Bishop T.D.Jakes sermons on depression, self pity and anxiety

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Levities 19:18

When a woman is abused as a child, she grows up with more problems than the pain of that abuse. She also lives with the anger that nobody helped her, nobody intervened on her behalf, and nobody stepped in and rescued her. People may have seen, but nobody helped. God said something like this,” you were cast out into the open field, and everybody loathed you (see Ezekiel 16:5). That’s the way a woman feels if she was abused as a child like a throw- away baby.

But abused woman aren’t the only ones who fells this way., divorced women, rejected women, and abandoned women feel this way too. In fact, virtually everywoman goes through this experience at some time. When people reject you, it’s very difficult for you to feel good about yourself. You start thinking,” Well, if they don’t think I’m worth anything, maybe I’m not. If they are willing to throw me aside, I must be of no value.”

I beg you not ever to allow another person’s view of you to control the way you see yourself. That’s too much power to give to another human being. If people don’t have the ability to discern the riches of the treasure inside you, that’s their problem. But if you sit at home and wallow in self-pity because they have no discernment, then it becomes your problem.

Recognize that those who reject you have no ability to see inside you, to hear the meaning behind your words, to feel the quality of your touch. They have bought a lie- either consciously or unconsciously _ that the devil has told them about you. They may believe that lie, but don’t you believe it!

If you buy that deception and come to the conclusion that you don’t like yourself, you can’t like anybody else. In dealing with other people, we reach into the well of our own self-esteem and treat them out of the supply that is in us. If your well is dry, you don’t have anything to give anyone else. In Mathew 22: 39, Jesus says we are to love other people to the degree that we love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, then we don’t have any love to give to our neighbors.

People who have been treated hatefully become full of hate and can only give hate. People who have been criticized become filled with a critical spirit and can only give criticism. People who have been abused become bitter and angry and can only give abuse.

Refuse to accept the loathing of other people. Don’t allow their opinion to creep into your inner person. Refuse to loathe yourself. If no one else has compassion on you. Remember that God does and that’s reason enough to be good to yourself!

Source T.D. Jakes

11 thoughts on “Bishop T.D.Jakes sermons on depression, self pity and anxiety

    Tabata Gordon said:
    September 19, 2009 at 3:22 am

    Dear sir thank you for this wonderfull messeage i have been struggling witht he way i sometimes feel about my self and i have not get to reach certain goals becaue of how i think other few me , even in my own family i have alwayse been seen has an out cast untill i start feeling like i am also try my best to feel usefull but that is always at a cost either by telling them i can lend them money that i have never gotten back or that i would do somethinf for them wish they did not wish to do the other calls i get is on my brithday and christmas that are very short and when i do need help i can never call on these people.A few years ago i started dating a doctor any the long and short of that story was that i was attack my demond and that too push me in a state of been depress where i could not fine my self and fear as been with me ever since. i am 34 years and i still do not know where my life is going and i do still feel afraid of everything, relationship freind ship and i have been at the place where i never get to finish my degree that i have started and with that i just feel like a looser all the time. so thank you for this i will try adn add this to my favourite. thanks again


    vuyo said:
    October 7, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Hello I need some prayers Im pregnant and still love the father of my child but seemingly he is intrested in other girls. we were going to get married and he changed now. Ilove him and my biggest problem is anger and being sturborn.He loves me as he says but he hates the above.Im very vulnarable @this time &he seems to take advantage of that.I grew up without a father and I dont want a fatherless child like me.I believe that its time that God makes man to stand up and take responsibilty.Im born again and he said he was so i didnt want to judge him,he is a person with a good personality as well &that is not an excuse. Ineed prayers.


    Rose said:
    July 26, 2010 at 7:18 am


    i was in the same situation an God let me tell you he is good all the Time, just remove the anger and stubborness bow down to God do not allow those demons to control your life
    pray read the bible fast request to God everything you wish
    listen to God when he speaks, but humble yoself that is the best medicine to win your fathers chile back even thing s wont happen quickly still pray fast read the word of God, supplication let your request be know to GOd, throw out all those stubborness anger remove it…cos those demons will cause your marriage go astray, what i know is that your boyfriend LOVES you depply but humble yourself is not easy but its worht it try it u will see.. GOD BLESS YOU AND GUIDE YOU PLEASE BE STRONG, DEFEAT The DEVIL HE IS A LIAR,he will everytime make your boyfriend do something that will make talk a lot and lives you again, .please find inner peace within yoself dont go around telling poeple about yo life…GOd is your friend now trust in him seek his face and everything will fall into place…i know…sharp!


    REUBEN said:
    March 8, 2012 at 11:30 pm



    Ms. Stephanie.Carter said:
    March 30, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    that is good godly wisdom and very insightful, this world does not plez God! GOD came back for sinners. God expect his children to follow his commandments. ( like a child obeying there parent). Now GOD knows this road was not going to be easy and he told us that! I know were like but did it have to be this hard? … Well it dosent have to be hard if we hold on hold on to OUR FATHER GOD UNCHANGEABLE HANDS! And just rest in his promises that he will never leave nor forsake us! (Not like some who for ever reason forsake others that they say they care about or love)!! God said that he will always be there! So put all of your TRUST in GOD!!! Now my problem is have been like the verse that Pastor TD. Jake took one of the scriptures out of the bible Matthew 22:39 (read it above). I love people very much and then the ones closes to you pulls the rug from under your feet! its very hard to trust again! so this message that Pastor TD JAKES wrote helped! But God has given us a compass to follow HIM! AND THE SCRIPTURES TO GUIDE OUR WAY AND OUR HEARTS… KEEP PRAYING KEEP PRAYING TO GOD!! GOD WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS !!! RECIEVE YOUR BLESSINGS! OKAY


    Jennifer said:
    May 8, 2012 at 11:52 am

    This was a great message. I sometimes feel less of a person because of how some people may view me. You are sometimes looked down upon if your not apart of the crowd. I chose to live my life which is pleasing to God. In living this life there are certain things you can and can not be apart of. I am depressed and i dont know why, this message helps.


    tina bernal said:
    August 15, 2012 at 9:56 am

    Hi Vuyo
    To me it sounds like you are in an emotionally abuse relationship! I would read up on abuse and the different facets of it as you sound broken down by his harsh cirticisms of you as a person. I would say become stronger in yourself, he is using you and cannot truely love you properly. I know that you are vulnerable at this time, especially as you are pregnant, but please look at this with very clear glasses on. I married and lived with a similar man, had 3 children and waited for 17yrs for him to change. The only person who changed was me, as slowly each part of my self esteem and who I was erroded into what he expected me to be. I never lived up to those expectations. Please seek outside trusted help, good church or some family whom you can trust. He will not change, abusive men never do, and they rarely stick to only one aspect of abuse…in other words affairs are going to happen as well. That was harder to acept for me even over the destruction of me and my very soul. See him for who he really is, do not keep putting yourself in a “desparate” place as it wont change, and could only get worse, for you and your child. It will be hard, but I wish someone else would have told me some truths, and I would have left earlier than latter…blessings.


    Phyllis Davis said:
    December 11, 2012 at 8:30 am

    That was beautifully written; Godly wisdom goes a long way!


    Matthew Sears said:
    April 10, 2013 at 11:49 am

    My marriage is a mess I wrecked my life with drugs and alcohol lost everything I had I feel hopeless depressed all the time is there any way out I have continual thoughts of suicide and I need a touch from heaven it’s the only things going to set me free


    Godfrey said:
    June 24, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    If am ever going to make it in life it will be because I heard and listen to Bishop TD Jakes reveal God to me in ways I never imagined I’d hear him speak. it’s my death bed wish to visit the potter’s house one day to see if are truly human or spirit!!


    Clare said:
    May 3, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you


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