Prayer for the fruit of the womb

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Prayer to overcomer barrenness

Read Luke 1

  1. Zacharias was a Priest in the Bible.
  2. he Bible says his wife, Elizabeth was barren.
  3. It is a mystery that, Elizabeth was barren despite her righteousness and her husband’s Priestly role.
  4. The Bible said both were righteous before God (Luke 1 vs. 6) yet they had no child.
  5. Both walked in the ordinances of God, yet they had no child (Luke 1 vs. 6)
  6. Both kept the commandments of God yet they had no child (Luke 1 vs. 6)
  7. The Bible described both blameless before God, yet they had no child, even till old age (Luke 1 vs. 6)
  8. Why did they remained childless? Why did the prayers of the Priest of the Lord remain unanswered? This is a mystery only God can explain.
  9. The good news, however, is that their life did not end in barrenness, as they eventually gave birth to John the Baptist.


How were they able to overcome barrenness?

  1. Zechariah continued to serve the Lord diligently – Luke 1 vs. 8
  2. Zechariah had angelic visitation – Luke 1 vs. 11
  3. The Bible says in Luke 1 vs 13 that God heard their prayers, which implies that they must have been praying
  4. God turned their impossibilities to possibilities – Luke 1 vs. 38



You may be serving the Lord, and still experience barrenness. To overcome barrenness,

  • Trust Him.
  • Serve Him.
  • Pray to Him for divine visitation


As you do so, the Lord of Zacharias and Elizabeth shall visit your womb in Jesus name.


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