Deliverance from spirit husbands and spirit wives

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Are spirit wives and spirit husbands real? Who are these wicked forces that hinder marital breakthroughs and abort pregnancies? How can Christians overcome them?

By Babatope Babalobi    +2348035897435


Jude 1 vs 6-And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the.

What are spirit wives and spirit husbands?

  1. They are real
  2. They are spirit beings
  3. They are spiritual lovers
  4. They are jealous secret lovers

Activities of spirit husbands/spirit wives

  1. Responsible for marital delay
  2. Responsible for forceful sexual relationship during the day or night
  3. Responsible for unexplainable masturbation while sleeping
  4. Responsible for delayed pregnancy
  5. They are responsible for the termination, miscarriages, and abortions of pregnancies.
  6. They are responsible for barrenness and difficulty in getting pregnant.
  7. They are responsible for spiritual pollution and sexual contamination
  8. They are responsible for quarrels between couples, leading to marital crisis, failures, separations and divorces
  9.  They are responsible for spiritual lukewarmness and powerlessness
  10. They are responsible for low libido by a marriage partner leading to low sexual activity between couples

Factors that promote sexual wives and husbands

  1. They attack Christians with colourful destiny.
  2. They attack potential or active ministers of God to embarrass their calling.
  3. Evil communications – Listening or watching pornographic films, movies, music , material or making vulgar statements
  4. If you mind is preoccupied with lust and sexual desires.
  5. If there is conflict between couples, the spirit lovers would wish to fill the vacuum for either partner.
  6. Past or present indulgence in sexual perversion and activities
  7. Patronizing prostituteshappy marriage
  8. Going to night clubs, pubs, world parties and discos.
  9. Intercessors and prayer warriors are also prone to being attacked.


How to stop being oppressed by spirit husband and wives

  1. Be born again
  2. Live a complete holy life
  3. Stand on the word of God. The Lord is your shield. Compile deliverance scriptures
  4. Decalre a fast to achieve deliverance
  5. Go for deliverance if necessary
  6. Avoid pornographic materials
  7. Fill your spirit with gospel music, films, novels, dreamers etc
  8. Pray in the spirit
  9. Pray judgmental and violent deliverance prayers against the evil spirits
  10. Ask Holy Spirit to open your eyes to know the source, foundation and solution to the problem
  11. Engage in spiritual warfare
  12. If married, ensure there are no conflicts with your spouse. Ensure peace in your homes.


Prayer: I kill every spirit husband or spirit wife in my life in Jesus name

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