Bible Commentary on 2 Samuel 23

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  1. This chapter are the words of David, a man after God’s heart and one of the greatest exemplary characters in the Bible.
  2. David was a man that lived by the Spirit, he was highly anointed and all his actions were guided by the Holy Spirit.
  3. May we learn to rely on the Holy Spirit for all our undertakings in Jesus nameImage result for 2 samuel 23
  4. Holy Spirit make me a man of the Spirit in Jesus name -vs. 1
  5. David also said the word of God was always on his tongue and this is one of the secrets of his numerous successes- vs. 2
  6. Is the word of God always on your tongue? As stated in Joshua 1 vs. 8, you cannot achieve success unless you meditate on the word day and night.
  7. The word made David successful. If you wish to achieve success, let the word, not gossips, always be on your tongue.
  8. Word of God stick to my tongue, mouth, brain, eyes and memory in Jesus name.
  9. David also stated a quality in leadership in vs. 3.
  10. According to him, those in leadership must be just and fear God.
  11. May the fear of God arrest our political leaders in Jesus name.
  12. Everyone is a leader in homes, offices, business and in every assignment we are undertaking.
  13. Holy Spirit make me a just leader today in Jesus name.
  14. Fear of God possess me, arrest me, consume me in Jesus name.
  15. Lastly we see that David constituted a team of highly skilled and mighty, courageous, bold and fearless mighty men. They were thirty in all but three of them, Eleazer son of Dodo the Ahonite, Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite and Adino the Eznite.
  16. The Exploits of the thirty mighty men including the chief three as stated in 2 Samuel 23 v 8-39
  17. What are the lessons here?
  • You cannot be great unless you do mighty acts.
  • You cannot be remembered unless you are mighty.
  • You cannot make history unless you are extraordinary. The people who followed David were more than thirty but thirty of them were recognized in the Bible.


  • Most importantly, your success and greatness is determined by the quality of your assistants.
  • If you have poor quality footballers you may not win the match. You need quality players to win a trophy.
  1. Holy Spirit gives me quality assistants, workers, helpers and church members in Jesus name.


 Babatope Babalobi: + 2348035897435


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