Lessons from Bible story of Cain and Abel

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Not all offerings are accepted by God or attract reward from heaven. If dont want your church offering to be a waste, make it a fat offering . Emulate the example of Abel and dont be a Cain.

By Babatope Babalobi  babalobi@yahoo.com    +2348035897435


Read Genesis 4 vs. 1-16offerings bible

  1. Not all offerings attract rewards from God (vs. 3)
  2. God honours sacrificial offerings (vs. 4)
  3. A man’s enemies are members of his household (vs. 8)
  4. No secret is hidden before God. All actions of men are open to Him (vs. 8)
  5. Murder is s grievous sin before God (vs. 10)
  6. Murder brings a curse (vs. 11)
  7. The blood has a voice (vs. 11)
  8. The blood can cry for judgment (vs. 11)
  9. There is life in the blood (vs. 10)
  10. The earth has a mouth (vs. 11)
  11. If God puts a mark on your life, no one can kill you (vs. 15)

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