Bishop T.D. Jakes sermons on healing

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Genesis 32:31-32

Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord one night and came out of that experience with two things: the blessing of God and a limp in his walk. He limped for the rest of his life. The limp didn’t mean that Jacob hadn’t been blessed by God. It meant only one thing __ that he had a limp.

Your struggle with sin doesn’t mean that you aren’t saved in your spirit or healed in your soul. it only means that you still have a limp. And the fact is, you may never lose your limp entirely. You any learn to walk and even to skip and run. You may learn to get around so well that nothing about your limp slows you down. You may even able to get a built-up shoe that disguises the handicapped and allows you to function as through you had never been injured. You may even forget all about your limp. When that happens, and you feel no pain and no self-consciousness about it, then you are healed, even though the limp remains.

My children recently saw a man who had lost the use of his legs. They said,: why don’t you come have our daddy pray for you?”

“oh. I’m all right now,” the man said”I am healed.”

They didn’t understand what he meant, so he went on to explain. “you see, when this first happened, I was in pain all the time. I know I’m healed because it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Even though his injurious was over, his agony had continued.

Don’t let the limp fool you. You can be healed and still have a limp. The limp is only a sign that you have been through something, not that you are still struggling with something. if you can think about some insult or adversity and it doesn’t hurt anymore, you can be certain that you have been healed. If you can talk about a painful experience I your past and it doesn’t cause you to feel anger or hatred, you have been healed. If you can see the person who has wronged you or hurt you and not fel bitterness, then by God’s grace, you have been healed.

You may still have scars on your body, tell-tale sign of your predicament. You may still be divorced. You may still have a need. You may still have the “limp,” but on the inside you have been healed.

` Don’t confuse the scars with the inner work. The scars do not define the healing. What God has done in your innermost being proves that you’ve been healed.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes morning christian prayers

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God, I have prayed for years. I have done everything I know to do in order to see my dream come true. I have had seasons of working hard and seasons of “letting go and letting God” and, still, the things I have believed you for seem like they will never happen. I have had one disappointment after another. And it’s almost too late.

I feel like Sarah—like it is impossible for me to ever hold the one I long for most.

God, do not let me miss my destiny! But do not let me hope for things that are not a part of your plan for my life. Let me hear your voice telling me what you really have for me.

Give me glimpses of the gifts you have for me so that I might fight with faith to apprehend your promises. Help me to understand the difference between what I must go after and what I must wait on you for. When it is up to me, give me the strength to demolish doubt and to march fearlessly into the new day you have prepared for me. When I must wait on you, give me grace and patience. Fill me with the holy anticipation that accompanies a perfectly timed present.

They say you are never, ever late. God, in these days when it seems like time is pressing in around me on every side, keep me firm in the faith. Save me from giving up. Do not let me stop short of my blessing. Thank you for being faithful. Always faithful. It never too late with you.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes sermons on deliverance

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Jeremiah 17:7, 8

In Bible days, the ox-one of the strongest animals alive – was used for important labor and was considered most stubborn and contentious animals alive-was considered to be as valuable or as useful. Jesus once said something like this to a ma nwho criticized Him for healing on the Sabbath. “You will loose not only your complain that a human being has been believer?” (see Luke 13:15,16).

People seem to get excited when talented folks are delivered. The whole world takes notice when a celebrity gets saved. They don’t get as excited when ordinary people are set free from their infirmities. I’ve got good news for you today; God doesn’t make that differentiation. He wants to meet needs for everyone. Your deliverance does not depend upon the scope of your future usefulness in His kingdom or your future ministry. God delivers you because He loves you.

God had delivered countless people who have never written a book about their experience or gone on to lead the choir or sing a solo or chair a committee or teach a Sunday school class. God delivered. Just remember the infirm woman. She is never mentioned again in the Bible. Jesus delivered her anyway.

Jesus also reminded the people that they kept their oxen and donkeys in stalls, instead of staked near a place where water was flowing freely. If the animals had been able to drink, there would have been no need to loose them on the Sabbath.

Stalls, built by men, are designed to keep animals closed off from each other. There are man-made stalls today, too, used to divide and separate people. These stalls prohibit people from moving into area where they can get what they need. These stalls keep folks “in their place” so they can be controlled.

When you are delivered by God, you may need to say no to anyone who attempts to keep you in the stall they’ve built for you. You may have to say, “Now that I’m free, I ‘m not going back into that cage.” You may have to say, “I’ve decided to stay close to the living water of the Holy Spirit, and I’m going to me struck in a place where I can’t praise Him”.

When God delivers you, He wants you to be delivered from every thing that has confined you. Live close to the water of life. God where you can be refresh in Lord-and stay there.

Source: T.D. Jakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes morning prayers

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Bishop T.D. Jakes

O God, give me a double portion of  your spirit today.

I cancel every plot,plan and scheme the enemy has devised agaisnt me in the matchless name of Jesus

No weapn forged against me will prosper in Jesus name

I speak life into every dead situation and I thank you that nothing is over until you say its over in Jesus name