Deliverance prayer points for restoration

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It is clear from the story of Abel in Genesis 4 that the blood can cry for vengeance and deliverance. Below are prayers points for deliverance by the blood of Jesus

By Babatope Babalobi    +2348035897435

Read Genesis 4 vs. 1-14prayer points deliverance

  1. Blood of Jesus cry for my deliverance and breakthroughs
  2. Curses speaking against me, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus
  3. O earth, earth, earth, open your mouth and consume my attackers in Jesus name
  4. Evil hands lifted up to slay me, become leprous in Jesus name
  5. I receive the spirit to give sacrificially in Jesus name
  6. Blood of Jesus, mark me in Jesus name
  7. God of Abel, mark me for divine protection in Jesus name.


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