Christian and Bible Poem

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  • I love you O Lord My love


  • You are my Joy, My Song and My Best friend


  • When I was weak, you were by my side to strengthen me,


  • When I was sick, you rubbed the Balm of Gilead to sooth my nerves.


  • You keep no record of wrongs, I was a Prodigal child, but you welcomed me back, embracing me with your warm hands.


  • How sweet your voice that tells me early in the morning that it is well.


  • I know even right now, that you are thinking of me.


  • I glanced through your hands, and see my name engraved.


  • I know your heart is always throbbing with a desire for my goodness.


  • O Lord, you are my Rose, My Lily and winter coat.


  • You smile keeps me going even when in trouble.


  • I had refused to talk to you because of my unanswered prayers, yet you stand by my door knocking wishing to tell me the good plans you have for me.


  • Accept me back O love, as I have decided to fill my heart with you.


  • Come into me by your spirit, and fill me with your presence


  • Possess my heart, and make it yours.



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