Sermon on godly wisdom

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 By Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Memorise: “By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone” (Proverb 25:15)

Read: Colossians 4:1-6

Naaman’s pride stood between him and his healing. Seeing that the prophet failed to meet his expectations, he left in anger. He was on his way to his land. Pride is a terrible thing. It is some kind of blindfold that veils the mind of its host. Naaman was ready to waste all his efforts just because of ego.Image result

Thank God for good advisers. But for his servants, Naaman would have died a leper. One way they could get his attention and have him to change his mind, was in their approach. Approach is very important in communication. You may have the right answer but if you do not carefully select your approach, it will be turned down, and you will not achieve your desired objective.

In many superior-subordinate relationships, where subordinates come up with great ideas to positively affect that organization, family or ministry, poor approach has been largely responsible for rejection.

How do you advise your leader, husband or pastor? If you cannot get that leader to buy your wonderful suggestion, you are not only using the wrong approach, you may also be a bad subordinate.

One reason some husbands refuse to take their wives’ advice is because of wrong approach. If you make that leader feel that he or she is a block head and that you are the only one who has sense, your advice may never be required, no matter how good it is.

If you are always trying to impose your opinions on your head or leader, it will be rebuffed. When you advise your leader, leave him or her to take the decision. It is your leader that will be accountable concerning the assignment given to him, so allow the fellow to take the decision.

It is very wrong for subordinates to fight or gang up against their leader because he refused to take their suggestions. He is not bound to take it. Even if he takes the decision and it back-fires, he will learn in the process. Never gang up against him or you may have God to contend with. If you have good advice on a pressing issue, first pray about it.

Ask God for wisdom – preferably when that head or leader is in a good mood, humbly present it to the fellow as a suggestion that occurred to you which he may need to give some thought. Afterwards, pray for help to do his will on the matter. Ask for grace to be a good subordinate.

Approach is a platter on which ideas are served. If it is clean, the idea will be accepted. But if it is dirty, no matter the delicacy on it, it will be rejected.

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