Good Friday sermon: Jesus as lamb of God

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Leviticus 1 vs 10: ‘a male without blemish’

  1. Jesus is te difference between the old and new testament.
  2.  Without Jesus, there would not have been any difference between Christianity and idolatry
  3. Animal sacrifices are done in idolatry, and sacrifices with animals to God are also done in old testament Christianity.
  4.  Jesus replaced animals used for sacrifices in the old testament.
  5. He was a type of a lamb, and because he was sinless he was and is without blemish.
  6. Jesus was and is the only man that lived that is without blemish.good fridyHe was born in human form but was conceived by the spirit, as such he did not inherit any adamic sin
  7. All progenitors of other religions have blemishes because they were human beings, as such they could not remove once and for all the sins of their adherents
  8. Animal sacrifices is still taking place in other religious because their founder are lamb with blemishes.
  9. There is no more need to give animal sacrifices to God because Jesus as offered the supreme and final sacrifice s a lamb without blemish.
  10.  As we celebrate Easter, what makes this Friday a good day is that a lamb without blemish has paid the price of your salvation
  11. As you accept him today as your saviour and Lord, you shall be saved in Jesus name

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