Lessons from qualities of Noah in the Bible

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Noah was described as blameless and perfect. What lessons can we learn from his Bible story? How can we become the Noah of this generation?

Noah arkRead Genesis 6,7,8 and 9

  1. Found grace with God (Genesis 6 vs. 8)
  2. A just man (Genesis 6 vs. 9)
  3. Perfect man (Genesis 6 vs. 9)
  4. Noah walked with God (Genesis 6 vs. 9)
  5. Obeyed all instructions of God (Genesis 6 vs. 22)
  6. God described him as a righteous man (Genesis 7 vs. 1)
  7. He built an altar to God (Genesis 8 vs. 20)
  8. God blessed Noah to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 9 vs. 1)
  9. God made an everlasting covenant with him – (Genesis 9 vs. 9)
  10. You can become a Noah of this generation by following the character of the Biblical Noah


Holy Spirit, make me the Noah of this generation in Jesus name


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