Commentary on Matthew 6: The Lord’s prayer

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The Lord’s prayer is a pattern, guide, model and pattern for saying prayer. The Bible does not expect us to restrict our prayers to it, follow these steps to pray according to God’s will.

  1. Our Father which art in heaven – vs. 9

Start your prayers by acknowledging and recognizing the attributes of God, who you are directing your prayers.

  1. Hallowed be thy name – 9

Next step is to Praise God, before presenting any request before him.

  1. Thy kingdom come – 10

Pray for His will first, before your will. Intercede for the kingdom, the church, the ministry, evangelist, the mission work, before you start laying down your needs.

  1. Thy will be done in earth 10

Pray and intercede for holiness and righteousness among all men in the world

  1. Give us this day our daily bread – vs. 11

Now you can start praying for your needs.  Don’t pray for luxuries. Pray for only your daily needs.


  1. Forgive us our debt 12

Confess your sins and pray for forgiveness of your sins.

  1. As we forgive our debtors – vs. 12

Don’t pray if you hold bitterness or grudge against anyone, otherwise your prayer will remain unanswered. Forgive those who offend you first before you come to the altar of prayer.


  1. Lead us not into temptation – vs. 13

Pray for grace to remain righteous and holy.


  1. Deliver us from evil – vs. 13

Resist the devil with prayers to wade off evils.


  1. For thine is the kingdom – vs. 13

Conclude your prayers by giving thanks to God, praising and worshiping Him for Who He is and for answered prayers.


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