Why do the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper?

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One of the mysterious of life is the afflictions faced by God fearing, Bible reading, and Church going Christians; while the anti Christ, world loving, and unbelieving wicked prosper. God gives answers to this scenario in a conversation with Prophet Habakkuk.


Habakkuk 1 vs 1: O Lord, how long shall I cry,  And You will not hear?
Even cry out to You, “Violence!” And You will not save.

Habakkuk 1 vs 4: For the wicked surround the righteous;
Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.righteous suffer

Habakkuk 1 vs 12: O Lord, You have appointed them for judgment;
O Rock, You have marked them for correction.

Why do the wicked prosper?

  1. There are times God refuses to listen to the cries of His people.
  2. There are times God refuses to save His people from the ‘wickedness of the wicked’ (Psalm 7 vs 9)
  3. There are times God allows the wicked to overcome the righteous.
  4. At times like this, the wicked has become a vessel in the hands of God, and an instrument to fulfil His plans for the righteous.

Why do the righteous suffer?

  1. The righteous may suffer as a punishment for past backsliding, especially if this happens after he has made a covenant of righteousness with God.
  2. The righteous may suffer as a judgement from God for things he (the righteous) have not done ‘right’.
  3. The righteous may suffer to make him a better Christian, to refine, and sharpen him in holiness.
  4. The righteous may suffer as a form of rebuke, and correct him in the way of holiness



  • I terminate every wickedness of the wicked in my life, in Jesus name
  • I receive the grace and power to live right in Jesus name


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