Bible study and Commentary : 2 Timothy 1

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By Babatope Babalobi




  1. The Second Epistle of Paul to Timothy has four chapters
  2. We shall study chapter 1Image result for Bible study: 2 Timothy1
  3. This book was written by Paul to Timothy who he described in Chapter 1 vs 2 as his beloved son. The contemporary practice of having spiritual fathers and sons is therefore biblical.
  4. May God give you a Spiritual father in the order and spirit of Paul in Jesus name
  5. May God give you spiritual sons or children in the order and spirit of Timothy in Jesus name
  6. May your spiritual father not lead you astray in Jesus name
  7. Chapter 1 also hints qualities of spiritual fathers. Apart from counselling, and guiding their spiritual children, a good spiritual father always intercedes for his spiritual children.
  8. Paul said he is constantly interceding in prayers – verse 3, for his spiritual son- Timothy. These days spiritual father are more interested in what they can gain financially from their spiritual children, rather than building them up spiritually and standing in gap for them in prayers
  9. May the Holy Spirit dissociate you from every fake spiritual father in Jesus name
  10. I dissociate myself from every wrong spiritual father in Jesus name
  11. Holy Spirit lead me to a spiritual father you desire for me in Jesus name
  12. In verse 5, we see that one of the ways we can receive the Holy Spirit is by the laying of hands. Timothy received the Holy Spirit when Paul laid hands on him
  13. May God lay his invisible hands on you, receive the Holy Spirit in Jesus name
  14. Verse 7 is a memory verse..God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-control
  15. Christians should be filled with the Holy Spirit, manifest the supernatural power of God, be bold and courageous, confident of who they are in God, love their neighbours, and have self-control of worldly lusts
  16. I cast out the spirit of fear in you in Jesus name
  17. I cast out the spirit of greed in you in Jesus name
  18. Receive the faith of Joshua in Jesus name
  19. Receive the power of Samson and Paul in Jesus name
  20. In verse 8 Paul encourages Christians to be willing to suffer for the spread of the gospel. Christianity is not just about attending church services, `entertainment, dancing, but also taking the cross of Jesus and suffering its shame and glory.
  21. In verse 10, we were reminded of one of the missions of Jesus Christ, to pay for the Adamic sin, and abolish death.
  22. I shall not die prematurely in Jesus name
  23. I shall live and reign for ever with Christ in heaven in Jesus name
  24. In verse 11, Paul describes himself as an Apostle, Teacher, and Preacher.
  25. Holy Spirit train me and make me an Apostle, Teacher, and Preacher of the gospel in Jesus name
  26. In verse 16, we heard of the household of Onesiphorus who was always refreshing, supporting, identifying, and partnering with Paul’s ministry.
  27. May your household refresh men of God in Jesus name
  28. May God bless every household refreshing Save the World ministry and May God raise more Onesiphorus for Save the World ministry in Jesus name
  29. Holy Spirit give me the vision and ministry of the household of Onesiphorus in Jesus name#




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