How to live like a good and true christian

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 What are the Biblical standards for christian life? How do I live like a good christian?

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Read Hebrew 12 vs. 13-16, 13 vs. 1 and 4

  1. Don’t cause the downfall of the weak (12vs. 13)
  2. Be at peace with all (12vs. 14)
  3. Be holy if you wish to please God (12vs. 14)
  4. Avoid bitterness against those who have offended you (12vs. 15)
  5. Avoid fornication (12 vs. 16)
  6. Have self control over food, drinks and worldly pleasures ( 12vs. 16)
  7. Help strangers (13 vs. 2)
  8. Honour your marital vows (13 vs. 4)

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