Sunday sermon: How to worship God in spirit and in truth

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          By  Revd. (Dr) Mike Obiora

Reference texts: John 16 vs 32-33; 1 John 5 vs 4; John 3 vs 4-6

What is truth?
1. God told Abraham there are two nations in the womb of Sarah. Abraham heard this and became to prepare for his future. If you know the spirit of truth, if you know the truth about your future, it helps you to prepare for the future.

2. There is a difference between the fact and the truth. A fact is the present state of a thing, the truth is the real state of a thing. Truth makes you think beyond the fact, beyond the immediate, beyond the present state of things.

3. The fact is that you are barren, the truth is that there are twins, triplets, two nation in your loins.

4. The fact is that you are sick, the truth is that by His stripes you are healed. mike2

5. The fact now is that at the minimum, the truth is that you are destined for the maximum.

6. The fact now maybe you are failing, the truth is that you are the head and not the tail; you are above and not below; you are the first and not the last.

7. The things that are seen are temporal, and can change; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

8. Truth is a universal phenomenon, it can work anywhere and produce the same results.

9. Truth causes you to know how to treat people well. Angels were bowing down to Baby Jesus, because they knew is the Kings of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. A strong church is not a church of God, but a church that has revelational knowledge of Christ.

10. The spirit of truth will cause you to avoid sin and live in holiness. If you know you are going to meet Jesus one day, then you will live a holy life.

11. You need to be born of the spirit to receive the things of the spirit, and also things of the truth. The Holy Ghost and the Word of God gave birth to Jesus, you were given birth by that same power of the Holy Ghost and Word of God.

12. The purpose of God’s word is to fill you with the spirit of truth. You are meant to be a custodian of truth. I encourage you to stick to the truth than the fact.

1. I have the capacity to overcome anything that the devil throws against me.

2. The spirit of God will guide me to all truths in Jesus name.

3. I am not destined to trek forever. I am not destined to be barren forever. I am not destined to be jobless forever in Jesus name.

4. I know the truth of God’s word and sickness shall not be able to rest upon me.

5. God shall give me the capacity to receive God’s promises.

6. I shall be a custodian of truth in Jesus name.

7. Holy Spirit shall help me to prepare for the future.

8. God will confirm the truth of His words in my life with signs and miracles.
1. Angels of God will celebrate my destiny in Jesus name.
2. My miracles – husbands, babies, jobs, shall connect to me in Jesus name.
3. There shall be no end to signs and wonders in my life Jesus name.

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