Marriage partner: Knowing Gods will

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 By Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Memorise: “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy” (Jas 3:17)

Read: James 3:17-18

When God guides you regarding His choice in marriage, even if you could not recognize your partner at first sight, He will use other ways to get you to know the fellow. He can speak to you through the inner voice or witness (1 Kings 19:12). If you are too noisy or too busy to listen inwards, you may not hear this voice. He can also use the audible voice (1 Sam 3:4-7). This voice is loud enough to arrest your attention, or get you thinking somebody was around the corner talking to you. God can also use dreams and visions.

Ensure you subject whatever you hear or see to the written Word of God. If it goes contrary to the Bible, then there is no light in it (Isaiah 8:20). God cannot contradict His Word.

Another way God guides is through the peace test (Jas 3:17). If you think of taking the person in question as your wife or husband, how do you feel deep inside you? If you feel disturbed, then it’s most likely the wrong choice. But if you feel an inner peace concerning the fellow, he or she might just be the right partner.

One most reliable way God can lead you to your partner is by giving you specific scriptures, or using scriptures to answer you. While praying on the issue, a verse or two could drop in your spirit. Write them down and check them up to know what they are saying.

Each of these ways could be manipulated by Satan, hence you must judge them by the Bible and prayer. Another way God guides is by using others to confirm what He has already told you. In this way, He can use different people – known and unknown to confirm the choice. When several unrelated people are saying the same thing, God could be behind the message.

In addition, He can use children, whole families or prayer partners to confirm the fellow. Usually, these people will only be confirming what God has already told you. Similarly, never allow anybody to decide for you. God can also guide you through a word of prophecy. How sensitive are you to God’s leading? As you submit to Him today, He will lead you to your rightful partner in Jesus’ Name. If you desire God’s will, you will surely get it. Pray for it.

Ask God to liberate homosexuals and lesbians from spiritual bondage so that they can embrace His salvation.

Get rich quick schemes are traps for evil convenants

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Pastor E.A.ADEBOYE, posted By klnmly

MEMORIZE: “And your covenant with death shall be dis-annulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it” (Isaiah 28:1 8)

READ: Isaiah 28:14-18
A covenant is a very powerful thing hence many who have entered into a wrong covenant find it difficult to come out. The good news is that deliverance is available for any victim of negative covenants. Some people in the name of avoiding death, make a covenant with the spirit of death. Unfortunately, such people may not spend half or a quarter of their days on earth! If you want to live, you have no pact with death, but with the life Giver Himself.

Some initiates of the dark kingdom covenant to die at very crucial periods of their lives – on the day of graduating from the university, wedding day, day of delivery of their baby-particularly the first one, or the day that gives their parents their greatest joy. Back in the spirit realm, they would be promised bags of gold, wealth and so many fanciful things that would appeal to anyone.

But on the day of death, the victim would find himself or herself in hell and the devil would laugh and say, “I have deceived that one”. You shall not be a victim of Satan’s deception in Jesus’Name. Have you made any of such covenants with the forces of darkness? There is help for you today. Give your life to Jesus and see any pastor of a Bible believing church. You shall be completely free. If you are foolish enough to keep your covenant with the devil, be assured he cannot keep his
Some years ago, a man was married to a mermaid due to an earlier covenant. The woman from the marine kingdom would come in person and they would travel together, and do so many things together. She gave him many things including a special wristwatch he could manipulate things with

. One day, somebody invited him to a Gospel church and he attended. On his return, the lady warned him never to attend such a church but was free to attend certain ‘powerless’ ones. But as God would have it, he was invited again, and he attended the same church and the Holy Spirit arrested him, and he fell down.

 As some brethren prayerfully attended to him, they observed that his wrist watch began to move in top speed ahead of that year, until it got to a particular year and time. And it stopped. Then, the man died. But through the prayer efforts of the brethren and God’s mercy, he came back to life.

He did not know that his life span had already been programmed into the wrist watch by forces of darkness, but the Lord reversed it. That was how he was delivered. Are you a victim of the kingdom of darkness? Satan has nothing good to offer you. Jesus has everything in store for you. Repent and turn to Jesus today. No matter how deep or far away you have gone with forces of darkness, there is deliverance for you in the name of Jesus. Accept Him today!

ACTION POINT:Many sincere seekers have sought God in the wrong places and entered into negative covenants. Pray that God will lead them out of Satan’s den and into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.