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Bishop T.D Jakes sermons on restoration

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Deuteronomy 30:15-19

            Recovery cannot happen until a woman is willing to look at herself in the mirror and say, “I messed up”. People who blame other people never recover because they live in a state of denial. Any time you blame another person for your problem, you give that person control of your life. With your blame, you are saying “I can get out until you let me out. I can’t succeed until you allow me to succeed. I can’t move forward in my life until you give me the green light.” That’s a lie of the devil!


            According to Deuteronomy 30:15-19, , you make the choice. You must accept responsibility for your actions. It may not have been all your fault responsibility for your own actions. It may not have been all your fault, but you need to accept responsibility for the part that was. You must be able to say to yourself, I wasn’t without fault. I was a contributing factor”.


            Unless you are able to accept responsibility for your actions, you will be eaten up with unresolved guilty. It will rot inside you and erupt in your life in the form of Jealousy and anger and hatred and bitterness. Identify the people you are devil will try to speak in your mind when he tells you; it’s not your fault. It’s all his fault.


You were right, he was wrong. Things were just oust of control. You didn’t do anything bad. Somebody else is to blame for all this.” No! Accept your share of the responsibility for what has gone wrong and ask God to forgive you.


            God is too wise and too loving to put your destiny into the hands of another person. He doesn’t want another person’s action to control your future. What you do from this point on is up to you. How you feel and how you react and what you do and what you say and what you choose and how you deal with the past is soley your responsibility. It’s your decision.


            If you will face up to your own sin and take hold of the hand of our influence of any person, the evil of any circumstance. You can lie and not die!


            You don’t need to live with depression, oppression, or suppression. God wants you to come out of your feeling of failure and rejection and regret. It’s time-choose life.


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Bishop T.D. Jakes on broken homes

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Joshua 1:5

            Some women secretly carry guilty that they have misappropriated as daughters, thinking it was their fault that their fathers didn’t stay with their mothers. If you’re on of those women, you are always trying to prove something to yourself. Growing up is hard work. It is even tougher when today’s woman is wrestling with yesterday’s little girl. Somewhere deep beneath the painted smiles and polished nails is longing, an aching, a void. Somewhere beneath the symbols of success lurks a feeling of incompleteness.

             The emptiness taints your success and taunts your accomplishment. You are either distrustful of men as a whole or you idealize a man’s attention as the epitome of success and fulfillment. You may be afraid to be alone. You may feel as if you have been alone all of your life, and you fight the feeling by adding people to your life, in your house, or even in your bed doesn’t ensure that you will not be lonely. But if you really come too know God, you could be alone and still not be lonely. It is when you understand  the girt of being alone that you will really be ready to share your company ship with someone else.


            When someone is involved with you, they become a part of what was going on in you before they came around. For some men, that is traumatic because if the woman isn’t happy before he comes, she will soon be unhappy with him around. She will go from madly in love to distant and frustrated because the expected him to be all that she hasn’t gotten out of life at first, she is excited. Later, she is disappointed because she realize that she is still involved with a wound from her past. It is a void that only the Holy Spirit ca n fill.


            Most Christians are seated so h high on their perch of self-righteousness  that they often fail to minister to the pain behind the sin.  They are concerned about the habits of sin. But they don’t seem to understand that removing the act doesn’t free the heart. It just represses a problem that manifests in cynicism and frustration. People are teachable when they are not having pain. It is like telling a child not to scratch a rash. She will do it even if she does it in her sleep because she is feeling discomfort. But if you are applying soothing ointment, the habits is easily broken.


            I am sorry we live in a world filled with pain and rashes, with imperfection and scars. But, in all my searching, the only thing I have found that will sooth the itching for affection and the bleeding from scar is Jesus.


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Bishop T.D. Jakes on holiness and righteousness

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Leviticus 11:44

I’m not a sure what it would have been like to have been raised in the church, instead from worldliness and sin. Sometimes I envy those who have been able to live victoriously all of their lives. But most of us have not had that kind of experience.

There are those who define holiness as what one tear or eats. For years churches displayed the name holiness because they were monitoring a person’s outward appearance. They weren’t truly looking at the character on the inside. Often they got sidetracked by how much makeup or jewelry someone wore while thousands of people were destroying themselves with drugs and prostitution.

The church is a hospital for wounded souls. The staff in a hospital understands that people get sick and need a place to recover. Many of those in Scripture were sick, unholy. The Bible never camouflages the weakness of the people God used. He used David. He used Abraham. Sometimes people break the boundaries, go out of control, and need to be readmitted to the hospital for treatment.

The fact is, we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity. We have no true badge of righteousness that we can wear on the outside. God concluded that all are in sin so. He needed to save us from ourselves (see Galatians 3:22). It wasn’t the act of sin, but the state of sin, that brought us into condemnation.

A church that focuses on the externals has lost its passion for souls. When you go into that kind of church, it is possible to walk away feeling like a second – class citizen. Or you may try to be super-spiritual in order to compensate for an embarrassing past. You can’t earn deliverance. You have to receive it by faith. Christ is the only righteousness God will accept.

No one person needs any one more of the blood of Jesus than anyone else. Jesus died once for all (see Romans6:10). Each person must come to Him individually. When you come to Him, He will raise you up by the blood of Christ _ not because you’ve done good things.

There is a sanctuary of spirit that comes through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. It cleans up the innermost part of your being. Once you get cleaned up in your spirit, it will be reflected in your character and conduct. You can’t like Mary, the mother of Jesus, and dress like Mary Magdalene did before she met the master. The spirit of the Lord will give you boundaries and teach you how to be holy.

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Bishop T.D.Jakes sermons:Believe in yourself

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Genesis 29:17

People often compared Leah and Rachel, judging the two sisters by what they were on the outside. Not God. He never asks us to compare ourselves with any other person. In fact, it is a slap in God’s face to look at someone else and say, “I wish I were more like her.”

Why? Because God tenderly and designed you just way He wanted you to be. He made you for Himself. He made you in a way that can never be duplicated.

When you begin to compare yourself with another person, you are saying, “God, you made me a mistake. You failed. You could have done a better job creating me, “None of us has the privilege of criticizing God. He is Creator who looks at each of His created beings and says to Himself, “It is good.”

Some women never cease to amaze me. They wouldn’t be caught dead in the same dress some other woman is wearing. They will experiment with all kinds of hairstyles and makeup to be sure they don’t appear to be copying someone else’s “look.” But they fail to apply that same principle to the way they view their own personalities, abilities, and inner beauty. They wouldn’t dream of copying the way another woman dresses, but they desire to copy the way she is and to duplicate the way she acts, the way she talks, the way she performs, and the things she owns.

The fact is, everyone is attractive in one way or another. Theirs is a twofold tragedy related to developing your own sense of beauty: First, you compare yourself to others; and then, you allow others to define what is attractive. It is dangerous to give so much power to another person that their opinion determines your self-esteem.

Get to the place where you hold where you hold a high opinion of yourself based on the face that God made you exactly, precisely, intricately, wondrously, and uniquely the way you are. You are a one-of-a-kind creation for which there is no comparison.

God made you for His own purpose so that you might reflect a unique aspect of Hs glory. When cease to compare yourself with others and refuse to be intimidated by what other people think and say, you are then in the position to birth that business, that ministry, that effort to change your community that God intended.

How dare you compare yourself with somebody else! God wanted you to be you. Nobody else. You!

Bishop T.D. Jakes morning christian prayers

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God, I have prayed for years. I have done everything I know to do in order to see my dream come true. I have had seasons of working hard and seasons of “letting go and letting God” and, still, the things I have believed you for seem like they will never happen. I have had one disappointment after another. And it’s almost too late.

I feel like Sarah—like it is impossible for me to ever hold the one I long for most.

God, do not let me miss my destiny! But do not let me hope for things that are not a part of your plan for my life. Let me hear your voice telling me what you really have for me.

Give me glimpses of the gifts you have for me so that I might fight with faith to apprehend your promises. Help me to understand the difference between what I must go after and what I must wait on you for. When it is up to me, give me the strength to demolish doubt and to march fearlessly into the new day you have prepared for me. When I must wait on you, give me grace and patience. Fill me with the holy anticipation that accompanies a perfectly timed present.

They say you are never, ever late. God, in these days when it seems like time is pressing in around me on every side, keep me firm in the faith. Save me from giving up. Do not let me stop short of my blessing. Thank you for being faithful. Always faithful. It never too late with you.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes deliverance prayers

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Lord, there is only one way to have more of you, and that is to have less of me . The Bible talks about “the sweet aroma of sacrifice.” But dying to myself is nearly killing me. I really want to sacrifice, but I keep discovering how much I’m holding on to my life, my hopes, my dreams, my stuff. Lord, lead me to the place where I can let go gladly, where I can release everything to you and offer a true sacrifice

I want to give more than I have and more that I am. I want to learn to give what I’d rather keep. Not a sacrifice of law, but a sacrifice of love. Give me greater gratitude that I have might be more grateful than I am.

I want then sacrifice of my praise to rise before your throne like the finest perfume. And with every prayer, the pure, sweet fragrance of love. Let me worship be like incense, filling up the halls of heaven.

Lord, I lay my heart upon your holy altar. You know this heart so well – its flaws, its frailty, and its fire. Now send your fire. Purify me. Make me yours. Make me a living sacrifice, pleasing and acceptable to you.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes on secrets of succesful marriage

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2 Samuel 21:8-11

            Women are nurturers by nature. They often struggles with submission, so the Holy Spirit challenges women to submit (Ephesians 5:22). Had Eve been submitted to her husband, she would have referred the serpent in the garden to him, her covering. As the church, the submitted bride of Christ, we are told to submit ourselves unto God, resist the devil and he will flee (see James 4:7). Submission brings strength and a submitted vessel gains power to resist. When the enemy meets with real resistance, he will flee. But we must understand that the battle is not ours; it belongs to the One who cover us!


            Within a woman the Holy Spirit establishes a nurturing spirit that will not allow her to push away her young but nurse them and to care for them. Doesn’t it make you angry to see how the enemy always wants to pervert good for evil? You see, Satan cannot create. He has to use what he is already created. He pervert corrupts, and even disrupts, but he cannot create. The wise woman learns his devices. Once you learn what he is trying to do, use your strength for positive purpose. Stop being seduced into using your abilities for what he’s trying to grow.


            Nurturing a problems not only strength from you, just as an unborn child can only get food from his mother. The enemy cannot live in a blood-washed, regenerated spirit. The enemy can only thrive in your mind if you let him live off your old memories and fears. He is a leech that depends upon your umbilical cord for survival. Cut that cord and watch your fears. Starve to death.

            Like Rizpah, who guarded the bodies of her dead sons until she had gotten the king’s attention and arranged a proper burial for them, you have to be careful not to hang around dead issues and keep company with things that ought to be put to death.

Rizpah was being faithful to her children, but some of you are hanging around issues that don’t belong to you. Recognize those tendencies to walk among the dead as the enemy seeking whom he may devour (see 1 peter 2:8) and don’t let him have you!

Source: T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon: Expect divine restoration

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Read 2 kings 8:3-6


While I was in school, I worked at a local paint store. Part of my job was to acquaint myself with the products and procedures. I was intrigued by a refinishing product that restored old furniture to its former luster. So I purchased the product to see if it was as effective as I had been told. I learned right away that the most difficult part of restoring furniture is stripping off the old wax. It takes to overcome the effects of years of years of use and abuse.


            If you are not committed to getting back what you had, you could easily decide that the process is impossible. Nevertheless, I assure you that it is not impossible. David, the psalmist, declares,” He restores my soul’’ (Psalm 23:3). The term restores indicates process. Only God knows what it in restoring and renewing the human heart.


            In the first chapter of Ruth, Naomi almost changed her name to “Mara.” She felt that God had dealt bitterly with her. Before it was over, however, everyone agreed that the Lord was upon her.


            You may be challenged by the silent struggles of winter. There are two things that every Naomi can rely upon as she gathers wood for winter days: First, God is a restorer. That is so say, as you sit by the fire sipping coffee, rehearsing, your own thoughts, playing old reruns from the scenes in your life-some things He will explain and others He will heal. Restoration doesn’t mean that all the lost people who left you will return. It is just that God gives purpose to the years of question marks:


.      Second, God is a nourisher. This may be a difficult role for you who have clutched babies and husband alike the warm breast of your sensitivity. You, who have been the source of others’ strength, may not welcome this role reversal. But the nourished must learn to be nourished. El Shaddai, “the Breasted One,” gives strength to the feeble and warmth to the cold.


There is great comfort in His embrace. Like children, even adults can snuggle into His everlasting arms and hear the heartbeat of a loving God who says, “And you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord  your God” (Joel 2:26).


            Expect God in all His varied forms. He is a master of disguise, a guiding star in the night, a lily left growing in the valley, an answered prayer sent on the breath of an angel.


            My sister, set your cup down, takes the blanket off your lap, and stands to your feet! Have you not known have you not heard? For every woman facing winter, there is new life in your old age!

Source: T.D. Jakes

Bible study: Is God really my father?

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Jeremiah 31:3

You miss so much of God’s power when you parade your self as self sufficient. He longs to be your Hero. He longs to open doors you cannot open and move things you cannot move. He would do it just to see the gleam in your eye. He would do it just to hear your voice telling someone else how strong your father is. He would has the power to express how deeply he is committed to your good!  He has the power, and He longs to perform. He is greater than accomplish, but not the heavenly Father. He is able to perform all at times what he has promised in your life.


            Yet, this wonderful Father understands how human you are,. He knows you will fail. He knows you will stumble, and He will grieve with you when you are hunt or disappointed. He sees you as a clay pot-a human and a woman. It doesn’t matter, he still loves you. You are His daughter! Never run from Him. He knows you inside and out. He already knows who you are, and He will love you when all others forsake you.

This is the father’s love. Do you realize that our Father loves you like human? He always knew you would have struggled. No matter how well you wee nurtured, there you would still be areas that challenged you. He has sent me to tell you that He has not changed His mind. He loves you still!


            In this world of broken homes and trembling relationships, it is important that we don’t lose complete understanding of a father’s love. His strong arms pick you up when you are low. In those arms you nestle as he carries you to bed when sleep has claimed you on the couch. It is on his shoulder you weep when the tear can no longer be contained. His wisdom seems so sovereign, his compassion so pure. A real father is made for your protection. If you do not have that in a man. You do have it in your God. He is your father.


Source: T.D.Jakes

T.D.JAKES: how to avoid date rape

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Samuel 13:1-2

            She lay among the soiled and wrinkled lined, the room in total disarry, she garment tattered and torn, her future changed forever. Her femininity had been crushed like a rose bud. Teas ran down her face like rain on a windowpane. She was weeping, not just because of her torn flesh, but because of her shattered trust. She had tried to help a man in need, and instead of receiving his gratitude, she had been brutally abused and assaulted.


She had entered into relationship as his sister, but she had tried to be his friend. She was Tamar. Her brother Amnon was ill. He needed her, he said. You know how it is when a man needs you. Some times you maternal instincts take over, and reason goes out the window. Besides, Tamar thought she could cure her brother by caring for him. Little did she know that what ailed him could not be cured by any woman’s gentle nurture?


While she stirred the soup and prepared to minister to him, he plotted her demise. Somewhere in the process of trying to help him, the tenor of the relationship changed. The tempo escalated, and before she knew what had happened, Amnon had raped her and left her bleeding and humiliated.


Be watchful, my sister. Be careful, because you may not realized the moment a relation changes. It can happen in the blink of any eye, and you will wonder why you didn’t see it coming.


Tamar wailed, but on one answered. She cried, but it seemed no one cared. She needed compassion and sympathy, but all she found was loneliness and despair. Bad enough that the one she had trusted had betrayed her.


Worse still, that he had rejected her as well. “what you did at the end is worse than what you did in the beginning,” she told him (see 2 Samuel 13:16). Who would have ever though that something so innocent could have brought such evil results?


Just when it seemed she could not bear the shame and disgrace a moment longer, another man entered. It was Absalom. He lifted her from her crumpled state, wipe her hair from her face, kissed the tears from her eyes, and brought her into his house where she could recover.


Be wise, my sister, you may have the best of intention, but I must tell you what good intention may not prevent a broken heart still, every man is not like Amnon. And just because you were violated once doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your experience. It doesn’t mean you can never be loved.


Take courage. If no man comes to assist you, pick your self up and walk on. Walk right past the agony of the first man and listen for the knock of the second. It will come. The knock may not be delivered by a human hand, but it will come. It will be the knock of Jesus-your Bridegroom, coming for you, His beloved.


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Bible study on the virtuous woman

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Proverbs 31:10-31


The writer of proverbs tell us. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised” (Proverbs 31:30). I am here to praise the Lord’s excellent ladies. I am here to celebrate His women of virtue, His women of victory, His women of faith, His women of power.


            Perhaps you are feeling out just now. May be you do not feel like a lady of excellence. You may feel like a victim instead of a victor. You may feel like a woman of failure instead of a woman of faith. I am here to proclaim a new day of your life. I’ am here to remind you that our heavenly father called you His beloved. He see you robed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus. He sees that your sin have been paid for. He dings to you and dance over you as He quiets you with His love. (see Zephaniah 3:17).


            To those of you who think that excellence has escaped you, that virtue has vanished, it  is time to change your mind. To those of who are simply surviving, flipping the pages of your calendar without living your life, I say there is more. To those who are coasting comfortably your situation, I invite you to come. Join me for a Journey through Proverbs 31 and see the kind of woman God has ordained you to be.


            The Bible tells us that a virtuous woman is more precious than jewel. As a jeweler admires, examines, and appreciates every facet of a diamond or a ruby, so the Lord looks at His daughters with the same sense of awe and wonder. When a son of God takes a virtuous woman as a wife, she is worth more than to him than any treasure. The wealth of her spirit cannot be calculated and the riches within her cannot be counted. Her value is beyond appraisal both to her lover to her Lord.


She is priceless to a man for many reasons, but most of all because “the heart of her husband safely trust her” (Proverb 31:11) Ladies, take it from a man. This is more important than you can imagine. You must be trustworthy and you must be safe. A man wants a resting place-a place where he can drop his guard and share his deepest hopes, fears, and dreams. You can be that place for him if you will keep his secret and keep your mouth shut! A man will put up with almost anything when he knows he can safely trust a woman.


            It is vital that you do him good and not evil all the days of your life. A man will not trust a malicious woman. If there is evil in your heart, it is time to be cleansed. Evil often result from resolved hurt and bitterness that has become infected and left to fester in the human heart Jesus is the Healer of hurt and He is able to turn the hardest, most evil heart into a garden of love and grace. Look for ways to be good to your husband. Cook his favorite meal, refuses to nag, celebrate his gifts and talents than God for him-out loud. Encourage him in the hard place, talk less and listen longer…..

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Bishop T. D. Jakes morning christian prayers for breakthroughs

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Of a woman needing comfort

Lord, you have sent Immanuel, God with me. You have sent your Holy Spirit to comfort me. I call upon my comforter. Visit this place where I am suffering so that I than you, my God that just one touch of the Holy Ghost changes everything.


Holy Spirit, show yourself as comforter to me. Deep in my despair and dark is my night. I need comfort right now in the deepest places of my soul.


 My heart is weeping; Lord and only you can touch it and make it whole.


My prayer is simple. Comforter, come. There is no sweeter comfort than your presence. These are no one I would rather sit with this hour. Lord, my greatness peace comes from you. Lord my greatest comfort is you. The quiet of your presence stills my soul and calms my fears


. You are near me now. Let me feel the sure and perfect embrace of God. Let me see the radiance of your face.


It is awesome just to know you look upon me in grace, to know that you are near when I need you, that you welcome me into place where you are Holy Spirit, comfort me.


Source: T.D.Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon on broken marriages

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Song of Solomon 7:10-12

Married women, Satan will try to rob you and your husband of the passion God created for you to enjoy. The enemy will try to callous your soft, supple flesh with stress and unforgiveness and leave you with a hard shell that impressions a broken heart. He is afraid for you to love and give. There is a level of romance and chivalry in marriage that the father meant for you to enjoy – not just about the return of passion.


            If you are careful, life will cause you to leak. Your marriage will be drained by the leaking passion and wilted excitement produced by hard times and struggle. Your mommy hood will try to rob you of your womanhood. Satan wants to leave you drab and aloof, hiding behind religions excuses rather than fighting your way out and being the wife and woman you were created to be.


            Perhaps you so not need to know this now. But some day when you feel a heavy depression about descend upon what was once a vibrant love, you will need to turn to God as your Friend. When that day comes, you may suddenly realize that your husband is longing for the woman you used to be. Somewhere beneath your problem there is another woman screaming, “Let me out! I want to love and live”.  This is the woman who has been trampled by low self-esteem and fear of rejection she is the woman you were before. Remember her?


She is soft and sensitive, fanciful and frilly. She is bright-eyed and full of mischief, creative and sensual. Your husband has been on a fast, waiting for her to step out of freezer. If ever there were time you needed to stop suppressing her and let her loose, it is now.


            I can’t leave you lying in the bed of despair with your emotions dead, your passion subdued, your attitude cynical, and your disposition critical. God says, Arise you are about to have a resurrection. It will be so strong that your husband should feel it. Your children should feel it. From t he prayer room to the bedroom, a loose woman is free.


Source: T.D.Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes: prayers of a christian woman

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Of a weary woman


Lord, I am weary of the Loads I’m carrying. The business of living has drained the life out of me. And I am just so tried. I don’t think I can face another day. It’s not just sleep I need. I need real rest. My body needs to rest: my mind needs to rest; even my spirit needs to rest. I need to be renewed from the inside out.


And you say, wait. “Wait  upon the Lord, and He shall renew your strength.” I am so weary, Lord that waiting will take all I’ve got.


            You promise “quiet resting places” You promise Quietness and assurance forever”. That is what I need. I need to run and hide and rest. O God, bring the river of your life to me. Let it flow and refresh every weary, worn-out place in me.


            I want to lie down before the throne of your grace and rest in your presence, my Lord. You call me away to a peaceful, quiet place in you. God, I thank you for rest. I thank you for rescuing me from my weariness and for renewing me day by day

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Bishop T.D. JAKES sermons : Faith to succeed

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Isaiah 25:8

Birthing-everything you bring forth-comes through sorrow. If you’re going to bring forth anything in your career, your marriage or your life; if you’re going to develop anything in your character; if you’re going to be a fruitful woman, it will come through the things you suffer. You will enter into strength through sorrow.


            Sorrow is not the object; it is simply the canal through which the object comes. For every sorrow, for every intense groaning in your spirit, you ought to have something to show for it. Don’t let the devil give you sorrow without seed. Any time you have sorrow, it is a sign that God is trying to gat something though you and to you.


            You are the entrance of all things. You are the door of life. You are a vehicle, an expression of blessing if there is to be any virtue, any praise, any victory, any deliverance; it has to come through you.

            Satan wants to use you as a legal entry into this world or into your family. That’s how he attempted to destroy the human race with the first family. Be careful what you allow to come through you. Close the doors to the enemy. Then know that when travail comes into your spirit, it’s because you’re about to give birth. When you see sorrow multiply, it is a sign that God is getting ready to send something to you.


            Don’t become so preoccupied with the pain that you forget to push the baby. When the pain is at its peak, that’s when you have to push. Push! You don’t have time to cry. Push! You don’t have to be suicidal. Push! This is not the time to give up. Push, because God is about to birth a promise through you. Cry if  you must, and groan if you have to, but keep on pushing. God has promised that if it is to come into the world, it has to pass through you.


            Don’t settle for the pain and not receive the benefit. Disregard the pain and hold out for the promises. Understand that God has promises some things to you that He wants you to have and you’ve got to stay there on the table until you get to the place where you ought to be in the Lord. Don’t become so engrossed with what’s hurting you that you’re not doing what it takes to produce fruit in your life.


            If you’re in a financial rut, bring forth. If you’re in need of healing for your body, bring forth. In you are seeing deliverance from a besetting sin, bring forth. Understand that it must be brought forth. It doesn’t just happen by accident. That why you have suffered pain. Hang on! After all, the pain is forgotten when the baby is born.


Source: T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon on deliverance and healing

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Psalm 143:11


I don’t know any thing about the woman with the issue of blood. She could have been any woman. She could have been every woman. Perhaps the Lord referred to her in such a generic manner so that any woman could relate to her and put her name in her place.


 An issue of blood is normal for a woman. This woman’s problem was that hr issue of blood lasted too long. It didn’t go away.


Have you ever had a problem that stayed around too long? Have you ever said, I’ll surely have had children, I will have entered fully into my ministry, and I will have accomplished what God created for me to do”?


Problem that linger too long are problems that drain away your life. That’s what happens to this woman. She had had an issue of blood for twelve years, and her life had drained away from her.


When a problem stays around too long, you end up with two problems instead of one. You’ve got original problem, and then you’ve got the problem that your problem won’t go away. The fact that you’ve had the same problem for so long begins to grate on you.


Your problem will begin to speak to you. “I am your problem for the rest of your life!”


Your problem will remind you of a pattern for the rest of your life. It will remain you of how you grew up and give you all the details of every negative thing you have ever experienced. That’s because it is engineered by the devil. The enemy loves to brag about how long he has been around.


Your issue may not be blood. Whatever it is, however, it is like this woman’s problem if it is draining the life out of you, it’s diminishing your vitality, your sparkle, your energy, your enthusiasm for living. It isn’t money, it’s the children. If it’s children, it’s your marriage. If it isn’t your marriage, it’s your lack of marriage. If it is not that, it’s something else.


Your issue today may be a need – a need to touch Jesus for salvation. It may be a need to touch Him for healing in your Body, for your marriage, your family, or your ministry.


I don’t know what your issue is, but I know this: Every woman has one. There’s always something. Looking long enough, listen hard enough, be sensitive enough… and you’ll discover it. You may be in denial about your own problem. Look deep into your own heart, listen to your own talk… and you’ll find it. It is your life-draining issue that Jesus wants to heal.

Source: Bishop T.D. Jakes



Bishop T.D. JAKES: Because he lives you can face today and tomorrow

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Song of Solomon 1:2

            You are greater than your past. You are stronger then any moment of failure. You can rise like smoke up a chimney. You were meant to spiral to the sky. All the chilling drafts of broken promises should not deny you the gift of life. Never forget that you are alive-sometimes weak, sometimes strong, but alive. You will be right some days and wrong some nights, but don’t stop waking up in the morning. The morning is God’s gift of another chance to pass the exam


            He has kissed you gently, tenderly, but definitely. It is not the urgent kiss of a desperate lover who makes demands in the night. He kissed you with the gentle kiss of a Father’s favor whose tenderness would shield you from the traumas of the past. You have been touched, blessed, kissed.

 One smooch, gently delivered from heaven’s lips to human pain. You have been kissed by the Father Himself. No wonder Satan has failed to destroy in the night what God has prepared for the light. You have been kissed.


            This is what you have to know is you are to withstand the darkness. This is what you must rehearse against the goblins of old images and past memories that would assault your dream and turn them into nightmares. Just as sure a father’s kiss would ease a nervous child trying to rest in a strange place, God kiss is a sedative for you.

            No matter how foreign this place in your life may seem, you must know He prepared you for it. When He kissed you, He shielded you, and you are His. Safe and secure, you may rest in the sanctity and safety of arms that you will not fail. A kiss good night is His way of sealing you till morning. And it will come; it will not tarry. The morning is yours. Spend it well. Use it sparingly. It is a gift.


            The morning is for the hopeful, not the regret. It is expectation. It is wet dew moistening dry ground. It is hummingbirds and honking horns and city yawning into alertness.

Greater still, it is the future lying naked before you. Daybreak is stretching in the fresh hours of a new opportunity just created. It is an empty tomb and a filled manger. It is life, love and hope. Never forget about the breaking of day. It will come.

            Night will pass, tears will dry and enemies will leave. But you will arise in the morning.


Souce: T.D.Jakes    


Bishop T. D. Jakes: Knowning Gods will.. story of Sarah

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Ecclesiastes 3:1

In the summer of her life, all was well with Sarah. At that time she knew little about Jehovah, her husband’s God. She only knew that she was in love with a wonderful man in Ur!


            Soon the giddy exuberance of summer began to fade as she wrestled with the harsh realities of following a dreamer to an unknown land. But what was really troubling her was not the strife between the relatives nor the fighting herdsmen; it was her barren womb. When someone said she would have a baby, Sara laughed. “if I am going to get a miracle, God had better hurry”.


            I want to warn you about setting your own watch. God’s time is not your time. He may come when you want Him to, but He will come right on time. Twice it is mentioned that Sarah laughed. The first time she laughed as God-at the impossibility of His promise. In the wintertime of her life, she laughed with God-because He had been faithful to perform His word.


            In between these powerful moments, every thing in Sarah was tested. Her love for her husband gave her the courage to leave home, but her love for God brought forth the promises seed. After all, what good is it to appreciate what God has given if we do not appreciate the God who gave it?


            Sarah learned that even her beloved husband was only a man. He failed her in a moment of fear and self-indulgent. But God sis not! He brought her through in safety, and then rewarded her for her faith.


            When Hebrew 11 lists the patriarchs and their awesome faith, this winter woman’s name included. Abraham is mentioned for the kind of faith that would leave home and look for a city whose builder and maker is God (See verse 10). But Sarah’s faith caused an old woman’s barren womb to conceive!


            She didn’t take faith classes. She just went through her winter clutching the worm hand of a loving God who would not fail. So when you hear Sarah laughing the last time, she is laughing with God. She is holding her baby to her now-wrinkled breast. She understands the miracles that come only to winter women.


Source: T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes sermons on Power of vision

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Proverbs 23:7

We need to continually purge our thoughts because we become what we think. It is not just the lust that we must clean out, but also low self-esteem, pride, arrogance, hidden jealousy, and much more. To use a medical metaphor, the mind is the “placenta” of the spirit man. It holds and nurtures the seeds it has been impregnated with until their of delivery. If you have the seed of a thought in your mind and you don’t want the child that the seed will produce, your only resource is to abort it before it is carried to full term.


            If you don’t want depression, why do you continue to rehearse those same sickening thoughts that led you there in the first place? You don’t need a famous minister to lay hands on you to win the battle over your mind! What you need is the inner discipline required all disciple to resist evil thoughts before they become evidenced in your life. Abort those seeds that are causing you to miss the mark and press on!


            My sister, your mind is continually being reconstructed by the Holy Spirit. He wants to put new thoughts within you that will enable you to soar above your past and fil you with a great sense of destiny.


            Most of us come to the Lord damage-dead spiritually, damaged emotionally, and decaying physically. When He saved you, He made your dead spirit alive. He also promised you a new body. Then He began the massive renovation necessary repair your damaged thoughts about life, about others and about yourself.

            While we dress and smell nice outwardly, people do not hear the constant hammering and sawing going on inwardly, as the Lord works within us trying desperately to present us a newly construction masterpiece fit for his use.


            Beneath our pasted-on smiles and pleasant greetings, we alone hear the rumblings of the midnight shift. God is constantly excommunication lethal thoughts that hinder us from grasping the many faceted calling and gifting burial beneath the rubble of our minds.


            We all need the Lord to help us with ourselves. We came to Him as condemned buildings and he reopened the place that Satan thought would never inhabited. The Holy Spirit moved in. and He brought His hammers and saws with Him.


Source: T.D.Jakes

Bishop T.D. JAKES on Trust in God

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Proverbs 3:5, 6

The basis of any relationship must be trust. Trusting God with your successes isn’t much of a challenge. The real test o f trust is sharing your secrets, your inner failures and fears.


 Jesus once told the at the well, “True worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth; for the father is seeking such [real people flawed people like you to worship him. God is Sprit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit (John 4:23, 24)


 You have nothing to fear, for your honesty with the father won’t reveal any things He doesn’t already know. His intellect is so keen that He doesn’t have to wait for you to make a mistake. He knows about your failure before you fail. His knowledge is all –inclusive, spanning the gap between time and incident. He knows your thoughts even as you subconsciously gather them in your own mind.


 Once you realized this, all your attempts silences and secrecy will seem childish and ridiculous. He is “the all-seeing one”, and he knows perfectly and completely what is in you. When you pray, and more importantly, when you commune with God, you must have the kind of confidence and assurance that neither requires nor allows deceit. Although my father abhors my sin, He loves me His love is incomprehensible, primary because there is nothing with which to compare it.


  There is balance in the awareness of His holiness, which would condemn you, and his love which esteems and redeems you. He is far too holy for you to be arrogant about your humanity, yet He far too loves for you to be frightened by the emotional dysfunction that comes from being raised by a father you could never seem to please.


 God does not change; neither does his compassion. The thing we search for at every level of our relationships is to be understood. When I am properly understood, I don’t always have to express and explain. Thank you Lord for not asking me to explain what I can scarcely express!

We quickly grow weary of people who demand that we constantly explain ourselves. We’d rather be around those who are able to read the meaning of a touch, a brief hug, a sign emitted in the stillness of a moment Real communion cannot be typed or taught; it must be understood. At this level, there is a communication so intense that those who understand it can clearly speak it, even through closed lips. As with lover staring at each other across a crowed room, words are unnecessary when there is true understanding. It is with this kind of understanding that God clearly perceived your every need.

Source: Bishop T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. JAKES: God as the creator

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Read Psalm 139:14


 One of the things that make high-fashion designs so expensive is that they are one-of-a-kind creations. A woman who buys a baute couture design knows that she isn’t going to see her dress on any other woman. She knows she is going to have superbly crafted garment. In many cases, it will be hand-stitched and custom-tailored to fit her like a soft leather glove fits a hand.

She knows that every aspect of the design of her garment has been care fully conceived and constructed. Women are willing to pay a high price for original design.


And so it would be when we look at our lives. God has put us together in way that cannot and should not be replicated. He chose every aspect gave special though to each one of our features and traits. We were hand-made by Him in our mother’s womb. He custom-designed us to fit a specific role in His sovereign plan for the ages.


You are designer Original. God made you to be one of a kind. Your fingerprint is different from that of anybody else-living or dead. The same goes for your hand print, footprint, voice, and your entire genetic code. Nobody else has the combination of physical traits you have. Nobody else has the identical set of genes.


And even if you did have the exact genetic make up of another person you would still be unique. Nobody else has been placed by God in exactly your family, your neighborhood, your church, your group of friends and associates. Nobody else has had the same experiences you’ve had. Nobody else has the same talents and personality quirks and strengths and weakness and abilities and disabilities and skills and training and connections.

Nobody has ever been just like you. And nobody ever will be just like you. You are a designer original. Have you ever celebrated yourself? Have you ever praise God for the way He made you? If not, today is a good day for you.


Bishop T.D.Jakes: God as your father

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Read  Psalm. 121:3, 4

I wonder how many women realize that they have a father who never slumbers nor sleeps. He has assigned angels to compass about and to ensure your safety. He will spare no expense to insure that you are safe. He will not rest. He will arise through the night. He is he Everlasting Father. He doesn’t leave, he doesn’t desert, and He doesn’t forsake you. What you come to understand is that He cares so much for you. He want you have all that you need.


 A thousand so-called feminists may erase father from  the Bible and replace it with a neutered term they find less offensive. If God represents Himself as a father, perhaps it is because He knows best what a father’s love should represent. The offense taken to the term father is a compliment to a woman and not an insult. Sadly, we have come to a time when the r ole of the father has been so mutilated that we have lost and real revelation into the breath and depth of the father’s heart.


I repeat, a good father is not an insult of femininity. A good father is avid fan of his daughter, a source of insulation from insult and adversity. He is there for their. He nurtures her.


 Hear me when I declare Jeremiah for the healing of his daughter (see Jeremiah 8:21-22). He is broken at the thought of their brokenness. He is longing to restore them and to provide for them. Whatever the need, he longs to see it met. He is Jehovah-Jireh. He is the father of blessing.

He will bless His sins who are created directly in his image and after His similitude. How much more would He have respect for the woman as the weaker vessel? She is not weak in terms of substandard, but weak in terms of softer. A silk shirt is more delicate than a cotton one. But it is also more valuable. Weaker doesn’t means lesser-just softer, more satin-like.


 Rejoice in the softness of your femininity. The Lord is your strong man your hero, your father who loves bless you. And He never goes to sleep.


Source: T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes: How to overcome crises

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Read Psalm 107:29


Life is a series of challenges and tests. It comes fully equipped with pleasure and plan, sunshine and rain. It is a potpourri of every feeling imagination. I have been in you that the storm and I have stood by the ones I love in  the storm, and I must tell you that the storm does pass after a while.  The thunder quits clapping, the rain stops, the clouds clear, and the day breaks. What a blessing it is when the night has been too long, to know that at last – it is morning.


 I have held my wife through storms and night seasons, and she has held made the commitment to hobble home together. It is so nice to know that I do not have to stumble through life alone on crippled feet and twisted knees. My wife and I have decided to walk all the way together – rain or shine, right or wrong, weak or strong.


When my wife goes through a crisis, God is the one who stops her tears, but I am the one who get to wipe her eyes. Tomorrow, she may have to wipe mine. In our situations and in yours, the wonderful thing is that the lady has her lover and her lover has the lord. We have Him for moments that are too deep, too painful, or too complicated for human minds to resolve.


 If you are blessed to live a long live, you will see many triumphs and face many challenges. You will laugh with glee and you will wail in pain. You will experience every feeling known to man. You will see good times as well as bad.  No one is exempt from bad times. No one can hide from pain. They are realities that knock on the doors of both mansions and shacks. They visit people who have everything and people who have nothing. Yet in the midst of it all, when we are facing situation that seem to have no rhyme or reason, it helps to know that some where in and beyond the passion and the pain, there is God.



The Lord himself gives us a new days. He see us through the storms and the night times. So that about those storms? They will cease. And when they pass, we will be safe in the arms of our Lord, the Master of all seasons.