Is there a heaven and a hell?

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And whoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire- Revelation 20 vs 15book of life bible

  1. There is an admission list for new intakes into any educational institution. You name has to be on the Admissions list, before you can pay the school fees and attend lectures. I still vividly recollect the joy of my son when he found his name on the admission list for a Nigerian university. At that point he knew his dream of becoming a university undergraduate has come to pass.
  2. There is a list of visa applicants maintained by every embassy. A couple of months ago, when I visited the British embassy to process a visa, I was ushered in to the embassy, because my name was on the list of visa applicants for the day.
  3. If you wish to visit top public officers like the President of a nation, you need to book an appointment and ensure your name is on the list of visitors. In Nigeria, there are seven gates that leads to ‘Aso Rock’ official residence of the President in Abuja. The security aides at the main gate and several other stops leading to the President’s office keep a list. If your name is not on the list, you will be denied entrance. The last time I visited ‘Aso Rock’ the first and only question I was asked at the gate was ‘Is your name on the list’
  4. During the convocation ceremony of any University, the most sought document is the Graduand’s book containing names of all new graduates. If name of your love one is not listed, then you know he has not yet graduated.
  5. The Bible talks about a list of heaven. If men on earth can keep lists, heaven should be more organised. The questions the Holy Spirit has for you today is ‘Is your name on the list of heaven?’ ‘Is your name written in the book of life?’
  6. Hell is not an option to spend eternity. Decide today that you must make the list of Heaven. It takes a sacrifice to shun the pleasures of sin and live in holiness. Repent and be born again now, so that your name can be on the list.


  1. I cancel my name from the register of hell by the blood of Jesus
  2. Jesus of Nazareth, write my name in the book of life.
  3. I shall make heaven in Jesus name

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