Commentary on Matthew 15

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  1. There are two key messages of Matthew 15. In this chapter, Jesus upbraided he scribes, Pharisees and elders for transgressing the commandments of God by the tradition of men. Also Jesus demonstrated the love of God by feeding four thousand men, besides women and children with seven loaves of bread, and a few fishes.
  2. Just like in the days of Jesus, several Christians still hold on their ethnic traditions, even when these traditions contravene the word of God. Such traditions include participating in pagan festivals, indulging in fetish rites during naming, wedding or dedication ceremonies, attending worldly ceremonies and respecting idolatrous/ancestral family customs and traditions.
  3. Several churches also have various doctrines on forms of worship, dates of worship times of worship, forms of dressing, observance of Christian festivities and days of worship, and stick to these doctrines even when they contradict the Bible.
  4. The white garment churches and Catholic churches have often been criticised for still indulging in rituals of worship, including worship of the Virgin Mary by the latter, when both the Mosaic and New Testament laws have cancelled all forms of paganistic and idolatrous worship.
  5. Jesus also met the individual needs of his followers by feeding not only with the word, but with bread and fish, demonstrating that the church should not be contended with meeting the spiritual needs of the Christians, or receiving gifts or offerings from Christians; but also strive to meet the material needs of Christians.


  • I cut off from every ungodly customs and traditions in Jesus name
  • Love and compassion of God burn in my heart in Jesus name,



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