Heaven and hell: Are you truly saved when you love ones are not saved?

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And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire..Revelation 20 vs 15

When was the last time you interceded for  a sinner?

When was the last time  you interceded with prayer and fasting for an unsaved soul in your family?
When was the last time you preached about heaven and hell to someone or to your congregation?

Would you be a happy man  in heaven while your loved ones are in hell?

1.  You may be saved, but are your children saved? Your children stand the risk of being cast into lake of fire unless you act today.
2.   Is your spouse saved? Your wife or husband may spend eternity in hell fire unless you pray and fast for his/her salvation today.
3.  Are your parents saved in Christ? You would definitely not be a happy in heaven while your parents sorrow in hell for eternity.
4. What of your friends and neighbours?  Do you care where they spend eternity?

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