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How to overcome temptations: If sinners entice thee..

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 My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent- Proverbs 1 vs 10

  1. The commonest form of enticement is money, getting money illegally. Money that you are not legitimately entitled. Bribery and Corruption are twin sisters in this regard.
  2. You can be enticed by a woman to fulfill a sexual lust. This may ultimately need to various forms of sexual perversion.
  3. You can be enticed by naked photographs of strange women- pornography.
  4. You can be enticed by greed, getting more than you require, more than you are entitled, more than you need, or more than is fair to you.
  5. You can be enticed by jealousy and envy to commit sins in order to live ‘big’ like  your friends and peers.
  6. You can be enticed by evil friends, unbelievers, and sinners. Watch your friends. If you move with sinners, you will likely end up being enticed.
  7. You can be enticed by an adventurous spirit.  You just want to try smoking, and try drinking strong wine to have an idea of how it feels. Sins are to be avoided, not to be experimented.


Prayer: I receive power today to overcome sin in Jesus name

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How you can stop sinning

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          Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

          Ensure that you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. The more of the Holy spirit in you, the less of anything that is not of God in the you.

         Then you will experience freedom in your soul and His fire will burn away all filthiness without wasted. If you are ready to fast, forget about the clock and face your prayers. Fasting to lose weight or have a proper shape is not true fasting.

Ways of Deliverance by Daniel Olukoya

Sex sin..Does God forgives?

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The LORD has taken away your sin!


King David’s affair with Bathsheba must be the best known story of adultery in the Bible.

This is not only because King David, Israel’s greatest King is exposed as immoral, a liar and a murderer. It is also because God’s testimony about him was “I have found David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do” (Acts 13:22).


The sad story is told in 2 Samuel 11. The chapter ends with Bathsheba pregnant in King David’s house. Her husband has been killed and David has taken her with indecent haste as soon as the time for

mourning her husband was over. It might seem the end of the story except that “the thing David had done displeased the LORD” (vs 27)Chapter 12 opens as God sends Nathan the prophet on a dangerous mission to confront the king. One can imagine that rumors were flying around. People could work out the dates. David’s sin was not hidden though he may have thought he had got away with it because no one dared to speak to his face. Nathan has God’s command and must speak.




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So he prepares a story that will appeal to the king’s sense of justice and generosity. It’s the story of a rich man who took a poor man’s only lamb to set before a traveler instead of one of his own sheep. David’s anger flares against the rich man.

“As surely as the LORD lives, the man who did this deserves to die!”

Then he gives sentence echoing Exodus 22:1.

“He must pay for that lamb four times

Now there is an awkward pause… a long silence. Nathan does not say “Thank you,

my Lord” as David expected. Instead, his eyes pierce to David’s heart as Nathan pronouns sentence, “You are the man!” Nathan does not stop there. Words tumble out of his mouth as all his pent up emotions pour out. Maybe David did not take in anything else Nathan said. When the prophet paused, David simply says “I have sinned against the LORD”.


You are the man,

I have sinned again the LORD

The LORD has taken away your sin.

What glorious news for all of us for we too are sinners.

Thank you, LORD



Families for life Bible Study notes and Sermon Outlines’ by David and Janet Cunningham. Family Impact. Read the full text at:




Premarital and Extra marital sex..would God forgive me?

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The heading to Psalm 51 below reads:“A Psalm of David. When the prophet Nathan came to after David committed adultery with Bathsheba.”Read the psalm slowly applying it to your own life and sin. How deep is David’s repentance. How he longs for God’s acceptance. This is the heart cry of a broken man. It is not a shallow flippant confession. It is not just saying ‘Sorry God’ as if his sin didn’t matter and God’s forgiveness was cheap.We need to feel the agony David felt as a sinner in the presence of God’sconsuming holiness. Only so will we experience the joy of God’s salvation.

What do we learn for ourselves and our Church? There is forgiveness with God for sex sins. For our sin and for the sin of others we may be tempted to look down on as ‘sinners’. Read the rest of this entry »