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  1. dera sir and madam
    this is me chitra bahadur gurung
    uima frome nepal .
    but now iam in malaysia for moinistry
    so that plz pray for me and my church

  2. Pls am attacked by a spirit wife, i always eat and make love in the dream, i have gone for deliverance so many times, but to no avail.

    Pls how effective are these deliverance prayer points?

    What could course this spiritual wife?

    Await your response.

    God bless

  3. My husband is a an alcholic who has refused to work. He is well educated but refuses to go to office, I am afraid they may even chase him from work.

  4. am now almost every night sleeping with different men in my dream and also eating. i have always had problems finding a lifepartner i have gone for a number of deliverances but things seem to be getting worse. other times i dream that am getting married to aman and sometimes to awoman i know. its confusing and am tired of this i need Gods help. God bless you.

  5. Hi , this site is awesome, I would love it if we could connect our websites, people need to know how to pray for their marriages, people need to know this.

    Welllet me know if I could use some of your stuff on my website.


  6. am getting to an age in marriage 32 years old now but i cannot find a husband all i have is promised and fail after one year or three year in engagement.
    Please advice me on what to do because i am tired of single life and i want to settled down this year.

    I also want to know what is the cause of this frustration and disappointment.

    I have three people now that I love but they are all hanging with other girls. Please help me pray for the right one to come back to me before it is late.


  7. Deliverance out of spirit husbands for me and all sisters in Jesus Name.

  8. i also suffer from the spirit wife,plse help.i have done all the deliverance but to no avail.


  10. Jesus Christ is the deliverer. He is the only one that can set a person free from spirit husband / spirit wife . The basic message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is : Jesus is the Christ the Son of God. He died on the Cross for our sins , was buried and on the third day was raised from the dead with all power in heaven and earth in his hand. He that believes and is baptized shall be saved . He that believes not shall be condemned.

    1. Have you been baptized with the water unto repentance ?
    2. Have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost ?
    3. After you have been baptized with the Holy Ghost you shall receive power from on high. means then only will you have the power and authority to cast out devils. Also fasting and prayer is required to cast out some demons. Just seeking deliverance is a part of the whole message. A word of wisdom seek the face of God first. seek the kingdom of God first . then seek deliverance. They that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Call on the name of Jesus for about thirty minutes a day for thirty days . Just kneel before the Lord and say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus until he answers your cry.
    Whoever the Son makes free is free indeed !

  11. Hi am Frances Dadzie l was born in Leeds but when was 10 months old my parents toke me to Ghana and that is where l grown up form but my mother told me the somebody had a miss understanding with her with out any reason and want to make magic spell on me but after l was 10 years old my own father who has to love me also put a spell on then l was having a barth outside the garden all l know my father was carrying a big bottle of water with charcoal in it and proud it at the water l get form the tap so when l about to come he told me that l should remember that l will suffer so much that l will not fine any soluion to get help but if any man get into my life with two childern the man will go and never come back so l should pray that the God am saveing will hear me

  12. Pls am attacked by a spirit wife, i always eat and make love in the dream, i have gone for deliverance so many times, but to no avail.

    Pls how effective are these deliverance prayer points?

    What could course this spiritual wife?

    Await your response.

    God bless

  13. To all my brother and sisters in Christ,

    I know that if you found this website it is that true you must be leaving difficult situations in your life but it is just wasn’t a mistake that you came into this website and the Holy spirit guided you, so you can be saved. God is LOVE.
    Many ask this question how long should I be praying, or please pray for me, or it seems like God is not listening to me. I have been on that road before and I would like to share a testimony with you:

    To answer the question of those asking, how long should I be praying?
    the answer is simple you should pray every day and always. Prayers should be part of your daily task because it is very important for christians to pray, also while praying remember to pray for others as well people around you, your ennemies, your friends…..
    While praying please keep in mind that ONLY GOD CAN OVERTURNED YOUR SITUATION IN HIS TIME ( not your time but HIS TIME)
    No matter how hard, or impossible your case is, keep in mind that CHRIST is and will always be in CONTROL as long as you trust him and put HIM first in your life.

    For people asking to pray for them:

    Yes the bible says that when two or more people pray together, GOD listens and will answer. BUT it is also important to remember that JESUS himself gave us power to walk over snakes and scorpions. Yes as Christian we have the power to overtrone the satan in JESUS name.
    YES you have the power to end your situation whatever it is.

    For those saying it seems as GOD is not listening,
    my reply to you is: GOD is listening saying that he is not listening is a lack of faith and it us, putting a limit to what our GOD is capable of. Yes he sees, he listens and he knows even in the deepest of our heart.

    My story is simple, one year ago I came across this website while I was at the lowest point of my life. At this point of time, I stop believing in God and even stop praying ( when we do that I guess the ennemi is really satisfy of himself )
    Nothing was working for me, or any one of my family it was like our lives were running in circle, everything we try, end up failling no matter how hard we try. The oldest of my family is 30 no wife no job, none of my 4 brothers made it far in school, I am the only one who went far but very difficultly, sometimes I would fail my whole year, someone when the exams period were near I will be sick, someone I felt like I have to undress myself , out there and go mad, sometime, I felt like I need to kill myself….. ( I hope you get the point), also no one seemed to want to marry me, everytime someone tries, something will happen to them and the relationship just dies. I am pretty, smart well educated but no man seems to be interrested
    Everytime, my parents have money and want to use it for something good, or to help one of us, something bad will happen and the money will be spend elsewhere. It is like we were under control by some evil hand.
    I came accros this website ( no the Holy spiriy guided me toward this website) and I started praying little by little, at first I was like well let’s try, but I was thinking that God will not answer anyway because we have, been going to the same prayers for the last 30 years and nothing have changed in our life.
    Then Wonders happened via this website, God open my eyes, and for the first time in my life I was able to see as clear as water. The answer has always been in front of my eyes but I have never been able to see because I was spiritualy blind. Yes all our problem were coming from my grandmother ( mother side), yes my grandmother, this very lady who have been always there as if she was caring was nothing but the main person of all our misery. She is wealthy, she is almost a billionnaire and if you haven’t figure that one out, yes our suffering was giving her, what she needed: money and power.
    My mother is her first daughter, and she offer her , her husband and her children to fetiches so she can have wealth and power. The answer was right in front of our eyes we just couldn’t see it. That is one of the main reason why we should always ask for God to open your eyes so you can see. Many things happen in our lives but unless the holy spirit tells there is no way you could know.
    First of all we started to see, everytime someone is wrong in my grandmother house, she will fastly give us some money, and little after that our family will be in trouble and her side will be at peace. Also, she will turn my brothers into each other, or wish my eldest death. She was the one trying to break our family appart, break my mother marriage with my father. To keep a long story short she was the one causing every trouble in our house. But we just couldn’t see it. Also everytime you borrow money from her, someone bad will happen to you. She even said it herself that all of her ennemies always end up dying that why people should not really dare her. Also she never blesses, she only curses. Most of her children have gone mad, they are in their 40-50 but has never been able to work, they only live via what she gives them. Her daughter’s husbands dies( except my father not that she didn’t try but God said NO to her, she often says that all of her problem is that my father is still alive ) Our share was mostly suffering, tears and faillure on all level
    I started praying, little by little then got my mother to pray as well, then my brothers. Today is a year that we all started praying and I can assure you that God has work wonders, we accomplished a lot, all the chains, the cadenas have been broken in Christ name, and we are free from all wichtcraft today, not that they are not trying, they CAN’T because Christ has pay the price for our sins and all our debt and he is our protection against all evil plans and attacks.
    Today, I finish and my bachelor degree and my master degree in less than a year. Praise our savior, my parents who have been seperated for 21 year, have starting talking again, and making plans for the whole family, it is like for the first time they are able to communicate. my eldest brother have built his own house, in less than 3 months, my other brother is now working for an international business outside of my country. And less than a month ago, a doctor proposed to be and I know in my heart that he is the one, because God made it possible. He is everything I always wish in a man, he cares, he is patient, respect me, loves me, and most of all he put Christ first in his life.
    But it doesn’t mean that I stopped praying, more than ever I have to keep praying . Today , I can not see my life without prayers. It is no longer me who live, but Christ who lives in me. He has proven himself to me he is the only one I need. He is my Savior.

    GOd Bless y’all,
    and remember prayers are the key

  14. Hi, i have pass through the hell of spirit wife for over ten years. I have come to the lord Jesus Christ as my lord and savior for deliverance but no result yet. In April 2009, i pass through two weeks deliverance session and three days after a strange spirit came out of me through my right ear and i was disconnected. I could sleep like a baby without nightmares, eating in the dream and without someone turning my sleeping position but that evil spirit returned after three days and things became worse for me. ALL effort to get deliverance is stiffly resisted by this spirit even after i have become born again. Pls i need help. What is the remedy? Many men of God have come under attack when trying to pray for me, sometimes a strange personality would appear in between and point a gun at the man of God physically and he would call someone to confirm it. Pls life is of no hope to me. I have cried to the Lord for a revelation into my problem and even some men of God praying for me have come to their knees asking God for an inside but we are still expecting God’s time. Pls i need help.

  15. Adamu Nuhu just believe God will do it for you in his own special time. am having such promble but i believe in God and i have seen different in my life. just be praising him thank him the battle for him.God will see you true amen

  16. i need deliverance from masturbation please help

  17. My Dearest Annette, I went through in the same situation or may be my situation was even worse than yours, who knows…My advice to you is … your tithe monthly with faith and expect the miracles..That is what i did two years ago and now I am free in Jesus name. Tell yourselv that Jesus christ is the Lord of your life and the demons have no power over you to manipulate you , AMEN..


  19. i want to tel Mary essien that let her decided on one man and start demanding him in Jesus name and give God a promise that if he will give you that Husband what will you do to him, because we need to go as per the bible says. because when Ann was praying God to give her a son she was very specific and told God that if he will give her the child and not just a child but a son, she told God that she will offer that son to him, so my sister Mary essien be specific of the kind of man you and after getting him what will you do to God? and then take a step kwa Imani and go for that Man in Jesus name. coz that is exactly what Ann did after praying she went by faith and meet her husband and by faith she got pregnant. Amen be blessed and meet your Husband in Jesus name.

  20. We thank God for the poeple’s Habit of wearing non-Biblical dresses that has now been reduced; but pray for the repentance of the remaining poeple. May God Bless His Word. Amen

  21. The Word of GOD says with GOD all things are possible, all you need to do is to keep away from sin trust Him the more & your miracle is near. The easiest way to conquer spirit husband and wife is via series of non stopping night prayers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AMEN.

  22. I have been married for year now. Without issue. N attimes i see my self making love in dream . I want it to stop in Jesus name

  23. Yes prauy for deliverence between me and my wife restore in every area. Pray that a great grace will come wisdom and love. thatwe delivered of fights in the name of Yehsua Hamasiach amen.
    shalom kjdw


  25. I need total deliverance from spiritual husband

  26. pls am attacked by spiritual wife,i always make love in my dream,i have gone for many deliverance but to no avail pls pray for mi.

  27. Oh God, deliever me from the hand of spirit wife,cast her a way from me and i rebuke dreems food in my life in Jesus name. Amen. God i handover my man wood into your hand any thing that may be the cost that i can not make use of my manwood God should take it away. Amen. Thank you Lord for saving my life. Amen.

  28. Please I need a prayer for breakthrough, am 34years old, and will be 35years by February 2012, not marry, am having some feeling I cannot explain how it start. Feeling very dry in my woman virginity. I mean my private part. And also feeling burning in my body. I really don’t know What to do. Please I need prayer becos I have been praying since I started experience this.

  29. Please pray for a friend of mine(Preach Powell), whom has many, many spirit wives. I fear for his life of all the wives he’s accumulated through prostitution, masturbation, fornication u name it he’s done it. And sad fact is, he knows God, he studied the word for years until someone convinced him that what he was reading was wrong. Please, his soul is very dear to me. He is tormented nightly and he looks over it as just nightmares unwilling to accept the reality. I pray for him daily, his name is Preach Powell. He’s in his late 40’s and has never been physically married and has all kind of problems in his body, mind and is depressed all the time. Wants to be alone all the time. Clear signs of spirit marriages attacking him. Thank You!

  30. Please i need a deliverance prayer against spirit husband or power that has being stopping me from getting my life partner. I have not being able to being in a serious relationship for d past five years now. I don’t want this year to pass me by without the fulfilment of my marriage am so tired of loneliness and pressure.

  31. Pls i have married for five years no child and my wife with my family is forcing me to go river and do some ritual becauce the beleive i have wife and children in the water pls i need your assistance immediately before i went mad

  32. I huv been blessed by this site

  33. Am interested in delverance ministry.

  34. Thank you pastor for this website,pliz pray4 me to get ma own house,land,car,wellpayg job,financial breakthr’ wealth,complete ma course,gd health ,Gods blesg,favor,wisdom en faith.this year all thr’JS christ Amen!

  35. Please I need serious delieverance, I always eat and mae love in the dream…. This is really drawing me backward in life, I need solution fast, cos its already driving me nuts…. Ive passed thru delieverance sections, I gone to places for solution, but to no avail, please help me…… I was told that my problems is from the powers of my father’s house, what do i do???

  36. Pls pray 4 me i use to masturbate and become sundelly become dull

  37. every spiritual .wife should die by fire ijn

  38. I’m in serious need of a prayer to protect me and my children against my husband and his family. I have recently discovered that my mother inlaw is doing blackmagic. My husband becomes angry for no reason and swears and becomes angry wants to hit us and has another women, that his mother knows about. I’ve spoken to the rest of the family not about the sorcery but about how they treat us and they don’t believe thay My husband and mother inlaw would do such a thing as well as my sister inlaw e.g. They keep us away from my parents and when my parents do visit, as soon as they leave again, they interrogate my kids. Strange things are happening, I am forever depressed in this house and frightened when my husband gets home and the kids too. Please help, we are in trouble and request prayers. Thank You.

  39. I’m troubled and followed by a spirit which follows me whereever I goincluding going to work. This spirit wants to always be looking at my face. I suspect it is spirit husband. Please pray for me/


  41. Gudday,my last deliverance was about spirit husband and I did Tђέ deliverance late jan 2012 in mountain of fire calabar,all seems to be okay till MAY when it all started again, I got †̥̥☺ dis site out frustration am. Ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇o̶̲̥̅ scared cos I don’t want it 2 affect ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ by having problem getting pregnant or my marriage. planning †̥̥☺ get married in a few months,have been facing dis spirit husband since I was in primary school now a graduate. pls pls I need prayers am tired of moving from church 2 church.

  42. I believ in this ministry,and I believ that your prayer will deliver me aswell,pls,pray for me,that the lord shd deliver me from this spiritual husband totally,and set me free totally,I want to testify to the work of d lord at dis name is kemi

  43. pray for me, am a single mum abandoned by my husband but now experiencing spirit husband in my dream, making love to me i am in a dilema. Thank you

  44. Am being attacked in a dream through a whirlwind please help me

  45. In Jesus’ name may this spirit be cast away, I was told I will never get a job unless I’m delivered, pliz help me cast away this spirit so I can have a job and support my family

  46. I want to be totally free from the covenant with spirit husband so place help me out i am fade up with it. Thank u

  47. Pray for me to stop any contact with any mermaid spirit they always make love and give me food in my dream

  48. What shall i say unto the lord? All i have to say is THANK YOU LORD.From hence forth i promise to remember all by putting you in prayers until victory is assured.Isaiah 34 verse 16 says ‘No one shall lack her mate’.Ipray the good God will meet every one according to his or her heart desire.Amen.Pls try and attend the RCCG Annual congress on 6th-12th Aug 2012 and your trials shall be gone forever.VICTORY IS OURS! A bigger thanks to the Management of this sites.

  49. Are you seeing deliverance in your life from Spirit Husband/Spirit Wife?? If not, why??

  50. guys never give up if you still dream sleeping with someone, keep on praying and fasting and God will answer you !!! Jesus has set me free and He can also do the same to you!!

  51. I need a deliverance prayer against a spiritual husband.

  52. I don’t want to receive this messages anymore

  53. Dear Sisters and brothers in Christ,
    I came across your website by chance on the Internet. God bless you it is very inspirational. I want some holy spirit filled help from you to provide some guidance with bible versus or direction on how I can break a water spirit married to me and to my husband to be (father of my two years old boy),

    This spirit has been hindering my affairs for the last 9 yrs and now hindering my marriage for the past three years. We used to break up often with no reason, and now finally, he just got deployment and went without communication with me and stop support the boy for the past three months. In the last three weeks I have changed my strategy on praying, by praying aggressively and a lot has happened. For example a spirit tried to sleep with my husband, i saw in dream run away after i declared Holy Ghost fire on him. And this spiritual husband tried to sleep with failed which had never happened before, it entered but it ran away. After that i saw security forces looking for him to be arrested.

    This spirit also, had booked me with failure, debt, sickness, rejection, delay, stagnation, demotion, pain, sorrow, disappointment, ill-luck, ill-health and failure in marriage. Though I am earning enough salary, I always end up in debt. I have a son two years, but the father just left with no reason, and stop supporting the child, not even contact.

    Kindly, put me in your prayers

  54. Thanks 4 dis site.pls help and pray 4 me,i want God to give me my life partner,am a lady nd i want to settle down dis year.pls pray 4 me

  55. I make love with a man in my dreams,I eat guava or granadilla like fruit and I interact with dead people in my dreams. Please help.

  56. Hi I seriously need deliverence from a spiritual husband.pliz.

  57. There was this spell caster that i contacted last month his name is UBIATO after i had a misunderstanding with my mother in law and she want me out of my husband house and my husband was not saying anything to stop her because there was a lady they want him to get married to But one day Sandra my co-worker told me about this man UBIATO so i contacted him for help and he told me all that was going on in my family and after 1day of casting the spell i was getting set for work when my mother in law call me and was asking me to forgive her for what she has done and ask me to get her something sweet to eat it was like a dream to me i really thank him for everything.

  58. i also need ur prayer on this same issue facin so many people now. i also plead with u be sendin me some prayer point that can help me achaive this great charlenge. thank u

  59. I do not want to receive anything from this address anymore. Please stop sending .

  60. All thanks to dr dick,I have been passing through spiritual atack for the past 10yr and I have been to many spell casters without solution untill I ment dr dick the true spell caster who cast out all the spell in me,If you have any kind of problem contact dr dick through his email or call his number +1248063444269

  61. bless u pastor nd ur warriors. from the onset i started entering in to relationships, its been promise nd fail. dissapointments and hurts.
    men leave me to be with others for no apparent reason.think suicidal sometimes nd am tired.pls help me pray to come over this terrible challenge for my strength has failed me.

  62. pls help me

  63. good day sir,
    my name is emmanuel i came from Nigerian,i live in ,i have been a MFM member in lagos state ojuelegba branch,now that i live in Malaysia things are not working out for me due to dream pollution,i always have a similar dream pollution even when i was in Lagos.i had to undergo a DELIVERANCE for three days….PASTOR pls what am experiencing is beyond my powers….i
    i always seeing myself with strange ladies calling them my wife,somethings i will have a wet dream,somethings seem myself naked in the dream,that will result a faliur at the verg of brkthrough….sir what do i do?pls i need your advise ..

  64. I need deliverance from spirit husband, disappointments in marriage, limitation in all areas of my life. In Jesus Christ Name

  65. Please man of God pray for me so that I can be delivered from spiritual wife, it appeared in my dream today of which I made love with her and will want you to pray for so that it will not affect me from getting my residence permit that am waiting for its result to come out in days, I believe that God will surely set me free from the spirit wife in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  66. Bind and stop the spirit from visiting you again. But be sure you are not engaged in the sin of adultery and fornication. These two sins are fertilizers for spirit spouses

  67. I turned 40 this year and have never been married and i dont have children. I have prayed for a husband for many years now but i almost giving up now. When growing up i always thought i was going to have a gud husband and lovely kids. I always pray about it but i am frustrated now. Almost all of my friends i grew up with are now married with kids. I find it very difficult to be with them as they always talk about their kids and husbands. I know God’s time is the best but with its taking forever. Please pray for me to be strong in the waiting. Pray for me for whatever spirit that is tormenting me. I know God asnwers prayers and i still have that hope that one day my PRAYER will be answered in Jesus’s name amen

  68. all people who have persistent demonic attacks check for legal rights of sin in your lives.remove all cursed objects from your houses also anybody called mavis might want to change their name as it might be a cursed object

  69. Don’t wait for the results,start fasting and prayer before that date so that its ill not affect your permit.

  70. all of you having these problems and you are in Nigeria,pls attend a program held every Thursday morning called FIGHT TO FINISH at the MFM headquarters onike in lagos 7-10 am. keep coming and by the grace of God within 2 months it will be over. be ready to pray

  71. Please i need help am in a very terrible suituation that i dont even know where to start from,it all about my job i tried hard to secure a job even the poorest paying job no one want to take me,please am tired of life have prayed for many years without any result please pray for me thanks

  72. Hi. Im Sylvia and 32 years old born again christian, i need a deliverance from spiritual husband and eating in a dream, and im unemployed and not married.

  73. Pls help me spiritual husband comes to make love with in my dream using my physical legally married husband face and has been tormenting my family finances and making it difficult to conceive children pastor pls pray for me and my marriage

  74. Prayers for spiritual wife and children


  76. i, my friend and my younger brother are facing the attack from spiritual husband and wife. i undergo a three day fast last month concerning it. i stopped having such dream, but last night i had an affair in my dream again. please assist us with your prayers because i noticed that this blocks every blessing and favour that is meant to come my way. weither the devil likes it or not, i and this spriritual husband must be seperated in Jesus name.

  77. I have never found it easy finding a good man but I recently met someone I found that we were similar and alike in so many thing he is someone I truly like. But unfortunately recently he has gone through a horrible ordeal his phones and some other thing were stolen so now its real difficult to reach him I can’t call him anymore cause I don’t know any number to call but his friends. He can not reach me unless he calls or texts with his friends numbers but have not spoken to him since yesterday. I have never been in such a situation before. I need prayers because I think this is some kind of spiritual attack or something close to that I actually come from two polygamous families and attacks are always coming left and right. if it is how do I get things back to the way they were.

  78. i sympathize with all those under the siege of spirit husband/wife. one thing is to go through deliverance another thing is to keep the question should be how do i keep my deliverance? firstly u must fill ur heart and mind with d word of God i.e read/meditate on ur bible daily it will make u live holy 2.Confess your deliverance daily based on d scriptures 3.exercise your authority over spirit husband/wife 4.mind what u watch with ur eyes particularly on tv prayerful.6.if u have not received holy spirit baptism seek it diligently7.engage ur yourself in God’s work in His church and beyond.

  79. Dis year my husband to be innocent will c money to pay my bride price.And our marriage wil be blessed wit children. Money to take care of them will come

  80. My job is causing me havoc for 18 years, I need you to prar for God s total protection on the job.Pray for God to save Aaron and stop him from creating a problem with me on the job.Pray nothing will happen to me on the job tomorrow, that no one will question me or interrogate me like the F.B.I. If God Be for us who can be against us.

  81. I trust in my Lord, as i believe i’m delivered from a spirit husband in Jesus name. All children i had in this spirit marriage let them be consumed by the Holy Ghost Fire in Jesus name. I’m free, Amen

  82. isure on spiritualmariage the only solution is praywes and fasting and the word of god.
    For futher in formation seek for a real man of god

  83. Brethren, that day 2000+ years ago when Jesus hung on that cross, he carried the sin of the world and it’s consequences and there he defeated Satan. Satan lost the battle when Jesus died on the cross. The defeat was obvious that even Satan wished he did not crucify Jesus (1 Corinthians 2:8). Satan wept bitterly about how he has lost the battle until he had an idea. What was his idea? He would deceive the whole world (Revelation 12:9) by blinding their eyes (2 Corinthians 4:4) from seeing they have been delivered on the cross of Calvary.

    Spirit husband and wife have also been defeated on the cross but you can not enjoy this victory until you come to the end of yourself and believe totally that Christ has has delivered you. You then need to seek the infilling of the holy spirit, because evil spirits and demons torment or dwell in a body which is not filled with the holy spirit (Matthew 12:43-45). If you give your life to Christ and you are delivered from evil spirits and don’t seek the holy spirit in your life, the spirits will come back much more stronger and wicked.

    You also need to submit your will to God and never do your own will. This is one of the secrets to a victorious Christian life (Matthew 12:50). If you can know that when Jesus died on that cross, you were delivered from the power of the devil. (I pray God will let you see the power of what Christ did on the cross of calvary) just as you know your name, I can assure you, you are already delivered. Satan is getting sad as I’m even sharing this secret because he knows someone’s spiritual eyes will be opened today, he may try to suggest you ignore this. But please go on your knees tonight, cry to God, confess your sins and tell him you want him to take over your life and you know Jesus defeated satan on the cross. If you do this wholeheartedly, even if you usually dream of that spirit husband or wife every night, you won’t see them tonight and forever (Exodus 14:13).

    God bless you.

  84. Pls, man of God pray for, i find it difficult to sleep, something always come to me when i’am sleepin it wil weakn my body.

  85. please spirit husband have ruined my marriage as i can’t concieve.Doctors did not see anything wrong with me.please help me and pray ferverntly.God bless u.

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