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Commentary on Matthew 21 -Cleansing the temple

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By Babatope Babalobi +2348035897435

  1.  One of the highlights of Matthew 21 is how Jesus chased out traders from the temple overthrowing their seats in the process.
  2. Just as the temple of God was desecrated in the times of Jesus, the contemporary church has also been largely desecrated.
  3. Several churches in the modern day, have been turned to business centers by commercial preachers who sell Holy water, Anointing oils, and Holy handkerchiefs to unwary members; and burden them with ceaseless requests for offerings, often diverted for personal aggrandizement.
  4. In several places, spiritual traders have taken over the solemn office of Pastors, Priests, Bishops and Reverends; the gospel has been commercialized with a price tag for the highest bidder.
  5. In several places, money chargers in Bishops cloaks have taken over the pulpit, amassing fortunes in the name of Jesus and trading the souls of men for a crowd of spiritual customers looking for mmiracles like instant coffee.
  6.  Just like in the days of Jesus, political plunderers of our common patrimony now occupy the front rows in churches, as the biggest thieves of public and private wealth are those honoured with the front seats.
  7. Like Jesus, we must rise up to physically and spiritually cast our spiritual traders and businesses men from our churches; we must overthrow them from their front seats, expose, and chase out our common criminals out of the church.
  8. We must pray to reinstate holiness, piety, humility, commonality, brotherliness, humanism, and righteousness to the church.



Fire of God, purify our spiritual and physical temples in Jesus name


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