Bible study on Genesis 4

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By Oluwaseun Babalobi

  1. Genesis 4 outlines the story of God’s response to the offering given by two brothers- Cain and Abel.
  2. God favoured the offering of Abel above Cain because Abel gave a fatter offering
  3. This implies God expects and respects quality offerings (verse 4)
  4. Before you give an offering, consider when it is a quality offering, otherwise God will not have respect for it.
  5. Genesis 4 also contains the story of the enmity between two brothers- Cain and Abel
  6. Cain committed the first recorded murder in the Bible by killing his brother.
  7. May your blood brothers not become my enemy in Jesus name
  8. We also saw the other side of God. God is merciful but He was the first person to also issue a curse in the Bible- against Cain For killing his brother
  9. We also see the Blood is a spirit- as the Bible records that the blood of Abel was crying from the ground.
  10. May the blood of Jesus silence every blood crying for judgement because of ancenstal sins in Jesus name
  11. Child bearing is not limited to reproductive age ; Adam and Eve gave birth to his first sin-Seth (verse 25,26, 5:3)  at the age of 130
  12. This means that, when God decides to bless you the blessing shall come to pass and it has no respect for human timing.
  13. God may be ‘too’ late in human timing but he is still on time with divine timing (at the appointed time).

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