Matthew 12: Bible study and commentary

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  1. Matthew 12 focuses on the contentious issue of sanctity of the Sabbath day; the chapter also introduces Christians to the necessity of spiritual warfare.
  2. The Jews up till now, regard the Sabbath day as a holy day that should be devoted only to the worship of God, and no form of secular work or non-religious activity is permitted.
  3. Jesus denounced religious legalism explaining that the law is created for man, and man is not created for law. Jesus when ahead to introduced himself as the Lord of Sabbath (vs. 8) – For the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath; implying the Sabbath was created as a day of worship to worship Jesus who is both Lord and God.
  4. He enjoined Christians to demonstrate acts of mercy rather than indulge in rituals and sacrifices (vs. 7)But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless; meaning righteousness, can best be observed by acts of love and mercy, rather than observing rituals, sacrifices, or religious ceremonies.
  5. The chapter also introduced readers to a spiritual entity called the ‘strongman’ who hinders children of God from assessing their blessings. Jesus explained that Christians can only possess blessings harbored by the strongman only after they have overcame the strongman.


  • Anointing to overpower the strongman, fall on me now in Jesus name.



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