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Easter messages: lessons from the character of Judas Iscariots

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betrayal of Jesus Judas iscariot

What lessons can we learn from the betrayal of Jesus by one of his disciples- Judas Iscariot? What does the story of Judas Iscariot tell us?

Read Mathew 26.

By Babatope Babalobi babalobi@yahoo.com +2348035897435

  1. Judas was privileged to be one of the twelve disciples that followed Jesus Christ around. He listened to his teaching and preaching’s, yet he was not converted. He betrayed Jesus without cause. The lesson here is that you can never satisfy the world. You can never satisfy your followers, no matter how good you are, there are some people that will hate you without reason.
  2. The love of money, greed, and covetousness remains the root of all evils. Judas received 30 shekels as a reward of his betrayal. If Judas was not promised a monetary reward, if was unlikely he would have agreed to betray Jesus. Be careful how you make money. Run from every filthy lucre.
  3. Another lesson is that you should expect to have a Judas around you. There is popular saying that there is a Judas among every 12 of your disciples or assistants. Watch out for the Judas in your midst and beware of Judases.
  4. Another lesson from the story of Judas is that your enemy is within your household. Your greatest enemies are within your household, within your offices, businesses, and ministries. Jesus was not betrayed by an outsider, but by one of his personal assistants.
  5. Another lesson is that if you are in the spirit and walking with God, He will always reveal the future to you, He will reveal the plans of your enemies, and the conspiracies against you. Jesus perfectly knew Judas was planning and going to betray him, because this has been revealed to him by the spirit. However, he could not resist it because he had to fulfil his destiny.
  6. Another lessons, is that the kiss of the enemy is poison. Judas kissed Jesus to identify him to the accusers/enemies. When you enemies kiss you, know surely he has poisoned you. Therefore it is better to avoid the kiss of the enemy. Don’t negotiate or become friendly with the enemy in order to avoid an evil kiss.
  7. Another lesson is that you should not be bitter or vengeful against your perceived enemies. Jesus still called Judas my friend, and embraced him, when he came with a band of people with swords. Vengeance belongs to God and leave the battles to God.
  8. The last lesson and the most important lesson is that the wages of sin is death. Judas returned back to the elders, the blood money he took to betray Jesus; and he hanged himself. Evil breeds sorrow and grief, and Judas did not leave to fulfil his destiny
  9. Another lesson is that those planning evil with you will not stand with you when the evil backfires. The elders and fellow conspirators that planned evils with Judas and bribed him with 30 shekels refused to take the money back after he became remorseful. They described the 30 shekels that Judas as blood money and refused to return it into the treasury.
  10. The final lesson is that Judas missed a glorious destiny that awaited him because the lure of money, he missed and sold his glory for 30 shekels of silver. All the other eleven disciples later on went to fulfil destiny and became saints. If Judas had not betrayed Judas, perhaps we could have a church named ‘Saint Judas Church’, later on such as we have churches named after Saint Paul, Saint John, and the others.



Does God really exists? Why does God allow evils?

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The common argument by atheists is that if there is really a God, then we should not have evils in this world. The existence of evil in the world is not prove of Gods non existence, but a proof of the wickedness of men that he has allowed to choose between evil and good, according to their consciences.atheist is there a God

Genesis 1 vs. 31 – Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

  1. The word of God makes us to realise that all things God created are good
  2. God does not create evil but allows evil to happen to anyone that challenges His powers and disobeyed His laws. Even this is after a lot of rebukes, warnings, and mercies.
  3. If you see any evil around you or experience any evil, know surely that this is from the devil not from God
  4. God created Satan, the author of all evils. And God at times allow Satan to afflict Christians as a test of faith.
  5. In many other cases, the sin of men and women make them open to various attacks by Satan
  6. You need to stand against any evil, reject it, cancel it and pray against it
  7. Don’t allow yourself to be cheated by the devil who sponsors and spreads evil.
  8. No everything that happens is ordained by God.
  9. Every good thing that happens to you may be natural, the result of your human effort or by divine providence.
  10. Everything evil thing that happens to you maybe as a result of your own mistakes or failures, punishment for sin, or sponsored by Satan as an affliction.
  11. The most important thing is that if you are a child of God and your ways are right before God, No evil shall happen to you apart from occasional afflictions which you can bear- to test your faith and make you a stronger Christian.
  12. I rebuke and speak against every evil works against your life in Jesus name
  13. Let goodness and mercy pursue you daily in Jesus name.


babalobi@yahoo.com +2348035897435