Mark 3: The Twelve Apostles of Jesus

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Commentary on Mark 3: The Twelve Apostles

One of the highlights of Mark 3 is the ordination of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

What lessons can we learn from this act?


  1. The ordination of twelve disciples shows Jesus believed in the power of unity and togetherness, as two are better than one.
  2. The ordination of twelve disciples’ shows Jesus knew the necessity of replicating himself. If he had not ordained twelve disciples no one would have carried on teaching the gospel after his death and resurrection.
  3. The ordination of the twelve disciples shows Jesus believed in division of labour, and delegation of powers and responsibility. There are several people/ministers that think they could do it all alone and in the process overwork themselves.
  4. Why did Jesus choose twelve persons why not 6, 8, 9 or 10? Perhaps to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The number 12 is therefore a symbol of completeness or fulfilment.
  1. Why were all the disciples male? Does it imply Jesus does not sanction ordination of females? The only explanation I can give is that mixing men and women as disciples could be distracted. The ministry of Jesus, while on earth involved travelling, going on ship, praying on mountain, fasting in lonely places etc, and involving single or married women as part of the disciples to undertake this evangelistic ministry would had been challenging.
  2. The lesson is that we must exercise wisdom and caution undertaking missionary or evangelistic work with a woman that is not your wife.
  3. Lastly, Judas the disciple that betrayed him would have ended up like a saint or apostle and a martyr like his colleague. But he sold his destiny for thirty shekels.Image result
  1. Many schools, churches, and monuments are named after 11 remaining disciples of Jesus. We hear of Saint Peters Church, Saint Matthews School, Saint Thomas Church, Saint Andrews seminary etc. Have you ever heard of Saint Judas School or Church?
  1. May we not lose our destiny in Jesus name, may another person not take our divine position in Jesus name.



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