and they wanted me to do admin i quit aftr that.The next job i had teaching again the priciple used to make me sweep the classrooms and the lunch area and in both jobs i wasnt earnin mor than R2000 but again i didn complain because i needed the evperience.Again two workers betrayed me and the principle slandered me and put the blame on me for a mistake that she had made and the 2 workers there who were my friends lied right to my face,I could see they were so ashamed they couldnt look me in the face and tried to apologise and explain straight after but i refused to listen.I was basicly slandered by the principle to al the parents for a mistake she had made and she put the blame on me but what you so you shal reap.The frnd that stole my job phoned me a year later to say sory and that they treated her the same way that they had treated me but worse.In this 2nd school the parents started realising the principls tru colors and took their kids out and the workers quit.My 3rd teaching job the same thing happened!I was abused by the h.o.d. and degraded by her evryday and put dwn by her but i had to take it.I was also studyng my post grad in education,when i asked for study leav which they refused and told me i wnt get paid at al for it, my friend who had an affair with 1 of the teachers stole my job while i went on study leave.When i came back i found out i didnt have a job nemor and al the wrk she had to do while i was on leave she had not done and they made me do evrything and piled me with wrk evn tho they didnt pay me.
    During that time i sowed a seed for my studies evry sun it was a smal amt R2 but i ended up geting distinctions and got my postgrad.I had also sent a prayer request for 3 things,1 for my family to be saved,2 for a good husband and 3 to pass my studies. We also find strange tings by our door like a lamp with dogs hair and black powdery things will be smeared on our door and car
    Two weeks later aftr i sent my prayer request i met someone and we fell in love.Evrything was wonderful in the begining he seemd to be all that i wanted.But he now verbally abuses me but i feel its not him,my wedding date is set for the 8th of jan next year and im getting sworn at and told how dumb and pathetic i am and im a nothing an i have nothing to ofr and he keeps bringin up my past and gets so vulgr and hurtful to me and nevr says sori and is now so cold to me but what have i done thats so wrong to deserv such harsh words thrown at me like im a witch i look ridiculus when i have seizrs and i only sap him of his energy and i provoke him and evrything hes worked so hard for i am ruining and i must shutup and im so disgusting and pathetic and know nothing.I love this man ,what happened its like hes not himself he never used to be like this his voice evn changes iv enclosed a pict of both of us to pray ovr,i feel completely broken and torn apart why has he changed and whats causing this?I’v prayed for God to deal with him but iv nevr felt so much hatred coming towards me as i do now.My cousin who was also very close to me has also hurt me during this time while i was siting in church he brought tears to my eyes.I introduced him to my friend and they are now engaged but not once did they say thanku,iv helped him and defended him when she complained to me about him and i also helped her when he complained about her and she told him a lie about me and caused division between us.She now has evrything,things are good for her but im suffering yet iv done nothing wrong i couldnt bear to go back to church after that because it hurt so much doesnt this girl feel bad about what shes done and at the same time my fiancee is being so cruel to me its like hes possessed and i love him but what is goin on i just cnt take it i feel like ending things i truly give up i cry evryday my mum also says horid things to me that takes days to get over i cant handle my life too much has happened,this is my last resort pls help me,im so unhapi.Pls pray that God would turn my life around and that i will have a hapi marriage and be treated good and that i will get a job where i will be hapi and fruitful in.I keep reading and reading about all the great things Jesus does and i listen to sermons as well but i want to experience Gods power as well.Also pray in agreement with me for the salvation of my mum Omela,brother Yeshnil and fiancée Dilip gets saved


  450. Please pray for healing from depression. Pray that God will fill me with the limitless, lasting joy of the Lord. Also, pray that He’ll renew, restore and strengthen my relationship with Him. Pray that I’ll be able to worship again like I used to, and that I’ll be able to dance again when I worship. Pray that He’ll fill me with His Holy Spirit and His presence and His glory, and that He’ll set me on fire for Him. Pray that He’ll purge all sin, and all darkness out of my life and the place I live, and cleanse me and make me completely pure before Him.

  451. pray for my divine favour and healing upon my life,have been tested Hiv positive and now on treatment.I was supposed to have got married this year but i got very sick,and now the marriage is pending.

  452. To all my brother and sisters in Christ,

    I know that if you found this website it is that true you must be leaving difficult situations in your life but it is just wasn’t a mistake that you came into this website and the Holy spirit guided you, so you can be saved. God is LOVE.
    Many ask this question how long should I be praying, or please pray for me, or it seems like God is not listening to me. I have been on that road before and I would like to share a testimony with you:

    To answer the question of those asking, how long should I be praying?
    the answer is simple you should pray every day and always. Prayers should be part of your daily task because it is very important for christians to pray, also while praying remember to pray for others as well people around you, your ennemies, your friends…..
    While praying please keep in mind that ONLY GOD CAN OVERTURNED YOUR SITUATION IN HIS TIME ( not your time but HIS TIME)
    No matter how hard, or impossible your case is, keep in mind that CHRIST is and will always be in CONTROL as long as you trust him and put HIM first in your life.

    For people asking to pray for them:

    Yes the bible says that when two or more people pray together, GOD listens and will answer. BUT it is also important to remember that JESUS himself gave us power to walk over snakes and scorpions. Yes as Christian we have the power to overtrone the satan in JESUS name.
    YES you have the power to end your situation whatever it is.

    For those saying it seems as GOD is not listening,
    my reply to you is: GOD is listening saying that he is not listening is a lack of faith and it us, putting a limit to what our GOD is capable of. Yes he sees, he listens and he knows even in the deepest of our heart.

    My story is simple, one year ago I came across this website while I was at the lowest point of my life. At this point of time, I stop believing in God and even stop praying ( when we do that I guess the ennemi is really satisfy of himself )
    Nothing was working for me, or any one of my family it was like our lives were running in circle, everything we try, end up failling no matter how hard we try. The oldest of my family is 30 no wife no job, none of my 4 brothers made it far in school, I am the only one who went far but very difficultly, sometimes I would fail my whole year, someone when the exams period were near I will be sick, someone I felt like I have to undress myself , out there and go mad, sometime, I felt like I need to kill myself….. ( I hope you get the point), also no one seemed to want to marry me, everytime someone tries, something will happen to them and the relationship just dies. I am pretty, smart well educated but no man seems to be interrested
    Everytime, my parents have money and want to use it for something good, or to help one of us, something bad will happen and the money will be spend elsewhere. It is like we were under control by some evil hand.
    I came accros this website ( no the Holy spiriy guided me toward this website) and I started praying little by little, at first I was like well let’s try, but I was thinking that God will not answer anyway because we have, been going to the same prayers for the last 30 years and nothing have changed in our life.
    Then Wonders happened via this website, God open my eyes, and for the first time in my life I was able to see as clear as water. The answer has always been in front of my eyes but I have never been able to see because I was spiritualy blind. Yes all our problem were coming from my grandmother ( mother side), yes my grandmother, this very lady who have been always there as if she was caring was nothing but the main person of all our misery. She is wealthy, she is almost a billionnaire and if you haven’t figure that one out, yes our suffering was giving her, what she needed: money and power.
    My mother is her first daughter, and she offer her , her husband and her children to fetiches so she can have wealth and power. The answer was right in front of our eyes we just couldn’t see it. That is one of the main reason why we should always ask for God to open your eyes so you can see. Many things happen in our lives but unless the holy spirit tells there is no way you could know.
    First of all we started to see, everytime someone is wrong in my grandmother house, she will fastly give us some money, and little after that our family will be in trouble and her side will be at peace. Also, she will turn my brothers into each other, or wish my eldest death. She was the one trying to break our family appart, break my mother marriage with my father. To keep a long story short she was the one causing every trouble in our house. But we just couldn’t see it. Also everytime you borrow money from her, someone bad will happen to you. She even said it herself that all of her ennemies always end up dying that why people should not really dare her. Also she never blesses, she only curses. Most of her children have gone mad, they are in their 40-50 but has never been able to work, they only live via what she gives them. Her daughter’s husbands dies( except my father not that she didn’t try but God said NO to her, she often says that all of her problem is that my father is still alive ) Our share was mostly suffering, tears and faillure on all level
    I started praying, little by little then got my mother to pray as well, then my brothers. Today is a year that we all started praying and I can assure you that God has work wonders, we accomplished a lot, all the chains, the cadenas have been broken in Christ name, and we are free from all wichtcraft today, not that they are not trying, they CAN’T because Christ has pay the price for our sins and all our debt and he is our protection against all evil plans and attacks.
    Today, I finish and my bachelor degree and my master degree in less than a year. Praise our savior, my parents who have been seperated for 21 year, have starting talking again, and making plans for the whole family, it is like for the first time they are able to communicate. my eldest brother have built his own house, in less than 3 months, my other brother is now working for an international business outside of my country. And less than a month ago, a doctor proposed to be and I know in my heart that he is the one, because God made it possible. He is everything I always wish in a man, he cares, he is patient, respect me, loves me, and most of all he put Christ first in his life.
    But it doesn’t mean that I stopped praying, more than ever I have to keep praying . Today , I can not see my life without prayers. It is no longer me who live, but Christ who lives in me. He has proven himself to me the only one I need. He is my Savior.

    GOd Bless y’all,
    and remember prayers are the key




  456. My husband Bill is under a spiritual attack and does not seem to be aware of it. Please pray for spiritual protection for him and me. Pray that Bill’s eyes will be open to the Truth and that the Lord will move in a mighty way in our lives. Please plead the Blood of Jesus over us both! Thank you so much for your prayers! May you be Blessed today by our Lord and Savior Jesus!

  457. i need God’s mercy upon my life, he should fight for me and flush out every deposit of the devil in my body that has been disturbing me for about a year, he should send his unquenchable fire to burn down every yoke of darkness and that of my family.


  459. Prayer for God’s protection upon my life and family

  460. I’ve been on your website and have been reading evrything.I dnt know where to start with what im goin thru ive just lost hope and feel so broken,it wasnt by accident that i came across ur websyt i was just about to give up but something pushed me into researching certain things that have been affecting my life.

    As a child my dad was an alcoholic and abused my mother and i.I also witnessed him trying to comit suicide twice.My mother with then take out her frustrations onto me very badly.I was 11 when i first tried to kill myself aftr my mother upset me which was the norm.My big brother Ashveer and I were so close and i always had him watching over me and protecting me.I was a hindu but would often dream about Jesus as a young child over and over again and would have visions of him.My dad eventually quit drinking and became the best dad evr but my mum continued with her behaviour towards me my second attempt was when i was in grade 12,i had a nervus breakdown and spent a few days in hospital.Later that year i was molested by a christian policeman just before my birthday and my final exams.I was broken.I had to write my papers but had to rewrite 2 that i had failed and passed in jan that year only after asking Jesus for help.I was also plaqued by visions of witchcraft done to my family over and over again.To add to that i used to see things at night al the time like a black dog at the foot of my bed or a black hand or this black shadow that would be standing nearby or a short man that had a monkeys body but human head,when it grabed my throat i had to have an op becoz my tonsils shattered in my throat and doctors had to scrape it out which they couldnt understand how it hapened.

    The folowing year i started university i was studing law,the day before my papers my childhood best friend died,i couldnt handle that i had to request to rewrite my exams in jan.We then moved due to all the the things that had hapened and al the things that were troubling me at night,my mum was being suportive,my dad however had started drinking again.Before leavin to our new house whatevr was troublin me told me i am going to follow you to ur new house and 3 days after moving into our new house i saw it hovring above me.When it came time for me to rewrite my papers my beautifl big brother whom i loved and adored died 21st jan 96 til this day we dnt know what hapened to him i was shattered and so were my parents my dad had to identify his body.I rem that night thinkin why is Ashveer so late but nevr mind Jesus wil save him i dnt no why i said those words i was stil hindu and didnt no what the concept saved meant.My parents were devastated i had to wake my youger brother up and tell him that Ashveer was gone,i also had to find a suit for my late brother to wear for the funeral.i had to look after my parents and younger brother make sure there was something to eat for him as my mother was locked in her room for almost a year and i was still studying and mourning myself,it was so dificult.From that day on my mother kept us like prisoners in the house we wernt allowed to go anywhere and we couldnt do much,and there were so many things i wanted to do with my life but my mother always held us back,its been like that for 14 years i dont evn know what its like to be independant.Before my brother died i was also raped i didnt tel anybody because i had another tragedy to deal with,my boyfriend forced himself on me i told him to stop but he didnt.Aftr my brother died both my granddfathers died also a day before exams and then my two fav uncles before my finals,i had to keep repeating but i got distinctions in my last year and evntually gt my degree.My dad stopped drinking but was getting very ill,i was a real dadys girl,he died soon aftr on 9th june 2002 i was devastated i went mad with grief but i had 3 major visions Of Jesus including the last suppr and i was fully awake when it happened i decided to give my heart to the Lord which was very dificult due to all my family members being hindi so i was like an outcast.I attended bibl college and joined the choir.Those things that used to trouble me at night and would sometyms take the form of my brother all stoped the day i gt baptised.Aftr that we lost our home and were homeles for 2 mths my relative let us live wit him in his bachelor flat,i rem living out of a suitcase and my brother and i shared 1 room and my mum slept on the floor.We lost most of our possesions whatevr we had left we kept in storage.We evntually found a smal flat.I had met a christian guy whom i thawt was nice he seemed so nice in the beginin but turned out to be an abuser he tried to kidnap me would folow me and eventualy tried to run me of the road.Took awhile to get over that.I sufered frm slight tremors the day my dad died but it turned into seizures aftr what this guy did to me.Finding a job was always so hard i was always abused by my boses when i did take jus bout anything just to get a job.I eventualy decided to go into teaching and got a job in a christian school.They abused me so much I had to make lunch for the whole school and so the washing up and stil go back and teach but i nevr complained,im a quiet persn by nature thats y i get taken advantage of.The principls daughter was jealous of me i dnt know why and took my clases tests and erased their answers and adjusted them and i caught her and asked what she was doin she told me to go away.I then told the principle who took her daughters side and said the answers looked to good my friend also decided to betray me and steal my job and they wanted me to do admin i quit aftr that.The next job i had teaching again the priciple used to make me sweep the classrooms and the lunch area and in both jobs i wasnt earnin mor than R2000 but again i didn complain because i needed the evperience.Again two workers betrayed me and the principle slandered me and put the blame on me for a mistake that she had made and the 2 workers there who were my friends lied right to my face,I could see they were so ashamed they couldnt look me in the face and tried to apologise and explain straight after but i refused to listen.I was basicly slandered by the principle to al the parents for a mistake she had made and she put the blame on me but what you so you shal reap.The frnd that stole my job phoned me a year later to say sory and that they treated her the same way that they had treated me but worse.In this 2nd school the parents started realising the principls tru colors and took their kids out and the workers quit.My 3rd teaching job the same thing happened!I was abused by the h.o.d. and degraded by her evryday and put dwn by her but i had to take it.I was also studyng my post grad in education,when i asked for study leav which they refused and told me i wnt get paid at al for it, my friend who had an affair with 1 of the teachers stole my job while i went on study leave.When i came back i found out i didnt have a job nemor and al the wrk she had to do while i was on leave she had not done and they made me do evrything and piled me with wrk evn tho they didnt pay me.
    During that time i sowed a seed for my studies evry sun it was a smal amt R2 but i ended up geting distinctions and got my postgrad.I had also sent a prayer request for 3 things,1 for my family to be saved,2 for a good husband and 3 to pass my studies. We also find strange tings by our door like a lamp with dogs hair and black powdery things will be smeared on our door and car
    Two weeks later aftr i sent my prayer request i met someone and we fell in love.Evrything was wonderful in the begining he seemd to be all that i wanted.But he now verbally abuses me but i feel its not him,my wedding date is set for the 8th of jan next year and im getting sworn at and told how dumb and pathetic i am and im a nothing an i have nothing to ofr and he keeps bringin up my past and gets so vulgr and hurtful to me and nevr says sori and is now so cold to me but what have i done thats so wrong to deserv such harsh words thrown at me like im a witch i look ridiculus when i have seizrs and i only sap him of his energy and i provoke him and evrything hes worked so hard for i am ruining and i must shutup and im so disgusting and pathetic and know nothing.I love this man ,what happened its like hes not himself he never used to be like this his voice evn changes iv enclosed a pict of both of us to pray ovr,i feel completely broken and torn apart why has he changed and whats causing this?I’v prayed for God to deal with him but iv nevr felt so much hatred coming towards me as i do now.My cousin who was also very close to me has also hurt me during this time while i was siting in church he brought tears to my eyes.I introduced him to my friend and they are now engaged but not once did they say thanku,iv helped him and defended him when she complained to me about him and i also helped her when he complained about her and she told him a lie about me and caused division between us.She now has evrything,things are good for her but im suffering yet iv done nothing wrong i couldnt bear to go back to church after that because it hurt so much doesnt this girl feel bad about what shes done and at the same time my fiancee is being so cruel to me its like hes possessed and i love him but what is goin on i just cnt take it i feel like ending things i truly give up i cry evryday my mum also says horid things to me that takes days to get over i cant handle my life too much has happened,this is my last resort pls help me,im so unhapi my wedding is in a couple weeks and my fiancee and i are not even talking ive seen this spirit that looks lyk a serpent with a crocodiles mouth while i last spoke to him,why has he changed into this monster?why has abuse been following me my whole life.Pls pray that God would turn my life around and that i will have a hapi marriage and be treated good and that i will get a job where i will be hapi and fruitful in.I keep reading and reading about all the great things Jesus does and i listen to sermons as well but i want to experience Gods power as well.Also pray in agreement with me for the salvation of my mum Omela,brother Yeshnil and fiancée Dilip that they be saved


  461. Please , Pray For Me . I want to become pregnant even though I’m young . I prayed to god several times and cried . I told him yesterday night to tell me in my dreams why wont he give me my unborn child but i cant remember the dream. I know its a big responsibility and all but i promise to give my child the world to put him in gods hands to be with him every step of the way . Please Pray for me I’m Praying A

  462. Desire to Conceive, Fulfillment Over Barrenness

    Father, we thank You that children are the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Children are your idea, Father; you thought up children, and family, and home. You instituted the family in the Garden of Eden. You ordered children; You commanded them when You said to Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply.” You said that the barren womb is never satisfied. Lord, the Word declares that I am wonderfully and fearfully made by You; therefore, I’m perfect and able to conceive and have children. You said that I/my wife would be a fruitful vine by the side of our house and our children like olive plants around our table, We are not ashamed but happy because our quiver is full of children (or arrows, as You call them). Thank you, Father, that You designed and fashioned me/her, to have children, that in the Bible barrenness was the exception, not the rule, not Your will, not normal, something against Your plan and purpose. And in Your goodness and faithfulness every barren woman in the Bible who was godly and believed Your Word became pregnant; You opened her womb and bless her, and she gave birth to a precious baby just as I/she will. You make the barren woman to keep house and to be a joyful mother of children. You said, Father, that because You are our God and we are Your people and have a covenant with You that You will love us and bless us and multiply us and bless the fruit of my/her womb and that neither male nor female among Your people would be barren.
    Father, we are redeemed form the curse of the Law by Jesus, and being barren is under the curse of the Law; therefore, we will receive from Your grace and have children.

    Father, no plague, no evil shall come nigh our dwelling. We are healed by the stripes of Jesus. Sickness of any kind is taken out of our midst. You said to ask anything of You in Jesus’ name and it would be done; and that if two of us on either agree as touching anything it would be done. So we pray and we agree with You and Your Word, Father, that we will conceive and bring forth a healthy, precious baby to Your glory and honor. We pray all this according to Your Word and will. You said, This is the confidence that we have in You, that if we ask anything
    according to Your will, You hear us; and if You hear us, we know we have the petition we desire of You, We have it now. Thank, Father, in Jesus’ name.

    Now, talk to your body:
    Bodies, we speak to you in Jesus’ name; You will come in line and agreement with the Word of God. You will respond to His holy Word. You will function properly and perfectly, the way God intended you to. Every part, every organ of our reproductive system conforms to the Word and plan of God as we come together in pure, martial love. Body, conceive! Be pregnant. Cooperate with God’s plan; perfect ovulation, release of perfect eggs from the ovaries, thorough the fallopian tubes, penetrated and impregnated, fertilized by healthy sperm. Good solid attachment to uterine wall and nourished and protected for nine months (40 weeks) unharmed and unhindered. Grow to a perfect baby – spirit, soul, and body. Your Word says, Father, that none shall cast their young, nor be barren amount Your people and the number of our days You will fulfill. This pregnancy will be fulfilled. We decree it in Jesus’ name and receive God’s best; we won’t settle for anything less in Jesus’ holy name. Thank You, Lord, that it is so and done to Your honor and Glory.

  463. kindly pray for me.
    Dear Lord,
    I thank you Lord for you’ve always answered my prayers, I remember about two and a half years ago,I was tormented and I was the talk of people, you delivered me out of my torment and you ashamed the same people who were talking about me.I have come back to you again with the same faith, perhaps with confidence that Lord you are a deliverer.I ask you to help me out of my desperation.I’ve been looking for jobs, attended several interviews but i don’t get a job which my heart desires.I am qualified. In our country corruption,nepotism and tribalism is a way of getting good and rewarding jobs.By now, it’s gotten even worse. I can’t find any rest, I worry about my job and my mortgage payments every night. I am currently under financial pressures and i can’t meet all my financial obligations.I’ve tried business in the past but my partners have conned me and lost all the money in the process. I’ve assisted friends and relatives with my money but refused to pay me back despite having promised to pay back. I’m frustrated.I cannot relax or enjoy myself. I’ve a young family and I must say we are straining.I was so happy with current job but I can’t meet all my financial obligations, i can’t do all what I aspire to do. Dear Lord, please help me. Help me get out of my depression so I can function optimally at my job. But first and foremost, give me a renewed relationship between you and me,peace Lord, please get these tormenting thoughts out of my head. I love you, I do feel your love around me. Thank you Lord.

    I renounce all covenants, pacts, promises, curses and every other work of darkness to which I have been exposed or made liable by my own actions or by the actions of others.

    By the act and decision of my own free will, Father, in the name of Jesus.

    jonah kenei

  464. Pray for me to receive positive results to be relesed in February 2011,on Management Accounting subject i wrote five times and my husband assessements.Prayer requests to cast out ALL chains satan used to connect himself to my family and my sisters,brothers,niece,nephews,be permanently disconnected in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.pRAYER FOR THE SICK AND POOR,Prayers for my children to pass at school and to prosper in life,Restoration of my marital life,family health,business IN THE NAME OF ALMIGHTHY CHRIST.AMEN.

  465. Every year at this time, my supervisor at work creates confusion and conflict in the work place. He tries to make me think that I am a very incompetent worker. This is far from the truth; but he brings up an incident that is intended, not to be true, but to cause my Christmas and New Year to be wrecked with bitter fighting and self-defense. Join me in prayer that I will not lose my peace and the presence of God as the one who fights my battles.

  466. pray for my fammily and protection from work of witchcraft, pray that our relationship is atrenghthen, pray to break jeolousy againdt us. pray for our marital life

  467. Please pray for my family that God should liberate,deliver us from all evil convenants and curses

    Prayer that God should give us breakthrough in my family

    God should grant unto me my husband,good health and good job.

    God shuld save the life of my brother whom evil prophesy is coming to pass in his life,he has abandonded studies,not willig to work,keeping bad gang and takig alcohol.

  468. Special deliverance needs for our family, my parents, me, and other victims. I have been assaulted by witchcraft by a relative, perhaps three, and this steals all my blessings. There may be a coven at work in our family, the Holy Spirit just revealed this. We need many prayers to end the terror and sadness of living this way. I am very sad since I lost my boyfriend in a very weird and demonic way where we both got into a very strange argument and severed our relationship. He may have cheated on me, I don’t know. I believe he is a gift from God for my life and we need many prayers to get back on the right track. I pray for his salvation since he is in process of learning about Jesus.


  470. I have been praying for the same things for years. For guidance in my fiances so I can get straightened out and for God to heal my daughter’s depression and to reveal Himself to her. Several years ago, my husband left and i went into a deep depression. Shortly after that, my daughter became depressed. My finances went down hill and mu daughter and I had to move in with my parents and share a bedroom (she is almost 15). In order to save money, I had to pull my daughter from the christian school she has gone to since she was 4. This did not help her depression but she understands. In order to avoid a large public school, she chose to be homeschooled but now she is lonely and hardly sees her friends….did not help depression. My finances continued to get worse. I am currently working a second job, got it as a season job but I am hoping they keep me. I seriously need a miracle to help me with my fiances, I NEED God’s guidance. I have been praying about this for years and things seem to only get worse. My daughter is losing faith fast. I pray that God would PLEASE reveal Himself to her. She says she has been praying for things to get better but they keep getting worse!!!! I KNOW that is my fiances would improve, my daughter’s depression would get better. We could get a place of our own, she could have friends sleep over more and she could go back to the Christian school that all of her friends are…the only school she has ever gone to. Please, keep us in your prayers!

  471. Praise the lord.
    My wife fought with me and went away to her sisters home,our’s was a love marriage but she does’nt want to live with my parents and wanted to live separately for which i dint agree.
    Its been more than 3 months since she left me and my home til now she dint came back.
    Plz pray for us and as i dont want to leave her,i tried convincing her but she is not listning and her mobile is also switched off.
    Plz pray that she come back

  472. please pray for me and dante to move closer to god. please pray for kirby he has the spirit of lies on him. pray for protect jordyn and brandy

    in christ love vonda

  473. 1. Attaining a National Diploma for the year 2010, there are hindresses
    2. Successfully registering for my B.Tech in Construction Management in the year 2011 and being financial assisted by my previous bursary administrator- CETA
    3.Freedom from financial bondage
    4.Freedom from whatever generational curses may exist in the family
    In Jesus’ Mighty name I pray Amen

  474. I have an urgent prayer. My boyfriend and I were both laid off from our jobs. I was employed for 16 plus years and he was for 10 plus years. We want to be vindicated from our enemies. That caused us to be laid off. We are also artists and run an art gallery and none of our art has sold. Not one piece. We are surrounded by a witches coven, abortion center, medicine man who practices mind control, a yoga studio and the owner who we rent the building from practices the American Indian rituals and is constantly hosting witch doctors to bless him. We have used the gallery to pray for people and have preach salvation. Since we started going that the well has gone dry. We both pay our tithes faithfully, give offering and help the homeless with their needs. We don’t understand why we are financially broke. We are getting ready to throw the towel in. We would both like full time jobs. We want to know if maybe God is punishing us…. We have fasted, prayed, rebuked. We have read the bible, spoke the word over us, our enemies, our jobs and our art and nothing happens. We are two months behind on our rent. Thank you for your prayers.

  475. One of the best christian sites i have ever come across – the prayers are so simple and direct – i am glad that i found your site. I know that this site will help me come closer to the Lord and to fight the spiritual battles i am facing right now – banckruptcy – please pray for me

  476. Dear God,
    I am praying for the marriage restoration with my husband Tony. I am praying for patience for myself. I pray, God, that you will speak to Tony’s heart and restore our marriage and guide Tony home. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  477. Dear God, i pray that my relationship with my boyfriend is restored, that we may start to communicate with each other and love each other even more. I also pray that the people of the job should contact me real soon so i can make up my find about the job. I pray for my father’s house to be completed this year. All teh angels and saints, please intercede for me. I pray all this believing and trusting in God’s name for a miracle i have already received, AMEN.

  478. I’m 29 years old (Protestant Christian) currently in a Relationship with a Girl who’s 8 yrs my senior, (from a different Christian background), who I want to marry and settle down with by GOD’s Grace.
    But Parents on both sides (my Dad & Mom and her Dad) & Relatives do not agree, (due to the age & background) and don’t want us to marry.
    We would like to marry & settle down with GOD’s Grace & Blessings and Approval of both our Parents, on both sides.
    Please pray for us to get married & settled down without any obstruction and for GOD to guide us both through our remaining lives, to treat each other with care, honesty, love, trust & understanding and also for us to remain steadfast in our faith.
    Please pray for us, to be Blessed by Our Father’s Grace and for his timely intervention, so that we would not have to split up or hurt the Parents on both sides.
    Now we have started having problems, she does not see a future for us together & wants to be just Friends (after more than 1 year); as she feels she’s hurting me !!!
    I’m completely broken up inside… I don’t want 2 hurt her or lose her !!! I know she still likes me & is hurting inside… She has taken this decision to save us from the problems she thinks will happen in the future…

    Please pray for Our Heavenly Father, to show us the way forward; as we both know if we are in a Relationship 2dy its only b’coz of GOD’s Grace & Plan or we would never have met at all in Life !!!

    Pray that:
    (1) Our Heavenly Father talks to her Heart & makes her understand we both are going 2 b miserable, if we are not 2gether…
    (2) Our Heavenly Father talks to all the Parents & Relatives on both sides and make their Hearts accept us…

    GOD Bless !!!

  479. my fiancee recently just walked out of our relationship as we were finalising our marriage plans due to external interference from family and friends.Am broken inside and want GOD to give me strength not to despair as life has really frustrated me from all sides.I want to know why i have such a strong attachment to this man,am unable to walk away,for God to heal him from bitterness he harbours from his past and to enable him forgive his family,break the evil attacks that hinder our marriage and if he is not the one for me,God to release my spouse.Pray for my grandma who is unwell.Ma the God who answers by fire answer me and all of us expecting miracles.

  480. pray for me that the curse that was put on be broken i need your prayers so that i can be able to enjoy life again this curse was put on my by a so called best friend and her family they are trying to control my thoughts and feelings making people be against me fro no reasons I can not save any money The father gave me some money and in a matter of a short time i just had nothing but bad luck i have health problems no true friends family against me no relationship i can not keep please pray for me so that this bad luck can be removed and that the enemy be put to shame in jesus mighty name

  481. Pray for me ,am trusting GOD for a rise .Am a tither so i believe and know his going to do it for me,b.coz the bible says am the hard may i get that which is for me.The bible says where two or more are gathered there i am,my brothers and sisters stand with me on this one.

  482. Please pray for me that my husband stops drinking and hitting me he always misunderstands me,recently he has started acting strange with my elder daughter she too has notice this,this type of behaviour was not excepted from him.pray for his deliverence that the evil which is making him do such act just leaves him and god makes him realise his act.Brother 17yrs of love marriage with 2 daughters 17yrs and 8yrs.I fought all types of evil in my house my children keep falling sick all the time something or the other problems are there we have removed so much test of my elder daughter all are clear but still she falls ill.on top of it now my husband has strated acting funny with her i am sick and tired of all in laws are always having problems with me i have worked like a servant for them still they put fights between us the reason my husband listen to everybody besides me and every night after drinking there are fights and beating.I am so scared of this night,Brother my husband works on the oil rigs he comes after every 28days on and off i wait for him but at the same time so scared we 3 are that we think hope he does’nt come only i love him very very much please please pray for are deliverence i want tolive happily with my husband and daughters.

  483. my sister had an accident a needs to have a bone graft pray that we get money to pay for it

  484. Transformation of my husband to be the Christian Faithful Loyal husband he was created to be. Remove this other person from his life now and forever. In Jesus Name.

  485. Please man of God Pray for me. I promise my husband to be ,that we are going to buy a taxi so that we can do our own businessb because he is not working and I only earn R2000 a month I can’t afford to buy that taxi now I’m scared he is gonna leave me because he wo’nt trust me anymore. Pray for me again for my debts I do’nt know how to finish them and I need the taxi to open the business,even today I do not know what to do because I trusted God to give me miracles I want to get a place to stay with my husband to be because he is like abandoned his father do not want him in his house please pray for me.

  486. me and my best friend sanu ansari has fought wit each other i have tried to convince him a lot and begged for pardon but he s not ready to forgive me pls pray that he forgives ne plssssssss

  487. please pray that my depression will be healed also fear.

    thank you


  488. please pray for karen to be healed from mental illness

    thank you


  489. Please pray for my husband (Bayo) from smoking and drinking, anger. For almost 2 yrs now, he does not go to church. I want God to restore him miraculuosly and deliver him.
    God to restore love, peace and joy back into our marriage. God should remove the veil that is covering his eyes in Jesus name.

    I want God reveal himself to me and give me business idea.

  490. urgent prayer request. please pray for JAPAN, affected by a huge earth quake followed by tsunami, oil may flow in the water so fire also spreads. please pray .

  491. I daniel’s mother request prayer for the following:
    Please pray for the full recovery of my husband from his diabetes….
    pray for my daughter and sons.
    Please pray for our new business to be a success… …..
    pray for a fight between both my sister- in-laws(brother’s wife)…..
    pray for my( more than) 65yr old mother,
    brothers and their family ,
    sisters and their family,
    sister-in-law,brother-in-law’s family and friends.
    Heavenly Father fill us with your blessing.

  492. I ask for prayers concerning my education GOD to open doors for my school fees and peace over our country.

  493. Please pray for god protection over me and my family. I feel that I have been cursed by a non christian please pray for its removal

    God Bless

  494. God should provide me with a good job

  495. I’ve been married for 23 yrs and my husband told me he wants a divorce, he loves me, but isn’t in love with me anymore. I can’t believe it, my heart is broken and the pain I’m feeling is unbearable. I don’t want to get a divorce, I still love him so much. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to stop loving him. Would you please help me pray for wisdom, guidance and for God to completely heal and restore our marriage.

    Thank You,



  498. hi plz pray for me for a job… to meet my soulmate… devine spiritual growth…

  499. pray for my 2 brothers & my extented family… God save and deliver them. for all of us financial breakthrough.. good jobs with good salaries… above all pray for us that we should put God first in our lives,,, God fearing people… thanx for your prayers. God bless

  500. Dear God,
    The enemies are raging but You are more powerful than them. Prove yourself in the case of my aunt (Martha). You see the lies that are being told against her in court by people who are close to her,be not far from us in this case.For man it is difficult but for you it is nothing.We need your intervention,rescue her from her enemies who hate her without cause.May every trap they have set for her life catch them in the name of Jesus. May you frustrate their plans for our trust is in you and you have promised us that if we trust in only you,you will not forsake us….this is the time we need you more than ever before.You who did it for the Israelites can do it for us also. Thank you Father for answering our Prayer in Jesus Name.Amen.



  503. i need God to solve my problem, i need God to heal me and save me

  504. Thank God for this blog, its very informative/enlightening and a blessing. Things that i only guessed have been confirmed and its a great encouragement in the fight against the devil. Some workmates have been consulting evil spirits /witchcraft with the aim of hurting me.At one time i had pains all over the body and it appeared as if it was depression. Also sometime i had wounds overnight whose source could not be explained. They have sent evil spirits to my house and i have been experiencing weired dreams eg. talking to strangers and been disturbed while asleep. Sometimes i see lizards which momentarily disappear. So far God, through prayer, have enabled me to overcome the pains and wounds but these people are not relenting in trying all manner of harassment. To make matters worse they go about boasting how powerful their witchcraft is. Please pray for me to be delivered from this evil spirits.

  505. My name is Tj and i would like to pray this prayer and thank any others for coming into agreement with is.

    I thank god for answering my prayers as far as school, my career selection, and any afflictions upon my mind body spirit and that they are removed. Also that he continues to help me grow as a christian and for taylor and all my freinds family to grow as christians and remove any afflictions of the mind body and spirit upon them and that they continue to grow into strong loving and obedient christians and once again we thankyou lord for answering these prayers Amen.

  506. I have REAL LIVE evil spirit harasments on daily basis for 7 years now even though I’ve tried to live an honest christian life.The Lord said it needs fasting & I made hard efforts for months till breakdown. Please count me as your own brother and join me in ceaseless personal and corporate prayers and strong decrees against this evil. Kindly forward my request to all strong believers that can help me. Thanks.Ned

  507. My prayer request is for me to not to be a faillure in life.. I have a daughter aged 7 and another one on her way in a week.. I want God to provide my school fees and make a way for me to take care of the kids.. I am a single mother and have never been married.. All I want is to be a virtuous, God fearing and loving woman to these kids.. My boyfriend left me cause he thought i wasn’t wife material, I was really hurt but now I am healed.. I need the Lord’s assistance and your prayers..

    Thank you


  509. Please pray for me.

    I have lost my job last December and am still unemployed. Also, my fiancé is having
    an affair with another woman and told me that he wants to split up and I must pack
    my things and go away. I am in pieces, feeling very depressed. I want to kill myself.
    I wish I was dead. Please God help me I cannot take all this suffering any longer.
    Thank you for your prayers.


  511. My good friend Leni is an alcoholic and I also believe doing drugs. Hangs around people who influence him negatively. Always submits to temptation. He is doing a lot of very bad things. He treats those who actually love him and want to help him very badly. He has turned away from God.

  512. hi I come from an antireligious family and I know almost nothing about god or christ .From the begiinning of time there has always been bizare , unexplainable, and demonic things that happen in my family.One of my uncles even became paralized from his waste down due to a curse that got put on him. my family members don’t really believe in god or they think the whole idea is dumb and a hypocracy. One of my sisters dated a satanist who has allegadely put curses on ppl.In the previous house we lived in before we had some sort of spirit that would make anyone who went into our home very fearful especially if it was a religious person(chritian or catholic).To me it would make me really sad and I would feel drained and empty it is an unexplainable feeling. I believe this might have something to do with the fact that my family has nonbelievers..My family’s moto is basicly as long as i’m not doing anything wrong or hurting people I should be ok.When I started finding out about god on my own a lot of bad in our life changed and I know it’s because of my change in faith.My family’s moto is basicly as long as i’m not doing anything wrong or hurting people I should be ok.Although I am the only sibling of 4 to believe in god it’s hard for me to go to church or do anything related to that and to speak of god is very hard especially because I have to follow my mom’s rules as a minor.I get mocked and sometimes i’m even looked down for that. My family believes god is a bad person because of all the bad things that have happend in our lifes because they consider themselfes good people.And they are, my family is always helping people in need and they’re very loving but I know my family is very subjectable to bad spirtis and this is why I am asking for you to please pray for me and my family and people who might have a similar problem because it’s hard to go with god when your own family is anitreligious and brought up that way and you’re an easy target for evil spirtis. I don’t know what else to do about helping my family get closer to go and keep the evil spirts away. Thank you, Janet

  513. Please pray for-pray for Eric’s Salvation.Pray God will give Eric the grace to know, love, accept, and believe in Jesus Christ as his best friend, Savior, and as his Lord and his God.. I do not know where Eric is today;we lost touch but where ever Eric is God is their…Pray God will meet his needs and touch his heart with mercy, compassion, and love..


  515. I want you to pray for me as I will be going through operation on fibroid soon. pray for the success of the operataion and pray for deliverance of eating in the dream.

  516. I’d like to thank god and pray to god, i’m so thankful for god bringing my ex back, for the way he did it and how he did it. I know everything happends for a reason, I’m so happy. I’d like to pray to god, certain photos i’ve sent out have been deleted by the “owner” Brian- you know him lord, that he finds another girl to swoop him off his feet & treat him right give him the things i wanted/but can’t that the plans you have keep him going and that his heart heals if its hurting and he knows I’m sorry, that i am.



  519. I will like you to pray for me during this period of fasting because I will join in the fasting so that The Almighty will reveal Himself more to me and answer my prayers satisfying my requests IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  520. I have a lawyer.The lawyer asked me in the beginning has the dad ever touched the child and I said no I never asked. I went back home and I asked my son did the dad ever touch him in a bad the time he was 5 and he said yes mommy and I looked at him and he said yes he did mommy I am telling the truth.he said that he wiggled his tally wacker up and down and rubbed his butt.I told my lawyer and he told me to contact the abuse hotline and they gave me the number.I called and the dcf lady came over she told me that child safety team would contact me and give me an appointment.I went to child safety told them what the child said and then they recorded the child.through all of this the lawyer was putting out subpoenas for the case I guess I really don’t know now.any way dcf told me to they want the child in therapy.The therapist came out and spoke to the child and she said well the child is very geographical and I believe he knows what happened to him and that she believe what he is saying.My lawyer asked me questions about the contempt case and I told him how could he say I wont let him see the child if he never came by to get him.I have never called him to see if he was coming to get the child when he usually came there to get the child he would call and say I am here.Last year the child was with me because of the domestic violence and he had supervised visitation and it ended in jan.13,2011.what happened to christian had to happen the year before 2010 and he still remembered it because in the year of 2009 christian was crying that he did not want to go with him and he was peeing and boobooing on himself.My lawyer calls me and tells me that I need an extra 1,500 dollars to keep being my lawyer in this mom is helping me with the money because I don’t have any money.he said he has to talk to us because he don’t know if the judge will listen to us about the touching of christian because this is a contempt case but why tell me this now I thought he was gonna help me I have paid this lawyer a lot of money and now I don’t know what he is gonna tell me.please someone I need your help to keep my child safe and if it has to be visitations I am hoping that the judge give the dad supervised visitations.I need a cheap lawyer that may be able to take over or tell me what to do.please pray for me and my son christian because he does not need to be with this man over night.please pray that the judge give me sole custody over my son christian,that all of this works out in me and my sons favor, that the judge gives Sergio perminant supervised visitations at the courthouse,that God speaks through my lawyer and attorney and regulate there minds and speak through my lawyer,and that the judge throws out the Contemp Case and Please help me pray for the victory and favor in all ways.

  521. Please pray for me that I get a full-fee scholarship in one of the best universities in the UK this year by July, so that I would fulfill my great dream of studying in the UK.

  522. Please pray that the marriage of John and Amanda is protected, healed, and restored. She is confiding in another man. Please pray that the Lord convict her heart, and bring her to her knees in repentance. She wanted to get back together three weeks ago, but has severed contact again. Pray that her heart is convicted to be my Godly wife. Pray that communication is restored, that the Lord prompts her to call me. Pray that the Lord delays no longer and brings my beloved back to me. Pray that she comes back soon, I need my helpmeet. I need encouragement here, a lot. I have been paralyzed over this separation, there is a restraining order against me, and therefore I cannot contact to her and minister to her. My hands are tied, and I am going insane from the loneliness. I do not trust my judgment anymore, I don’t trust my prayers anymore, please help us. I need someone to help me stand.

  523. 1.Prayer for a good Job
    3.Prayer for God’s protection upon my life and family
    4.Divine favour and wisdom

  524. My daughter has been looking for a job as a salon assistant for the past several months, She has graduated from cosmotology school. Please pray that what ever is blocking her way to be removed not ,Please intercede on her behalf. She has a baby to take care of

  525. I am a Liberian ,I am a volunteer,need employment.
    I want God to bless me with children and get marriage.
    God should protect me from all evils .

  526. 1.Prayer for physical and spiritual healing.
    2.Prayer for my test results to come out good with no abnormality.

  527. I am a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering (HND) with option in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.I graduated in the year 2007 and served in the year 2008/2009.
    My name is OKOTETE OMONIGHO FELIX, I need a prayer for instant employment, I am by the grace of God the first child of my parents Chief & Mrs OKOTETE JOSEPH BROWN, my parents suffered and borrowed money before I graduated. My HND admission was hell before I got and before I finished the programme,it was another war financially.We are just 3,I am the first and my two younger ones.
    I need a prayer for my dream job that will usher in financial liberation into my family.
    I need a prayer for my loving parents to live a fulfilled lives,peace,joy,sound health long lives & prosperity
    Prayer for my younger ones to live a fulfilled lives and affect their generation positively.
    Prayer for my successful marriage on the 3rd of December,2011 between Bridget & Me(Felix) .

  528. Prayer that all the household witches & wizards of both my father and mother sides that are after my destiny,my God given goal that they should all collapse and die.Those ones after my parents,younger ones destinies should perish

  529. 1) I request you to pray for me to escape from fear brought about by evil spirits,ancestral witches and in my dreams. etc

    2) Pray for an ongoing case to be terminated which has taken years.

    3) Pray for my Job and so many enemies of gossip at my place of work and my neighborhoods to face the wrath of the Lord. They accuse me of bad things.

    4) GOD`S protection in all my daily endeavors.


  531. 1. I wanted to ask for a prayer to restore my marriage
    2. for my husband to leave the drugs
    3. for my children
    4. for me to find a Medical assistant job
    5. for you Lord to always be our main purpose
    Thank you and God Bless

  532. My Boyfriend and i have been together for 6 years, we lost a baby to ectopic pregnancy two years ago, we have been trying to get pregnant ever since then. Please pray for a perfect god given Conception, a Healthy baby in gods image for us to love and nurture. Pray for My dear partner’s Salvation and for us to fulfill gods destiny and be Man and Wife.

    Thank you and God Bless you all.

    AMEN to the Almighty Creator!! <3

  533. Praise the Lord!

    Im Parveen Banu from India. I have completed my M.phil in Microbiology. Now, im working abroad. My age is 30 and still I remain unmarried. I believe very well that this is a curse bestowed on me by the enemeis of Jesus Christ and also because of my own sins for which now I repent…..My life is looking like as if my marriage is blocked by the evil spirits and also lack any kind of blessings. Now, I remain a burden to my parents as they could not find me a suitable partner for me…..Also, I remain an object of humiliation to my relatives and neighbors….

    Dear prayer intercessors, I request you to kindly intercede on behalf of me to God to enable my parents to find a suitable life partner for me on all aspects and get married and settled in life soon….Let everyone come to know that God is Mighty in His deeds and thoughts and His plan is beyond human understanding……

    With Hope that soon my life is going to be changed and my life would be an object of marvel and miracle and In anticipation for your prophetic reply…..

    Thank you

  534. Pray for me to overcome evil spirits which have been sent to me by my enemies which bring confusion and fear to me every time.
    Pray for the security of my Job. Enemies want be out.
    Pray for my Family.
    Pray for my development

  535. i m in very tough situation and god knows my situation plz pray for me to get my wish fullfilled

  536. Please pray that the Lord soften my wife Amanda’s heart towards me, that the Holy Spirit fills her with the conviction to reconcile and restore our marriage. Please pray that He protect her from temptation, and opens her eyes to the enemies tricks. Please pray that the Lord move swiftly in my wifes heart, I have been standing for 5 months.

  537. I’m searching for companies that can provide an avenue for investing in Christian companies located in Israel. I want the money I invest to bless the Lord, and specifically to bless Israel. I found possibly the only company that did just that, Isratrade, but it closed because of legal issues. Please pray that God will help me and reveal to me how to invest in His work in Israel, and maybe elsewhere. Pray for wisdom, guidance, information, and the right investment firms. Thanks for your prayers.

  538. Thank you for your website and for your prayers. I have a 42 year old daughter who is unmarried and has cancer of the cervix. She is constantly in terrible pain and in now on strong medication to dull her pain. Please prayer for and with her. She is a Christian and has this strong faith in God. Her name is Zandile Nduli in Swaziland

  539. Please!!!
    Help-me. Pray for me (Daniel Rodrigo Nogueira) and my bride (Talita Oliveira de Souza). Our engagement is over after seven years together.
    I hope for a engagement restoration from God.
    My best Regards,

  540. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough I,m currently constructing my residential house but i don’t have funds for both my children’s fees and the construction of the house


  541. Deborah
    pray for me and my famliy for spiritual grow , understanding in the word of GOD, i AM in the republic of south Sudan,I donot have a house here I need you to pray me so that God can provide me with 200,000.000. miliom Dallors for building the house.
    breakthrough financily and in every area of my life.

    thank you God bless you.
    i have been wastching your channel when i was in NORTH IT WAS nice.

  542. Goodmorning. pls i need you to join me in prayers concerning my accomodation. myself and hubby have not been able to pay our 7 months rent and our childrens school fees. the landlord has been harassing us. we also want to use the opportunity to move tyo a better apartment but we are short of finance. we ask that you join us in praying for Gods’s favour and financial breakthrough as this is urgent as at today. thank you and God bless.

  543. I need prayers to restore my marriage. My husband says he wants a divorce and has moved on with another woman.I am believing God to restore the love he once had for his wife and children.For his committment to the Lord to be renewed and for the spiritual control to be broken from his life.For meanings to dreams that i have been getting and for my prayer life to be strengthen.I will not be defeated because God is my refuge and strength my present help in the time of trouble and He will not allow the enemy to prevail over me His child.I need a new home so i can move out from my mother’s house.This situation is going on too long and i need a miracle in Jesus name!

  544. dear pastor
    Please pray for me. Last week on 27.07.2011 have been offended and since then I fee hurt, betrayed and rejected.

    I have been praying since that day, but I found myself thinking about the incident. The problem is that I have been offended and hurt by someone who was very close to my heart.

    pray that the peace of God must rule in my heart, that I can forgive and also for God to forgive me.

    yours in the Lord

  545. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage to my husband Derrick. We are in the divorce stage. He filed and I refused to sign, he filed default papers and they were filled out wrong, he has yet to file the correct paperwork that I am aware. I believe that God is wanting a restoration to our marriage. Please stand with me in prayer that God will restore our marriage.

    Bless you

  546. I need prayer to get over a hurt relationship, the pain and and embarrassment. I need prayer in healing for my boys, their father had abandon them, me as well, we were in a relationship for 8yrs, while i thought we were moving forward, he was living with another female, and fathered more children. I need prayer to get through school, and to gain my life back

  547. I want a permanent job equivalent to my qualification with a high salary. The job I had the contract ended on 31 January 2011. Am working now on temporary basis.
    I need money to buy a house.
    For the past months I have been dreaming funerals, accidents and thieves coming to steal my things.

  548. My 21 year old adopted son has mental, emotional and social problems. God has healed so much in his life already. I praise the Lord for all He has done. He is going to a trade school but struggles through every class. Pray for a complete healing mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Pray for a healed brain so he can be successful in school, successful in the workplace and victory as a strong Christian. He has so many gifts and talents. Pray that he will use them to serve Jesus. He has a break from school now. Pray that he will have a positive attitude, use his time well and have good Christian contacts. Pray for his last 2 classes that he will work hard, do all assignments, pay attention in class, have a good attitude towards the professor and pass both classes with good grades. Pray for all generational bondage and curses to be broken and for the evil from video games and computer to be removed totally from his life. Pray for him to make Godly decisions and grow in his relationship with Christ.

  549. I request for prayers for my marriage.It is under attack by under woman.I feel so down right now

  550. i need prayers for my toddler and unborn and also myself. the enemy is trying to destroy us with witchcraft. and at this moment i am secretly typing this letter. I pray that you intercede on my behalf that my heart will continue to open up and forgive all my enemies that I may allow the Lord to work on my behalf and free me and my children from untimely death and the hands of the enemy. I need deep spiritual warfare warriors to help me pray. This is serious.

  551. halom inn the name of Yeshua HAMASIACH pRAY FOR MY FINANCES AND FAMILY LIVE .

  552. My Partners ex wife has declared that she has been using witchcraft to destroy his life ands prevent him from falling in Love and ever marrying again, She has used witchcraft to prevent any type of positive move forward both spiritually, financially and education and career wise, and I need as many people as possible please please pray for my Partner and childs Father Mark that he will be delivered from this evil and curses and protect us from whatever she may be trying to send our way. I pray for him my partner to fingd God!!!! Please stand in the gap with me he is at a breaking point and I Love him.

  553. Finally my husbandwants to came back but my soul is broken, my faith is gone and I cannot forgive the person who destroyed me. He did it deliberately and now I know to what extent. I cannot and will not forgive. I just want to get rid of him but nobody is with me plz pray

  554. Please help me pray at the midnight, spiritually the enemy has been fighting everything in my life for the past couple years. the latest fight is my marriage and my job, My boss is continually trying to get me fired and no one believes that she is telling lies on me, I have not received the promotion and pay raise that I have been due for due to her lies, and I have a lot of bills to take care of, the company has given me one year and after that they would reconsider my employment. she is relentless and out to get me.I really need a breakthrough with the treatment at this job both financial and for God to vindicate me and expose the lies of my boss publicly, so that she does not continue to tarnish my image and that I can continue in my job and be able to take care of my family and my bills…PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME PRAY

  555. 1….prayer for a good and beautiful wife
    2… .prayer for divine abilities and intelligence and ideas in science which will change the world
    3 for spiritual prosperity
    4……financial prosperity and material abundance in my life
    5…the best job
    6… the revelation of my divine assignment on earth
    the reunion of my family

  556. shalom from kjdw The Netherlands

    PLease pray for my fianances i must pay fo my water and other expences,
    my wife is not willing to help prya that she changes her mind. Pray that she and me
    are willing more love again. she is religieus and ver y dis obidient inmoney cases.
    Collecting and planning whta i dont no. pray hat she is willing to give the money to my bills in the name of yeshua hamasiach. That Adonai is toching her haert and chanching her mind so that i am succes full in work and that friends willing to help me. I know God will help me in the name of Yeshua Hamasaich{ jesus the christ]. shalom name wife fdwy

  557. May you please continue to pray for spiritual protection in the heavenly places for me and my husband,son and daughter,I’m an interssor, spiritual warrior.
    God answers my prayers for others, but not mine for me, please pray for that which is hidden to be revealed,
    May you please pray for a breakthrough, that I can move forward, that the door is opened.
    May you please pray for financal help and for me to get out of this house.
    May you please pray for: my God given desires and dreams to come to pass.

  558. Good morning

    Please pray for me and husband for God to help us conceive after we having being trying for more then two years and we have tried a number of things but still nothing . Thank you, God bless

  559. Troy Davis Has Been Scheduled for Execution Sept. 21, 2011
    Mobilize Religious Leaders to Take Action Here
    Deadline: 5 p.m., Wednesday, September 14, 2011
    Despite grave doubts about the guilt of death row prisoner Troy Anthony Davis, Georgia has scheduled him for execution on September 21, 2011 at 7 p.m. People of Faith Against the Death Penalty and Amnesty International USA are partnering in offering this letter for religious leaders to endorse for clemency for Mr. Davis.

    This execution is not inevitable. Mr. Davis has received three stays of execution amid doubts stemming from numerous witness recantations and new evidence against another suspect. If you are a religious leader or minister of any kind (e.g., rabbi, pastor, imam, nun, minister, deacon, priest, bishop, monsignor, brother, elder, reader, executive presbyter, lay parish council member or leader, etc.) please endorse the letter below urging the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant clemency for Mr. Davis. Endorsements made after 5 p.m. Wed., Sept. 14, 2011 will not be included in the letter presented to the parole board the following morning.

  560. Help me, I have been the victim of witchcraft and a satanic cult aimed against the church and building the satanic world order. when i turned to fight them they have been harassing me every since. they used to try to marry me off to people within the cult but now that i am out they turn all my boyfriends against me using witchcraft, seduction and sin. i think i am still a sacrifice to them somehow and the spell and curse on me has not been broken. i fell in love with someone wonderful and he is under a very evil spell and ended our relationship and has an obsession with impure women. I do not know if he is seeing anyone but he is under satan’s grip. I beg, beg, beg of Almighty God that the powers and witchcraft used to break us up are defeated forever. I ask that someone be sent by God to minister deliverance to my friend. And that renewed in Jesus Christ he will come to his senses like the prodigal son. he was a wonderful person and changed over night and i ask the Lord to free him from demonic oppression or possession and all witchcraft.

  561. Please pray for my dad who is being held by the dark word by a woman, i want you to pray for his relaese and deliverance from this woman, my dads name is anthony oviomaigho

  562. I have been married for 8 months and yet to get pregnant. The doctors say that I am not ovulating. Please pray for me that before the year 2011 runs out, i will be pregnant with a healthy baby regardless of what the doctors say.

  563. shalom fro kjdw the netherlands


  564. My Mum has been diagnosed with systoms of cancer and she is undergoing too much of pains, I am asking for fervent prayers on her behalf for her to be compleatly healed by the power of the precious blood of Jesus. Please pray for her that as she is about to go back to the hospital on monday the 19th of September to perform some more tests all the symtoms and pains would be melted away b the power of your prayers to our lord Jesus Christ.

    I really want her to be healed because she is saved and a child of God, Pray for her for God to have mercy on her to enable her to continue to serve him.

    I am also asking prayers for financial breakthrough to enable me take care of her.

    Please help me pray

    Thanks. God Bless

  565. Please pray for me to meet the right person for marriage, I have been single for 10 years and have a desire to meet and get married. I am a godly person and want to attract a godly person into my life.

  566. Lord, I pray that people will be moved to pray for all the couples who have been broken up by occult powers. Please remove all manipulation, spells and witchcraft from my loved one’s life and from his business and spiritual life. Please cleanse his life of all people who want to lead him into sin and drag him to hell. Demonic powers broke us up and God must bring us back together. Please ask Jesus to cover him with the precious blood and mark him as a special chosen son. Cleanse me and my life so I can be a fitting wife and mother of his children.

  567. goodmorning pray please that my tax papers arived by time. pray for a new singing trainer.
    pray for my singing carrie. also for my fiances and succes. i need a favior from Dr i was in 2010 on tv. pray for my bissnes and work. also for for
    a willing spirit by my wife . ALSO THATTHE TAX COLLECTORS ARE WILLNG FOR GRACE I FORGIVE EVERYBODY . PRAY FOR MY COUSIN LUCIANO TO COVER HIM UNDER THE BLOOD OF YESHUA. PRAY ALSO FOR MY ETHIOPIAM INLAWS. Im jewish amd also born again in yeshua. pray for my tamil friends that i cn give them to day the ride papers. pary for miricle and every were peace. also for to day for the demonstraition. shalom in the name of yeshua hamasiach amen


  569. Lord hear all the prayers in this room through Jesus our Lord. For Mom who is depressed and for my father to stop drinking and for them to discover the godly purpose for their lives in their senior years. for freedom from bondage for all of us. for freedom for me, from the spirit that makes me get overlooked and rejected. from the spirit that makes people dislike me and falsely accuse me and falsely judge my character. from the spirit that holds me back from divine assignments, purposes and joy. from the spirits of interruptions, distractions and diversions that get into my life through people i care for. for a calm peace to settle over our home. for M to again believe in me. for God to give him the courage, peace, financial freedom, wisdom and faith to again reach out to think of marraige. please God reassure him that despite fragility and the witchcraft attacks against my life and my mind that i will be a good wife and a good mother to his children. please Lord send him a sign that I will be the right spouse for him. amen. Lord I pray in faith to you since you promised that faith can move mountains, and you love love and you love just requests. i pray that my man will come back to me and his heart will be softened and that he will turn from all falsehood manipulation and cowardice in Jesus’ name amen

  570. Hi my name is Adarsh. Please Pray for me to get settled my marriage with my fiance since we were in love for 3 years. I’am 31 years old now.

  571. Please Pray for my marraige that Gods Will be done as i seem to come up against the same demons and problems continuously. All i want is to happy. Also for God to help with my finances and to guide me to raise my children and teach them the right way. I just pray that God will take over every aspect of my life and strenghthen me in the areas i need to be strenghtened. Lord please help me to look to you because you never forsake me father and not to any human for help and guidance as I need you and i need your healing in my life and for my family.


  572. Pray for changes within my life and for a financial breakthrough within my life and family and also my request prays for a Job because its difficult right now but i now God never fails his children

  573. Please pray that I can find a job soon. I am broke and in desperate need of financial help to meet my obligations.

    My wife separated from me because I could no longer be of financial help to our family.

    I have no money, my wife left me and I miss my children.

    This is urgent! Please pray for me.

  574. I just pray that the Holy Spirit will perform great miracles in my life and i will get married to a godly man and pass all my exams in Jesus name. I will have my own house car and a healthy family with a great job and good health and that we will all hunger and thirst for Jesus. Amen

  575. I just pray that the Holy Spirit will perform great miracles in my life and i will get married and my boyfriend will be saved and that i will pass all my exams in Jesus name. I will have my own house car and a healthy family with a great job and good health and that we will all hunger and thirst for Jesus. Amen


  577. Please pray for me and my wife Thess that all negative spells, binding spells, reverse spells, jinxes,bad luck, hexes, curses, incantations, voodoo casted against us by other people plus any negative influence and effect from an evil entity that starts with dirr will be removed from us permanently and all its
    negative effects become positive influences in my life and we will forever be free of all such aforementioned negative elements and influences.

  578. please pray for restore the relaition between me and my wife. i used 1000 euro to much for things she angry and correct. pray she will forgive me. i need also money i will have mon ey back from the taxes. also i greak the motor of a friend prayu for a solution. For a new trust and forgivenes of my wickednes. I take away my heatredss against my wife and not revanche. After the suicide of my mother 2 years ago i become . pray for my vemma bissnes and also that i can pay al my debts. it is a part my mistake. and than i have alslo contineu work. pray that i am cleansed by the blood of yeshua hamasiach. pray for that everything willl be good i will . that my wife will forgive me and that i gave her more time.
    pray that Godd will me doing a faivor. aso for my jewish connections moshe assor and martin ruff. shalom klass jacob

  579. I pray that God should grant me a student visa to study in ukraine.I pray for Gods favour on that day which is the 4th of November.I pray that god will make ways for me on that day and favour from the hands of the interviewer and I pray that God should guide my family and my self even as i travel i also ask God to bless my family with more riches and wealth Goodhealth and wisdom in our endeavours.I pray for good and successful leadership in Nigeria by our leaders .i pray for safe journey even as i travel to ukraine.i believe in God and i pray God should keep me away from sin danger and anything that is against his will in my life.Amen

  580. I really need serious prayer cause i feel Death arising on me and im only13 i want to get my life right cause i was brought up in the right way i just make wrong decisisons so pray for me.

  581. Good day , ,please pray that the Lord will break every stronghold of the enemy over my marital life,my finances,and my family.the Lord should make my joy full concerning my marital life.thank you

  582. Please agree with me in prayer for my son Gamal. He is a technician and the work he does is both in and outside of buildings. He just moved to NY, and has over 20 years experience in St. Lucia. But the Company he works for, pays minimal wages, and he has to spend his own money to buy tools and put gas in the vehicle. My prayer is that God would give him a job to work inside of buildings only before the winter really starts. Just before he left St. Lucia a few months ago, the telephone he uses as a tester, disappeared, and reappeared after he got a new one. nOW THE SAME THING HAs happened to him in NY. One of his tools disappeared, and only yesterday, somebody took a another one of his tools. he has to replace these tools on the small wages he is making. Before he got this job, one morning, he said he heard a cat crying next to his bed, and he just could not open his eyes or move. Please pray and give me some prayer points for his enemies to be exposed, and disgraced, and that the Angel of the Lord would persue the persuers persuing him, and would destry the destroyers seeking to destroy him, and that the wickedness of the wicked will come to an end in his life, and he will find a job where he will be paid a very good pay, so he would find a decent apt., for him & is family and every evil mark on him will be erased by the blood of Jesus, and replaced with the marks of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus.


  583. Dear prayer warriors-

    I need your prayers desparately. My wife Maureen threw me out of the house almost 5 months ago for the financial problems I had as well as drinking too much. I am attending AA and looking for a new career. Please pray for me that I can find the right path back to her heart and that she lets me back into her life as her husband and friend and so that I can be with my children again. I am sorry for taking her for granted and promise to be a better husband. I miss her and do not want to grow old and die without her in my life. I miss my children and want to see them grow up. She says she no longer loves me and will start a new life and eventually have a new partner. Please pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ before its too late or she meets someone else. She is the love of my life and I miss her tremendously. Help.

  584. For the preservation of life and salvation of my nephew who is a suicidal teen. His mother was involved with a witchcraft cult unwittingly and he has suffered a great deal. Now the darkness surrounds him and he needs prayers.

    Also for the miraculous clearing-away of darkness and dark influences from my friendship with Mark. Every time we get close to one another a violent psychic attack will occur from our enemies that will cause a fight and drive him away to other women. Please pray that the witchcraft spells he is under will be broken forever.

    Pray that he is not “spooked” by this situation with my nephew since I confided in him.

    For my own faith to be strenghtened.

  585. Our family is in need of miracle debt cancellation!
    A. Three Ways God Supernaturally Removes Debt
    Luke 4:14-21
    1. He provides the finances.
    2. He removes the debt.
    3. He moves upon others.

  586. please pray for an amaizing miricle i need payed for a job and reconcile with my wife finaancialy/. she is not willing to
    help pray for payments of my work. als for my cousin luciano and my work will be contineu. And also that people not take my time. pray for growing in my music carrier. pray for amaizing mirecles in thebanme of yeshua hamasiach amen shalom
    and also that all my debt take away. in every level of my live mirecles amen shalom

  587. Please pray for me in the following areas:
    1. My marriage is almost dissolving, but i love my husband
    2. Am straggling with the spirit husband since as far back as i can remember
    3. I have an almost succeeding spirit on me, my career is stagnant



  588. Please pray that I can find a job and be able to fix my car. I am in great financial need and can use all the prayers possible.

    Also please pray that my marriage with my wife can be reconciled and repaired.Have her let me back into her life and home
    with my children that need me. My wife says she no longer loves me. Please pray to the lord so that she can open her mind and heart to me.

    Thank you


  589. dear rudy, offer a day of fast to the lord and all your problems will be solved

  590. Prayer request,a good job,a good accommodation and God fearing partner.

  591. I have been jobless for many years now. I want God to give me a job. I applied for a job at the british deputy high commission a few days ago,my prayer request is for God to give me this job.
    Secondly,I am in love with a man,he loved me too until recently when we had a big fight. I want God to touch his heart and restore the love we once had for each other. Thank you

  592. Please pray God will remove these wiccans from my apt complex & theyre friends who are harrasing me all day they throw objects on the upstairs floor really hard,shift furniture around, back n forth all day stomp hard pound on outside rail to cause me stress the guys name is justin and he has a girlfriend who participates in these behaviors and a roomate named jill. also his friend is a wiccan his name is danny. can you pray GOD will remove them.

  593. Need praye for my wife and my son to be covered by the Grace of God, never to taste any sicknesses in Jesus name. My son is in hospital I pray for his complete healing.

    THE GASELECTRIC WILL MAYBE CUT OF I HAV A NEW GAS ECTRIC PROVIDER. PRAY THAT TH GASMAN WILL CONTECTED WITH THEM. AND IT WILL BE ALLRIGHT . PRAY FOR TOMOROW ALSO FOR THE COURT. I CANT BE THERE BECAUSE MY BOSS ORDER ME TO WORK PRAY THAT IT WILL BEONEST HANDELT. THIS CASE IS VERY DISONEST . PRAY FOR RECONSELATION BETWEEN ME AND MY SISTER AND MY WIFE IAM ANGRY AGAINST THEM . THE NAME OF MY WIFE IS fdwy AND MY SISTER mgpdw. pray for everything a solution . usual o giong to a messianic chridstian group from jews and non jews. i do that on the saterdays. and also on sunday to the reform church. but iam newborn again. pray for my jewish connections Particck bitaner and mosje assor. also i was taking some money fromthe account tolive of assurance and paying bils . My wife angry pray that she will forgive me.
    we have a lot of financial fights. Pary of she willing to help me in a amazing way.I need a faivor from the Lord my God that my my hard Haert will soft again and return to the first love. pary also that my work can going on for longer time so that the wehter stay good. today iam at ho,e and will watching. gospel tv . pray for grace also for my singing carrier.pray for a real mirricle in all areas of my live debt free and forgivenes. Also work for the cold season bpray for that. shalom klaas jacob. in yeshua hamasiach also pray for my caosin luciano . barruch hasejem ( praise the lord

  595. I need a prayer for my family especially my wife and my son, I pray that God deliver them from attacks from the devil by means of sicknesses. I pray that they will not taste sickness anymore in Jesus name, may God bless us abundantly in Jesus mighty name and give us a financial break thru in Jesus name and break thru from all evil spirits of chronic illnesses tormenting my wife and son in Jesus name Amen

  596. I need God’s hand in life, to break every york of devil in my life. Ask for God hand also in ma finiacial life.

  597. Dear friends
    Please pray that the Lord God will put my pre-ordained husband into my life and that our relationship will start now in jesus mighty name.
    Also pray that I and said husband will increase in faith, have a better relationshionship with the Lord and that we praise his name and give glory to him through our life and through helping other people get to know him
    Also pray that the Lord God give me my own house.
    In Jesus holy name. Amen

  598. I am going through lots of pain and agony in my work place from a troublesome fellow colleauge for the past 4 years. Please pray that I shall totally be set free from this situation. I need your fervent prayers

  599. i have a business in fashion accessories,its not doing well cant pay for the rent, struggling to get money for rent. pliz pray for my business that Almighty Father to cause a hunger or request for my products in Jesus name,every door of my prosperity that has been shut,be opened now in the name of Jesus, let the sun of my prosperity arise and scatter every cloud of poverty in the name of Jesus. may the Lord, CONVERT MY POVERTY INTO PROSPERITY IN JESUS NAME

  600. I have made a prayer request for my son Royalty Makaneta last time and he recovered, but now the devil is still playing his tricks on his body and his still in hospital. My request is that we pray for him that the devil will remove his hands from my son,s body for good in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

  601. praise Jesus,
    brethren pleas pray wit me and ask God WITH me to bless me with marriage,i earnestly dessire to get married but i dont know why neone is coming to born agian and am not seeing any single brother showing interst,all see are non born agains who just want to use me,
    pleas pray with me

  602. pray for recovering for my self. It is important for my self asteem. it. Pray to love my wive.
    Also i need money to make a lot of.
    pray for a good bissnes shalom klaas jacob

  603. please pray for my son romario he is going through a warfare at school.pray,pray that he overcome ignorance and short temper.pray for excellence over his life

  604. I need God to heal my womb so that i can menstruate again and also bless me with children. I also want God to provide a profitable employment for my husband and I. Thank you

  605. I need God to heal my womb so i can menstruate again and then have my own children. I also want God to provide a profitable employment for my Husband and I. THANKS

  606. Please pray that I will receive deliverance from nightmares and hearing evil voices at night and that I will receive healing.

  607. My wife Amanda came over 3 weeks ago, and she said that she doesnt want me to give up on her, and that she knows what she is doing is wrong.

    She said she doesnt read the Bible or go to church anymore, so I gave her a Bible. I have not heard from her since.

    Please pray that the Holy Spirit lead her back to the Word, the Truth, and the Light.

    She is still living with the other man, his name is Adam, by the way. Her employer has taken a very aggressive stance against me, and has assumed a controlling stance over my wife. Her name is Pas. Her mother has also always taken an aggressive stance against me, and has constantly whispered evil things to my wife against me. Her name is Victoria.

    Please pray the hedge of thorns around Amanda, that these ungodly influences in her life will lose interest and depart.

    I have been standing for 10 months.


  608. please pray for me right now. my name is kjdw from the netherlands. what must i say . i working with u guy he is not willng to pay me. Pray that he paying my money. i handle him onest. let also God forgive my transmissions. his name is paul. Also one other guy named MA from israel were iw as close with he jewish and me also . will invloence i the bissnes
    but he is not onest i now and let God give grace for him. but i break something i wonder i have assurance and the assurance paying the things.My wive is dis agree that i working with the guys. the other guy paul ditrust me for the job prat for recovering. i need my money because my bank account is empty. shalomkjdw

  609. shalom inn the anme of yeshua hamasiach . please pray for me to day . i have a court by letter but the importent thing evidence papers are not in my house but by a sister in christ she is not at home now but i need it. Pray also that my wive is willing giving money for my debts she very stubborn. also for the things what i have to do or not to do.also for a mentality chanchin mij family. and pray for my cousin luciano. baruch hasjem. yeshua hamasiach is be praised amen .
    i have today a schooling for one day and examinaition. let it be succesfull . the guys Paul and Moshe are not easy i pray that theyb not disturb me. he the oe were iw aS WORKING FOR MUST PAY ME I DID NOT DO . PRAY THAT HE PAY.

  610. pliz pray for me i am 33 years old not yet married,no job,no business,nobody and pliz pray for spriritual husband here in malawi who has attacked everywoman by sleeping, stealing,killing, i cant mention his name bcoz these blogs views everyting but people especially christians are everyday attacked. Laughed, becoming poorly coz of these men, pliz my name is in my email box.

  611. I want to ask God for his miracle. My husband suppose to resume at University of Guelph, Canada by Jan. 5,2012 for his graduate studies, but as at now he has not submitted his papers to the canadian embassy due to promise and fail from people. We hope to submit everything in the first week in Dec. We want God to hasten the visa officers in processing his papers and certify his study permit visa. I also need a federal job. Protection for my family, Fruits of the womb for my friend, his divine healing on my niece.

  612. Please pray with us for my visa, the ukba curtailed my visa after i lost my job, im a nurse, hv been working in de UK since 2003. made appeal, dismissed by de judge now dey send me application form for upper tribunals we are not working the landlord want to evict us God bless

  613. Please pray for me, I have the lying spirit from since I was a child. I have started praying 3 years ago nothing much has changed. I started lying to make myself look good. I need serious help. How can I get in contact with the pastor.

  614. 1. financial breakthrough
    2.water wife
    3.water children

  615. please pray for me & my pets , because we are under danger kill psycho-abuse from family & others a lot ; & unfortunately , the evil family has again chosen to hire a certain abusive psycho-pervert house painter/handiman & sons , to paint at the house again soon ; already i & the pets are having special help to survive the evil , am not sure what day exactly -but they might try astro-psycho rape all the house & hillside & air & my body ‘ plus the damage & break items like pipes or sealants etc.
    i do get lots of prayers & counselling , but some parties cause this terror saga to go on forever.

  616. Please pray for me to secure permanent employment because I’m struggling to take care of my 2kids.I also want to build a house for my family but thing are just not happening the way I thought they would.

  617. I pray that me, my wife, and daughter will be reunited for the holidays and that there will be a restoration in our relationships. We also suffer in poverty so I pray God will answer in whatever way he sees fit. I also pray for the salvation of my wife (Riley) and daughter (Brielle). I have not held them in nearly 6 months and pray that my wife can love me again.

  618. Praise the lord, please pray for me I have spiritual husband. I’m 40 years old. I never have a proper relationship, I’m not married, no children and still I don’t have proper relationship and I always fall in love with married man. Pray for me please.

  619. Martha
    Please pray for me. i need deliverancee from spiritual husband and eatingg in the dream and nightmares!! It is destroying my marriage. I bealive and trust God will deliver me.

  620. Pls pray for me,I am in debt and need a miracle and God’s mercy fast fast

  621. My name is Bosha. Prayer Warriors please pray with me for spiritual and financial blessing, breakthrough and miracle.
    I had a very rough year. Only God will take me out of the situation. I need to pay the mountain of debts that I have and find my children a place that they can call home. Presently we are so split because of the circumstances i find myself in.
    A family unit of six members has split into 5, not because of affordability but the opposite. Help me pay my debts, then the sweat that the Lord said I shall live, might make it. Tnank you for the forthcoming prayers and breakthrough, blessings and miracles that I am awaiting through your prayers.

  622. lord grant me supernatural divine wisdow and show me d pathways of life

  623. please I need prayers. I av been battling against eating in the dreams for or over 15 years, I av prayed and fasted , done deliverance and its even getting worse but I believe God will surely deliver me for nothing is too difficult for God and I also need frayers from deliverance from spirit husband and children.

  624. shalom pray for my fiancial needs i need money to survive and i have debts pray that God will help.
    i will started a bissnes and need money for that pray for it . when you are willing to help email me: i give you the deatils . pray also for a fianancail solution shalom klaas jacob.

  625. I need prayer for my family, we are going through difficult times that sometimes we our faith is shaken, pray that may God strengthen our faith, pray for our financial break through, and the complete healing of my son.

  626. Please please pray for total deliverance from witchcraft and marine spirits, nightmares, water children . its been going on for years.

  627. shalom in the nmame of yeshua hamasiach the cohen hagadol.
    i praise his holy name for ever. my old ant the youngest sister of my grand motherb
    is on tyhe way to come to an end. she is eighty and asking for me that adonai will healing her.
    pray that she will get healing . at least that yeshua jesus is her massiach}.
    her name is cobie roest. pray also form for my finances and help from friends i need.
    to day or tomorow i go to amsterdam were my old ant living she is 80
    that a good talk will come. shalom klaas jacob

  628. Pls pray for me i ve been married for 11 with a daughter who is 8years till now ve not been able to concieve pls save my marriage.

  629. HW Please pray for me in the coming new year for a better mind set career, favor, relationships, marriage, family house car. My sister especially and her daughters, that God will bless us all abundantly with his choices blessings. That we will rise up like eagles and not be afraid of the future any more. For Love, prosperity and health

  630. God bless you

    Unfortunately last year I was injured on the job and as such my income dramatically changed. I am still on industrial injury leave which has basic earnings.

    I’m praying that God will turn my financial situation around and compensation will be extraordinary as I can no longer be a flight attendant.

    I have always been a giver and all the ministries I’ve been sowing into both local and international are now affected. After I give God His tithes very little remains for food and bills.

    Please agree with me that God will open financial doors of grace and favour so that I can even increase my giving into His Kingdom for soul salvation.

    God bless you.
    Nekeisha Candice P. Moe
    Trinidad and Tobago

  631. I’m praying to God that he may bless with the University that I have been dreaming for, the university that will lead me, guide me and mold me into a person that will bring change to the world and fulfill not only of my dreams but also of those whom I will encounter. Please give me a university that will accept me for who I am and what am I’m capable for and not because of shallow reasons.

    I pray to God that he may heal the wounds that I have been carrying since I got rejected from the University I have been aiming for. I pray that He has already decided for me a better University that will truly make me happy. I pray that he will lead me to the correct path and help make the right choices and not go astray from him.

    I pray that all the hard work, the sacrifices will finally pay off.

    I pray that I will do good in the Exam for university and reap the things I have worked hard for the past years.

    I also pray for Financial Help for I also know that University won’t be cheap and it will be hard for my family to shoulder the tuition fee.

    I pray that with my success I could lift up the burden from my parents and let them live the life that they deserve.

    Please give me your wisdom, strength and all mighty power to overcome the struggles I am facing now.

    with this I promise you that I will never let you down.

  632. Will u please pray for my fiance who is in the Isle of man being audited for his funds. This may take along time. My request is to ask God for his release immediately. His daughter is give birth in February. He is literally needed @ home. He is a doctor, nothing wrong with his funds he has worked for them. He has lost the son of his best friend whom was like his son. Him and his friend are affected by this blow as this was not expected. They were there on holiday. The friend has light heart attack. I do not about his health because he did not tell me about it, but I think his health is affected too. Please pray for these two people. We were suppose to get married last Septmber. Here we are waiting for his release. Please pray for his release nd his health. He is a very good man that fear God.

  633. I need a prayer for my fiance to be released from the Isle of man to SouthAfrica
    His health as he lost friend’s son whom he took as his. His friend whohad sligjht heart attack. His dauighter who is to give birth in February

  634. Please pray for me that I will pass my board exams on Jan 10 and 11. I have taken this exam before and I have failed it. Now, I have allowed fear to come in which has caused me to not study as much as I should. But I am believing God that he will bring into remembrance that which I have studied and I will pass in Jesus name. I no longer walk in fear.
    I will also like prayer for the salvation and complete healing of my siblings and niece.
    Please pray that this year God will bring my husband.
    Also pray for financial blessings to get out of debt and that all of my school loans are paid. Amen.

  635. Please pray that I secure the position I need with LabCorp in order to meet my financial obligations and that my wife Maureen takes me back. We have been married almost 17 years and have 3 children that I miss desparately. I took
    my wife for granted and want another chance to fulfill my marriage vows as a good husband and father. Please pray that her heart softens for me and taks me back home.




  638. please pray for my daughter she is 5 years old and cannot talk. she is diagnose with
    autism, sometimes she has some severe demonic attacks she is hitting herself, screaming for hours among many other things. Sometimes i would dream she is kidnapped by some people who always running after her and i. Please help me with your prayers so God can deliver her for the glory of his name. Also pray for me because i presently in school i want God to bless me with good memory to continue and focus on my studies.
    Thank You.

  639. I have fear of a certain word that effects me once in a while, i thought it was gone, i believe there is a
    harassing spirit possibly behind it to try to get at me,or just how i process it, i don’t like to think about it
    and normally i don’t at all…I am delivered and walk in freedom, but I want to fear GOD over anything…

    I just want to continue to be pure and holy, but do not want this to taint me in any way.\\

    Obviously, it may have been used against me or I need a deeper healing so that it or any word will NOT affect me at all,,,
    Because I am a discipler of the LORD and a spokesperson for the LORD…

    I do not want to give way to any fear, I must be whole in this, with no entrance BUT above approach.
    It will not bother me for months then it will, i know there is a spirit that tries to mess with me behind it too…

    please pray for I believe healing in my soul or heart or mind over this, for, I know that
    i AM chosen to be a World Changer called to the nations, but this is one thing, I must overcome.

  640. I’m a working woman and i would be pleased if you upload me in your prayers regarding my job.i’m working in a place where i’m met with with much strain,work load ,staff shortage,unhealthy management and pose of risk..i drastically need a wearied.sometimes i feel i want to be a housewife looking after my fmly.but financially we’re not that sound so my salary is a must in the current situation.i cannot give a resignation suddenly because i have not yet got another job.please do pray for me that God does a miracle in my life and gives me a job where i’ll be happy.i need it very badly.God sees me .He knows me.he understands me..i pray that He will give me the right job as per my qualification and experience with a good pay.

  641. Loving God our Father, help us to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly day by day. I bring before You Kieron our ministers son who over the last five years has been on heroin now 17 and it is affecting his fathers ministry and he is at his wits end, and we ask that in the name of Jesus Christ that you overcome the darts of the enemy.

  642. Friends, Please pray that the blood of Jesus will destroy every stubborn infirmity and problem in David’s family, and that much blessing, good will, miracles and soul saving will follow us every single day as we serve the Lord!
    Finally pray that all our school fees be miraculously provided as well as our own house and ministry platform.

  643. please pray for the deliverance of an entire family and the mother, Kay, who is suffering, despondent and despairing because she has put her trust in the occult instead of God and is out of resources. For her son, my good male friend Mark to disengage from a correspondence with a foreign lady who is deeply into spiritism and the occult, and provocative as well. Please ask the Lord to shield this young man who is very emotionally vulnerable and innocent, and conflicted about his faith, and to deal with this enchantress who is deliberately blocking him on his way to God and teaching him selfishness, narcissism and disguised demon worship. Since this man’s mother is deeply occultic as well the attraction to a guru makes frightful spiritual sense. He and I were drawn to each other and serious about each other but his mother wrecked things.
    Many prayers for this situation are being answered but this is a bitter battle to fight since the devil has been lodged in this family. I found out today the mom is thinking of leaving them all, if this will free the others, please ask the Lord to arrange her conversion whereever she lands.

  644. Pray for me i need a job and also to get married


  646. Man of God pray for my family so that they will get saved, and all things shall follow.

  647. I am asking the Lord to heal me totally from my illness, i also ask to know him better, i ask that this feeling of been empty leaves me and finally Lord i am asking for a new job {i am working} i feel i need a new environment, i desparately need a new job and for me to be able to repay all my debts. AMEN.

  648. Please pray for me that the following if It is YOUR WILL come to pass this year in Jesus name: my ordained life patner in Jesus name;receive the precious blessings of God in a gracious and good wife;

    2.healing of sicknesses specifically epileptic seizures since 1987 in the name of Jesus; to move into a bigger apartment- three bedroom flat – at New Haven this year, in Jesus name;

    4. G.P.A. that will qualify me for admission into masters degree (M.Sc). degree programme in Jesus name
    5.proper placement from CONHESS 09 at my place of work, UNTH, this year in Jesus name;

    6.promotion this year at my place of work UNTH, yhis year in Jesus name;

    7.admission into a foreign university in the US to pursue MSc degree and funds to live and pay fo study in Jesus name;

    8.God’s favour to own 2 cars this year in Jesus name;

    9.favor of finance to aquire house of 6 flats in New Haven in Jesus name ;

    10.God’s mercy upon Nigeria.Forgiveness of Nigeria’s iniquities.O God be to Nigeria as rain in a dry land that blossom like flowers and be fimly rooted.Because of Your love let this country be beautiful and alive and fragrant liker the cedars of Lebanon.Make Nigeria to live under your protection and be famous because of You Oh LORD

  649. 1. for my child to grow its been 3 years and he has yet to grow .. the insurance doesnt want to pay for hie HGH shots ..
    2. to pass my state test this 14
    3.. for my husband to return …

  650. Please pray for my wife who is reluctant to have children, yet we have been married for three years. She confessed to be troubled by a Spiritual husband and that she is visited by Spiritual images during teh night who wants to use her for satanic purposes. Pray with me that the Almighty God should deliver her in Jesus name and peace, love, happines and unity must reign in our family in Jesus name.

  651. Please pray for me. Some time ago I was dignosed with a very serious and life threatening illness which has had a very negative affect on my life. I ask that the Lord of all Life may touch my life with his healing power. I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

  652. Pray for me for me to get a good job.

  653. Please pray for me so that I can secure a good paying job to be near my family again. I cannot financially meet my financial obligations. Please pray for me in Jesus name.

  654. I am Sandra, roman catholic ,divorcee, annulled through church, happened to meet a Hindu guy Preetham Brahmadevaiah,
    prodigal son, liked each other , he promised to marry me,we lived together, till now he is not coming forward for civil registration nor getting
    ready for church marriage nor baptism, nor conversion. We have 2 1/2 year baby ,her name is Samantha Rose , wanting baptism for her not to be Hindu,
    For the first time i am opening myself to you believing in the precious blood of Jesus, that Jesus blood will destroy all the blocks and hindrances
    and make way for him to come forward for conversion , registration ,baptism for himself as well as baby. and marriage to be blessed by Jesus
    . I trust in your prayers,that Jesus will work miracle in our life. and always Jesus b the center .Praise and thanks to the blessed trinity.Glory to the precious blood of Jesus

  655. I want God 2 promote me at my working place,my name has been submit 4 those people dat they want 2 staff,i want God 2 silent any conspiracy,any hindras,any obstacle dat want 2 disturb in Jesus name, amen.

  656. I am a graduate seriously in need of a job. I sometimes see myself in the dream doing hard labour or in places i have passed in life such as school, nysc camp etc. When i labour in a particular business only to when i should start enjoying it then something happens. I am tired of working like an elephant and eating like an ant as i know this isn’t the promise of God for me. Please i would like you to pray that God look in my direction and break all these curses from my life. Jesus is still Lord.

  657. shalom in the name of yeshua hamasiach

    pray for me and my wive . we have a figjt the laast noght over debst and money,
    she is not willing to forgive and helping. iam married for18 years . bt many years we
    sleeping seperaited. She say iam not in relaition with you. But for name we are maried.
    she wanted that iam a succesful singer . iwas 2 years ago succesful but there were conflicts.
    the last time i was not good prepaered for an other program. i knew i can do it.
    but finacial problems stopped my development of my music.onestly i hate my wive.
    i decided to love her again. we have some fysical fight yesterday. not much. only irritaition.
    pray that God doing a miricle to love each other again. also that i for the sake of pece develop my self again.
    She is very dominant i dont accept. she blames me for the succes for others. they have more money better education .
    I say nice for them ( she is ethiopian and iam a jew in chrit booth of us). pray for compleet restoring amen.shalom klaas jaob

  658. Please put me in prayer as my exam is fast aproching,pray dat i will have 9 creditz i

  659. That God should heal me permanently n provide for my family amen.


  661. Hi i am suffering at my job in the past few months please pray for me that god gives me wisdom whethere to leave this job or stay please pray for favour and that i get out of anxietey and get the right job

  662. I live in Ireland and expecting my citizenship but the devil has brought a court case against me after an accident that almost killed me and my daughter. Please pray for me sir for divine favour on citizenship and favour in the court case. Let the God of Elijah arise and come to my rescuse and let me not have any point on my driving licence in the name of Jesus

  663. Dear prayer warriors my prayer requests are :
    I want to get married this year with a godly husband ,I want to finish my studies because it’s been years and years I m at varsity ,and also want a successful job witch will help me to support poor ppl and christian church… ,and blessing and protection for my family I hope to come back here and testify in Jesus name thank you

  664. I want God 2 promote me at my working place (CBM) this month, all the obstacles against my promotion, success and divine breakthrough should come to an end. That I should find favor in the sight of God, my bosses and all members of staff at CBM. That Ingrid, dave and Monica should approve me for promotion in my place of work this month.

  665. I have christian busnessen in my city who are under attack.. I need to do a seminar on deliverance from black magic.. help me with some resources

  666. I ask for a prair to help me find a job so I can provide for my family and for a family car so I can transport my family, I ask for a prair for a small financial breakthru so I can get started with my new life and that I can spread the word of god in the name of jesus our savior I ask for this . Amen

  667. Pray for me(Harlan and My Girlfriend (Fredelene) of 4-5years for a complete restoration between us instantly, I currently broke up with her, and say some hurtful words to her, I Apologize to her and ask her for forgiveness, and ask her from now on i will give her complete affection that God desire me to give her and really express my love to her, but her heart become so bitter, she say she wants to be with me, but she scared that she will deal with the Old me again, and that shes not going to be happy and scared and fear and doubt. I want you guys to pray for me that she will take a leap of faith with me together, that we will not let anything keep us apart longer, to open her heart to me again, and give me the chance to show her that i really change, Satan knows her weakness, so he sent a deceiver in her life(a guy name JR and his friend name Wes) who pretended to be her friends and and That guy JR is trying to give her ungodly affection, and trying to pretend that he likes her, and trying to bring her to clubs, and ungodly things, and his manipulating her mind, and confusing her, and telling her what she want to here and for her to stop talking to me., I would like for God to sent worrier angels, to sent a spirit of confusion and torment in this guy Jr Life, a spirit of dumbness, and seal his spirit lips so everything that he say to Fradelene my Girlfriend that they fall on def ears and that she doesn’t believe in them. and for God to blow him (JR and his friend name Wes)away like the chaff in the wind,and turn they back in shame, make him walk away from her and Break that ungodly, unholy friendship between My girlfriend Fradelene in JR Instantly. to break every ungodly feelings that she may develop for him instantly. Because I really want to Marry her and Show her that I can be the Guy that she always want me to be with her. and for her To have a spirit of Boldness, so she can stand firm and Get Rid of these guys in her life because, they are sent to destroy her, because they think she really young minded and doesn’t know any better, she has a good heart, but people always tried to use her and take advantage of it. For her to stop that partying, and addiction life style to that club name Atrium instantly and for her Mind to focus On Jesus Christ and Me. and Together me and Her to speak and Spread the Word of God and Testify his Glory for how he brought us back together again. Amen.

  668. I want the intercessors to pray for my mom MRS ADENIJI MARY AJOKE. She’s afflicted by the kingdom of Darkness with paralysis or stroke she can’t walk. She can’t do anything and she cries everyday. I want the people of God to intercede for her so that she can be delivered from this affliction. Please help. I look forward to sharing testimony.

  669. brethren in the lord i need a prayer of agreement in this following areas of my life

    deliverance from every errors in my life and foundation.

    for family curses and bondage to be broken in my entire life

    deliverance from stagnancy and delay in every aspect of my life and destiny.

    for a new beginning ,divine favour,connection and breakthrough in all aspect of my life and destiny.

  670. brethren in the lord I need urgent prayers, I applied for the america lottery green card,i got a mail on Saturday and i was so excited,the whole started rejoicing but later found out it was fake,am expecting the result in may,please brethren in the lord pray that the lord should grant me and my better half divine favour in the lottery visa and bring to pass all his promises so that our rejoicing that fateful Saturday would not be in vain,i would give testimony to the glory of his name.

    please also pray that every barrier of the enemy would be broken in my relationship and myself and my partner would see each other this year and we would do our wedding these year and move to stay in america in Jesus Christ name amen.

  671. praying for all intentions here!

    for a friend who has unwittingly gotten involved deeply in the occult and astrology. for God to remove the blinders that keep him attracted to bad people and repelled by good people. For bad people to leave him alone and be blinded to him completely. For healing and deliverance for him, for grace of a good confession, and wisdom in witnessing to him. Please pray hard for my friend, he is such a good person and totally infested by demons and hurting everyone around him!

    for deliverance from demonic curses and household witchcraft against my marriage, finances, health, happiness, independence, childbearing, happiness, friendships. for the silencing of all witchcraft powers at work in my family.

  672. Can you pray that souls in my city (Aberdeen, UK) are saved.

    I pray that God forgive me any sin I might have committed (personal and collective).

    I am also praying for a new job with a salary of between 45 – 50,000 GBP.

    God is the God of Overflow (Eph 3:20) and I believe that he can do it.

  673. pray for me God to grant me a baby. am trying to conceive after i lost my baby at 5months last year due to pre-eclampsia. i pray for a complication-free pregnancy, safe delivery to a healthy baby. pray against any evil power speaking against conception through my in-laws family, any form of curse or in Jesus name. am already thanking God for answered prayers in Jesus name.

  674. I greet u in d name of God,i want u 2 help about my farmily 2 reunite and peace 2 come and stay.may God bless u

  675. father God,today with all my heart and all my strength i ask you to bring restoration upon my know father that after mum and dad got divorced,life hasnt been easy for us,you know about all the problems and pain we went through.even when our parents turned their back on us and went on with their life,you know what we went i ask you to restore my life and the life of my family.deliver my father from each and every witchcraft that my step-mother has been doing for years to keep him away from us.deliver my mum from poverty and deliver us from every satanic bondage in the mighty name of jesus christ.jesus poor your precious blood over us,cover us with your blood Jesus and restore our life.thank you father in Jesus name.

  676. Am chinedu by name,i attend mfm R.hq.kabba,I want God 2 deliver me nd save me 4rm d power of sin(lieing,anger,stealing) nd 2 help me write my jamb successfully dis tym nd 2 help me 2 do his work as i ought to…thanks.

  677. I would like to lord to make me get promotion as the Personal assistant to my regional director though the post has been advertised and I was asked to apply for it, though I have been praying for this promotion for long and would like God to intervene on my behalf and give me this position

  678. prayer for salvation of some non-christian friends. for protection in spiritual warfare and for the Lord to send the holy angels to expose, break apart and return to sender all satanic plots against me, my family, my marriage, finances, etc. Lord, I pray that you will bless my new ventures and bless efforts to witness to A, B, and especially M. for the constant guidance of the holy spirit and for help in dealing with jealousy and ill will from others.

  679. I want God to deliver me completely from the evil powers of household witch craft, I want God to help me overcome my fears and also help me defeat my enemies. I pray that God will help me overcome evil dream attacks (Eating and making love in the dream) I want God to open my spiritual eyes. Lastly, I want God to send me destiny helpers, my future partner, uncommon favor, breakthrough, open doors and also embarrass me with finances…….. So help me God!

  680. 1. Pray for a husband.

  681. I no u pipil ar prayer worio people. Pls my wife her name is juliet. An she is pragenat. Pls i want a prayer of a save delivery, in jesus name. I no 4 with god all things ar porssible.

  682. Please pray for my husband, who is currently thinking of killing himself because of a drinking problem that has failed him. Please pray because he keeps on calling the spirit of death in his life.

    I will be very grateful if you pray with me.

    Thank you.

  683. prayer for total deliverance and restoration of my family…… wife&children and home back,for God to heal me and favor me in the United States of America where im presently resideing now alone.

    i know all things work together for those who obey and trust him and also
    I know for sure that he is the ruler of all thing both in heaven and the earth.

    may the almighty God continue to bless your ministry in Jesus Name,Amen.

  684. Need a word from the Lord and prayer regarding this situation that has happened to me.
    I became pregnant the first year of my marriage and I told my husband not to tell anyone yet. I was still living in my other home, which he would not move in with me. I drove over to his house, which he still lived with his parents, after the doctor’s visit. He went into the kitchen told his parents, they came out angry at me, his sister was so jealous that she threw her old maternity clothes at me, why did you had to go and do that. They were so mad, full of hate on their faces. I was 3months. I told my husband I did not want anyone to know yet. Well after I miscarried they were so happy. His Mother told everyone on both sides of the family and my family, relatives she did not want grandchildren by me. My husbands family is happy that I haven’t had children. My heart’s desire is to be a Godly Mom, train my child up in the way of the Lord Jesus and serve Jesus forever.
    My husband was not providing for me for the first two years of our marriage. I owned my own home and have a good job. I’ve been faithful to the Lord since a kid, grew up in the church, bible study.
    I ask for prayer or scriptures because I’ve been grieving about this a long time.

  685. Isabel
    Prayer for wisdon, knowledge and understanding.

  686. I want God to deliver me from all forms of ancestral and witchcraft bondage and remove every obstacles that have been hindering me from getting Job. Above all let him show me favor in the side of men and make me to know him the more in Jesus name. AMEN.

  687. Need prayer for my wife Semakaleng Makaneta she is not feeling well. I pray that God will heal her in Jesus name. And also pray for the protection of my famili as I’m going out of the country to DRC for 6 months. I ask this in the name of Jesus christ.

  688. Please pray for my life. Since a lady threatened me that i will never succeed in life, there are so many things happening in my life. I lost my job and also my father do not want to see me. Please help me pray so that God can help me in those places. I have also been having really bad dreams and sometimes see myself laughing and talking to myself. Heavenly pleaase answer myy prayer.

  689. please pray for my marriage which is under demonic laws dont want son to marry.finances are also under attack.p0ray for me to overcome witches in my dreams.pray for total restoration of marriage.

  690. Am really blessed with this blog

  691. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank God for leading me to this site, because I really need serious prayers. I am a widow with two children. I have been single since my husband died in January 2005, so I decided to look for a life time partner again. I kept praying and praying , an one day a lady on my face book invited me to zoosk, a dating web site. I joined zoosk, and met a guy who resembled every aspect of a man I was looking for. He was a Christian and wanted a Christian partner. He told me that he was an engineer who has a contract in Malaysia, and all his sucess was because of God, so he cannot marry a woman who is not a Christian. I considered myself lucky to meet a Christian man.

    This guy introduced his son to me and told me that his girl friend he met in college died while having his son. Both son and father told me, the rest of the family, especially the mother is very happy that her son has met a woman who wants to marry. He showed me pictures of his family–mother, brother, son and a lot of pictures of himself. We chatted for long time. He told me his name was John Bent Cooper and his son, Mark Cooper.

    This guy told me that we need to fast every tuesday towards our relationship, so I was fasting on tuesdays and I even suggested we add Fridays, so I was fasting some Fridays too. He gave me quotations from the bible and told me that a prophet by the name Hisyam gave it to him for me. He told me the prophet wanted me to give away some of my clothings to 3 people which I did. I trusted this guy so much.

    While in Malaysia, he explained that he was working with Grapiam construction work, he showed me thr certificate for the contract and a picture of himself in Malaysia. He also showed me picture of himself with webcam.

    He kept begging me for money because he couldn’t cash his check. Ait fiirst I did not want to give him the money but he convinced me , brainwashed my brain,,telling me we are family and he will take care of me and the children, he couldn’t wait to see me. He sworn that he will rather die than to cheat me. He said he will pay me back using worsds like,’I will back you back in Jesus name”. and all that. I really thought he was real. I searched the internet and did not find any criminal record on him so I thought he was good person. He gave me his US address, and a phone number to contact his brother. After talking to his son, who was so happy to have me as a mother I just thought this guy was genuine.

    By the time I came to my real self I had lost over $250,000, including my son’s $40,000, credit card bills, Oh God!!! I don’t know how people can be wicked like that, he used Christianity, love and God’s name to rob me of my money and left me with debt. I found out that he was a romance scammer, the pictures were not his and he told me he was pretending to be his son, and that he has no son. He told me he used the money for his business and was going to pay me back in 3 months.He then disconnected himself from the internet.

    Before I found out that the guy by the name John Cooper was a scammer, I received a call from another person by the name Watson Holmes who claimed to see all our conversation on Yahoo and the money I have given John, and he told me John was not real, and that his name is not John Cooper, he is from African.. When I asked John he said the guy was a liar and latter said he was imposing as Watson, but later he denied he was the same Watson. He confessed that his name was not John Cooper , but he said he was going to pay me back.

    i have not heard from him since he disconnected from Yahoo, but I have been talking to the guy who calls himself Watson Holmes, he claimed to be an investigator and told me he can collect my money for me. He asked for $5,000 and I told him no, I will not give him anytihing because I know it’s a scam.

    Please pray for me to recover all my money from this guy. I don’t know what happened, but that guy brainwashed me. He is a criminal, cyber criminal. I know with God nothing is impossible. Pray that God will send the Holy Spirit to him and everybody involve in scamming me to know that what he/they are doing is wrong and they should never have peace of mind until my money is return to me. All I want is God’s miracle to recover my money, please pray for me, I know God will do it if we keep praying. Right now I am strugling with my bills, I have to pay for money I did not spend and worse of all I have to choose between tithen offiering and bills. This is very depressing and I don’t know what to do, only Jesus can save me from this disaster. Please pray for God to recover my money in the Mighty name of His son Jesus.

    I went for interview for Assistant Director of Nursing job yesterday (4/13/12) please pray that I get this job, I really need it.

    Thank you for the prayers, may the Almighty God bless you all.

    Theresa, USA.

  692. Dear pastor my son’s name is Ashveer P.D. is tormented by evil spirits,he studied criminology due 2d murder of his baby brother yrs back has turned him in2 an alcoholic,im sure drugs is also involved,i was despret went 2traditional healer’s 4help,deez blood suckin leetches r scum,al da do is curse inocent people who cant sell da belongings 4der needs,traditional healer who cal himself Prince Adrew in durban north gav me 40 dayz 2book my grave if i don giv him money,he said i hav d evil spirit in me which is effectin my son,please banish deez fake traditional healers n spirits who’s actin like god,i aint scared of dem bcoz i found u 2heal my son’s addiction n 2find peace in Jesus name,please remove al d bad energy n obstacles dat in my way 2success,let me find happiness,my husband fight wid me bcoz of my sons behaviour,i donwana die or kill my famlly,my last resort is u,help me b4 its 2late,pray 4peace,wealth n joy,4my 2dogs 2b healthy n safe,my husan,son,brother’s,sister’s,n all who’s part of mylife 2b safe,cure my frend Porche’s hernia,Jenifer cervical cancer,my sister lalita’s unknown sickness,let my enemies bcum my friend’s Jesus name tanks 2all

  693. My wife has backsliden and gone back into the world and is doing the very things God had delivered her from, even worst. Please pray in agreement with me that God would bring her to repentance and draw her back to him. That He would heal,restore and renew my marriage and family and bring her back home to me and our 4 children….In the name of Jesus!!

  694. Please pray for me as I am desperate to be debt free and financially independent and that my business with my partners will be profitable and free of fraud and troubles.. and also that I be blessed with a life time partner and able to raise up Godly family.

  695. Pray for me; a relationship with my boyfriend has been broken by multiple demonic interferences, such as people telling lies, others showing up to destroy our relationship. I suffer from many generational curses: barrenness, solitude, financial problems, one crisis to the next, being disliked, etc. Before I was born a doctor tried to trick my mom into an abortion, and that this prenatal curse has impacted my life on this earth. There are other generational curses since I am descended from prominent families with much power who misused their blessings to divide God’s church and oppressed the poor. For financial, interpersonal and other blessings and for removal of all the trauma and trouble that has been my portion. I am having trouble keeping faith in Jesus right now due to harassment from work since my workplace hates Jesus and barely gave me time to celebrate Good Friday and Easter.

  696. I need a prayer everytime when I pray I hear a sound in my ears is like someone is beating something & dis disturb me. My stomach is also filled with air. Please pray with me

  697. Pray for me l am 33year old lady without children i have got fibroid help to destroy spiritual husband in Jesus name

  698. Please pray for my sister Thilaga’s health and married life. Please make her husband understand her better and love her. Please pray for my career and my mother’s and father’s health.

  699. I am living a big mess in my christian life. I suppose that’s the result of having had in the past a blind faith in “:propserity Gospel American style” I did read all the books written by American Financial; Ministers with a zero result. I am poorer and much more in debt. I know that God has forgiven me for all my sins, and that I am a son of the living God. It does not please Him to see me that way. I am appealing from all my christian friends to support me in prayer , so that the LOrd will provide me favour to get a reasonable job with reasonable salaries, so that I pay my debts; and provide for my family. My wife works very hard each day. She starts at 10.00 am, and finishes at 10.00 pm; including sundays. We need the Fatherly touch of God’s favour in our life. I don’t care to work hard, but it aches my heart to see my wife work so hard.
    Please pray that we be delivered from witchraft. My mother in law has sworn to destroy our home and marriage. We need deliverance from the curse of poverty and fromn witchcraft against our home. Any one having a Godly word of wisdom for us, please email us ( Should God be instructing anyone for some financial help, I pray that you obey Him. Thanks, and God bless you all richly. John

  700. please pastor pray for me. for many years i have experienced sharp pain in my chest like somebody is stabbing me.

  701. i pray for breakthrough in my business, God has open the door so many opportunity but the are all pending, proposals are not approved. i need a release in Jesus name. i need promotion at work,God make me the head and not the tail. by the power that raise christ from the death i cry for open door and open heaven in my family amen.

  702. I pray that God will bring me n my bestfriend together… for God to open his eyes n take the blinders off and let him see that we are good together. I pray that he and his son get save and he becomes my husban and his son become my step always bless us show us the way I also pray that you will bless all these ppl that need you

  703. pls daddy pray for me ,to delivered me and my family from spirit of death troubling chasing us from my village.they doesnt want me to have wife,rather children non achivement in my life.

  704. pls pray for me. l brought a company to nigeria some years back.And l used to travel out of the country ,my family stay abroad.for about five years now l coundnt have visa to see my family and to attend meeting in our headqauter in europe.the company is growing,the staffs are doing fine but l remain stangnat.pls pray for me

  705. Prayer for family deliverance , Because things are looking really crazy .

  706. I moved to Evergreen 31/2 years ago. The area that i have moved to is alot of people drinking, drugs, you name it…it goes on here. I had to move so quickly and at the time this was easy and affordable….I pray for everyone here…don’t associate with them other than on a Jesus Christ level. Since I have moved here my business has completely shut down, I have been fired from my job, gone from outstanding credit to not being able to pay my bills at all. I’ve almost lost my truck twice. I am currently 5000 dollars in dept to my landlord…I can’t believe I am still here….he won’t be able to keep me much longer. I finally got a job at safeway…still not enough money to pay my bills…..I just feel like there is so much evil…like this place has a curse…I have to get food from the food bank…i understand the economy….but not to these extreems. I am faithful in my tiths until recently…and have sown thousands of dollars in to life and give great amounts of money when i had business. I JUST FEEL LIKE MY BLESSINGS ARE NOT COMING THROUGH AND I HAVE BEEN CURSED SINCE I HAVE BEEN LIVING HERE….I HAVE NO MONEY TO MOVE AT THE MOMENT….PLEASE PRAY FOR ME….I’M NOT SURE HOW TO PRAY ANYMORE…..MY PRAYER BUDDIES AND I PRAY ALL THE TIME..THEY HAVE SIMILAR SITUATIONS IN THERE AREAS TOO.

  707. Pray for me that i strengthen my faith and be a strong believer,
    Pls pray for tatoal healing and deliverance in my life;
    Pray that i get a permanent paying job since i graduated in 2001;
    Pray for the full restoration of my marriage to Mr Poo

  708. please unite with me 2 destroy ancestoral evil foundations

  709. pastor, i am jennifer,, having financial issue ,,,,,,,not able to meet all my needs,,,,,, specially children,,,,,,,i trying to do business with real estate but i dont know pastor its not working,,,,,every were blocks,,,,,,pastor pls pray,,,every obsticals thats on my way towards my financial blessing is destroyed is destroyed in jesus name,,,,,, amen

  710. Heavenly Father, I am asking you to enlighten your children especially those who were troubled in delivering their prayer requests. Let them hear and learn the proper way in asking your answers thru prayers. Allow them to study the bible and live in a righteous manner so that their prayers will efficient and heard by yours in Jesus name.

  711. I need prayer for the following
    fruit of the woumb
    ceased menstruation due to fibroids
    high blood pressure
    serious headache painfull neck
    failure to sleep

  712. i need prayer for my pregancy test to comeback positive in jesus name. I need prayer for good news on mother day. I had twp embryos inplanted in me due to no tubes we had IVF. I want God favour in this embryos inplanting in Jesus name. I had two negative test so far but i am still beleiving in god for a miracle. It is done in jesus name

  713. Hi Hopeful,
    May your heart desire come to pass , in the mighty name of Jesus.

  714. Please Pastor,
    I have been asked to come for job interview on Moday(5/14/12), please pray for me to get the job if it’s God’s will.

  715. Please pray for me in the following matters
    I want a husband
    i want breakthrough in my bussiness
    I want Uk visa for my Daughter and my Son
    I want financial break through

  716. Please pray for me so that I can find a better job to help me in my financial difficulties. I have been working for the same company for 5 years, I love my job but when I asked for a raise, they started treating me badly, they demoted me. I have applied for a few jobs, went for an interview, now i’m am waiting for a favorable answer. It’s getting worse everyday. Thank you

  717. 1 for success in my exams. 2 for Physical healing of my spine. 3 for a financial break through in my husband business

  718. Pray for a financial breakthrough for Jamaica from right here in this country and for wisdom for our prime minister Portia Simpsom Miller

  719. I’m requesting prayers for a spiritual relationship with God so I will overcome all the obstacles in my life

  720. I ask God to grant me favour in my quest for my dream job. That God should remove every failure and disappointments in job interviews that come my way. Also that God grant my wife a safe delivery in Jesus name. Amen!

  721. I attended an interview on 28th May and they told me that they would call up on Wednesday. I liked the company in terms of business and expect to get a good salary. I need prayers to get this job if its destined to me . I am losing hopes as I have still not got any calls from the company.I pray to get a job in this company.Praise GOD.

  722. Please pray for me in the name of the blood and love of our God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I obtain a job to fulfill my family obligations and that my wife, Maureen lets me back home as her husband and friend. I miss her and my three children very much. I don’t want a divorce, I love my family. I need my marriage repaired and that God soften her heart and mind to me and that he brings back the love she once had. I am sorry for taking her for granted. I don’t want to live without my family. I try to see my children as much as possible. We live far apart and I’m missing them grow up.
    please hear my prayers and have mercy on me GOD. In the name of Christ.


  724. Please pray for me i lost a case by the court against an internet provider
    in the dutch court system the truth is not always the reason for the fianl dicission
    Please pray that i will found a solution . This is realy injustice pray for a solution . Also pray for
    the singing competition in germany 8 june
    so that my voice is good
    shalom klaas jacob

  725. Father in the name of Jesus, pray for me for double restoration in my health and financial breakthrough. i have been waiting upon the lord to set me free from diabetes, long standing headache, body pains and blurred vision secondly i opened a company to operate micro finance business but Satan has blocked all the money that clients took as loans. y i always see a snake swallowing my health and money. i believed God is God of total restoration and shall have permanent deliverence in Jesus name. AMEN

  726. Dear beloved my name is James am a nigerian lives in New Delhi in India .my prayer request is for God to give me a divine financial breakthrough that will my life and family story for ever .and also for God to deliver me from dream attackers .cause their are some people that i use to see each time there is good thing coming my way and they give me food that will be the end of that good thing that am expecting and this are the people i know from my village ,please i want you brethren to join me pray for deliverance over this ,is drawing back and keeping me stagnant and making me cry day and night ,i really need God deliverance of this .and God to suprise me with his miracle in this month of june.and my deliverance shall be permanent in Jesus. i will come to nigeria to testify to his people for what he has done in jesus name we pray.

  727. please pray that i will be able to support me and my two children. i need to be financially/spiritually able to take care of my children and also to help others when they need finance and spiritual guidance. pray that i will b bold and that my prayers will be effective and to be delivered from the spirit of fear. I love God and i want to continue to follow him and to bring others to know him.

  728. please pray for me for a job and a breakthrough in my finances l need to get money for my rent l need Gods intervation

  729. I really hope that some one could send me an E-mail for self beptist and what should I need to performed self beptism….

  730. Dear Pastor,

    Please pray for me and join your faith with mine on the following:

    1. Prayer for repentance and a heart of worship towards God.
    2. Prayer for my future husband and against delay in marriage. And when answered, a successful and exemplary marriage. 
    3. Direction and success in my business.
    4. Lately I’ve been feeling sick in my body. As a healthcare professional, my mind is telling me it is something but I don’t want to jump the gun before I see a doctor. Which I hope to do within the next week or so. Please pray for complete healing.
    5. Prayer for God to order my steps.
    6. Prayer against pre-mature death. Therefore let God direct my steps to accomplishing that which he has called me to do.
    7. Prayer against a spirit of rebellion.
    8. Prayer for good health and success in all arenas for all my family members.
    9. Prayer for me to have a heart of love, service and giving just like my mum.
    10. Prayer against the spirit of Pride.
    11. Prayer against any spirit of discord that may be trying to take root in my family.
    12.  Prayer for a discerning spirit and for God to help me maximise the potential of my gifts (Dreams, counselling, intuition, etc.)
    13. Prayer for people to see beyond my outward appearance and see me as a vessel of God’s glory, rather than just my physical attributes (this has been the issue even before puberty).
    14. Prayer for forgiven for all sins, known and unknown.

    I’m very grateful to God for all he has done in my life and that of my family. Please join your faith with mine.

    God bless you, your family and your ministry abundantly!

  731. Break generation curses over my paternal grandfather was a witchdoctor and my mother consulted several witchdoctor before she got me tired with this bondage.

  732. God will you grant me with the lotto tonight

  733. Pls pray fo me as am looking for a job. Dat God will give me a miracle name is chidimma vitalis

  734. God heal me as i am going thru a heartbreak ,bring my man back if we are meant for each other and make hm real and mine forever,but if we are nt meant for each other God bring me smeone who really suites me and who wil be mine til death..and help me to let go and move on

  735. iam requesting prayers for a godly spouse.

  736. Prayer request: Husband Tom is redeemed from curse/stronghold of 1) narcissism, 2) borderline personality disorder, 3) anger toward his mother, women and spouse; that Tom seek 1st the kingdom of God, that his heart of stone is replaced with a heart of flesh, that Tom loves me like Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her; that i do not grow weary in well-doing; that God supplies all of my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus; that I live by faith and not by sight. That Tom & I forget the former things and press on to those things which lie ahead. Ezek 36:26; Eph 5:25; phil 4:19

  737. I need prayer for deliverance for whole of my body and finances breakthrough.I am a born again Christian.Amen.

  738. Please pray form me. I am having serious stomach pains. Others are saying its ulcer while other are saying its a attack. I have taken all the drugs and gone to different hospital. I am still in pains. I need prayers to help me out.

  739. I need God’s direction in my life
    I need a financial breakthrough
    I need spiritual growth
    I need peace in my home

    I want the glory of God to manifest in my life
    I want God to contend with whoever contend with me both phisycaly and spiritualy
    I need devine upliftment.

  740. faith ,

    God to bless me with a job
    God to return my boyfriend back and restore my relationship
    God to take my family away from debts.
    God to save my dad
    God to help my family
    GOD to break all curses from my life and my family.

  741. Since they told me that some use my cloth to put me in poverty and sickness things has been difficult for me. Pls pray for me. Because i need money to go back to school

  742. Please pray for my daughter Jane she is bewitched by this boy TJ and his family from Nigeria shes not herself anymore and dont care about her family anymore she just believe in what TJ has to say his word is law. My soul as her mother is trouble as i fear for Janes safety. She never had a boyfriend and his controling her life like a puppet. Pls in Jesus name help my daughter through prayer.

  743. May God bless you for praying with me today. My prayer request is regarding my job place. I’m a work-study student in her last year in college. So, I spoke to my boss who I’ve been working with for 5 months about my federal pell-grant which has been taken away from me. She sounded like she pitied me. However, a week later after I discussed my financial difficulties with her, I noticed that she has become a penny pincher to me. Though the work allows her to pay me only 10%, while 90% comes out of my federal work-study, she’s beginning to deduct any minutes I spent talking to someone who works in the same organization. There are various non-profit projects in this organization that I work with. Recently, if I go talking to an employee of another project separate from the project my boss hired me in, my boss deducts the pay from the the only 10% she pays me. She knows the employee I was talking to just for 15 minutes was a friend of hers who works for a different project. Is my boss being racist to me? I find this very disturbing and stingy. It’s even difficult to confront her about it because she’s white and I’m black.

  744. Pray for me and Arlis that no one will come between us(Matthew 19:6,Song of Solomon8:6-7),that we can trust each other,that we be bonded together.Pray against witchcraft coming against us,pray that there is trust between us,pray that the Lord will knit us together Col 2:2.Pray for any fears that Arlis may be experiencing.Pray that we will stay together.Ellice Thanks for your prayers

  745. i lost my dad 2o1o and only uncle 2011 and my brother is poison since 2010 2weks be4 my dad funeral til nw sm evil men in my vilage ave swear 2 kill all member of my family pls pray 4 us

  746. God you said that the espectation of the righteouse shall never be cut off and you said there is nothing impossible for you to do,so God i dont want this month to pass me by i want friut of the womb i want to be pregnant this month and i want to stay with my husband papermanently in Denmark.

  747. my God iwant you to deliver me from eating in the dream and from all the attack of the devil in my marriage.make my husband to love me the more and remove the spirit of hatred they planted in to hate me and my mother and siblins in Jesus name.

  748. Please i want the saint to help to pray against the spirit of mastobation that i may glorify God

  749. Lord I pray for wisdom so that I may have the knowledge at my new job. I ask you Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit when I speak to everyone. I pray for favour to be poured in my Life in Jesus name. That I may become the best project manager and receive favour from my new boss and the CEO. I know Lord that nothing with you is impossible so I ask for you to have mercy and for my bosses to see the potential that I have and be able to learn quickly and be confident in everything I do and that I may not show up as arrogant. So I ask you to fill me up with your Holy Spirit. I pray for my boyfriend that you may give him ideas of making money Lord, so he will be able to marry me. I know Lord that if you are able to change the hearts of Kings Lord that you will be able to change the hearts of my bosses to mentor me in becoming the best PM and for my boyfriends to see that I am the woman he wants to spend his rest of his life with in marriege. I pray for my health, health of my boyfriend, health of my dad, health of my mother Lord. Cover us with the blood of Jesus heavenly father. In Jesus name I am thanking you in advance

  750. I need some prayers servant of de High God, I received a word from God dats now I must start a ministry, so I need prayers as I’m gonna take de step forward, I also need a financial breakthrough n divine favor from God n from ppl.

  751. I want to be assisted in prayers concerning the remark of my exam paper(Microbiology) to come out successful

  752. Pray for God to forgive me and my husband. We did not do what he taught us in the bible and we are now HIV positive. Ask God to forgive us. He is still our father, our Lord and Saviour, we still praise and glorify his name.

    Than you, from children of God

  753. Dear Lord, I pray that you bless this online ministry in all it sets out to do. So many lamps burning for you on earth dear Lord. For myself, all I ask of you God, is that you continue to bless me and guide me, and teach me to follow after your voice, so that I can become in this world, all that you wanted me to be, no matter what the direction or the difficulties. Fill me with you spirit so that I can become a beacon of light for my children, my sisters, my parents and all peoples that you put before me, and in my life. May the stumbling blocks of fear and doubt become like small pebbles in my path so that i can find full trust in you, and a God given purpose for my life – though i squandered all the many blessings during my walk in the secular world, may you look with love and compassion on me and mine. Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers.

  754. abby
    Dear Lord i thank you for protection and preservung my job and position at work.thank you.touch the hearts and minds of all those who are plotting to remove me.its you who put me here and the Glory of the Lord is being seen in my life.

  755. faather god i thank you for my many blessing, i thank you for my family, i thank you for the family you have given me, father god the battle is rageing in my marriage, my request is that you pray for acomplete removal pf amy curses, spells, strongholds that had been put ever me, and my husband, and our marriage, i would like to see a total turn around with us things like loving, caring, respecting, passion, towards each other, please pray for me for a peace of mind, i pray that he does not be taken over by the devil and his demon’s, pray my husband to the right thing, and stop what he is doing, i pray he become a committed, and loving han, i pray for his forgiveness over the past, father god this has been going on for two long now, i pray for gods intervention, and for a healing and a new begining, father god please reunite us as we once were once were. father god i ask to reasure me that you are near, and in control, and with me, father god i need a miracle, and some good news soon, please pray for a financial windfall soon i am in need of so many things right now, father god i ask for your help to get througjh this, i ask for more faith, i ask for your favor, i ask for grace, i ask for you to come into this family we so badly need you, please help us, i ask you to make away out of what seems to be no way, i ask you to open doors i can not see, in my marriage and life, and finances, father god i thank you for what you are doing, and about to do, i praise your name, father god i ask you to make a path for us, father god i ask you to have mercy on this family, in the name of jesus, i ask that you bless this marriage with kindness, careing, forgiveness, healing, in the name of jesus i pray amen

  756. hi, would you pray for me so that i can be delivered from pride and jelousy.I really want to work for GOD for the rest of my life, but how can i please Him when i have pride and jelousy? I want to be holy as He is and to help those who are lost to bring them back to our saviour, JESUS CHRIST.Please help me because i understand that GOD hates pride and jelousy.I am willing to work for GOD but i feel like l am stuck because of this and l have to move on so that GOD’s people will be saved through our Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!

  757. I ran into this site by accident, ok no God ordained me to come here today, to make a public announcement to satan, hell, death, and the grave.. your time is up (release me, and my family) my details are heart wrenching and only God knows them, I am believing he will bring correction to a situation, that bewitchment and enchantment will no longer be a concern for the Goliaths that keep chasing after me, that my children’s peace is Great like the word of God says.
    I am also believing to get contracts that will promote me, and the kingdom of God.
    I believe for financial turn around and family restoration, including my daughter coming back to the foundation of what she was taught. I pray God Almighty contend with the two people who have tried to turn my life upside down, make fun of me, and I also pray their deliverance from drugs and alcohol.
    I pray and Believe for recompense of my daughter. It is my desire (knowing God will give me the desires of my heart) that God will bring closure and correction to the way my husband left me and his children, and let me go on to pursing doing great and mighty things for his kingdom. To get my body, mind and spirit in order, so I continue to reflect Godliness. Soon I will relocate to a new city, and I pray favor, that everything lines up smoothly and (any roadblocks) be cleared away, in Jesus name.

  758. I want you vto help me pray for my stomach I also want a husband need to get married l also want prayer for a double portion of annointing

  759. Man and woman of GOD pray for me to be successful in everything that i do and touch in JESUS YESHUAH the CHRIST the MESSIAH’s NAME.Pray for world peace and for more converts to the body of CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR in HEAVEN on the right side of the LIVING GOD our CREATOR of the HEAVENS and the EARTH and everything in the SEA’S. May GOD who sees in HEAVEN do you all good in JESUS YESHUA his SON’s NAME especially those in the household of JESUS our LORD and LIFE to the GLORY of GOD in HEAVEN who JESUS called the ONLY TRUE GOD ,RIGHTEOUS FATHER, HEAVENLY FATHER.May also all your plans and dreams be fullfiled by the mighty power of GOD in HEAVEN in the NAME of JESUS YESHUAH the CHRIST and MESSIAH on the rigth side of OUR FATHER. AMEN.

  760. I Pray for my Mummy on ECOWAS mission in sudan to come back home to Nigeria safely, and also praying for long life for her, and that demonic plans against her life be destroyed. Also that every ancestors curse or demonic forces of my fathers and mothers house be destroyed in the Name of Jesus.
    I pray for restoration and acceleration in my fathers business. I also pray for total and Divine recovery in my Family.
    I pray for my destiny helpers to locate me and Bless me. Money cometh to me now to solve my immediate money related problems in Jesus Name. Amen. I pray for acceleration in my career and life, also make a success my Information Technology quest in Canada or Australia.
    I pray for Longlife and Great health for my loving Grandmother.
    I Bless the Name of the Most Hight for granting these Requests. Hallelujah!!!

  761. I pray today for my husband who lives in the caribbean. We were married last month but I had to return to the UK while I got his papers sorted for him to join me. I have now lost my job and our plans have been pushed back. I miss my husband so much and when we speak we always end up crying because we feel so lonely. I have applied for so many jobs but have only had one interview that I have not heard from. I ask God to Bless me with a good job so that I may be able to send for my husband so that I may live the life that we were supposed too. I pray that God will give me the strength to also change around my life and live for Him. I pray for a solution to paying my dept even if it is a good job that I get and have to pay back slowly but steadily. I know Jesus is listening to my prayers and I ask Him to please solve them immediately because there is a chance that I can lose my home as a result of all this dept and personal hardship. I ask all this in Jesus Holy Name, Amen

  762. Psalm 75:6-7: for promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the Judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another

  763. Please pray for my first love of four years and i to get back together and that the evil that people are doing to sepreate us will fail and be sent to the pit of hell.

  764. 1.Please pray with me in cutting the bondage and ties that my partner have from his previous relationship all these are having a bad influence in our relationship we fight a lot.
    2. Prayer to destroy lust in him.
    3.A prayer for me I’m. Having so much challenges at work also I need a prayer for a new job I need a change in my career

    In Jesus name Thank u

  765. 1. In Jesus name I pray everything and everyone that is between my husband and I to be removed.
    2. In Jesus name I pray to cut the bondage and ties that my husband has in his relationship with any other women.
    3. In Jesus name I pray that the almighty father makes our marriage and love unbreakable again for our children and our families.
    4. In Jesus name I pray that my mother in-law is healed of all sickness.
    5. In Jesus name I pray that my husband returns to his family that he has made with me and God. What god has put together let no one break. And lead him back to the almighty father.

    In Jesus blood and name for my family to be healed. Thank You

  766. 1. Please pray that any curses in my family be broken jn Jesus name
    2. That I pass my exams with good grades at the end of this final year in college
    3. That I find the right marriage partner
    4. For blessings in my family
    5. For healing in my family

  767. Hello…

    my name is edith Mark from Usa… i want to thank the great doctor Dr Ogaga for the help he have helped me for helping me to get back my husband back…

    I never believe that he could so be true because i thought it was a joke but now i know how powerful Dr Ogaga his…

    He helped me to bring back my husband within 46hours my husband Mr Benson Patrick who left me for another old woman started begging me to forgive him after the dr have helped me to caste the spell///

    if you have any problem make sure you contact him he can help you

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  768. jesus
    i loved one girl for 4 years and she used to always say that she cant live without me.finally we married in civil after some day i told yell abot us we had already
    married because she was getting proposal at home so she told from that day they hide her and no contact so now they filed a case for divorce and my wife is completely
    changed… shocked how she is so changed ..plzz pray for me because i love her very mu