Sexual sins: rewards of disobedience to God

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Read the Hosea chapter 2, for an understanding of the punishment for adultery and why you must avoid it like a plague. 

By Babatope Babalobi

  1. Disgrace- vs. 3
  2. Bareness, thirst, and Hunger – vs.3
  3. God will become your enemy and that of your children – vs. 4
  4. Difficulty and hindrances to progress – vs. 6
  5. Profitless labour – vs. 9
  6. Open disgrace and dishonour – vs. 10
  7. Sorrow and mourning – vs. 11.Image result for adultery
  8. Desolation – vs. 11
  9. Failures – vs 12
  10. Divine punishment – vs. 13.

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