How to live a victorious Christian life

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By Pastor Kosmi Ilegogie

Reference texts: Acts Chapter 2 vs 4; James 1 vs 14-15; Ephesians 5

1. Dont allow anything to keep your from the Word of God.

2. Dont allow anything to keep you from the altar of prayer.kosmi

3. Always be joyous in Christ. Have a personal joy pattern. Sometimes just rejoice without musical instruments. Dont depend on musical instruments before you rejoice.Always dance for joy with or without musical instruments.

4. Always pray in the Holy Ghost. When you are filled to the spirit it is easy to submit, but when you are full of the flesh, you wouldn’t be submissive.

5. Avoid lusts and rebellion- Lust is love for which is forbidden. Rebellion is resistant to lawful authority and refusal to accept authority. Prayers and the Word of God are two things that will keep you from the state of lusts and state of rebellion. Lust is watching English Premiership League, when you are supposed to be in Church. The Bible warns you to flee from youthful lusts!

6. Always declare God’s goodness and Wonderful works

7. Set your affections on things above.

I am not unlawful, I am not rebellious, I stay under authority in Jesus name.

1. I stand against the spirit of lust and rebellion in Jesus name

2. I mortify the deeds of the flesh by the blood of Jesus.

3. I declare victory over death, over sorrow, over lust, over rebellion in Jesus name.

4. I am delivered from spirit of lust and rebellion today in Jesus name

One thought on “How to live a victorious Christian life

    David Ndowa said:
    October 8, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Surely sin is the destroyer of holiness and as a result will experience constant defeat from the enemy,devil. Thats a good lessen man of God. May God of Abraham your God help me to life a holy envied life. I shall live a constant victorious life in Jesus name. Amen


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