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  By Pastor Enoch Adeboye
wolfsMemorise: “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16)

Read: Matthew 2:19-23

After the wise men returned by another route to their home country, Herod was more than furious. He had waited in vain and now he was quite certain they were not returning. That was not enough to terminate his secret plot to kill Jesus. Then he went all out to get Him. He ordered all children from two years and below to be executed. This shows Satan’s limitation in knowledge.

Satan knows too little – in fact next to nothing compared with our God who is All-knowing. Why could Satan not inform his representative – king Herod where Jesus was? Why did he have to depend on the wise men to tell him? Up till now, Satan acts on the information he gathers through his agents from people.

Unfortunately, some believers are the ones keeping Satan informed about their plans, strategies and next moves, yet they are surprised when they meet with disappointments. Can you imagine, even though king Herod was told of a child born king, he was so mad that he could not differentiate between male and female children. He killed all, even when common sense should have told him that his target was a male. Satan is an indiscriminate life waster! He does not mind taking 10,000 lives in an attempt to waste just one valued life! And most times, it is the supposed innocents that are wasted.

No unbeliever is safe. God can do anything to protect His own. It is an irony that the parents of the children who were killed were under Satan’s control. This tells us that the greatest victims of the devil are his devotees and their families. Satan cannot keep anyone who comes under his cover!

Moreover, one would have thought that the search for the child Jesus was over the moment king Herod died. That was far from it. Why? King Herod’s son was well informed. Infact, he thought the child was born to displace him. So he continued his search, hence God warned Joseph on his return from Egypt not to stay in Judea. This was how Jesus grew up in Galilee. We should not rest on our oars even after the death of an enemy. Watch his or her descendants to know if any of them has continued from where their parents stopped.

The death of a notable enemy is not necessarily the end of his or her wickedness or dreams (Esther 8:3-14). Some people who were delivered from their strong enemy, later became preys of the children of that enemy because they were taken unawares. Be on guard! After that victory, don’t go on vacation. Stand!

Father, terminate by fire every satanic arrangement of my late enemies and their successors against my destiny.

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