What are the blessings of Abraham?

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Read Genesis 1

  1. Abraham was blessed by God and many people pray to receive similar Abrahamic blessings.
  2. The Lord appeared to Abraham and gave him conditions to receive divine blessings. It goes without saying that if you wish to receive the same blessings, you need to fulfil the same conditions.

Conditions for receiving Abrahamic blessings

  1. Walking before God- Genesis 17 vs 1
  2. Perfection before God – Genesis 17 vs 1

What happens if you receive the blessings of Abraham?

  1. God will be talking with you one on one- Genesis 17 vs 3
  2. God will make a covenant with you – Genesis 17 vs 4
  3. God will enlarge your coast- Genesis 17 vs 4
  4. God will change your name for good – Genesis 17 vs 5
  5. God will make you fruitful- Genesis 17 vs 6
  6. God will make you great- Genesis 17 vs 6
  7. God will make your descendants great- Genesis 17 vs 6
  8. God will establish His covenant not only with you but also with your descendants- Genesis 17 vs 7
  9. God will be your God- Genesis 17 vs 7
  10. God will give you a land in a strange land- Genesis 17 vs 8
  11. God will possess your Canaan for you – Genesis 17 vs 8
  12. God will roll away your reproaches – Genesis 17 vs 16


O God of Abraham, bless me the way you blessed Abraham in Jesus name


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