Prayers Dreams and Nightmares

Daily Prayers: evil dreams and dream attacks

Prayers to overcome dream attacks

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  1. pleasw leave the reasing that i just read in my e mail at i want to read more.

  2. I had a dream last night(February 16,2009)which i had before already. However, I woke up scared because in my nightmare there was this lady who always comes to our home and we me and my family would have to always be leaving the house to go and hide somewhere because she was very evil.

    I woke up out of that nightmare and i started praying for Gods protection and I even started rebuking the evilness that took place in my nightmare.

    I know it has a meaning because it is the second time that I have had this nightmare.So therefore i’m asking for your prayer.

  3. dear Taneek,we all have nightmares but i guess yours is scaring you because it has happened twice.But do not be upset or worried because we serve a God who lives and protects us.Dont focus on the evil but focus on the grace of Jesus,just pray to him to help you and send angels to protect you and your loved ones.Ask and it will be given to you. Jesus loves you and he wants you to sleep calmly like a baby because you are his child.Flee from all kinds of evil and evil will flee from you.focuss on positive and Godly things coz we often dream on what we keep obsessing about.i have prayed and may the almighty God protect you and guard you and your family in your going in and coming out,through JESUS CHRIST who is our saviour and shall have peaceful nights and you will be strong and courageous.

  4. My husband always has dreams about being arrested,or people being after him, he or both of us will rebuke the dream and bind powers from satan, but what`s bothering me is that it happens often. Please help us, pray with us. I know that we serve an Almighty,Powerful God, but it`s just happening to frequent. Please Pray for us and with us

  5. being arrested speaks of legalism

  6. My husband has constant dreams and visions when he is understress. Lately his dreams have been about death of his close family members. Please pray for deliverance

  7. Prayers are most powerful when they are said of oneself. Others can pray for you and aid in your petition however speaking to the heart of God directly from your own has a power rivaled by none. Here is a quick bedtime prayer you can practice before sleep: Light a white candle if you wish to bring additional positive energy and warmth to you. Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing before The Divine.

    Beloved Jesus, Christ Divine
    I lovingly thank you
    For all that is mine
    Be with me always
    Each night and day
    As I love how you do
    In every way.

  8. Visualizing and meditating on the words you speak give additional potency to your prayers. Remember to capture your words visually in your minds eye when projecting energies to the Almighty.

  9. Also, combining prayers and visualizations with the SPOKEN WORD strengthens a prayer’s power. This is particularly important when praying for the dead. Remember the dead cannot speak for themselves or create vibrations of any sort in the living realm, therefore, we must create those vibrations for them speaking aloud, calling on Christ and inserting the full name of the dead individual within the select prayer and intention.

  10. The dead are dead, they know not the joys or sorrows of this world.Remember that God Did not give a spirit of fear, but of Sound mind. We are made in his image and likeness. Be afraid not. We have power and dominion over all things. Rebuke that evil spirit in your dream. When it comes again you rebuke it directly. You stand with the power that we have recieved from Your Father in Heaven. In the name of God the father in heaven that all those principalities and powers of darkness are rebuked in Jesus name.

  11. I am compelled to write the following message which came to me very early in the morning after midnight on to dawn and the rest of this day. And why to this web site? I have no idea other than to ask you to please read the message and hear what it says.
    The problem with a lot of Christians is that they are still held captive to the things of the world. If you are a true believer, why can you not believe that you have been chosen?
    Jesus said, “Many are called but few are chosen.” Can you trust God that you have been chosen?
    Have you really been chosen or have you simply stated what others have taught you to say, like a parrot, that you believe in Jesus Christ and “accept” Him as your Saviour and Lord? And with that statement imagine that everything in your life will change and you are saved?
    There is a huge dividing gap between the Christian who has truly been chosen and is truly born again and the one who simply repeated the “decision” to “accept” Jesus as his/her Lord and Saviour.It is not about “YOU deciding” to “accept” Jesus, that is sheer arrogance.
    Being born again has a pre-requisite of being chosen. Some simply are not chosen and others have been chosen.
    So what makes the vital difference between those that are and those that are not chosen by Christ?
    Obviously it has to do with a major change or regeneration of the heart. It cannot simply be “made to happen” because the recipient just “wants” to be born again or whatever it has been told to be.
    In John 3:3…Jesus answered Nicodemus’ query about his total misunderstanding of being born again with the following:
    “Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
    Nicodemus replies: “How can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb?”
    One can observe from this response just how un-born again this man is and yet he was an acknowledged leader, a ruler of the Jews and held a high place in the Sanhedrin – Jewish court.
    Let us look at Jesus’ reply to the ignorance of such a so-called learned man like Nicodemus and try to understand exactly what Jesus meant by being “born again” as Jesus responds to Nicodemus.
    “Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, you MUST be born again. The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
    Nicodemus answered and said to Him, “How can these things be?”
    Jesus answered and said to him, “Are you a teacher of Israel and do not know these things? Most assuredly I say to you, WE speak what WE know and testify what WE have seen and you do not receive OUR witness. If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”
    (Note in His answer Jesus uses the third person “WE”, “US” and “OUR” and it is obvious that He is incorporating the triune Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So the triune God is speaking here!)
    “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is the Son of Man who is IN heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wildnerness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
    (Note in this Jesus clarifies exactly who He is, how He would die and what He came to earth to do!)
    For God so loved the world (us) that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world (us) would be saved through Him. He who believes in Him is not condemned but he who DOES NOT BELIEVE is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come to the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practising evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does, (come to the light) the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”

    What exactly does Jesus MEAN and SAY on this topic that we need to fully grasp?
    Obviously it is to do with a major change in the heart. It cannot be just made to “happen” because the recipient “wants it”. It is not even by our own choice. Clearly the words: “The wind blows where it wishes” must indicate it is only to do with the will of God. (Many are called but few are chosen.)
    The chosen hear it spiritually, deeply in their innermost being, but cannot know where it comes from. This is something God has done already to do with their being chosen to become His very own.
    A baby does not know that it has been born, does it?
    Likewise the person who has been born of his mother does not know either, does he/she?
    He/she MUST have had a spiritual awakening within and only then could they know and receive an understanding of spiritual matters. Suddenly that person’s spirit comes alive and is quickened and stirs and feels the presence of God deeply within, though he/she may not fully understand it all as yet.
    Being truly born again is an inexplicable spiritual experience when the triune God speaks to the spirit of a man or a woman. It is electrifying and exhilirating, unlike anything else ever experienced before. It is a very REAL experience as the 120 disciples experienced!
    It has nothing to do with “our choice” because it only has everything to do with God by the Holy Spirit. (Many are called but few are chosen)
    “The wind blows where it wishes” and likewise, as the wind, so does the Holy Spirit go where He wishes and by His choice and determination all prearranged by the Triune Godhead.
    No one can tell where the wind is going to blow, even if they hear the sound of it.
    In reality we cannot SEE the wind, but we can FEEL the EFFECT of the wind in nature as it blows, and see the branches swaying in the wind and hear the sound that it makes, but no more other than that to know it is actually blowing. We do not know where it came from or where it is going.
    A person has first has to be “quickened spiritually”. Like a candle, unless it is lit by a flame, it cannot create its own light.
    The born again experience is literally an experience within, and manifested from without by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We must be like the lit candle.
    The popular trend is to be a “born again Christian” today without even understanding the slightest meaning of what that actually implies! The churches are overflowing with that kind of Christian, but the question is, are they truly born again from above, or just by repeating the words after someone telling them to and “accepting” Jesus as their Saviour when they know nothing of Him nor His Word. I call this an “Instant coffee” kind of Christianity. It is superficial and does not come from the heart or from a real calling and being chosen by Christ.

    We cannot simply “choose to believe in Jesus” or to just “accept Him as our Saviour” because at this stage a person will have NO IDEA at all of what it all means. Yes, they will LEARN as they are taught, but even a parrot can learn to speak and do tricks, without the slightest understanding of what it is doing or saying! (sorry)
    And they will develop as the stereotyped Christians we see flooding the churches today full of robotic and unborn again kind of Christians. But the world out there will not be able to distinguish any difference between those and themselves, other than that they go to church on Sundays! No wonder that the church has lost its power.
    The REAL meaning, together with the REAL experience of being born again, makes no mistake whatsoever in the true rebirth experience. You will really know that something radical has taken place inside you and all you want is God Himself…. to read His word, talk to Him, love Him, ask Him, praise Him and nothing else BUT HIM ONLY!
    A lot of the response today in the churches, with new Christians, is simply a reaction to the emotive messages being spoken that may only be based on the constant repetition to “become born again”. The message becomes very convincing, to the effect that this is what they MUST be, born again, so they want it very much. Nothing unusual about that other than this kind of response will not last too long and then a deep disappointment will set in.
    The most important question to ask is how do you get to be chosen by God? Who has the true answer?
    I would dare venture to say that perhaps those in whom there is a VERY deep longing inside and a rejection of the emptiness of the life they are living, or the world in which they live. They may have all the “financial success” in their lives, such as the world measures it, but in spite of all that, this emptiness permeates their very being and they feel life is without real meaning while they keep thinking of the pain and suffering state of the world and begin to ask a lot of deep questions or have thoughts of which they sometimes are not even aware of asking or thinking.
    But the great almighty God hears the smallest of whispers, even the sound of a feather as it gently lands on the ground, and He answers the cry of the genuine human heart, (that is hurting because of all the pain and suffering in the world,) which is seeking and crying out to Him to come soon. and put a stop to it all.
    That was my own experience and He answered my cry nearly thirty years ago. He will answer your heart cry without fail if your longing is for Him.
    Thank you for reading this from the heart of a 75 year old woman in Perth Western Australia who really loves God in the most real sense possible.

  12. Shirley,

    I came across this sight today for the first time and I took notice of what you wrote. I was curious about what you were writing.

    I find it a little confusing as I want to ask you, when it says many are called but a few are chosen. Doesn’t that mean the few that are called receive the gift of salvation for their name to be written in the book of life but the ones that are chosen are the ones that have a stronger calling in their lives to be evangelists, disciples, apostles, etc.?

    From my experience, I have had times in my life when unexpected opportunitys have come along and I have had the priveledge to lead someone in prayer to being saved, I have found some of those people have soared in their walk and some didn’t so much but they believe in God. Are they saved? If they aren’t yearning for God but they go to church and believe in God but don’t make God number one in their life, are they not saved?

    On Facebook this past week I got the opportunity to lead someone in prayer to receiving Christ, I didn’t know that was going to happen. I went with the flow and asked God to give me the words. The person was so thirsty to hear the truth, it was so amazing, I asked him to get his bible( which by the way, the Lord was stirring in his heart to buy or get as he hadn’t had one, just about 4 days before I had the Facebook talk with him, he had bought an electronic bible. Wow! talk about the Holy spirit moving like the wind speaking to him to get a bible before I was going to tell him about receiving Christ and to look up passages) He looked up passages as we were on chat on Facebook, I explained what it meant to recieve Christ , and His name being written in God’s book of life,we had a very long extensive talk by computer and after he received Christ I told him he is born again and that his old self dies and he becomes new in Christ. He was so excited he was jumping for joy, I told him to now go out and share what God has done for him about receiving Christ.

    I was just wondering why you felt led to writing, was it the point of some people receive Christ that mean it and some don’t? Or not everyone is called to receive Christ?

    I am not sure what point you were bringing across. I know the Lord says to go out into the world and share the gospel, and that is for all to do that know Him.

    Just curious if you wouldn’t mind a short brief on what your point was.

    Thank you

  13. i want God 2 empower m spiritually,make m fire and strong to resist and reject. every night feedind by demon.i had a dream where i was menstruating in,pls i dont no the meaning and pls pray with m

  14. I need help in interpeting a dream i had while taking a noon nap. In the dream i was in a snow blizzared snow was coming down so fast and hard that it began weighing me down and visiblity was zero.There was someone with me but i cant remember who it was. We were try to go across a very busy street but the snow was preventing this from happening. I t got so bad that i know that we had to take shelter but the houses that we tryed to take refuge to had people in them that were either on drugs or crazy and we could not stat there. I eventual gave up and laid on the ground in the snow. Dose any one know what snow represents in the bible and what storm means. I am a Hebrew Christian and frear and love god.Can someone help me interpet what this could mean and you can also contact me over the phone if space and time dose or dose not perment. My name is jackie and you can reach be reached at 313-926-2232

  15. I need your help.
    My name is cathlene. i stay at home with my parents. I ask that you do not judge me, but that
    you will find it in your heart of hearts, to forgive me, and to pray for us.
    About a year ago, i found an add on my email adress, claiming that some voodoo women, would grant
    me one wish. i thought long and was desperate, so i said, i want mom to be healthy, she has copd.
    I want money, i need it, to change the world, to make it better, and then, i asked her, to give me the
    man i love, brandon lee, bruce lee’s nephew, as i was madly inlove and besotted over him. three days later, she told me to call out to gejoba, and command him, that i need his help. i had to light five candles in water and make five rings around with a cinnomen stick in the air, asking him for help. she said it would keep the fire burning, and that i will have results. against my better judgement, i am guilty of this, i am only human, made this mistake, and now i am suffering. we are very poor. dad has no work since april last year, mom’s health has not improved. she still struggles for every breath, and i am still lonely. Brandon lee went out with me for a week. it was like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey. up till now , we seem to have bad luck. we are selling everything we own on bid or buy, and we have not been able to save anything. we struggle to make ends meet. i had to borrow R100, from a man that works at spar, to buy food, and i don’t have the money to give back to him. Four months ago, the night mares have started. i am being spiritually attacked. i got my neighbor to take me to the catholic church , to get holy water, noboddy was there. i sms’d the number on the phone, this man must have thought it a joke, h e just never replied.
    i found a recipie on the internet, and when i did it in mom and dad’s room, as well as the blessing in the room, it tried to strangle me. since then, everything has not just gone down hill, butt the nightmares are terrorfiying.
    i dream regularly that i want to turn the light on , but the light doesn’t want to come on, then the darkness, makes me extremely scared. at first i questioned, weather it is not, because of my traumatic childhood, but it doesn’t explain why, i have such a fear of the dark, then the body freezess, i cant scream, talk or move, i feel this presence over me. i cant scream god’s name, eventually i get it right, and it goes away. recently the attacks have become painful and more terrorfying. i hear voices. i can hear they are talking. its not english, but i can understand it, then the fear is back, and my body pains are uncontrolable. (if they used me in greys annatomy, in a scene where someone is having a seizure, ) I would win an oscar hands down. my whole body aches. this spiritual attacks have attacked dad and mom too. dad has so much pain in his thumb, its uncontrolable sometimes, and like i said, mom is battling too. the depression in the house is so bad, you can cut the air with a knife. I and mom can’t take much more of the emotional battering. we seem to be loosing faith, as i pray at night that the tears run, beging god to give us relief, but nothing happens. I cry myself to sleep in my teddy bears arms, just wishing, if i had a bit more guts, to say good bye, i would kill myself.
    Please, don’t judge me and mom and dad,
    but i ask that you will help us through this terrible time.
    thank you
    God Bless you

  16. twice i have had a terrible dream about my father. In the first dream he was suffering from skin cancer and was in sooo much pain. In the dream my family had lost all hope and we where awaiting his death.

    The 2nd dream its me who had actually cut off his left arm into pieces and he was in sooo much pain, every time he looked at m he shed tears. However what i dont understand is why he didnt tell my family its me who had cut off his left arm. And also in the dream i felt s bad seeing my dad in so much pain and Decided to apologise to him. But everytime i tried to to go and apologise, something stood in my way. Pse help me pray against this bad dream. Thx

  17. hi, i am quite lost and dont know what to do… different pepole keep having dreams that i get pregnant and they tell me but i dont really think much of it until my best friend sister had the same dream . she has a gift of warning dreams and dreams that she has tend to come true…i am at a loss on what to do because i am only a teenager and pregnancy is THE LAST THING i want . i am getting so scared because up to 4 pepole have had such dreams or something similar about me. i myself hav had a dream that i gave birth to a baby and that was a long time agao…are there any prayer points i should start praying ???? or is there any way you can interprete this for me please and wht can i do??

    thank you

  18. i had a dream that i was standing in the doorway and when i looked up a huge brown dog was standing there looking at me. i then somehow ended up the street and 2 men (who looked as though they were indian) threw 2 snakes at me. The snakes spit venom at me but none of the venom touched me. i was able to fly away and then i woke up. can anybody help interpret? or is this pretty cut and dry?

  19. please pray that jest me free from demonic scray night mares i live in nz. male 36 yrs got bipolar disorder renal failure diabetes

  20. Anytime you see a snake in the dream it means satanic attack,
    pray against every satanic plan against your life both physically or spiritually
    be destroy in the name of Jesus. Do not be afraid just pray it out of your life, God gave you that dream in other for you to know what the plan of the enemy. read and pray with Matthew 18.18

  21. I had a dream that creflo dollar told me that it was not a sure thing .I was telling him how my son got custudy of my grandaughter that I have raised for 10 years. He got here illegal and I had to go thru some appeals to get out of the situation he had put me thru. So I,m sure not want that meant or what God was telling me.He has been arrested 3 times since he has had her. But has gotten out of each sitution. He is not stable.I just Know I want my baby back.I have raised her since she was 1 yr old.

  22. Dear Minister

    I appreciate help me in prayer because God help me to overcome a sodomite passion which I bought since my teens. At the age of 30 years, and thinking about suicide because I seemed to lose my identity, I began to know God and, though I have done fasts and every effort I could do, I failed in my attempt to resist this passion, passion that, when it came to me, to view pornography, contact with transvestites and even have relationships with these people. The result of this condition, I am infected with HIV. I am married and with family but, even so, I can not seem to have the resources or ability to overcome this condition and, at my age, at 58 years old, I seem to lose all hope of becoming a freeman of this passion for, in freedom, to serve God in some way. Thank you very much.

    God be with you in Christ Jesus.

    Emilio E. Leon Flores

  23. DEAR barbara,

    as much as you love this child, she is not your baby she is your own son’s daughter meaning your granddaughter. You of all people should be praying for your son welfare and for him to be better as Christ intented him to be, and for him to be able to take care of his daughter as God’s word intented for every parents.
    Just be carefull not to fail into the devil trap, you desire to have your granddaughter pushes you to hate your own flesh and blood and to battle your own son ( to the point that you wish he stayed longer in prison, or saying that he is illegal in the country…. just be carefull sister in Christ because one of the devil plans is seperation amonsg family members)
    She is still your granddaughter, and you can still help your son take care of her, she doesn’t need to be in your house for you to take care of her. Be there for the both of them pray for them and ask God to be the only learder of all your lives.

    God’s wants me to share this testimony from cameroon with you:

    My grandmother was in the same situation as yours 20 years ago, it was her granddaughter that she was battling for ( the daughter of her own daughter). She loved her granddaughter who was visiting her often ( more than often) so much that she did not want to give it back to the parents, for her to keep her granddaughter, she manage to break her own daughter marriage, the mother couldn’t take care of the kid because she wasn’t working but she gave her aproval to the father to keep her since he was financially stable, but my grandmother stood up and declare a fight against her son in law, the son in law took the case to court, the court order my grand parents to give the child back and they refused, fights for fights, intimidation for intimidation one day after a big verbal fight between the two of them ( grandmother and son in law and after each other promising each other that it is only a matter of time before each will see what the other will do) the son in law went back home and less than 1 week he was not feeling well his family took him to the hospital and less than 15 minutes later he was prononce dead. So my question is how is this love? How could love ruin someone life forever? How could she pretend to love her granddaughter to the point of sending my cousin’s father into the dead? she simply ruin my cousin life somehow because this child will never know her father and nothing can replace that not even all the money she was getting from my grandparents. Then her own daughter come to take the kid, and she said no, then her daughter lacking of the wisdom of God proceed to battle her own mother in the open, claiming that her mother killed her husband trough witchcraft, my aunt ( my cousin mother) went to live with a man because the family refused to support her knowing that she can’t take care of her self, but now I think my grandmother did not help her out because she knows that helping her daughter will mean that she can come back and take her daughter to her care. my aunt had 9 children with this man who was abusing her in every way, she was left to herself, and my grandmother was happy to see what happened to her own daughter, that was the guarantee that she will never bother her again, then she run out from this man and marry someone else got 2 kids from that one, then run back to the previous man the father of her 9 children. today she is is crazy( gone mad) sitting in my grandmother’s house with all her children not having anything to do, and not knowing what to do with all these children.
    My grandmother take the time to verbaly and physically abuse these children in her house ( she is 74 years old). See this is what happen when you open a door for the devil to enter into your life, instead of being there for each other, you fight each other.

    My cousin is 28 today she is married, but before her wedding my grandmother was not happy at all at the fact that she was getting married but since it wasn’t going to well viewed, she kept quite on the suject, but strange thing is that after the wedding my cousin was still visiting her, at 8 months pregant, my grandmother was insisting that she should visit her often which she did out of respect for her, then one day she went to the hospital the baby was perfect, then 3 days later she went again for consultation after a visit to my grandmother only to find out that her first born ( a son ) was dead. My grandmother faint to cry but after ward she said to my mother that things like that are common and some women after loosing their first born, looses their second prenancies as well.
    Then one day just 5 months ago a fight broke between my grandmother and my cousin and my grandmother told her that she will turn out the same way as her mother turn out that it was only going to be a matter of time to wait and that she will see

    Back to you Barbara :Did it ever occured to you that may be your son also needs you as much as your granddaughter needs you?
    Pray and let God lead your life, do not show God the way, let him show you the way
    My grandmother also tells people how to pray for her such as: Pray for someone to die so he can leave her alone, Pray for this guy who is ill so god can take him away because this life does not do him any good, pray for someone to support his jail and not to want to come out because if he comes out he will get kill….
    Not that I am comparing anyone to this person but I hope people will learn from this and be more careful to little things.
    You be the judge to this person
    God Bless

  24. God has been ministering to on things to happen through dreans but of late i have been dreaming but when waking up the message is gone. i find as if its demonic attack

    please pray for deliverance it has been a big help to me and others

    Alice Mwangi


  25. I would encourage you to spend time in Reading the Bible.
    also pray more againgst satanic dominion and add Fasting to it
    pray againgst household Stronghold destroy their power in Jesus name and bind witchcraft power

    Ephesian 6 10-17, Isaiah 54:17, Psalm 35

  26. If you have been invile in Idol let your Pastor help you get raid of them and anoint the place for God destoying the power

    For Your deliverance aks Jesus to Come into your life with all your heart and belive what you are praying Hebrew 11:6 if you are born again look for a Church a good Church, not to go their only on Sundays but try to work for God with all your heart

  27. please minister remember me in your prayer point

    im having all kind of bad at night

    dreams that deals with spirit husband and unlock marriage so much of dissapointment in my life an 28 year no child, no pregnancy

  28. please minister sent me some of your prayer point that will deliver my life from all this satanic power that is aginst me
    i will do the feasting until i get breakthrough

  29. dear Minister,
    my fiancee had a dream that he lost his father and when he travelled home to see the corps he was told it has been he went to ask his mother and she had this evil look on her face and a man standing close to her. before he would ask her what happened the man standing close to her poured acid on my fiancee and it burned him so he ran and woke up.

    the disturbing thing is he had this dream twice on the same day.

  30. Pray about familiar spirits, if his family are idol worshiper, he should pray t seperate himself from those power .He should pray with palsm11.3 destroy every evil foundation from your father and mother family lineage

  31. Hello humu kamara ,
    You can fast with Isaiah 58:6-14
    and if there is any idol in your home or your family that still somewhere get raid of all
    take a 7 days fasting it depend on how you can fast maybe till 3pm or 6 pm and do not let anybody prove you during the fasting period. you have to read your Bible and Praise and Worship God during this period.

  32. i need to know who is going to marry me

  33. not very clear: I had a dream about my son brandon it seems like a busy place where many students went for last school event there were tall buildings. I was with him there suddenly I ask my other son willy to watch over him meanwhile I was started to walk over a brigde like where underneath ships passed as Iwalked I saw the buildings ad children all of a sudden a hear and see a big explosion whee all the students screamed and ran I hoped my son wasn’t there cause I taught I hve seen him in the park playing , but I as wrong then i searched for him in those buildings and found him he need medical attention he had his mouth bleeding like if his right jaw bones broken and he said his stomach hurted. Reched him to a doctor he said that he couldn’t do nothing for him he saw bleeding inside his stomach and then I woke up.

  34. i dreamt of myself being married to my deased uncle and having a baby with him, whats that? Before that I have been praying and asking God why ai no married yet in my thirties? then i had that dream.Can that mean I have a spirit husband? please help. pls answer via my e-mail .

  35. My boyfriend has dreams of the devil in disguise, he said in his dream the devil tried to take his soul. The devil was in human form, and my boyfriend tried fighting him and crushed a can on his head. Then woke up terrified. I pray for him now, and we don’t go to church. He hasn’t gone since he was a kid. Please pray for him, and us. What do you think this means? He’s had so many evil dreams before and this one is the worst.

  36. i had a terrible deram that my sister was going to be hanged to death..i pleaded to the authority to release her but they wudnt listen and decided to hang her..this dream left me terrified as loosing a loved one is absolutely shattering and heart breaking…but i woke up and began praying to the lord to give me mental strength and courrage

  37. Please pray for me breakthrough in marriage. Pray as i am surrounded by people at my work (job) who wants to destroy me and my job

  38. I want to respond to people with nightmares. These are sometimes assignments of the enemy or they may be rooted in witchcraft that has been released against you. You need to do warfare prayers to break these powers or have your Pastor or an anointed minister pray over you, anointing you with oil. To the person that had a dream she had a baby with her deceased uncle, it sounds like you may need deliverance from a marine spirit husband. I’m sharing these thoughts because I have a Nigerian Pastor and I have learned these things from him. I know those were old posts above but maybe this might help someone.

    Be blessed and learn your spiritual authority. Stay in a strong church that knows how to do warfare.


  39. Last night i had bad nightmare
    people where haunting on me and my family
    rying to kill us .. the message in my dream is like get away
    they people in my dream said who should leave then in my nightmare there was a light
    in a room it went off but it caim back on
    there was a putt some came to me and said i already killed someone in that putt
    you are next something like that the time a woke up out my nightmare cause it was hard for me to wake – up out off it i started praying who knows what that means ? pleas help me out which kind off scripture should i read in the bible

    sorry my english is bad i’m from the Netherlands

  40. Someone please help me understand what is going on with me! lately every once in a while i get these horrible dreams and its always around 3:00. it seems that in all of them someone is overpowering me usually wont let me leave a certain place and its always someone or something different! one night it was even my fiance that was possesed?! i pray every day to our lord and saviour and after these dreams i always wake up and feel as though ive been lit on fire i am so hot! and i pray my heart out but the dream always happens again! please tell me what this means?

  41. There are things i want to put to you about dream. Dreams are spiritual things and therefore it’s the spiritual realm that control the physical realm. God shows us things through dreams because in the day time we are very busy. look at this scripture Job 33:15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men. you can read further on your own. most dreams come through the thought of our heart, there are some, especially when we have malaria and fever.some as reflection of our activities in the day.
    dreams should be taken serious in dealing with. because through dream we forsee things that are bound to happen, having knowledge of that we use the weapon of prayer to fight against it. you must be born again to gain all spiritual insight in regard to dreams. because a canal mind cannot understand the things of the spirit. it takes spirit to confront spirit. that is while we see so many things in dream, fight so many battles, becasue the flesh is already death and the spirit comes up alive. not all the dreams we dreamed are from God, at times the devil project some certain things to frighten us. and God show us so many things through dream. you must understand when God is speaking to you throu dream, and the dream that is from the pit of hell. And the devil possessed so many so when they are sleep, because they don’t have the holy spirit may they are not born-again or they still dudging in one sin of the other.

    Read through this scritures and use those prayer point.Isaiah 54:15-17. Jeremiah 51:20-23. Mark 16:17-18. Matthew 18:18

    1.Before you sleep pray and ask the holy spirit to possess your spirit souls and body in jesus name. dream criminals fighting my dream life i release the sword of God to destroy you in Jesus name
    3. every demonic power manipulating my dream life, i dercee your death tonight in Jesus name
    4.every dream from the pit of hell i destroy you in jesus name.
    5.every power invoking my spirit, i release the fire of the holy ghost upon you in jesus name
    6.every power that i am dedicated to, knowingly and unknowing ,i seperate from you by fire in jesus.
    7. every evil convenant i entered into, knowing or unknowing i break you with blood of jesus christ in the name of jesus.
    8. every arrow targeted at me and my househood in the day and night i nulify you in the name of jesus and i return you back to your sender in jesus.
    9. every power from my mother house and my father’s house waging way against me, i release the fire of God to destroy you in jesus name.
    10.every power making evil unterances against me, i command you to remain silence forever in jesus name
    11. i cover myself all that are connect to me with the blood of jesus christ and i build the wall of fire around me in jesus name.

    pray fervently there’s power in prayer. God bless you.

  42. My husband of 17yr come november packed up and left 2 sundays ago while i was at churdh. No note no phone call no nothing. he filed for divorce and has been gone on vacation since. He is a christian man thats why i married him. yes we had our troubles as any marriage does but he always was insistant that divorce was not an option in the eyes of the lord. their has been no adultry on my part and i am wondering what is going on in his head and heart. Last night I had a series of dreams of he and I together and happy. we were somewhere unfamiler to me but I was so happy and so was he. I awoke only to cry and when i went back to sleep i had some more dreams of he and i and we were happy. I dont want to be fooling myself. I have been praying for restoration of our marriage I love him so much. I would forgive him if he had done somthing wrong he just never gave me a chance. Please help as I am so broken and in despair. He was my only trule love and I am having trouble wraping my mind around the fact that this doest line up with his belief system. Please advise in Jesus’s name.

  43. I had a dream last night and it goes does.As was sleeping i found myself in the state of prayer and I prayed to the end and then I said Lord Jesus thank u and fell back to sleep again I found myself in the act of prayer and this time i did not know how it all came to an end. Please help lets pray together may be God has something to say.

  44. hiii
    i am 13yrs old i has a dream last night that i was
    going to be raped and my phones got tooken from me when i went into
    the coner shop there was a robbery and i got caught up and raped :s
    please pray for me

  45. This nightmare is the worst one in my life. In the nightmare something is trying to get my friend. Shes scream and crying because she scare. I try to help but I can’t. When I do reach her I hold her hand and start to pray. But in my nightmare this evil thing that’s scareing my friend won’t let me pray and I’m mumbling the words out. when I woke up I was crying and praying out loud. It was really weird and scary that I made my mom sleep with me. But as I laid there and my mom was asleep. She started having a nightmare too. I started to praying and she stop. Help me. This it my room that’s giving me and my mom nightmares or somethig else. I don’t know what’s happening but I’ve never felt as close to god like I do now. Is there anythin I can do?

  46. Asuncion
    I usually don’t do this but 4 some reason I’m impress to share this with you, because to date I’ve been pondering to the Lord Jesus. On Oct 19th-2010 prior 2 awakening as always i dream I was crosing a bridge in Chicago downtown along with many people. And 2 my left my old boss yielding out to me as he was running and passing me up “DON’T FOLLOW ME” At this point I was almost across the bridge and found myself returning back and runniing trying to reach the start of the bridge before the bridge would go up. It started raining heavy red blood and getting wet. Before I could get to the other side of the bridge the bridge instead of going up, it was breaking from beneath me and I saw myself falling into the misty like water. Misty water I say because I was able to see my surroundings. NOTE: Upon awakening as I spoke to the Holy Spirit what came to me so clear was I believe “FIRE” from heaven raining. I also worked @ a Chgo., ILL. bank and lost my job some yrs ago. As I recall this dream so clear “OLD BOSS, PASS BANKING JOB, CHGO DOWNTOWN, & WOW THE RAIN SO RED AND I GETTING WET, FALLING INTO THE WATER. OR COULD IT BE THAT IT WAS THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS RAINING FROM HEAVEN.

    Pls come into agreement with me that the Lord Our God Adoni will reveal clearer understanding in Jesus Almighty name.
    Shalom and May the Lord Make HIS FACE Shine upon you….

  47. Asuncion
    Date: Oct. 13, 2011 (7am-8:am)
    Dream: Just Me
    Topic: Cockroaches
    I was walking down a long wide hall way or tunnel like with a crowd of people. And I recall it was gloomy. It was as if I were in a different dimension of some sort. Anyway, as I was walking down this long hall or tunnel like I was watching people going into different rooms as if they were being picked out and sorted into these rooms.
    As always in the pass, throughout my dream there was always someone at my side and felt no fear as if guiding and/or watching out for me. I don’t know.
    Then I saw myself going into this hug theater like room and sitting on the upper level high above all the other rows of chairs. The theater was dark and gloomy and all the rows before me seem to be empty. The row before me was so close that I had to bent my legs and put my feet on the chair in front. I was very conscience of my red skirt slightly above my knees and trying my best to be lady like by keeping my legs close tight to one another.
    I then saw these large shining brown ugly cockroaches appearing and climbing their way up on the chairs before me. I was in awe as I watched these ugly cockroaches making their way up my legs and coming from behind me. I started anxiously taking them off me as they kept crawling up my legs and I finally stood up with determination. I realize the cockroaches were trying to make their way into my panties and into my body through my virgina. My stomach turned with such disgust at the thought of having to touch them and at the same time yet I was determine to fight them off. I reached into my panties to take one particular one that was trying to makes its way into my body through my virgina and Whoo-Whoo I had victory in Jesus Almighty name. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    It felt as if it was my mom who was in front of me and others watching me and my mom in awe at what she saw me doing. I was getting frustrated with trying to shake off the cockroaches from in my panties. Then as if saying that’s enough and determine to get them off without struggling, I saw myself pull down my panties which then looked like a white skirt and at this point I saw no cockroaches on me and the white short skirt to my knees. I discern there was someone(s) watching me as if I had an audience. At this point is when I woke up.

    NOTE: Pondering this dream for understanding from the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen!
    During Afternoon prayer didn’t receive interpretation, nevertheless expect to receive from the Father ADONI.

  48. Hi

    Some years back I had a dream that I had died and that people were crying over my body I could see them but they could not see me the dream ended with me praying in toungues in the dream.

    Please help me understand this dream


  49. Please help me to interpret this dream: I saw my paternal grandma, and when I greeted her,she fondly said: “now I’ve seen who is my relative”.
    Earlier that week, I saw my paternal uncle. He came to visit me and I was telling him that I was confused.His reply,I couldn’t not decipher.

  50. .I thank God for hes doing ur Ministry .please pray for me ive been battlin with all kinds of nightmare and attacks. Which i kw is not the plans of God for my life: jeremiah 29 ; 11. And more ;God cannot share his Glory with any man.Plz pray fr me

  51. LThis might sound crazy, but i am being completely sincere. I recently started seeing images of children and hearing voices whispering my name. Please dont stop reading… i had a nightmare tonight… a type of nightmare that i had as a child. Ive always said that, not a thing in the world scares me. Tonight… i woke from this dream… and… i was scared out of my mind. This is not a hoax. I am asking for a prayer. I dont want to go back to sleep, for i feel that the devil will drag me away. Thats the nightmare i had tonight. I was raised catholic and as i grew older i started to question whether there really was a heaven and hell. i am 33 yrs old now and i will tell you, that i beleive there is a hell, and if there is a hell then there definately is a heaven. And i beleive in jesus christ and i believe that he died for my sins, past and future. Im no angel but i want to be one of gods soldiers a soldier of good against evil. I want my chiildren to be the same. I love my wife and kids and i dont want the devil to b part of our lifes. You can e-mail me a prayer, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  52. Recently I’ve thinking about God. I used to be stubborn and chose not to believe in him. For about 2 months now I actually believe in him and pray every so often. I don’t plan to change, obviously. Two nights ago I had a nightmare. It was strange because all I remember is having a bad nightmare and praying to God. The thing is I don’t remember if the prayer was in my nightmare or in my sleep. I don’t know if that matters but I brought it up to my friend last night and I cried because it scared me.

  53. plz help me iam having bad and ugly dreams.

  54. Dear pst , am often having a bad dream any time am expecting good things. Am tiler by profession , not all time am having such dream and if I stand in mid night to pray , sometime 2 times in a week I over come it not all the d dream . They are was time I went for deliverance @ mountain of fire in headquater . And it stop . Later I started xprience back . Pls pray 4 me .

  55. hi Taiwo, seeind dead relatives in dreams is not so good. pray against the spirit of death..

  56. I fire back every arrow of the enemy in Jesus name.

  57. Pray for me to become closer to god to learn and live his word and for a finacal break thru with my business

  58. dear Pastor ,
    I’ll first relate the message of the almighty God towards me to his people in the whole world. i got this message in my dream one year ago. And I think have to transmit it so that those that can be saved through this should be in the mighty name of Jesus.
    it was on December 2010 I was about to send money to a witchdoctor to make me get a job after that I have tried desperately for my own for 2 years. I met an old classmate from the University he asked me what I was doing since i graduated. I told him about my problem and he gave me a the phone number of another college student and called him to be anointed man of God. I sent the money to the witchdoctor as i was attending to do and after that call this student. I was very skeptic when I saw him for the first time. I told me about the Lord and his love. And asked me if I was ready to accept him in my life(the Lord Jesus )as my savior and Lord, I said: yes I do. He made a prayer of conversion resting his hand on my head.I was not convinced of what I was saying but I just repeated all after him. we started learning together about the bible but i was not totally interested anyhow. He asked me to list all my sins that I remembered and ask the Lord for forgiveness eve for those I couldn’t remember and and I did that.
    I started listening to the song “drive me close to you, never let me go” . I did it the whole evening.
    this night I had a dream.
    I dream that I was working in a plantation with many people, we were so many working in this plantation and the field was very big. there was a river dividing this plantation in two parts. while working someone near to me on my right side cried so loud saying “he comes !” and anybody stood up and looked instantly the heaven.I was surprised asking myself who are they have been waiting for? as I saw that they were looking at the sky i did it too.

    And I saw a huge old man completely white like snow, with a medium beard not too long, with huge wings like an angel. He was staying as in the guard position. He was so giant that he was covering the whole sky with his wings. I was afraid of him and as if he was trying to give me any assurance, he smiled me so tenderly. After a few time of his appearance, I saw another appearance from heaven at his left side, my right side. I saw heavy clouds moving quickly like when a tornado is starting. three small angels appeared first from the clouds, after them I saw the Lord, working out, coming down from the clouds and he landed at the other side of the plantation with the angels. And the giant was still standing like a bodyguard. the Lord was also dressed in white dress, he looks like a normal human being, I couldn’t see his face for he was not near to me. But I could see him and I could look at what he was doing. He started to point at few persons with one finger, and when he was pointing at someone, the person disappeared he just pointed 5 persons or a little more, most the people remained and the Lord disappeared, the small angels went after him and after them the giant. And the remained people in the plantation started to cry desperately calling after the Lord in vain.

    And after few days we all forgot about what happened. I was invited to the wedding ceremony of my niece. The eldest daughter of my eldest brother and we were preparing the ceremony cooking different meals. Than it started raining. The rain didn’t stop after three days and three nights and no one cares, but after three days the water was grown higher and all life perished by drowning. I was the only survivor from this flood. But I felt so lonely swimming over this ocean of water that I was thinking about falling into the water and I suddenly woke up. The almighty God gave me a second chance.

    And since than I follow him, but something is disturbing me
    I live in Germany, I came across your website while looking for a solution of my problem.
    I obeyed and i even got baptized with water. But after I got baptized I don’t have any vision of the holy spirit but I often dream about someone who was making love with me in my dream. And sometimes I dream about eating some meals in my dream. I asked my pastor what it means and he told me that it’s not good. he try deliverance but it didn’t help the dream became frequent. I had a vision after I receive the call of the holy spirit. I heard a voice that promised me to find a Job after one year if I keep on following the Lord Jesus. But the year is over now. I get many interviews but none of them has come to an employment till now. I don’t know if all those dreams are the cause of all my failures and I need a complete deliverance from spirits. I posses a Master in computer science but i live like someone who has no education in Germany, begging anytime for help . I don’t know someone with my graduation who is jobless in Germany. All levels of my life are stagnant. I got separated with my husband three years ago and till today there is no light in this issue nobody seems to be interested in me.

    Please pray for me so that the plan of God should be accomplished in my life.
    God said in Esaie 54:4 “don’t fear, because you would never be confused”
    The confusion is not the plan of God for his children. But Satan try to bring confusion into that, but in the name of Jesus he will not succeed to bring those who shall believe and follow him through this message in confusion. I pray myself for this and beg you children of God to pray that God Will happens, so that it should be big testimony for all those unbelievers who thing It was not a message of God. So that the name of Jesus should be lifted higher from all those who had heard this message follow.

    May the holy spirit help you to understand this message properly. After this dream my Pastor asked me to read Matt:24: 36-51.
    read also this message of the Lord to the Apostles to understand the message in my dream better.I think it’s similar somehow.
    May God have mercy with all of us and take us with him when he comes .The Lord wanted me to stay ready for he is coming soon he gave me a second chance in my dream. Let us work but not forget to prepare our souls from the arrival of the Lord that is very soon”.
    sorry for this long message.

  59. This person indeed needs to be severed from either generational curses or witchcraft assignments. These dreams are obviously demon powers that have some legal right to his life. He needs a stronger minister who can bring deliverance or to fast and seek God for freedom. I would seek God for His best pathway of deliverance.

  60. Thanks very much Rev, God bless you. I pray myself too and have divorced all marriage with any spirit in my prayer. And for a week I had two dreams, in one of them I saw an old man asking me to be his wife, he was insisting so that I should say yes. But I was not interested as I asked him how can you think I can marry you so old you are. I didn’t come to say yes and I woke up.

    in the second dream I was in a minister of delivrance, and a demond came out of my head, the headache I had got healed, I felt as something heavy came out of me. And I was crying, jumping for joy, and I heard a voice, someone shouted at me and said. Give me my money back, you owe me money.
    And it’s true I owe my ex-husband money, when we got separated he lend me money, I didn’t want to take it, but he insisted saying that I need that money to clean the apartment I will live in with his son,because we have a son together. He says that I can give him that money back if I find a Job.I accept and took the money
    but I don’t have any job till now. But he is definitely not able to make witchcraft, he is still angry that I left him. He is a good person I just left him because there was no longer love between us. And he uses that debt any time to hurt me. although he knows I can not pay him his money. But if I get a job I will pay this money back.
    I really need help. But I can find no Man of God in Germany till now who can completely deliver me.
    Please help me. What can I do to be completely delivered? do you know some ministry in Germany where I can go to find my deliverance?
    God bless you

  61. I thing it’s important not to add confusion in that dreams. The first dream with the heaven appearance was definitely divine because you can find the same speech of Jesus in the Bible and I wrote were you can find it Matt 24 :36-54. Don’t try to put confusion into this vision.
    I started having the other dreams with spirit husbands 6 months after I had this divine vision. So please I find very important to mention it to avoid any confusion. Because that’s what the devil wants.
    God bless you.

  62. i have had anxiety issues that have virtually made me unable to do a lot but through prayers, things have gotten better but i still from time to time have anxieties of things that i say. i read deeper meanings to ordinary things i say and that worries me. pls respond and i will answre your questions if any

  63. reference to those who are experiencing bad dreams and especially being attacked by serpents, it is witchcraft being released to you as an individual or whole family. what you need to do is to pray using the word (sword) e.g num 23:23 e.t.c moreover, seek deliverance from the anointed servant of GOD. i was passing through the same and GOD had to intervene and assured me of victory. call me on this number +254722452046 or +254731252811 or+254750742171 for more details or email me on so as we share more since the battle is not ours but GOD’s.

  64. So many have challenges and insecurities today. They grow up with rejection issues and a lack of love. Jesus is always the answer and the POWER to overcome. We’re in the endtimes and it will be required to be in prayer more and in God’s Word. His Word is POWER because it’s the same thing as God. John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God AND THE WORD WAS GOD. If you want to stay strong, you must get in God’s Word daily. I heard a recent prophetic Word to God’s church. It is that those who do not get in God’s Word daily will not go to the next level spiritually this year. This is VITAL. God is beginning to do a sifting in the Body of Christ. We must do what we know to do, to press in more, to make effort to stay strong in God. It’s by aligning with Him more and making the effort to do what we know to do daily. To have God’s order in our life. The Word says when we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. If we do not draw near to Him, we have disorder in our life. God is a God of order and we must work at having proper order,to manage our time well, to make extra time for God. Get out of bed earlier and focus on what is important to bring strength and power to your life and family. Do it people! It’s up to us to choose who we wil serve and do it with discipline and wisdom. I pray you all do that. I don’t have the time for emails because I give to many. But I send you all love and God’s blessings for peace and grace each day. Stay in the Word daily. Walk in the Spirit daily. When we choose to walk in the Spirit, we will not be carnal and weak. We are to make no provision for the flesh and to live habitually in the Spirit. We can get there because God says we are to live there, having communion with Him continually. We are seated together with Christ Jesus, if we choose that. So strive for it. It will be vital in the endtimes because those that are weak won’t make it. So get strong now and do what is needed. Others will need support so do first things first and you will not be moved by everything that happens around you. You’ll be making things happen by God’s power. Love to each of you, Rev Helen/USA.

  65. In addition, I am responding regarding dream attacks. Yes, these are witchcraft assignments and spirits. People, demons are afraid of those that walk in the authority of God. When you speak the name of Jesus or use the blood of Jesus, devils see fire in your eyes and mouth. We have been given power over ALL the power of the enemy. Read Luke 10:19. We must learn to walk in that power and not allow the enemy to move into our lives, being weak and insecure. Get in the Word and make yourself strong. Know who you are in God. Get in a good Bible study so you can see who you are in God and what belongs to you. Start using the Word on the enemy. Speak death to all of his assignments daily. Keep speaking destruction to his plans in your life. Do it all the time. Here is a way I learned to pray and it releases power. When we need to pray for our bloodline, ask that the blood of Jesus be bound to your DNA and that it purge your bloodline of all defilement. That is a cleansing power to your bloodline, to get rid of curses that have been passed down. The enemy can attack you if you are ignorant of spiritual matters and don’t know how to stand against him. Or he can attack you IF there is a legal right to your life. There may be legal rights that need to be destroyed. They are called generational curses. They are from the sins of your ancestors, that are particularly evil sins that are abominations to God. So repent of those sins and release the fire of God and the blood of Jesus to those curses and curse them in the name of Jesus. It requires fire power to remove curses. The Bible says yokes or bondages are only removed through an anointing of God’s power. That can come through fasting, if you know how, through the laying on of hands by a very anointed servant of God, or you can do it if you know how to use the power of God to get free. Get strong and learn to fight for yourself. You wil need to be very strong in the endtimes. Learn God’s Word because it’s those who are ignorant and weak who are prey to the enemy. Learn who you are and get tough on the devil. Remember that ALL that God has belongs to His children. That includes His power. So learn how to wield power over the enemy. You must do so especially if you live in African countries. But satan is alive and well everywhere so gain strength and learn the power and authority that is yours in Christ Jesus. Rev Helen/USA.

  66. Please pray for me to over come spirit husbands 2. To have safe and healthy delivery, I’m seeing spirit husband in the dream, 3. To have better job that will sustain me and my family. When I started closing to GOD. I do enjoy his grace

  67. i am glad to know such a web site exist. I have been under so much attack, sometimes i dream being attacked by bats or cats, recently i had a dream were i was traped like an animal, and i was being taken to be slaughtered. But i manage to escape, please teach to pray and also pray for me

  68. God’s people, when you have these demonic attacks (dream attacks), here’s what to do. Before you go to bed each night, there is a ritual you need to do. Start by releasing the blood of Jesus to cleanse the atmosphere in your home. Then release the blood to cleanse the atmosphere above and around your home and property. Curse all satanic prayers, witchcraft incantations, all influences and powers of witches, wizards, scorcerers and their agents. Curse every demonic assignment against you, in Jesus name. Bind the enemy from operating against you from a distance.There is no distance in the spirit realm. They can release powers from many miles away or distant locations. Speak all of these things in the name of Jesus. Then declare that a canopy of God’s glory covers your home and property and that a wall of fire is around your home/property. Then speak to the assignments of the enemy and declare, “I close every door of my life and home to the enemy, in Jesus name. Say it with conviction and faith. Lastly, ask God to send a warring angel to guard you while you sleep. That will do it. But you may often need to open a window or door and command all spirits to get out of your home as well. If you are in fear of opening a door at night, all entries into your home are portals, like the phoneline or water line. Open up a portal and tell all spirits to go out in Jesus name. I am a single woman and I live alone. I counsel people on the phone and sometimes they are very negative and release things. if I forget to bind those things up before I get on every call, I can sense a spirit has released into my home. If we don’t get them out, they can attack us in our sleep. Some come from within, some from a distance. But I don’t like having to unlock all of the locks on my patio door and cast spirits out all the time, especially when it’s dark outside. I learned to pick up my telephone, which is a portal, and I tell any spirit that is in my house to go out that way. A computer is a portal, a radio, a home land line, a cellphone line, a water faucet that is opened. So clear your home often, if you need to. If we live with people that are not strong in the faith, who brings spirits into the house, we need to cleanse it often, maybe daily. It’s effort but important. Visitors can also bring spirits in, even unknowingly. The enemy is always seeking an open door through which to march in. So cleanse your home as often as you need to, because if there are spirits there, they will attack you in your sleep because it is their nature. I do this ritual each night before I go to bed because I’m called to warfare intercession and devils especially hate me. If I leave one door open to them they will be attacking me and paralyzing me in my bed. So always bind demonic powers in this way each night before you go to sleep, if you’ve been having dream attacks. I am an American but I have learned to pray in this way from Africans. I praise God! He will always be stronger than the enemy and He’s given you His power to use against the enemy continually. Speak Luke 10:19 to the enemy. It says ALL demonic power is subject to us in Jesus name. God bless you and teach you to war.

  69. Pls pray for me sir!

  70. People, I have been having some resistant spirits trying to get in my home and attack me, as God’s servant. Here is what God took me too online, as I sought him about how the enemy was gaining entrance. Granted, I have just recently connected with a very powerful African ministry online, that I am warring with and receiving powerful impartations from. So devils were stirred up in a far greater way against me. But here is what God spoke to me about. I’m going to attach the article here for your benefit. We may not consider this area of the enemies devices that needs to be severed in the spirit. It’s real. This comes from people who have experienced deliverance from ritual abuse and who have much understanding of satan’s devices. Here is the article and I will respond at the end of it again:

    How Are Ley Lines (Sil­ver Cords) Used By Witches, Wiz­ards, Satanists

    Satanic Sacred Geog­ra­phy Has Drawn “Ley Lines” Through­out The Earth

    Or ever the sil­ver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be bro­ken, or the pitcher be bro­ken at the foun­tain, or the wheel bro­ken at the cis­tern. 7Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Ecc. 12:6–7

    “For we wres­tle not against flesh and blood, but against prin­ci­pal­i­ties and pow­ers, against the rulers of the dark­ness of this world, against spir­i­tual wicked­ness in high places.” Eph­esians 6:12.

    Ley lines are also known as sil­ver cords and is a grid sys­tem under­ground geo­desic force lines on the earth that witches, wiz­ards or demonic spir­its travel — like an invis­i­ble high­way. Witches, when want­ing to attack min­is­ters, will draw a ley line for demons to come to your house. It is like a mark­ing. They pop in on you to spy on you or cause you harm — vis­i­bly or invis­i­bly. Ley lines are also like Por­tals or Vor­texes or entries.

    Ley-lines are sub­tle energy paths across the Earth’s sur­face … maps have been cre­ated show­ing a ver­i­ta­ble spider’s web of ley-lines con­nect­ing Neolithic sites.”

    Spir­i­tual War­fare Prayers Ley Lines

    If some­one or some­thing mate­ri­al­izes in your home and you see it from your periph­eral as a flash, cut the sil­ver cord, in the name of Jesus. They will dis­ap­pear immediately.

    Just say this, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take the sword of the spirit and I cut and burn all ungodly sil­ver cords and ley lines and close off all por­tals in my house by the shed blood of the lamb.

    So God’s people, blow up these ley lines through warfare prayer. Address them as this article instructs. We must cut off these pathways of witches and satanists and other demonic powers to find their way to our homes and attack us. This has happened to me because I have felt them this week. I had a paralyzing dream. I saw the spiritual force in the dream. It was not a demonic spirit. It was a tall white man and I saw all of the features of his face and his frame. They find their way to our homes through these satanic grids. So cut off these paths to your home. I had heard of this before but it was a great review for me. Use it! Also, connect with a powerful ministry that understands warfare. If you are under attacks and not strong in the Lord, you need a powerful spiritual covering. Don’t be isolated spiritually. Get all the help you need. There are various things we need to do. We need our bloodlines cleansed. If there are legal rights to spirits from our ancestors, we must uproot them. Get help with that if you haven’t and need help. Get under the covering of a Pastor and church that knows how to war in the Spirit. I bless you all in Jesus name. I speak that a canopy of God’s Glory covers you and a wall of fire is around you, around your household and your home, and around you and yoru family everywhere you go, in Jesus name.

  71. For so long time I have been dreaming dreams of bad luck but when I pray after that I often have a good day. Help me in the name of Jesus Christ to dream for fortunes and in good colours for my life.

  72. I need to know about prayers to overcome dream attacks…

  73. Rev Helen am just so overwhelmed by your prayer guide.Thank you so much and please help me to pray especially for this situation.My husband died 9 years ago and i keep seeing him in my dreams.Is any thing wrong with that?

  74. notify thru email

  75. God bless

  76. I am always dreaming making love in my dream pls pray for me to stop it

  77. I dreamt there was this cockroach I tried several times to kill it but I never succeeded and a friend of mine killed it for me.

  78. I dreamt that the GO of RCCG called me out of many ministers and gave me a white bible and a bunch of keys. What does this dream means?

  79. My 4 year old son told me today that he dreams of the devil sometimes and he scares him. We were talking about Jesus and then the devil because he has been acting up a lot and I asked him if he knew who the devil was and he gave me a weird look but then said no so. Explained he was a Fallon angel who did not listen to god and he was evil and out of no where he said I see the devil sometimes in my dreams. This really freaked me out and scared me what do I do about this? Can you please pray for my son. Is this a sign of something or should I be worried? About a month ago we started going to church every Sunday which my son also gives me a hard time about. My husband does not believe in god either so this is a hard situation for me completely.

  80. i have been having very bad dreams where i c my dead relatives…please help me pray coz am even on a 3 day fast and prayer.

  81. I am no longer positive where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or figuring out more. Thanks for great information I was in search of this info for my mission.

  82. I submitted my drea,. I hope you received it.

  83. I just posted a lengthy comment about me rebuking evil in a very bad dream. I forgot to click “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” I hope you can find the previous comment. I need help! I can’t take another one like that. It is going to bother me for a long time, because I remember the majority of my dreams vividly, days weeks, even many years later. Ever since I was a little kid. I remember dreams from for or five years of age.

  84. Hi I’m from south africa iwork very hard but don’t achive as I’m supposed to I have dreams wich I’m scared my heart would beat fast but I would not remember what I dreamed about I need prayers pls help I don’t enjoy my work I want to leave and start a business but I’m afraid to make a move

  85. Pastor, for the past 13 years I have been battling with bad dreams and night mires. I need to overcome and take dominion over my dream life. Please I need the anointing of a higher prophet to declare the power of God over my life. I hail from Igbomotoru 2 in Bayelsa state. I am currently in Portharcourt, am a freelance minister and business consultant with rivers state government.

  86. I really really want to book mark this specific article, “Prayers
    Dreams and Nightmares | Online Church Sermons and Prayers” on my very own page.

    Do you care in the event I actuallydo? Thx ,Lolita

  87. Ive had this dream lastnight of a someone getting into a car accident with a school bus and it was a girl laying on the hospital bed, taking someone breath away and died. I’m not sure if it was me it was so unclear. I’m afraid. What does this mean. Ive prayed and i don’t know what else to do.

  88. Many thanks for applying some time in order to compose “Prayers Dreams and Nightmares | Sermons and Prayers” gwenleonard .
    Many thanks once more -Dave

  89. What is the meaning of this a mad woman that I now beg me for Food in dream an I gave her she eat an thank me?

  90. Please prayer for me I am having bad dreams about sleeping with woman in my dreams and this nightmare keep happen to me time to time

  91. i went you people to pls join me in prays,because oneweek ago at the hr of 10:00pm black ain came in my house and people saw it and said that is a bad sound.three days later as i was as sleep a heavy spirit came upun me and my baby both of us were helpless since than people became to have series of dream even my friend jet called me today telling me to pray again accient because she had a dream……………


  93. I had a dream – was sleeping on my back , and while I was sleeping in this dream, I felt something is moving on my stomach, I looked at my stomach, this object was moving like a snake in my stomach , I was screaming like some one who is in pain, but it was as if I was in church too, because I heard my pastor’s voice, he ask is there any1 who’s sick , I did not come out but he later came to single me out and prayed 4 me ,while he was praying I woke up – what could be the meaning of this dream . Plz help.

  94. Spirit of failure and limitation attacks my children’s educational performance and life’s destiny,let it be broken.Declare super natural permanence/pass mark in Jesus Name.

  95. I had a dream today that I’ve never had before? My sister’s and I are in the process of completing a fast. What I remember from my dream. We started our prayer meeting all the sister’s. One sister in particular kept hugging me repetitively. It concerned me so I pulled away and I said sister what are you doing. Are you trying to wish bad against me? She looked at me ugly. I announced and said if we could pray right now for her. I remeber also saying I know its not my sister it’s whatever darkness is inside. So we stood in circle together to pray and remember feeling something come straight at me and my pastors’ wife voice stood out. Rebuking and casting it away. When I came too in my dream I guess I was knocked out during the attack. The sister was gone. It felt like in my dream she was taken away. Here blood sister afterwards was upset said it shouldn’t have happen like this. Blaming fault towards me and I again said its not her its whatever dark spirit was inside. After leaving the prayer meeting I’m with my husband and asked him about what happen during the prayer. He said the sister stood there with her head up and mouth open and then ran towards me. I don’t know what all this means, please help?!

  96. i need serious prayer because i have found myself eating food in the dream and i always see myself in the school i graduate from 3years ago. Please join me to pray for the almighty GOD to deliver me from setback and limitation

  97. Every night I have dreams that I end up waking myself up, because I am screaming out for Gods help, or either praying out loud. Just now I dreamed that I was asleep when some unseen demonic force starts pulling me off the bed. I’m screaming for my sons help while also rebuking it in Jesus name. I have some shirt or something around my neck. It’s being unnaturely pulled and is somehow standing straight out against the force of gravity. As I mentioned above, I wake myself up because I am screaming and praying for God to help me. Am I really being spiritually attacked while I’m asleep? I am so scared when I first wake up. Please help.

  98. Pls want help with my dreams.

  99. Prayer for me i always has nightmare seeing woman in my dream making love to me this dream happens often

  100. Pls i wnt 2 kwn d meaning of someone struggling to write exam in the dream


  102. Thanks nd God annoint u the more

  103. Micheal, read more about incubus and succubus spirits… i have been in such situation but i identified it and went in for deliverance and ive been praying about it. i know God has delivered me and He will deliver you too.

  104. let God deliver me from bad dreams.

  105. Pls I need a serious prayer 4rm evil dream

  106. I had a dream in the night of 21st August, send text to friends inviting them for my traditional marriage

  107. Pls pray 4me,i do av nitemare even aftanunmare,if i close my eye 4 a minute,i do dream

  108. I had a dream that cockroaches(moving in groups of 8)were crawling up my ceiling bound to fall on me any second..I was so nervous.I am almost certain I can interpret the dream..plz pray with me..Thank you.

  109. I enjoy, result in I discovered just what I
    was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  110. i saw a mad man in my dream shouting.i will not marry her,if mohammed cant go to d mountain,mountain should go to mohammed.pls,interpret tis dream for me tanks.

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