Ways to stay Healthy Living

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By Mrs Funmilola Olusanya

The World Overcomers Church, Lagoswww.theworldovercomerschurch.org


  1. Good health is holistic, mental, spiritual, psychological, body health.
  2. Uncleanness and dirtiness would be infections.
  3. What you take in determines your level of immunity, don’t just take in anything.
  4. Any food preserved in the freezer for more than one month is no more nutritious.
  5. It is better for us to eat fresh things, let us have a small garden at the back of our home.
  6. All oils are bad but some are better, palm oil is preferable but once you bleach (overheat) it, you have removed all the vitamins inside it.
  7. Once you boil your vegetable or pour hot water in it, all the nutrients in the vegetable are gone. Vegetable has oxidants but once you over cook it you are just eating its shaft.
  8. For those that drink alcoholic you are killing your brain gradually.
  9. If you smoke you are killing your body gradually.
  10. Take plenty of water daily, it flushes the system and waste products from your body.
  11. Take water early in the morning.
  12. Do physical exercises but prepare your mind gradually for the exercise.
  13. Rest and sleep, take annual leave from your work place to rest because it will do your body good.
  14. If you are 40yrs and above, you need at least 8hrs sleep daily.
  15. Go for general body check up yearly, once you are above 40yrs.
  16. Diet and exercises can prevent many diseases.
  17. It is cheaper to remain healthy than treat sickness.
  18. Check your blood pressure once in a month.
  19. You can only control your Blood pressure, but it is not treatable.
  20. Take a lot of full cream milk if you are above 40yrs.
  21. Once you are confirmed hypertensive you cannot go off your drugs unless you experience divine healing.
  22. If you are not disciplined and determined, you can’t be healthy.
  23. Diet goes a long way for treatment of diabetes and other illness.
  24. Go to the internet to get updates of diseases, and treatment symptoms.
  25. Don’t eat whatever you see, eat well even if it is just one meal. Breakfast is the most important meal.



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