Bible sermon : I need God’s blessings

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‘God bless you’ is a common refrain, and everyone desire to be blessed by God  one way or the other.

But the Bible in Revelation 1 vs 3 lists three conditions that must be fulfilled to receive a divine blessing.

Blessed is he that readeth,  and they that hear  the words of prophecy, and keep  those things which are written therein : Revelation 1  vs 3

1. READ THE WORD..You should read and meditate on the word of God. How often do you read the Bible.?  If you want God to bless you daily, then read the Bible daily.  If you are not familiar with the word of God, you are a stranger in the kingdom, and there are limited blessings for strangers. The closer you are to God, the more he will give you spiritual and physical gifts.

2. HEAR THE WORD.. do you want God to bless you.? Then you must always tune in to the Radio and Television stations of heaven.  How do you achieve this? You need to continually hear the word of God through tapes, CDs,  messages, and of course being in the presence of God through Church services. Most of us spend more time in watching worldly films, movies,  and music than in the presence of God. You can’t be blessed by God if you physical and spiritual antennae is tuned most times to worldliness, pubs, club houses, etc

3. KEEP THE WORD…The third condition  of divine blessings is that you must adhere to the word of God. There is no short cut to breakthroughs or salvation . You can’t be blessed by indulging in sin. You need to familiarise yourself with the word of God through steps 1 and 2 above and keep it. As you do so blessings gs shall roll in automatically in Jesus name

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One thought on “Bible sermon : I need God’s blessings

    Inge Meat said:
    July 16, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Good day man of God AMEN


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