Sermon: How to please God daily

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Abel, Noah, Joseph, Enoch, Abraham, Gideon and a lot of other Bible characters pleased God by faith. How do we please God by faith?

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Read Hebrew 11

  1. You can please God by offering a sacrificial offering by faith like Abel (vs. 4)
  2. You can walk with God by faith and become immortal like Enoch (vs. 5)
  3. If you have the fear of God, and obey His commandments by faith, you will be saved from destruction like Noah and his household were saved (vs. 7)
  4. You could receive a blessing by obeying divine direction by faith like Abraham (vs. 8)pleasing God
  5. You can receive divine strength to overcome stagnancy and barrenness if you believe God’s promises by faith as Sarah did (vs. 11)
  6. You can sow all your possessions to the kingdom by faith just as Abraham offered Isaac, believing God is capable of restoring all your fortunes (vs. 190
  7. You can prophesied into the future of your children by faith just as Israel did (vs. 20 and 21)
  8. By faith you can determine and prophesy into your future like Joseph (vs. 22)
  9. By faith, you can refuse to obey evil decrees and laws of the land, just like the mother of Moses who hid Moses for three months in spite of an evil law that said all newly born male children should be surrendered to be killed at birth (vs. 23)
  10. By faith you can forsake immediate comfort and suffer presently in hope of a  latter rain, like Moses 9vs. 25-26)
  11. By faith, you can pass through storms of life believing the God of Israel will cause your Red seas to part in Jesus name(vs. 29)
  12. By faith you can praise and worship God with a loud noise even when all hope is lost, and see your walls od Jericho collapse in Jesus name (vs. 30)
  13. By faith, even though you are a sinner, you can be saved just like Rahab the prostitute that received the Israelite spies (vs. 31)
  14. By faith, you can deliver a nation, defeat Goliaths, defeat lions, subdue the enemies and walk with God; like Samson, Gideon, Samuel and David (vs. 32)

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One thought on “Sermon: How to please God daily

    Doris Notto said:
    August 17, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Amen and Amen


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