Matthew Ashimolowo’s book on the black Race

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Matthew Ashimolowo, Snr Pastor of KICC, UK’s largest Church has just published a new book titled: ‘What is wrong in being Black”. The Book summary is below:


In the past years the state of the Black person globally has become paramount on my mind. I have observed that wherever Black people are, whether it is Australia – among the Aborigines, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, or North America, we seem to belong at the bottom of the pile, or the bottom of the pyramid, economically, socially, physically, mentally, etc. It makes one ask several questions:


  • What is responsible for these 2,000 years of “Black backwardness”?
  • Why do we seem to fail even where we are in the majority?
  • Is the Black man victimized; and is he a victim of his own circumstances, pathologies, or of other people’s opinions and decisions?
  • Have Blacks always been this way?
  • Are we descended from “Kunta Kinteh” or from kings?
  • If Blacks are not cursed, what did they do to deserve almost 2,000 years of oppression, lack, etc?
  • What is responsible for Africa being the richest continent and yet inhabited by the poorest people?
  • If Black means only one sixteenth of skin, why are Blacks un-able to overcome the “victimitis” or pressure that comes with it?
  • Is there a conspiracy to keep Blacks at the bottom?
  • Why do Black nations constitute the biggest borrower nations?
  • If Blacks are not cursed, is their land cursed?
  • Africans are religious by nature, and where they have become Christians they have been committed. Why are they still not making progress?
  • Why is there such a gap between White dominated and Black dominated nations?
  • What are the pathologies responsible for the state of Blacks in different settings?
  • Can there be healing to the atrocities committed against Blacks in the past?
  • Some African nations have the highest number of educated citizens, yet Africa in modern times has not contributed significantly to discoveries or inventions.
  • What is the future of the Black person?
  • If there is a future, what is the key to that future?
  • When will the Black man’s day of manifestation come?




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Ashimolowo-“I had wanted to be an Army Officer”

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Mathew Ashimolowo is the Snr. Pastor Kingsway International Christian Centre, London

My background
I was born in the city of Zaria, in Northern Nigeria March 17, 1952. My Dad was in the Army….I was trying to read to do A’ Levels; as in those days, we did our A’ level at the age for twenty or twenty something, so that I could go to the Nigerian Defence Academy.


But while I was doing that, I found myself drawn more to the Bible. I couldn’t sit for the A’ level exam because I couldn’t study for it. Not long after that, an evangelist came to my church and asked a simple question. “You look like someone the Lord is calling for his ministry”….I went to Bible School in 1974.


How I started my ministry
Well, I always counted my years in the Ministry from the day I stepped into the Bible School. That was from January 1974, because that was when I became a Minister of the gospel. But then the Bible School helped in teaching, in shaping, in training…I graduated in 1976 and reported at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria and became the Assistant Pastor.


Within four years, I became the Resident Pastor of that local Church. Within those four years, I became a Speaker for different Universities and Colleges at the early stage of my ministry. I was just getting calls to be a Speaker. That was how the Ministry began. And the Lord began to bless my work, and I was an Assistant Pastor.


Starting KICC in London
I was a Pastor in Nigeria between 1974 and 1984. The denomination I was working under decided they were getting a lot of letters from their members abroad saying they want a Church established in London. They decided they needed a Pastor. So I came really as a missionary
I came with an employment visa as a Missionary sent by that Church denomination.


My desire was to do Masters Programme in Canada; in fact, I had paid School fees for my Masters programme in Canada. I had already done all my checks with the embassy to go and collect my visa when the denomination said I should forget about the Masters and come to London to be a Pastor of a Church they were starting.


So they sent me to London. I arrived London February 11, 1984 to take over 11 adults and three children. I started in London pasturing 11 adults and three children. So it all started in 1984 that this small group of people from Dalston and I became the Pastor.


Growth of KICC
The Church I met in 1984, I stopped Pastoring in 1992. I Pastored the Foursquare for eight years. And from 11 adults, six children to six hundred in total, but God began to speak to me that it was time to move but I did not understand.


So I kept quality time before the Lord. In fact, God spoke to me to start fasting for 75 days at the end of which I believe the Lord clearly spoke to me that the river He is about to give me is bigger that the one in which I was serving.


So I stepped out of the Church denomination, handed over the Church and started Kingsway International Christian Centre. Of course 200 adults from my previous work decided to be in my ministry and that was how KICC took off December 6, 1992 with 200 adults, 100 children and God began to bless the ministry.


By the time we were a year old, by September 1993, we were already thousand two hundred in capacity. By the time we were two years old, we were already 2,500. Our growth in the first five, six years is meteoric. So by the time we were six years old, we were already clocking 7000. So God blessed the work that started in September 1992.


I have preached in Portugal, Holland, Ghana, Nigeria, United States of America and France. I have without my physical presence in Zimbabwe.


I was on National Television in Ghana, before other preachers were allowed. I think I am proud to say I am the only one on Television in Malawi and through the God’s channel, we were in so many stations going to Israel, East Africa, some parts of the Mediterranean as far as Yemen and then into all of Europe.


  • This article was originally published by Ovation magazine, but adapted from Vineyard Virtues


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