Sermon on Luke 14: Compel them to come!

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Luke 14 vs. 23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

Jesus instructed his followers to compel people to come to the House of God. How could you achieve this?Image result for evangelism

  1. You must know you are a servant of God
  2. You must be willing to serve God.
  3. You must develop or prepare a strategy or plan to serve God
  4. You must ‘Go out’ to serve God
  5. You cannot serve God in the comfort of your bedroom ‘Go out’ to the streets, ‘Go out’ to office, ‘Go out’ to the burdened, ‘Go out’ to the unbelievers, ‘Go out’ to the unsaved.
  6. ‘Go out’ means doing the work of a Missionary or Evangelist
  7. ‘Go out’ means leaving your church for mission fields.
  8. There is no resident evangelist or missionary. Evangelists and Missionaries are always on the field.
  9. Nowadays, we are contended in preaching to saved souls. We focus only on Churches on Sundays and during week service
  10. ‘Go to the highways’. Highways are places you find a crowd and human traffic. Go to markets, public spots, football fields, schools, take over the internet, facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. for Christ
  11. Go to the hedges. These are places that are remote, inaccessible, and difficult to reach. The Hedges are urban slums, coastal areas, mountainous areas, deserts, and Island, villages, Iceland etc.
  12. Compel them to come with spiritual and material gifts
  13. Compel them to come by offering them a ride, give them a meal pack, follow them up, remind them through phone calls or text messages. Visit them, intercede and pray for them
  14. Compel them to come. Pressurize them to come to God’s house!



  • Holy Spirit teach me how to evangelise in Jesus name


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