Bible study: Rebellion and stubbornness of King Saul

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1 Samuel 15Image result for and God repented that he had made saul king

  1. God anointed Saul, as such he is expected to implement a godly agenda – vs. 1
  2. Soul was given a specific instruction to utterly destroy all – vs. 2
  3. Soul carried out the assignment on his terms, not as divinely instructed. He spared Agag the King of Amalekites and the best of the Amalekites – vs. 9
  4. God regretted anointing Saul. Prophet Samuel was depressed that Saul disobeyed God vs. 11
  5. When you disobey, you need to tell lie to cover up your lies. King Saul lied that he has obeyed God – vs. 13
  6. Saul praised God in disobedience. Your worship in disobedience is an abomination before God vs. 14
  7. King Saul was not convicted of his sin, and was ignorant of his sin – vs. 13
  8. King Saul was impatient. Samuel came to ask him but he did not want Samuel to speak, before justifying his disobedience – vs. 14
  9. Saul was a victim of greed and covetous – vs. 15
  10. King Saul preferred to obey the people rather than the voice of the Lord – vs. 15
  11. King Saul brought abomination to worship God. Your ill-gotten treasure is an abomination before God – vs. 15
  12. King Saul refused to admit his error. He reinforced his sin, lied against God, twisted the word of God by insisting he has obeyed God – vs. 20
  13. You cannot bribe God with abomination – vs. 22
  14. Rebellion is equal to witchcraft – vs. 23
  15. Stubbornness is equal to idolatry – vs. 23
  16. King Saul feared the world rather than word of God – vs. 23
  17. King Saul feared the people more than God, he pleased the people rather than pleasing God
  18. King Saul sin is comparable to treason against government
  19. Idolatry and witchcraft are two grievous sin in the Bible punishable with death penalty.
  20. Even in sin and rebellion, King Saul was much more interested in pleasing the people and gaining public honors. He forced Samuel to join him in public worship – vs. 30
  21. Stubbornness and rebellion kills vs. 35
  22. Disobedience will cause God to reject us – vs. 23
  23. If you stand with righteousness, though you may be poor now, richness is waiting for you
  24. Instead of saying My God, My God, Saul was saying the people, the people.Babatope Babalobi: + 2348035897435

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