How to hear directly from God

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How to hear from God

  1. Be in a quiet place. God is not a Noisemaker, and you may not hear within the multitude of noises. Separate yourself in godly hotel or mountain.
  2. Praise God. Worship him quietly with hymns and songs. Don’t be in a hurry to end the worship. Make it qualitative. Afterwards as you lie down to sleep or rest, He will most likely speak to you.
  3. Request that He speaks to you. If you earnestly ask Him to speak to you, He will most certainly give you a word or revelation.
  4. Be sensitive. God does not speak through visions or revelations alone. He speaks through other Saints, through the Bible, or through the Church. He may send a message to you directly or indirectly through someone else. It may even be through a Television or Radio sermon.
  5. Be still in His presence. Don’t leave the altar of prayer in a hurry. Once you have asked in prayer, be expectant to receive an answer.
  6. He often speaks through dreams and visions. But don’t allow yourself to be deceived by the devil. Godly dreams are very short, biblical, positive, and straightforward. Satanic dreams are long, fearful, story like, and negative.
  7. Lastly, God can speak to you by remaining silence. If you don’t hear from God after you have done all this, then He has in a way answeImage result for hear from godred. Silence is an answer. It means you should be patient, or He does not approve of your plans, or He has answered you before but you stubbornly refused to take the answer, or your hands are unclean as such He can’t speak to you.
  8. However, if you are not his child, then you can’t possibly hear from Him. Would you decide to start a relationship with him today?


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