Commentary : Understanding Psalm 91

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Psalm 91 Commentary Babalobi: + 2348035897435

  1. There is a secret place God safely keeps believers.
  2. God is the Most high (vs1).
  3. God saves those who abide with Him (vs 1).
  4. God’s shadows protects. (vs 1)
  5. He is the Almighty (vs 1)
  6. He is a refuge (vs2).
  7. He is a fortress (vs2)
  8. He is trustworthy (vs 2)
  9. He delivers believers from wickedness (vs3)
  10. He is sure, he does not fail (vs 3)
  11. He has feathers that covers His children like an umbrella (vs 4)
  12. His has wings that protects those you stay under it (vs4)
  13. He does not lie, He is truthful (vs 4)
  14. He is a shield (vs 4)
  15. He is a buckler (vs4)
  16. He is my confidence (vs5)
  17. He immunizes His children against evils (vs6).
  18. He guards His children (vs7).
  19. He is a rewarder (vs8).
  20. He is an habitation (vs9)
  21. He provides comprehensive insurance against all evils (vs10).
  22. He command angels to be bodyguards of the saints (vs11).
  23. He command angels to watch believers, 24/7 (vs11).
  24. He command angels to bear believers as a mother carry a baby (vs12)
  25. He gives believers power over Satan (vs13)
  26. He loves believers (vs 14)
  27. He delivers belivers from afflictions (vs14)
  28. He delivers and promotes (vs14)
  29. He does not forsake those who are Christians in deed and in truth (vs 14)
  30. He answers prayers (vs15)
  31. He cares (vs15)
  32. He is a friend in trouble (vs15)
  33. He delivers from troubles (vs 15)
  34. He delivers and honours the afflicted (vs15)
  35. He gives believers long life (vs16)
  36. He takes believers to heaven (vs 16)

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