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Bible study on power of the tongue and confessions

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Chris Oyakhilome

By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked (Proverbs 11:11)

Jesus taught extensively on the importance and power of word.

In Mark 11:23 He said, …. you shall have what you say.” That’s an established law in the realm of the spirit-what you say is what you get whether positive or negative.

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New Year Predictions:2009 Christian prophecies

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2009 is a year of seven fold Increase says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy-

Pastor Chris

      1.      There shall come in 2009, increase of Grace. Grace shall be multiplied in our life, in our ministry in our Jobs.


      2.      There shall be an increase in abilities.things you don’t know you could do, you shall find yourself accomplishing them by the spirit of God…there is going to be supernatural ability by the power of God


         3.      Increase of Knowledge…knowdge of the word of God, of your work, of arts…you will begin to know things supernaturally. Learnt to put writing materials besides you when you sleep, because many times you shall wakeup with revelations. Solutions shall come through you. God has chosen you to bring answers and solutions.


4.      In 2009, there shall be increase in fortunes, materially and financially .You shall become blessings to others by the power of the Holy Ghost.


5.      Increase in wisdom…increase in the highest stage of wisdom…it helps to go where you should go and do what you should do and say what you should say. This is the wisdom God gave to Solomon


6.      In 2009, you shall have increase in speed.supernatural speed. Angels have been sent to energise you, the Holy Ghost with help you. Solutions will come in a split in a second. God is bringing supernatural speed into your life. What has cost people decades to accomplish, you shall accomplish it within seconds.


7.      Supernatural accuracy, correctness .You are going to move with accuracy, you are not going to be making blunders as you made in 2008.

I see you walking in Grace, in supernatural ability, I see you walking in knowledge, in great fortunes, in wisdom, and I see you walking in speed and in accuracy by the power of the Holy Ghost