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Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon on broken marriages

Song of Solomon 7:10-12

Married women, Satan will try to rob you and your husband of the passion God created for you to enjoy. The enemy will try to callous your soft, supple flesh with stress and unforgiveness and leave you with a hard shell that impressions a broken heart. He is afraid for you to love and give. There is a level of romance and chivalry in marriage that the father meant for you to enjoy – not just about the return of passion.


            If you are careful, life will cause you to leak. Your marriage will be drained by the leaking passion and wilted excitement produced by hard times and struggle. Your mommy hood will try to rob you of your womanhood. Satan wants to leave you drab and aloof, hiding behind religions excuses rather than fighting your way out and being the wife and woman you were created to be.


            Perhaps you so not need to know this now. But some day when you feel a heavy depression about descend upon what was once a vibrant love, you will need to turn to God as your Friend. When that day comes, you may suddenly realize that your husband is longing for the woman you used to be. Somewhere beneath your problem there is another woman screaming, “Let me out! I want to love and live”.  This is the woman who has been trampled by low self-esteem and fear of rejection she is the woman you were before. Remember her?


She is soft and sensitive, fanciful and frilly. She is bright-eyed and full of mischief, creative and sensual. Your husband has been on a fast, waiting for her to step out of freezer. If ever there were time you needed to stop suppressing her and let her loose, it is now.


            I can’t leave you lying in the bed of despair with your emotions dead, your passion subdued, your attitude cynical, and your disposition critical. God says, Arise you are about to have a resurrection. It will be so strong that your husband should feel it. Your children should feel it. From t he prayer room to the bedroom, a loose woman is free.


Source: T.D.Jakes

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11 comments on “Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon on broken marriages

  1. diane
    June 7, 2009

    i realy need to know what to do in a case where you are serving the lord and you have a husband that continue to use drugs and leve take his money and abuse it and you are so tired o all the drama so you take his cloths to where he is he doint call you for a hole week
    and when he do he tels you that he loves you and he ask for prayer but doint want to change what do you do the day he do call again and say now im ready but fell he can get hi in your home and eat all your food and do the same thing over and over when is it that you let go please im confuesed.

  2. babalobi
    June 9, 2009

    Pray and combine this with fasting for God to deliver him from this drunkeness spirit

  3. Suzyo Makukula
    October 28, 2009

    You cant anyone only God can, i know you keep hoping one day he will change but he needs prayer and helper. Find someone who can counsel him help through his issues. You desreve the best dont settle for unhappiness. Its not your station.

  4. SUE
    January 21, 2010








  5. Christopher Peters
    December 11, 2010

    In Nigeria there has been the move for christians to take up governmental positions so as to reduce the corruption that has refused to let the nation be. So some of us decided to take up the challenge. Kindly pray for the christian politicians because the devil won’t let us go easily! With prayers from Chrstian leaders like you, success will come instead of us looking for it.

  6. LaToya Hunter
    February 11, 2011

    Amen! Please pray for me, my husband Dante and are family we have been married 13 yrs and have been blessed with 4 kids. My husband is choosing to walk out of are marriage soon.😦 Also pray for his salvation as well please! In Jesus Name AMEN..

  7. felicia sparkmon taylor
    December 9, 2011

    im at a cross road in my marriage i have been married for 2 years now and a few months ago my husband had an afair with a woman he didnt even now and he just got out of prison i waited on him for 4 years and it broke me hurt me and on top of that he gave me an std please pray for me and my home thank you mrs felicia taylor and pray for my husband as well his name is kenneth taylor…..

  8. Emmauel adeleke
    January 15, 2012

    I need tu know what tu do when it seem dat u are not making progress, and it is not sin

    January 28, 2012

    i have been separted frome my wife for 3 years. it all started with a misundrestanding with her mother. i love my wife. she has growm in the church. she is now a minister. preaching the word with fire.. i go to hear her preach. and i know that she really loves god. i have been trying to work things out with her. but she has this wall up and keeps pushing me away.Im praying to god to guide me steps and be with me while i go through this test in my life. but I dont know how much longer this is going to go on.. I am a ferm believer that god will work things out….. but im up against a wall now… WHAT SHOULD I DO? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE

  10. NelleisBlessed
    May 26, 2012

    Hello All, I am so saddened at the comments above regarding the marriage struggles you all have been enduring, and I say this whole heartedly, because I too have been going through on-going marital issues for years. My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years, and I have suffered from betrayal on the highest level (adultery) on multiple occasions, a separation, isolation and rejection, meaning my husband lived a double life where many never even knew he was married, financial struggles within the house, and complete division, e.g. the only thing we share together are our two children. So I truly understand the pain, frustration, isolation, rejection, and sometimes even desparation. However, I feel compelled to share with everyone what God has shared with me. God revealed to me that HE was using the issues with my husband/marriage, to address the impurities in me. I have been asking God to search my heart, and to create within me a clean heart and to help me walk in spirit and truth, and not by my flesh and emotions. I asked Jesus to increase my Faith and help me to become the woman that HE has purposed me to become, so as painful as my life experiences have been, and currently are, I believe HE is answering my prayer. The bible says that the foot steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord, and the bible also says that ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD to them who love the Lord and are called according to HIS Purpose. The Lord also promises His children that He knows the plans HE has for us, plans to PROSPER US AND DO US NO HARM. So if our God promised to never do us any harm, then even though we’re suffering, we must believe it is for OUR GOOD, and will work out in our favor in HIS TIMING! We have been planted, and the more we are watered (in God’s Word), we will grow into something great. We have to stay focused on God, and not our problems. Don’t worry about how things will turn out, just believe that however it turns out will be for YOUR GOOD! We must TRUST HIM WITH EVERYTHING. Stand Still and see the salvation of the Lord! Leave your situation alone, and believe God for a turn around. In the meantime, BLOOM where you have been planted, regardless of how uncomfortable it is….because God will never take you where the GRACE OF GOD WILL NOT SUSTAIN YOU! We must learn to be content in whatever state we’re in, because God wants us to experience great Joy and Peace outside of the people and things we think we need to be happy. Get to know God on a deeper level….for who HE is, and not for what HE can do! Meditate on John 11, the story of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. Right now, we are all in the midst of a DEAD SITUATION, but Jesus told Martha and Mary….THY BROTHER WILL RISE AGAIN!!! HE also said that we will see HIS GLORY IF WE BELIEVE!! This is an opportunity for God to work a miracle in the lives of His people, if we stay out of the way and allow Him to work it out. I am reminded to REST IN GOD AND HIS WORD, and to remain QUIET, and allow Him to TEACH me. We can’t fix our situations, and we may be confused, or feel stuck and don’t know what to do…..well if that’s you, then just sit there and DO NOTHING! Let GOD do what you cannot do! Just allow Him to teach you and help you grow during this season in your life. I pray right now in the precious name of Jesus, that everyone on this blog will experience YOUR Love, Grace, Peace, Joy and Favor. Lord God, I am believing that YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL, and will fix everything that needs to be worked out in the lives and marriages of your people. I pray that you will BLESS the marriages, children and families of the people on this blog site. I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS on every marriage, every broken home, every broken heart, and on every dead situation in their lives, and I declare and decree right now in the name of Jesus that thy brother will rise again! Their marriages will RISE, their finances will RISE, and every other dead area in their lives will come ALIVE again in the name of Jesus Christ! I curse and bind every devil and every foul spirit of every kind that’s been attacking their marriages, homes, minds, bodies, and their families. Lord God, I thank you in advance for COMPLETE HEALING AND RESTORATION IN THEIR LIVES, MARRIAGES AND HOMES, and I claim by Faith in you Jesus that they will all live ABUNDANT LIVES, and the purposes that you have for them will come to pass, and no weapon formed against them will prosper! Lord anyone on this site with children, I pray that you will guard and protect the minds and hearts of their children. I claim their children, spouses and families for the Kingdom of God, and I pray that you will ANOINT these families and their children and give the children Joy and Peace. Don’t let them be affected by the issues in their homes. I pray that every child will grow into the man or woman you have designed them to be. Satan, you CANNOT have these kids…the Blood of Jesus is AGAINST You!!! Lord God, reverse every curse and replace them with YOUR Heavenly Blessings. Let YOUR WILL be done here on earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus name WE ALL PRAY, AMEN!! May God’s Peace, Love and Strength be WITH YOU ALL!!!!

  11. Marcus
    October 20, 2012

    There are many of us of who are Christians and saved by Grace, but we are so caught up in their own success they forget go really help those who need it those who God can really use. I experience this rejection many times as a teenager and into my young adulthood.
    Satan attacks those who have gifts from God
    And we pass by them everyday on the street, in the classroom, Sunday school, and work, or at a bus stop with there head down. If we just stop and had more compassion for someone who was going through then we might stop some one from commuting suicide, adultery, murder, or just going out and doing something that will ruin there life.
    Lets stop being self righteous, and just stop for 5 mins and ask someone how are you” or “what’s wrong without giving them a sermon”
    Just have compassion on the downtrodden, because God is about to use them and you as a Christian are a vehicle for there transformation Be the Good Samaritan, and not Judge Judy. Have compassion and not Judgement. This is the perfect will of God.
    As we mature in spirit we should learn that there is a time for everything and when a man is low and depressed he doesn’t need a guilt complex put on him. He needs encouragement, cloths, food, shelter, and the Word of God most of all. And all of these are in the Word…. We close our doors to the poor in Heath, money, and in spirit. Jesus is at the door well we let him in.

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