Bishop T.D. Jakes morning christian prayers

God, I have prayed for years. I have done everything I know to do in order to see my dream come true. I have had seasons of working hard and seasons of “letting go and letting God” and, still, the things I have believed you for seem like they will never happen. I have had one disappointment after another. And it’s almost too late.

I feel like Sarah—like it is impossible for me to ever hold the one I long for most.

God, do not let me miss my destiny! But do not let me hope for things that are not a part of your plan for my life. Let me hear your voice telling me what you really have for me.

Give me glimpses of the gifts you have for me so that I might fight with faith to apprehend your promises. Help me to understand the difference between what I must go after and what I must wait on you for. When it is up to me, give me the strength to demolish doubt and to march fearlessly into the new day you have prepared for me. When I must wait on you, give me grace and patience. Fill me with the holy anticipation that accompanies a perfectly timed present.

They say you are never, ever late. God, in these days when it seems like time is pressing in around me on every side, keep me firm in the faith. Save me from giving up. Do not let me stop short of my blessing. Thank you for being faithful. Always faithful. It never too late with you.

Source: T.D.Jakes

8 thoughts on “Bishop T.D. Jakes morning christian prayers

  1. I love your inspirational words most of da tym on facebook it feels as if u are talking to me. Im going through a lot its difficult .


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  3. morning …I love your words of inspiring TD jakes for e past padt 8months i ve been following your teachings i have grown so much in spirit in everything i do i feel the presence of God ..Thank you man of God.

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