Mother’s day:Qualities and Characteristics of a good christian mother

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Proverbs 31 provides us a guide in determining the qualities of a good mother as we celebrate mother’s day.

1. She is a honorable (vs 10)

2. She has good relationship with her husband (vs 11)

3. She adds value to the family (vs 12)

4. She is enterprising (vs 13)

5. She is not idle or slothful (vs 13 and 15)

5. She is hardworking, responsible, and cooks for the family at set times  (vs 15)

6. She has good vision, not a spenddrfit, and makes good investment decisions (vs 16).

7. She is compassionate (vs 20)

8. She cares for her children and ensures the comfort of her household (vs 21)

9. She is a good adviser and counsellor for her husband ( vs 23)

10. She is wise (vs 26

11. Her children and Husband love ( vs 28)

12. She is not necessarily beautiful

13. She fears the Lord  ( vs 30)

14. She brings honour to the family
mothers day

What are qualities of a good christian leader?

What the essential qualities of leadership? What are the intrinsic qualities of a good christian leaders? What are the main characteristics of christian leaders? Able, capable, God fearing (Exodus 18 vs. 21; 2 Samuel 23 vs. 3; Ezra 7 vs. 25) God fearing, and truly religious. Proverbs 9 vs 10 Truthful, (Exodus 18 …


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